Monday, February 8, 2016


This week I was broadcasting a Pre-built Programs with my SE-5 1000. I wanted it to work on my energetic brain portion. It ran for 24/7 hours! When sleeping my dreams were vivid and the storyline was more complexed. Once that program was finished I started with another built in program to balance my "Subtle Energies" yesterday on 5 Feb. 2016. 

As of 8 Feb. 2016 it is still broadcasting until 100 cycles are completed. Early this morning I was dreaming and I could every so often feel my REM. (Rapid Eye Movement) The dream placed me in a world like the "Hunger Games". It was somewhat predictable and other times surprising with extreme clarity.

When I awakened my eyes were absolutely aching like crazy. I guess my REM was going nuts from that SE-5 program! Listen, when I run these programs I don't thing about it all day long and generally I forget the running program! I set it and forget it. The only time that I remember the program was running is when I go to sleep after a very vivid dream state with a strong story line. 
Also when I was running that program for different areas of my brain; all that day I was in a great mood my serotone levels were very high! I didn't want that day to end, I was in a great mood.

Yes, I am running the HDR every night each evening for about 15 minutes max. It more than likely effected my dreams those two nights especially being in that Hunger Game Era, the only time I would know what year it was is by asking someone when I am there and if I can remember to do it. I know what the SE-5 is like on myself "energetically" and I know how the HDR effects my physical and dreaming factors. After you use these together it is easy to define what each machine is capable of and what it is doing to a person. 

To keep ones Creativity in Radionics; One must continue to experiment with their own Subconscious Enriched Ideas; This will keep everyday "New" when using the SE-5 not knowing what may happen next...

I have a file on myself and I have to either run one of my "Worded" programs I created or one of the Pre-built ones I have in the SE-5. The SE-5 Software has many thousands of pre-built programs and I have stored and save several of my own created programs. Don's programs are working too good and I don't want to get too lazy using this device. So I will have to run that "AREA 51" program on myself like before. I have it on paper I just need to reprogram it into the software. I ran this program on myself for 24/7 and within a week I was projected to AREA 51 with no soul in sight!

The question I asked myself is, will I experience Area 51 the exact same way as I did earlier with my created "Word" program? You maybe wondering what is a created "word" program? I don't use any "Numerical Rate/IDF" Numbers; they are far too general for me! It makes me that feel that the device is broadcasting something I don't specifically understand and if that happens then doubt enters my mind. 

My mind must be clear and concise when using my device. When I am comfortable knowing what is being broadcast then I have no doubts lingering and I let the machine do it's job and keep my mind off the machines duties!

When I think about this; being an HDR Owner/Practitioner, it can leave a hole of somewhat because there are radionic experiments that need to be accomplished to find out if that "single" experimental program your are running on your radionics device it is our hope the worded program could be repeated again and again with a 100% repeatable results! 

You may not agree with me at this point in time but I don't know anyone else out there who would even dare to do such things in today's world having at best no reward to look forward too. When, or if she or he does discover a unique program that is repeatable and reproducible the reward will be to see others benefit from your discoveries.

Why is "EGO" Equipment important when practicing radionics?

I am still short of equipment when it comes to finishing off my Radionics Lab! I call some of it "Ego" Equipment! Like the "Life Meter"offered by Helignosis. It can read anything that is "living." It has an external gas tube for the sensing! To test the machine just move your hand next to the machine and the hand-held meter will begin to peg out the closer you get to it. It has to be zeroed out before getting any type of correct measurements.

So the next question is "Why do you call this an "Ego" Booster? This device is sensitive to "Orgone Energies" for one thing and it's very accurate. Using the SE-5; I am not satisfied when broadcasting programs to people and not knowing for sure if the broadcast was powerful enough to be detected by the subjects  Body/Psychological/Spiritual" bodies like the "Chakras". So by using "blank" plastic cards the size of an ordinary credit card, I would program one of the cards with my "Worded" program I created. 

I would first place the plastic card on the "Life's Meter Extension Plate" and jot down the meter reading. After I use the SE-5 to program my instructions I would place this card once again on the extension plate and if the meter rises +10 or more I would  broadcast the card to myself or my wife or any associates knowing that program is strong enough to have an effect on that person, place or thing.

To broadcast long distance; I would take a "blank plastic card" the size of a normal credit card. Then I would place it on the "Extension Plate" of the "Life Meter"; this external plate would be an accessory item! Let's say the blank card shows "O%" Life Energies, Nada! I would place the blank card into the back of my SE-5 1000 and would place a "Energetic Healing" program on the card for about 20 minutes at first. 

I would then remove the card and place it back on the weighing scale. I look at the Life Force Meter and I see now it reads 30%! My goal to make it read 100% if possible. Don Paris did this with a potato! He placed it on the extension plate of the life meter and it was at 26% of ORGONE energies! After thirty minutes of balancing with his "Subtle Energy" program he re-placed the potato on the extension plate and now it read 30%! The question is 30% of what! These are the answers a radionic operator seeks in research.

The card is inanimate a non living thing and the Life Meter will not read energy coming from non living sample. When the card had been programmed by the SE-5 or the HDR it placed a "Living Program" on to it, showing the energies that are (Alive) at the 30% range! The question I ponder with this; Is the "card" alive or is it still inanimate? I will let you all come to your own conclusions. 

What satisfied me was with a similar experience I seen on YouTube that was conducted by a gentleman who seemed to be a kitchen cook in some restaurant. He recorded and he showed two plastic credit card size cards (blank) in his clean skillet on the counter. One of the cards has some kind a program installed in it from his SE-5 and the other card wasn't programmed at all.

A cook while on break made a Youtube experiment...Using a blank plastic card, the size of a credit card and with and Ice Cube...

He placed an "ice cube" on top of a blank card that had no SE-5 program installed on it; it was a size of a credit card and he waited for 5 minutes and the ice cube was still cold and resting on top of the card. Next: He placed another ice cube on top of an identical card card but this one was programmed by the SE-5 1000 and when he placed the ice cube on this pre-programmed card it began to melt immediately and the cube was moving all around the card; Whereas the other ice cube across from it was still frozen solid and not melting, nor moving all over car.  

The card that was programmed, "Is it Alive or In-Animate"? Because the "Life Force Meter" only reacts to biological life! So what did we create when we placed a program on the card?
I can measure the strength of my broadcast before I hand them out to anyone by measuring the life force or ORGONE energies with the life meter containing my "Words" to see if its % has fell or rose since the balancing. I do this by placing the blank card on the life meter extension plate and get a measurement of the "Before" and "After" ORGONE energy measurement.

Secondly, I take that same card that was "charged" using either the SE-5 or the HDR if you have one. I would either send it out to the Subject or broadcast to the subject using the "Balance Only Instrument". I run the program for one hour and then I retrieved the card out of the SE5 and place it back on top of the external extension plate.

