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Monday, January 26, 2015


I start this message called the "InnerVoice". You know that clear voice you hear calling your name just at the brink of sleep but when you opened your eyes there is no one to be found except yourself. I even found myself once in awhile responding back but received nothing in return except the echo that spoke my first name prior to falling asleep. These are some sort of telepathic communications from a dimension other than our own.

This bothered me for a couple of days and then I would slowly forget what happened until just a  few weeks back since listening to the extreme source audio, the RV and RI that few people out there have no idea that it exists, it has been opening new channels of information for both of us. 

I already ruled out hypnogogic images and audio-torial types of illusions or hallucinations when one approaches "Theta". My wife also got summoned prior to falling asleep with her name being clearly articulated and we all determined it was within our minds not an actual vocal voice. 

She told me about her incident and I just kept it in the back of my mind until now. At first I thought it was, say, "My Higher Self" calling out to me but after the three times of petitioning who or what this entity was or is, and it seems to be around us all the time; it made sure that I was convinced of its presence by the physical contacts on several consecutive occasions.  I believe the next step in this higher matrix revolution is seeing and talking with whatever and whomever, for more clearer answers.

The way things are happening to us since training under these unearthly sounds it seems to melt away our inner perception, our life's model that we come to believe in that creates a our hologram, the exposure is causing an interrupt or a flux temporarily in our current reality. When she and I go deeper into the star gate we both begin to sense an upward direction of momentum. We are not quite there as of yet but as persistent as the both of us are I am sure she and I will see the truth for what it is.

Here is a good question, if you lost all your five senses yet your heart is still beating and pumping blood throughout your body would your current world exist? How can you be sure one way or the other ? 

 I haven't been there but I am sure that individual is fully aware not in his biological vehicle but in the stream of consciousness, something greater than our individual selves exist all around us and the only decoder of conscious information is the brain for physical reality perception.

You watched star trek and saw the ships holo-deck and thought to yourself this would be so cool if all one would have to do is pre-program where they would like to be and then take a vacation there for any length of time. You do have that ability did you know that! Read some of the testimonies of others like yourselves who after listening for one or two cycles of the RV and RI what happened to them! 

Your brain can decode higher dimensions through your imagination this is how the subconscious relays this information to a person. Once the psychological model we created in life to make us feel comfortable is exposed for what it really is, then our brains intuit abilities work in full force.

It is only with a child like faith that you and I would be able to enter into the kingdom that exists beyond the biological matrix. Children practically live in Theta/Delta all there sleeping and waking moments. My little girl growing up was holding a extreme conversation with someone in her room, I listened intently then I slowly opened the door only to have my little girl look right into my eyes. I asked her who were you talking too, she told me daddy I was petting the angels feathers.

I said, really, how big was he? Oh! daddy he was huge but he was full of love and said he would come to talk with me if I wanted him too again. You see at that time I never talked to her about angels and such. I never dreamed 45 years later that thought would come back to my remembrance once again. This beta mind is enslaved to the biological matrix. Children can see with imagination and this imagination and symbology is the language of theirs and your subconscious minds.

Most Remote Viewers who try to predict or influence numbers call this "Associative Remote Viewing" instead of seeing the actual numerical entities, the subconscious would relay a past, present or future symbolic gesture or sense to you for your conscious mind to decode/understand it. Without this intervention by the subconscious we would have no imagination and with no imagination there would be no inventions and no will to go on in life. 

Nature put a split between both halves of your brain one to dominate during the day and the other to dominate when you sleep. Even though they are separated they are yet still joined together and if one is blessed enough for both halves working together as a whole which was proven that whole brain synchronicity is real science using the binaural beats or similar tonal constructs to create this whole brain thinking. It is this whole brain thinking that Remote Viewers depend on for their sensing of differ timelines and events for themselves or for others.

I know the c.d.'s we currently are using work above a simple binaural approach, coaxing the two halves to work together and to encourage the subconscious to take the lead instead of the conscious mind and why not, it is our subconscious minds that keeps us alive and controls our bodily functions down to each individual single cells. So allowing the subconscious mind to arise while one is still consciously aware would allow a person to walk on that holo-deck they wished they had.

But the ramifications are far more reaching then going to Theta land and playing out your fantasies, by using the subconscious you will have an advantage in life most could only dream about. I know what I am talking about. I have visited the "Theta" room a few years back doing this same training with RV #2 and it was in fact another world, a world with endless possibilities it was more real then being awake.

Ingo Swan who is famous for his Remote Viewing abilities had discovered planets out of our solar system specifically in detail about their rings and terrain