 I then look at the life meter readings and noticed either there's and increased in percentage or a decrease since the balancing, which is what you would expect from a lifeless card. I suspect after using the BOI sending out the program that is on the card if I re-measure the card after broadcast is completed; it wouldn't surprise me if the percentages actually dropped after such a broadcast!

Is "Life" Indigenous" only to the "Biological"? Could there be something more we missed?

Using the life meter and the RFI (Resonant Frequency Induction) only then I will have the confidence in my work knowing this card will produce whatever was programmed on it because we know it contains "life" with some kind of "ORGONE" energy. Plus it gives me more confidence in myself and my natural abilities. Thus what I call my "EGO" Boosting Equipment (EBE). We now know the card is powerful and alive from the SE-5 broadcast somehow and we have two ways for delivery of the cards energies by mail or by broadcasting using Don Paris's "Broadcasting Only Instrument"

The "cons" of sending the programmed card to a person is that after about 30 days or so that person would have to send the card back to the SE-5 Practitioner or the HDR practitioner for another charge up and a "biological" verification check with the Life Meter and the RFI once again. Again sending the programmed card back to them. In the meantime this ties up the SE-5 machine or your HDR radionic box when you need it for something else. 

Finding the commonsense answer to the above solution. Don Paris has created an SE-5-Broadcast Only Device (BOI). All the practitioner needs to do is place the pre-programmed card in the card slot with the subjects picture or hair it can be placed on the outer large plate that connects to it. I would let it broadcast for as long as the SE-5 or the HDR signified during the scan process.

You would be the Dis-Jockey of the Radionic Airwaves!

All this machine does is a 24/7 broadcast. Thus it frees up the SE-5 1000 or your HDR box for other experiments. Or you can broadcast anything you can slide into the unit such as a Picture or Worded piece of paper of what you want to broadcast! You could broadcast using larger items by placing them on the large input plate that you see in the picture below. Another advantage to the customer is; they don't have to physically carry the card whatsoever! If the card loses energies you can always re-charge it at anytime!

The biggest problem that faced the SE-5 Practitioners or the HDR practitioners was; they could only do one subject at a time! Doing several subjects at once was unheard of about 20 years ago with the SE-5 or the HDR for that matter. 

This "Broadcasting Only Unit" is around $400.00 and some people purchase 4 or 5 of them for multiple subject broadcasting. I only need one for now. I also have to start experimenting and creating new types of Elixirs as well and I need the Life Meter and the RFI Aura Detector Device and the DarkField Microscope to measure the "before and after" of the making the Elixir. 

So I know the liquids are as "charged" not only on the "energetic" level but on the "physical" level by watching for crystallization of the said liquid under the microscope after balancing it with the SE-5 or the HDR. Lastly, using the RFI so we could see the "Auric" colors around the liquid and bottle after scanning it with the RFI meter and having the RFI program interpret what the colors mean that are around the liquid elixir before it leaves my house! I want my Homeopath to be the strongest in todays markets! 

The next piece of equipment that will fit snuggly into my lab experiments and reveal the microscopic level (physical proof) of my Elixir's is the DarkField Microscope! This microscope would be hooked up to my laptop so I can see the pictures on my computer instead of looking into its eye piece.

Here is an example: 

I finish measuring the "ORGONE" energy imprinted on my liquids of my "Worded" program or from one of my prebuilt programs in the SE-5. This includes framing the structure with W4-H baseline. Everything is about to either be broadcast or mailed out to the subject but I need to be sure beyond just my faith in my work I need (physical) proof! This is where the "DarkField" microscope really shines! One would take the microscope and look for changes in the liquid after the balanced program was installed using either device. 

What I am looking for is the crystallization of the liquid. These "Crystals" were manifested by the SE-5 or the HDR as living proof there have been changes done, the crystals are the product of scalar energies being re-programmed by your instruments.


This should satisfy the practitioner of the SE-5 that their formula is correct in strength and the formula is tested and interpreted by the RFI telling us what kind of esoteric energies are being used.  We use the Life Meter to look for the radiating life from the substance being sent out before and after and lastly we use the DarkField to look for the "physical" proof in the pudding; this will ensure my customers will get a quality product and with a report from the RFI as well. 

All and all it would be essentially "Idiot Proof"! But we are talking about $1200.00 just for these two instruments if you add in the DarkField Microscope: $1500.00 to do before and after balancing any liquids for the elixirs this would jump that cost to at least $2400.00 total costs. But these are the only three instruments on the market that can do these types of checks as far as I am aware. 

After I complete my exhausted research and develop top of the line Elixir's I will offer it to my readers for a small fee...$5.00 per glass bottle for 30 days consumption. 

Hopefully all this will take place before I move next year by the time I arrive in Florida I will begin to offer my "Elixir" (s) for things such as: "Lucid Dreams", "Astral Projection", "Love", etc. All these formulas will be stringently tested for both "Life Energy Enhancements" and for their "Esoteric Meaning" and for the physical proof and for the practitioners equipment that will confirm their work giving them back their "confidence".  

All these tests from the RFI, Life Force Meter and the DarkField Microscope would be producing at the moment in realtime proof positive that your work is real and effective. Nowhere else will you find these on the markets that use these types of equipment for verification. I am working on doing a video clip of each order beginning the process from the start to the finish unto the packaging of the product for each paying customer.  

I wouldn't offer anything here if I wasn't completely certain it didn't pass my stringent requirements. I have to get the small brown bottles with glass eye droppers and the other supplies to make the Elixir's along with denatured alcohol and all this costs me money and that's not including the three instruments mentioned above! I just thought I would throw this at you earlier in the year so it doesn't come by surprise! 

This is a picture of someones physical brain after the practitioner used the RFI Meter Antenna about 3 inches above their skull collecting the hertz readings and then recording that number into the software this creates the above picture with their current colors and numerical reference on each section! These numeric numbers have specific meanings telling the practitioner what is going on with that organ on a physical and esoteric level.

The BOI (Balance Only Instrument) from Don Paris will allow me to free up my SE-5 or the HDR. The BOI will broadcast to other subjects around the world or at home. The programs I design to help people's "Physical", "Psychological", and or Spiritual Energetic Patterns and also for pets of all kinds, they too will benefit from these extraordinary broadcasts!

The Hyper-Dimensional-Resonator is more capable of other things than just Time Traveling. It's two machines in one!

I will also be using the HDR as a radionic sevice and I will thoroughly check it's production control of the Elixir's with both RFI and with the Life Meter this ensures the HDR is producing adequately both in "Strength" and in "Spiritual Energies". The RFI can interpret in realtime measuring the vial. 

I would use DarkField microscope to snap a picture of newly formed crystal structures in  such a liquid both (before and after). This will also give me the opportunity to find the HDR's underlying strengths or weaknesses where no other test could at the moment. 

So you see the HDR is more than just a "Time Machine" it can produce powerful Elixir's; if one has the instrumentation to measure it before production and after production programming. Without the instruments more than likely the liquid elixir would be 90:1 shot that it would or could be useless with potency. You wouldn't know if it would be effective or not to consume. 

So you see "Treasure Hunting" is only my outside hobby in Florida but inside it will be a different world for me! I would be creating a world of hope and to share this hope with as many people as I could using both HDR and SE-5 1000 ("Probability Analyzer") and the RFI (Resonant Frequency Induction) and the DarkField Microscopy. Lastly, the "Broadcast Only Instrument" to broadcast freeing up my SE-5 or the HDR.

You could possibly do the same thing as I; by just using the HDR. The magnets would be put away for now and you would use the HDR radionic box to make your own "Homeopathic Substrates" with "X" amount of potency or your own "programming" to broadcast. Be careful if it is your first time doing radionic work like this especially with Homeopath Elixir's! 

One probably could get sick if the "Energies" and or the "Wording (s)" used in the Homeopath preparations are for other reasons besides good or your preparatory work is just plain "off" because you don't have the right scientific equipment to check those issues out. One could not afford if anyone would get sick to have a lawsuit issued because that Elixir was improperly prepared.

Believe it or not a person can make themselves just as sick "Overdosing" with ORGONE-Energy as well as they can make one well with the proper dosage...

The "Energies" can make someone sick just like it can make an individual well! Think about this! If you believe you can make a person or pet well using radionics; then the other side is just as possible; meaning that you could make a person ill un-intentionally or Intentionally. 

I know of someone in one of the southern states who pays for an Radionic Operator to broadcast a "Heart Attacks" on his enemies using his Radionic Machine! You say, ah! That doesn't happen! Would you care to find out! Hopefully you never will. These people exist! But it shouldn't surprise anyone in today's society when men call evil "good" and good "evil"!

A person using the HDR or SE-5 or any other type radionic machine should be done with "love" for man and womankind. When a Radionic Operator broadcasts their underlining power subconsciously; it is their love for the people he or she is helping. An operator should examine themselves of their true underlying motives for using these types of Scalar Technologies

Anything you do in radionics is a "Seed" that you plant in zero point energy and that seed will grow!
If your are purposely being the "aggressor" or your broadcasting with "anger" in your hearts it will in the "Scalar" realm multiply and recompense back to you! This is no joke! I seen it happen to several people I knew personally and its the natural law to do so. 

"Sowing and Reaping" take on a whole new meaning when tangling with Zero Point Energy Mass. They say with "Knowledge there is Power"! "Much is given and much will be required of you"! These are Natures Laws and there are (No "Vacuums") in nature. Be Smart! With much "Wisdom" comes much sorrow"! These laws work today as they have thousands of years ago.

With promotions is just not the monies you are after but it also comes with "new responsibilities" a burden you will have to bare at some point in your life. When using radionics on a person you bare the brunt of the responsibility of what goes wrong and what goes right with that knowledge you used on another person/place or thing.

As you know when you are promoted at work in the military or on a civilian job or working as a civil servant for the State or the Feds; much more will be expected from you; bar none! If someone under your command screws up you will ultimately be responsible for their actions. So the above statements are ever so true as the day they were conceived into the framework of business to control the workforce (people's) proper behaviors.  

I didn't want to make this a philosophical entrapment. I just want people to understand when working with exotic equipment(s) and adding to it your "subconscious" minds in the mix; it makes you more vulnerable not just to the subject you are broadcasting too but to the universe itself. Their are unscrupulous individuals looking for you to make any kind of mistake in the "Energetic Healing" realm of radionics and they turn that against you any chance they get to destroy all the good work you have done.

Radionics is not a game board like the "Ouija". Ouija was an oldest form of radionics! You just can't throw radionics away like any board game when you get frighten of it. Radionics will always be there (Scalar Energies) because you are here! Remember these devices were imagined, then created by people who desired to tap into the subconscious minds and to bring that experience mysticism all in one package right to their front doors. What's next! Just wait, man will come up with other devices. Which, is why I will mention this next device.

I am not a real big fan of E.J. Gold because he sells so many trinkets; it would make ones head spin to decide what works for you and what doesn't. I had a life long internet friend whom I knew about 15 years ago who contact me by email two days earlier, telling me his adventures using this device built by E.J. Gold. It is called, "The Zone Box" and he purchased one of his "Meditation" CD's" to use it with the "Zone Box".  E.J. Gold has many more boxes available. I listened to his induction CD's and they are quite effective for just only a few minutes. Just one of his ten minute CD's was very effective for me.

Sometimes Science Fiction can become Science Facts...

That first night after using the box with two coils with crystals inside each coil handle, my friend was transported to an UFO and the Aliens were doing experiments on him to such a point he could smell the flesh and bone burn and could hear the high pitch sound of the drill as bored deeper into his skull. But a voice flashed saying, "You can't hurt or kill him"! They ended the experiment and eventually he awakened.

He felt the area where they supposedly drilled into his head and there were no bumps or marks that he could feel or see. Yet everything was so life like to him. This "Zone Box" with extended two wires and at the end of the two wires are a pair of "Copper Coils" with a crystal in each coil

One just holds each wire in each hand and then listen to the Induction CD. It's similar to Golds "Super Beacon" but a bit smaller in size. He creates wiring inside the box that taps into the ionosphere like the "First Crystal Radio" made from a cats whisker and a quartz crystal. In short you become a Radio Receiving Unit!

These copper coils with a quartz crystal in each one when held, produces a buzzing sensation for me it didn't for my wife! The buzzing was in my left coil I was holding; when I owned the SuperBeacon. Yet my wife and I both experienced negative universes while we slept through the night after listening to the meditation CD.

The coiled at the end of each wire coming from the box help connects the one holding them in each hand to the known "AM Radio Waves" bouncing from the "Ionosphere" back to the receiver (you) an event that has not been tapped into like this since the Crystal and Cat Hair was used like this to make a Crystal Radio Receiver. 

Your probably wondering why is E.J. Gold developed this technology! He believes these instruments can allow one when sleeping to visit their alternate universes to find their alternate selves. The trips are to retrieve your PUPS (find the meaning on his site!). Others online know this to be "Quantum Jumping". Your goal is to find your "successful" selves in other universes and to find out how you can use this information in your universe. 

I know these Induction Boxes work like E.J. Gold says it does. But what caught my interest was; even though this is half the size of the "SuperBeacon" it was still effective for my friend for 3 days running. E.J. Gold travels "out of body" during the nights and he comes back with the information to build the devices with the knowledge from his "Other Self" or "Doppleganger" that was given to him during sleep.

It seems from what my friend experienced was much more powerful! He too owned the "SuperBeacon" and Myself. I had to send it back because the "SuperBeacon" produced some unwanted visions and dimensional traveling. I assure you my friend never wanted to be abducted!

This is where the rubber meets the road! The pedal to the metal, kicking the tires and lighting the fires! Steven Gibbs had a "stroke" a few days back and God forbid if he passes away there is no more HDR other than what has been sold to the public arena.

This is just one of my friends many experiences since purchasing this "Zone Box Device"! The costs is another story altogether. These boxes work! This I know! Yet his prices $750.00 seems quite steep for the "Zone Box". The SuperBeacon is around $2250.00! Why such the high prices? Because unfortunately for the Consumer the products actually works and if you want it you will have to pay for it those who have disabilities he might give you 50% off! To answer someone's questions as to how and why these instruments by E.J. Gold were conceived; you would have to ask E.J. Gold himself. 

My friend purchased many "Radio Crystal Amulets" and "Induction Boxes". He told me the ones he experienced bad episodes with, he threw away! The Crystal Radio Amulets he purchased to date were the following: "Touch of Grey Alien", "UFO Port", "Portal Amulet", "SuperBeacon" and the "Beacon" along with many "Induction" CD'S. 

These devices he had purchased more than once! Why was this? Because when he began to experience the really weird stuff it frightened him because he actually wasn't expecting anything to happen. I asked him, how many times have you threw away these devices?

He told me he pitched about five or six of them away. He told me, "I threw them away one by one and ended up buying them back again" and the reason being; he end up building more self-confidence. The more he experienced knowing it wasn't going to harm him in anyway shape or form he would slowly re-purchase them again! To me that would be an expensive adventure! 

But I am interested in the "Zone Box" or just the "Beacon"! I could adapt this to my SE-5 and HDR research as a "Side Dish"! I have been wanting to get those particular medallions mentioned above.  My friend has been doing this stuff for years and I known him for 15 years from the HDR forum the HDRkid created years back. 

Will "We" once more be introduced in this new century to another "Steven Gibbs" not of the past but of the present and future? Only time will tell and quite frankly it will be up to him and of his future supporters!

I met a Gentleman, I will keep his name anonymous for now! He is working diligently on a new type of magnet system that dwarfs the magnets we use for the HDR for Time or Astral Traveling. He can make a pair of watches go at the same time! The first watch would be quickly moving forward in time and the second watch right beside the first one would be moving backwards in time all at the same time! It was incredible! 

This is his 3rd Proto-type and third attempt with his pro to-type HDR. He followed a schematic some put online (Probably Carl Novella or also known as the HDRKid) as he is famous for. The Schematics is of Stevens original HDR are all over the web it's no big patented secret.

This gentleman cleaned up the plans a bit and still keeping with the schematics all the way. Better cords and cleaner "Caduceus Coil". Nothing inside his unit is hand taped like Gibbs HDR. He replaced the "Potentiometers" to more precise ones. He also installed a switch that switches either to "North or South Polarity Poles". I am not certain at this moment why he installed this! 

As far as the HDR is concerned it is pretty much what the original HDR looks like with a "Face Lift"; he re-created the HDR from the ground up but with a much more clean looking breadboard and with easier controls. He used red "push" buttons in place of the toggle switches for the "Time Displacement" and the "Well" or what I call the "Specimen Chamber" using the red rounded buttons and for the power to the magnets.

His magnets are setup and professionally designed. I think the magnets are in their 3rd stage of development. I am salivating already to try them! While he was wiring each steel rod, he made a mistake after he hand taped all the wiring in place. He wanted to run his hand over the taped wiring to make sure all the wiring was smooth under the tape! Unfortunately, he had a bump where one wire was wound accidentally on top of the other which created a canceling type of effect sheerly by accident!  

This mistake became his "Unaware at the Moment", his inevitable success! That "AH HA" moment when he tried them out. This simple error to my understanding, can enhance the "Time Displacement" field around the magnets. As time goes on and I learn more about him and his work I will keep you informed about it. If I state something here by mistake I will come back to correct myself.

I don't want to discredit his work by me writing the wrong or misunderstood information he was kind of enough to share with me. So I will keep these encounters brief. Even I have now become his student and hopefully his friend in time and maybe the both of us can figure out the best way to run his Time Device. 

I am no electronic person but I am no stranger to Time Traveling both "Astral or Physical". When a developer envisions a working theory it is always a good idea to have someone around who can take that "theory" and put it to the test and to come up with ideas for this gentleman. Then he will decide if he wants to implement them as he sees fit.

Steven Gibbs is still around and those seeking to purchase his HDR better soon make a decision, I heard he will stop building them pretty soon! 

That's it for now! I will keep everyone updated about the "Zone Box" and what Induction CD's he uses! Also, I will keep everyone updated from time to time with the NEW HDR and Magnets being created!

Sunday, January 31, 2016


I have talked about the HDR for "Time Traveling" but what I failed to convey to the Practitioners/New Users, that we can use the HDR unit without the magnets. As basic as it looks the HDR tuner box is quite powerful when using it as a simple Radionic device. To those who don't have the knowledge of "What d' heck is a Radionic box"! It's what some call a "Black Box" system. Because the Electronic Schematics don't conform to the current day modern Physics/Electronics as we proved it to be and currently use in our everyday lives. 

I understood what a Radionic Machine is and what it does. These devices use the Practitioners "White Light Energies", that is their "Auric Fields" which emanates from the human body.  By measuring the bodies "real" producing frequencies to a recorded baseline created over the years we can distinguish if the individual (s) are emitting (real frequencies) and are physically measured using and EMF handheld Meter are above or below the proven baselines of the past. 

If it is above the baseline we need to tune it to bring the frequencies back in line. If the frequencies are "below" the baseline we need to tune it back to the "baseline". The dials are used for "Coherent" tuning but it's not perfect because humans as such are imperfect beings nothing is perfect in a fallen world. All we are looking for is the "Will" or "Intent" that you use when operating these machines.

These "Tunings" are paramount to reach the right frequency (s), tapping into the Scalar Realm known as "Longitudinal Waves". The Radionic Machines interpret and connect to the Scalar activity going on at that moment, which comes from your own "Subconscious" minds, linking to that Scalar Activity. In today's computerized world and with our newest technologies that we are led to believe are the best we still can't create a "specific device" to measure these Bio-Energies that our Brains and Electrical Bodies produce everyday to live. It has not been Scientifically Proven by the FDA culture and probably never will be!

But there is equipment that can be used to measure your "Physical Bodies Electrical Field" and this software is using a specially tuned EMF frequency handheld detector. It doesn't use aura imaging. It interprets Electrical Reading from a handheld EMF Meter, while the operator takes it and scans from the head down to the feet it is meticulous. Each part of the body that's measured, must be written down on paper before proceeding to another area or we can do this by having one's partner input your electrical reading in the software while you continue to measure each area recommended by its software. 

This Meter can interpret the actual colors emitting, by the frequencies it recorded and certain frequencies represent certain colors. We do this by placing the Meter at or near the body and it will capture and record those emitting frequencies being produced at that moment in time. These EMF meters are scientifically proven handheld instruments. This device called an "RFI" produces a schematic chart and shows a picture of a "body" outline and then the software places "colors" in all the measured areas in it's special software on to that body outline. 

The software will give you the interpreted meanings of what is going on with this individual and with the specific color such as: One may have a "black" color emanating from their left arm this means something! Then the operators gets told from the customer that he or she at one time in their lives fell and broke their left arm, either playing sports or from accident. 

The point is the software and the Meter caught this, how cool is that! This device was created to see and interpret what people with the natural gift could only if done years ago. The Meter and Software will measure and interpret those electrical measurements and create a chart with specific colors and their specific meaning.

The RFI device interprets what the color would look like if captured by an Aura Camera or seen by a local Psychic (The legitimate gifted people not the Charlatans) and this handheld device will even interpret your "Emotional Guidance System" telling you what you probably already know. This handheld device will actually record frequency of the "physical, mental and Energetic body". 

If the Meter and Software interpretation is plotting the color "Black" at certain places on the body being scanned, it maybe suggesting that something was wrong with it in your past or is currently an issue to look further into in the present. Pointing out, that you must have broken that bone or sustained a sprain in that particular area in your past or you maybe suffering from aches and pains from that area right at the present time.  This potentially great instrument is called: Resonant Field Imaging

We, as a "HDR Practitioner" are trying to tune into the healing  frequencies (Not "Physical Healing" but "Energetic Healing") or to focus specific energies into the "Manifestation" realm with sharper accuracy. So why does it matter whether I use the HDR or the SE-5 1000 or any other device for that matter, why not just leave it alone! Because that "black" area surrounding, let's say the left leg is telling us something is currently wrong, that may cause future issues along the way making it worse as time goes on. 

There's been anecdotal evidence and coincidental evidence at best stating, when one charges or changes one's energetic pattern(s) (Chakras and Meridians) for example: It seems the "Physical" body would coincidentally or accidentally correct it's own issues. We use an age old theoretical model developed over the years by real Doctors in the past such as Abrams etc. 

After many years and many patience's later Dr. Abrams and many other great Doctors who believed in Radionics and Energy shells around the body have create a "baseline" of a healthy body and a sickly body. These repeated patterns show up time and time again and one can nearly predict what will happen by following this baseline. Once you obtained the correct frequencies to alter the Energetic Body, it's theorized we will have a much stronger energetic central nervous system once the balancing is completed by the Radionic Machine (s). Thus we will start to feel much better than at the beginning.

Each of these frequencies will be different for each person because each person is different. Thus each Subconscious Mind differs greatly when Tuning and Scanning for their "Stick" reaction. How this is accomplished: One would place their Index Finger and center finger on the sensor harmonic plate and then you slowly do small circles over the plate while turning the tuning potentiometers with either their left or right hands,  all at the same time

It's fairly simple, you just have to trust yourselves, nobody knows you like yourself! When you get a "Stick" reaction (When your fingers stick against the smooth surface of the plate, you stop tuning your machine and record where tuning dial is right now) but your not sure if it is right, no worries go with it! You Subconscious minds know and the technique you use will develop for you overtime! As you practice, you will get better, believe me!

Again they are known as the "Black Boxes". If opened, you will have wires running to and from the tuner. From there you have wires connecting to the "Harmonic Sensor Plate" and onto the breadboard with capacitors and resisters etc. For me to know what they do and where they are going with this schematic, to me it has no rhyme or reason as to why they were place there and probably makes no sense electronically to an educated electronics man or Woman. 

There are tons of Radionic Machines on the markets as you might imagine. Ranging from $200-10,000 or more! You might say, that's  insane for a black box that is not guaranteed to work for you. I purchased the SE-5 1000 Gold for $5000.00. I waited for many years to get it. If I wanted to prove something to a die hard "Skeptic" and could afford to do so, this would be the device of my choice! 

It's extremely smooth yet extremely powerful on the human body that it is directed too! The price reflects this! I feel Don Paris charges way too little, compared to those who sell their Radionic Machines for tens of thousands of dollars and they don't work! Ask some of the owners! Don Paris's machine works and produces fantastic results and he charges less, compare to the Radionic Machine markets.

It's wonderful in preserving "Fruits and Veggies" that are or will soon fail in the fridge. I do this by writing my own program to preserve the dying veggies and I input that written information into the SE-5 software using my laptop computer. I can take the written request and place it in a paper or wax envelope provided with the machine I purchased and place it into the slot in back of the SE-5 for pictures and then commence with broadcasting. Or I can take a picture of the Veggies in our refrigerator and place that into the back of the SE-5 picture slot, along with your written proposal. Then run your program for the SE-5's designated time (s).


Once the program is in place and the information is now saved in the SE-5 program, all I have to do is open it up and scan for the seconds and minutes in various places on a single form and then "Set it" and "Forget It"! You need to know it is the SE-5 1000 broadcasting your information, as like the older models did, not its Software. It's not the "Computer Software Program" that is sending the Transmission/Broadcast of your data. The Software re-directs the information you typed into it only to go back to the "On-Board Computer of the SE-5 1000 and it's the SE-5, not its Computer Software that finishes the job. 

The reason this is an important piece of information is because most software and I am not saying all; but there are many that are incapable of broadcasting anything, anywhere. Because there is no human interaction using the software, none! Typing your personal information into a software program doesn't magically produce anything it is just eye candy and the way for markets to make even more money by far by hiring a software Engineer and profiting with sheer "Volume" of Selling cheap software packages. No fuss, no hiring factory workers etc. This is how they get around labor costs and corporation taxes etc. That is why they don't sell expensive sensitive equipment it costs too much! All this is at the expense of "You" the customer!

I was worried about this earlier before purchasing my SE-5 system. Before I was going to invest $5000 for the system, I needed Don Paris to explain to me why we are using the software for broadcasting IDF's or the "Worded" programs, instead of the machine to do the broadcasting like his older SE-5 model one and two and those practitioners were extremely successful with no software whatsoever! He explained to me, "I know your concerns, and a few others had raised the same concerns. 

Don Paris talked to me on "Skype" for about one hour and he told me the "software" that included with the SE-5 makes it easier to save personnel records of your customers or families and all your IDF signatures (Numerical) or (Worded). "When the practitioner places their "Worded" or "Numerical" commands into the software of the SE-5 1000, we had our programmers re-route this information back to the SE-5 onboard computer system as we are both aware that a simple software program with PI signs and Stars is never going to accomplish anything. And it is this "On-Board" computer of the SE-5, which launches the "Request(s)" broadcasted, not the software"!

"Set it" (Creating the Worded Program or Using a Picture) and "Forget It"( The SE-5 will broadcast the IDF's or "Worded programs using the approximated time it relayed back to you during your scanning for how many minutes, hours, days and weeks it has to run to completion. Sometimes it will run over the amount of that time because it sees issues that wasn't scanned by the practitioner during the scanning process at the beginning. So it will broadcast, letting you know these "Unknown Issues" must be taken care of and other times it is right on! RONCO himself couldn't be more pleased! 

Putting kidding aside, it really is that easy, again just bring up the designated name folder, open it and double click on it and lastly scan for the correct times and the unit will let you know how many minutes, days or weeks it has to run to complete the transfer of information to your target! It's amazing! But this Mid-Expensive Device will cost you upfront! 

Again you can use your HDR to accomplish the same thing with a little extra work on your part. Thus, it's like owning a Crossover from Toyota or a Nexus SUV, which one would you get if you could afford it? But you do realize that both vehicles can transport you to the same place at the same time! HDR is the Toyota SUV and the NEXUS is the SE-5 1000.

The SE-5 1000 works in ways that Don Paris never imagined. Why is that? Because everyone is different and it will produce different results and people have different ideas how to use this device. The same goes true with using the HDR (Hyper-Dimensional-Resonator). This is the reason I became interested in Radionic Practice; it's because the HDR worked for me, some say I was gifted to begin with, I disagree. Apply yourself, be confident and it will you will reaps beyond measure! The first time I didn't even know what a "Stick" reaction was let alone do it.

This was my first time using the HDR as a "Radionic" device only.  I wasn't sure if it would have worked at all! What was accomplished on my part was nothing short of a miracle with either the HDR from Steven Gibbs or the SE-5 1000 from Don Paris. I was talking to a young man in Washington State about ten years ago about Radionics and he told me he was a "Hieronymus" Student/Researcher. He didn't know how to use it, but he knew how to build it by using Hieronymus's original (yellow colored from age) schematics by luck. There was an auction going online from Georgia and there was a pallet full of paperwork and old machines built by Hieronymus himself!

When bidding for the pallet online Bill had no idea what was on the pallet. He only knew what the guy in the warehouse told him. He told Bill they were expanding their operations thus cleaning out old junk from the warehouse. They came upon this wooden pallet with a name that was weird looking. The warehouse owners son couldn't pronounce this persons name so he spelled it to Bill.

This is what Bill creates and developed using the original schematics from Dr. Hieronymus and this is the exact replica he built for me for thanking me for my help.

So Bill asked him what the name was and the gentlemen replied, "Hieronymus" or something like this and he told Bill there were old looking machines with dials and the machines were worn by age sitting for over twenty years in the warehouse. So Bill immediately being a Hieronymus Researcher/Student won the bid and later that week it was shipped to him and placed in his back yard with plastic over it.

After exhausting months of going through all the old dusty paperwork; Bill realize he was sitting on a Gold Mine. Later that same year he began building the devices and told me there was things about the device that was extremely important to install but this information was withheld by Hieronymus from his copy that he submitted to the patent office. He did this to protect his copy-wright  so no one could steal his ideas.

After talking with Bill, he one day was complaining about his lower back issues he had all his life and I asked him specifically what was wrong. He told me every time he stoops down his lower back would pull and it would cause him extreme amount of pain!

I told him I would run the HDR to help him by using a copy of his "picture" given to me from him by email. Bill said, "I would have done the balancing myself but I don't seem to have that gift of "scanning" like so many others out there". I told him not too worry that I would take this issue and run it through the HDR. He asked what is a "HDR"? I told him the history of it and if he was in front of me face to face, he would of had an "Inquisitive" look about him!

 When I received his picture by email I printed it up and rolled the printed picture in a scrolled form and placed the picture into the opening of the " Chamber Well" and I tuned the machine using the potentiometers of what I wanted to accomplish. He was concerned about using a "Printed" picture from a printer instead of using a Polaroid Negative or Developed Negative. He knows the basics of Radionics and in the old days, practitioners would either use a "Polaroid" Developed Picture or a "Polaroid Negative" only!

I feel personally, one can use any "Radionic" device if they are "Confident" in their abilities and that friends is the "Key" that opens the "Possibilities" and turns them into "Probabilities". The SE-5 is not a Radionic device in the traditional sense of the word it is a "Probability Analyzer" that has it's own unique design and functionality. 

I wanted to define "Possibility" and "Probability" when it comes to Radionics. "Possibility" is being opened up to "Anything" that is possible but not all "possibilities" are "Probable" due to many factors. "Probability" is somewhat restricted in nature for something to be a "Probability" it first must be a "Possibility" for you! I am not trying to confuse anyone here but this simple explanation will be worth it's weight in gold when you are operating a Radionic Machine.

"Probability" is the unique reflection from the realm of "Possibilities". We knew it was "possible" but we needed to know if such a thing would become a working "Probability". All practitioners who purchased the device experimented with anything and everything to find out what would happen, it would either come to pass or it wouldn't! You wouldn't believe what was accomplished using the SE-5 or the HDR in the Radionics endeavors. The results of the work they did seemed "Miraculous" to the everyday person.

The "SE-5 1000" was designed by the late Dr. Frank Willard who was the original creator of the SE-5 Models I and II. There are older models of the SE-5 that are still floating around in the market places at Flea Markets and online. These are Models I&2. They are being sold for nothing less than $2500.00, unless you know the person. 

If I didn't upgrade to the "SE-5 1000" I would have still been using the "HDR" as my main and reliable "Radionic/Time Machine" or "Wishing Machine" take your pick. It was my intentions to mention the SE-5 because if someone could afford a good machine that does what the builder/inventor envisioned it would then people got to know about it.

For a good "Witness" as Bill always thought, one needs a "Polaroid Picture" or its "Negative" to be effective. Well, back in the days that was true when every Radionic Practitioner believed in that! But then I wasn't born yet! I took the "Printed Picture" and rolled it up and placed it in the specimen chamber of the HDR. I dialed each tuner while at the same time asking what "IDF"s I needed to broadcast in order to complete the healing of Bill's "lower back" or as it is commonly referred to as his (Energetic Representation of his Back. Not his real back ) and I did this with each potentiometer while rubbing the harmonic sensor plate with the caduceus coil secured underneath. Allowing me to connect to the Scalar Energy Field.

NOTE: It is against the law to claim a "Machine Heals" there is no room for error when it comes to our Governments whatsoever! These are a "Experimental" devices, not "Physical" healing devices, if it was, you better have a "Medical" License to show FDA and you better have concrete proof, not anecdotal evidence! People use them for whatever they want and if it works, good for those people.  But you can't advertise that a Radionic Machine can heal because they don't because they don't work on physical matter on the Energetic Matter.

When I mention "Healing" by the machine, I'm referring to "Healing" the "Auric Body" and its "Chakras not the "Physical" body because it wasn't designed for such use. Even though you read about what other operators experience, quoting the machine healed my body this is anecdotal and not proof. The Ancients understood the Meridians or Pathways of Energies and they somehow knew instinctively that one could be rejuvenated using "Scalar Frequencies" to either open or close the meridians in the human body and to tune out disorders that effected the Chakras in an individual. (Keep this in mine, when purchasing such a device!")

If you are sick go see a Doctor. Don't purchase these Experimental Devices for a "Physical Healing" because someone said, it heals! Like I stated, if you buy a device and you experience relief, good for you! But don't publicize to the world what your devices has done when it comes to Medical Claims. "Physical" healing is a No-No or you will have a reservation in Cell 208 with a guy called "Bubba"! These arrests happened in the past and it is happening now in the present. The reason you don't read about this because it is not "News" worthy to print.


Simply put, you just remove the electro-magnet of the HDR and the only thing that remains on is the "Specimen Chamber Light" and the "Middle" switch. I would allow this to run 24/7 once I programmed the HDR what I needed and wanted it to accomplish. About somewhere in the middle of the week I got an email of pure joy. William was elated, his back was completely healed after twenty years of pain and still is to this day and I had to remind him the machine never touched his back only his Energetic Representation of his back not the physical and he agreed. 

So in gratitude he built me for free and I still have it, a duplicate "Medical Analyzer" from one of "Hieronymus" original blueprints. Plus he built me an additional bank of 4 rows of extra tuning dials because my machine had only two dials and a power dial only. The additional box had two tuner dials from top to bottom all for what I did for him.


From this point the HDR went into my closet and for years; after I got into more sophisticated devices and done radionics on ill people for free. I don't have the stats how many got healed but a lot of them send me back emails thanking me for the radionic transmissions. I used the HDR for many radionic experiments it seemed I was extremely successful of my broadcasts. 

Just remember the magnets are laid aside for this time and the HDR box is used, only and exclusively, as just a "Radionic" instrument. Keep in mind it's a radionic device that was souped up with the Super Magnets and Time Travel Blueprints received by Steven Gibbs from an "Unknown" source. There is still lot's of speculation that goes on about, how the HDR schematics were given to Steven Gibbs.

The picture above are the two Nectarines that I used with my SE-5 1000 analytical device. I wanted to preserve the one closest to me, the one on your right side. I used a "Worded" program such as: "Protect this Nectarine from Mold and Decay" etc. I ran this program for 30 days. The one on the right was treated by the SE-5 everyday and the one on the left was not treated and just let to sit there in the 70 degree room temperature. I probably only had to run the program once but I was just getting use to the SE-5 after purchasing it so I ran the program 24/7 for four weeks.

I had actual video of the end event on Youtube. I was getting too many "Haters" leaving comments: Saying Radionics is a Farce and a Scam and that any type of machine or even when using a "Long Range Locator" for Silver and Gold Coins or Gold Bars etc. didn't and couldn't possibly work it was just all in my mind! I agree on one fact without the mind being involved to such an extent the machine would just sit there because it needs your mind's living energy and its designed functions were created to properly operate as the builder envision it.

The Nectarine on the left began to breakdown and in about 12 days into the experiment the fruit bugs appeared in/on the Nectarine the one on the left.  The fruit was starting to decay underneath while the Nectarine on the right was still bright and shinny with no fruit bugs detected and no rapid decay. Both Nectarines, as you see are in the same area on my computer desk! Both nectarines were purchase together at the same time and from the same store and both were ripe.

Now for you Time Travelers I have used the SE-5 1000 for "Time Travel". I use a worded "Time Travel" protocol to go to Area 51. I had made specific requests not to be seen by any Military or Civilian Security as long as I was there. I had to place special emphasis about the "Men in Black" keeping them a bay! I was not particularly sure if the whole experiment was going to be a flop or successful. But I did it in the face of any doubts I may or may not of have had at the time. 

I placed the written request I made up and I folded the paperwork in a small square and inserted it into a small wax paper envelope that came with my machine. I slid it into the backside of the SE-5's picture slot. I didn't use any type of rates or numerical dialing to fine tune the device or just using numbers to represent what I wanted todo. All I did was place the tuners to 10,000% and directed the SE-5 to run my "Pre-Written Orders" as is and it ran 24/7 with the simple "worded" program. Within about a week I had almost forgot I had the device on it was just a busy week at the time.

One evening I fell asleep and instantly found myself "Physically" in a huge hangar or though it seemed very real and very vivid at the time for me. I have been in hangers when I was in the Air Force but this took the cake! It was huge in heigth and lengthwise. Someone or a strong feeling guided me to the elevator in the back of the hangar and the elevator doors had closed once I stepped into it. 

Someone or something told me to press LL button. Then the elevator began to go down "we or I" began our decent. This prompter was invisible and I said to myself wait a minute there were no Military Guards/Men in Black/Scientists/Pilots anywhere! The hangar was like a storage place of sorts. It only makes sense because I directed what I wanted to see and not to see! Any military presents would be considered "Military/Gov. Employees, Private Security and it was a Air-Force Military Base!


The elevator came to a halt what seem to take only 3 minutes of going down time. The doors opened and I looked all around and this bottom hanger was huge! It was larger then the top of its surface level from where I came from. It seemed longer than two football fields both in width and height. I thought to myself what is with all this construction plastic covering objects up all over the place? The tables and the big machines had that cloudy type plastic to protect the sensitive equipment from dirt etc. from what it looked like to me.

I went to the bench and pulled up some plastic and saw some tools. But what caught my eye was a square shaped block about the size of a 6X6x2 inches thick. It looked like and felt like light aluminum. It was very light. I gazed at the carved out block and it had a hand shape but only had three fingers inside the mold itself and something similar what looked like a hand but not human!

The fingers were wider then mine it would be like taping the first and second digit together and taping the fourth digit to the pinky leaving just two pairs of digits and the thumb. I walked over to one of the larger objects under this construction plastic and discovered it was an UFO; not an experimental spy plane but a real life UFO right under the smokey gray color plastic that covered it! I looked around and I saw hanging black cables and walls partly built. So it seemed to me that this area was under renovation of some kind. It seem like I had been there for an hour where I was yet in a moment  a flash went off and I found myself back in bed waking up!

Of course I was excited on what happened to me and I told my wife about it she looked at me smiling saying to me, "I guess that SE-5 1000 really worked with the HDR"! Geez, I forgotten all about that program the SE-5 was running. I was running the program for 5 days going and only using the HDR for just one 8 minute protocol each evening before going to bed! I had a hardcopy of the "Worded" Time Travel to Area 51 Protocol in my desk drawer. Everything I worded specifically came to past! I am still in awe! 

My experimentation with the SE-5 1000 was a success for "Time Traveling" or the HDR or both. I never used the SE-5 1000 for any other "Time Traveling" experiment since then. But I do remember using the HDR for 7 minutes each day for also 5 days prior to experiencing that Time Travel at Area 51.  The experience happened only once because that is the first and the last time I ran the program.


I was using both HDR and SE-5 1000 together it broadcast my requests. The HDR was used to charge my chakra's and "Auric" field around my body for possible Time Traveling. So it's hard to say that it was solely one or the other devices. Both machines could have accomplished this travel to "Area 51" yet I am satisfied that I used both. The SE-5 broadcasting was 24/7 for about a five day stretch and I used my HDR for 8 minutes each day for the same amount of time. The SE-5 1000 cost $4700.00 and I didn't at the time have a laptop. Now you will get a laptop with the SE-5 1000, Don Paris includes it. He should for such an expensive Mid-Class Device.


Let us think for a moment the SE-5 1000 is now including a Laptop for $4700.00 or and HDR with a Electro-Magnet and a Barrium Oxide Magnet for around $450.00+. Tough choices. I was blessed to be able to have both in my life. Our lives are short make the best of what you can do and take time for your individual selves once in awhile from working overtime every chance you get and get to know yourself and your family once again. I realize most come out of retirement because they can't afford to live off SSN or both parents have to work in order to survive with the children. The one day off make it count!

Treat your "wants and desires" whether it be trying to Time Traveling or doing workouts at the Gym or Scuba Diving, Treasure Detecting, and Coin Collecting etc. Your individual lives are precious! This is the only life we have and it's not even a promise. Use it wisely. We are not promised tomorrow, any of us. Take each day and make it a precious day with your families for tomorrow they or yourselves may not be here to tell about it.

I know it's not fair, is it? That a twenty year old or a child under 20 will never live to see their next birthday. No one want's that to happen but it does! People, I think about my life with the one I love dearly everyday and each evening before going to sleep. I pray to my creator for allowing us both to live and enjoy each others companies. In the morning when I wake up I look up and thank whom I personally believe in for my health and strength even while I am in pain constantly due to traumatic issues I incurred from four years ago. I remember an old verse I read when I was a child it said, "He who honors there mother and there father shall and will live a long life upon the earth!"

I do honor both of my parents I couldn't always be there with them because I was in the military and it was hard for me to get away to see them and so forth. But I still loved respect them and it's been 40 years since I have seen them. Heck, I don't know my baby brother because I took off when he was a baby so I could see the world that awaited me. In short I am holding my creator to his promise of long life for me because I had honored my mother and father faithfully in my lifetime. Not so much in my teens. I was pretty bad and messed up teenager but weren't we all at one time or another. I was angry and excited to go on my own. But after the Air Force of 12 years of service, it made an honorable man out of me or I could of screwed it up also but I didn't.

I told my mom how sorry I was having treated her with disrespect when I was 17 years old; thinking I knew better then she. Until this day I love them dearly. 

I brought this up to let those people who have no hope to know I have been through what you maybe going through and experienced backlashing for making the wrong choices in my lifetime. In time your wisdom will grow only if you find the right tutors to show you the way, to make yourselves productive and of course happy with one another as it should be. 

Thus hold everything in your lifetime precious. If money is an issue I truly know of a special way which is much higher than the "Secret" way of things what was revealed on video a few years back. This "Option" when activated will change your entire life! How do you think I can afford SE-5's and expensive Treasure Locators etc.!

I am not at liberty to tell you how on this blog. But I would be happy to reply to one's email if they are interested in a simple procedure. Don't worry it's not illegal or any money schemes, which seem to dominate the Internet nowadays. It doesn't fall inline with the blogs "Subjective Research" is the reason. It's personal and unique for the person who ensues its practices once a month! 

Oh! This Information is free and should be! This "action" you do is not a money machine or an ATM at your choosing. But I assure you when you do this once a month you will have things happening to you and your family that you will never believe that it could. Before you even realize you have those things you have been desiring.


Growing up in school I was a dreamer no doubt about it! I spent more time either in study hall after school or standing in the closet like that kid on "Little House On The Prairie." Where Willy Nelson boy who seemed to spend more of his school hours standing in the class room corner on a daily basis then learning. It wasn't until I reached 7th grade that I got to go to my first library in Jr. High School. Where I could actually buy used paperback books. I purchased my first paperback book and placed it in the bag and got on the bus. While going home that afternoon I was paging through this paperback with zeal and excitement!

Our trip on the bus was about 45 minutes by the time I was dropped off at our house. But my nose was grinding in that book! I got off the bus which by the way seemed like a 10 minute drive and I ran down our red dog shale driveway into the house into my bedroom and stayed there until I was called out to dinner. First thing my Dad asked me, "Are you in trouble"? I told my dad, not all! I just purchased this neat book. He asked me, "What is the name of that book"? I kicked my feet and shoveling back an forth and he said, "Well, what is it and what did you pay for it"?

This book was my first introduction into ESP when I was in the 7th grade almost 33 years ago! I bought it from my High School library as a second hand book

I was a bit embarrassed then I finally told my father who is quite the authoritarian that I bought this paper back book called, "Testing your ESP" for $3.00. It was the very first book I ever bought in my life. Eighth grade was my first introduction to something bigger then myself. It all started right at that point. From there over the years I have expanded my knowledge base in Radionics and ESP etc. If your not open to such things I would  not suggest getting these types of equipment such as the HDR or any other Radionic device. You may experience things you will not be happy with when tinkering with something you know nothing about.

I was in contact with DR. JB RHINE who was a well known Parapsychologist in Parapsychology at Duke University Durham, North Carolina, I believe. I had over a hundred letters of communication with Mrs. JB Rhine of Duke University. There was one time she wanted me to come down to the University for testing but my parents would not allow it. They both passed away and over the years of communication she was like my best friend even though Dr. Rhine never wrote to me personally. I had a huge stack of response letters and when I left home they must had been thrown away!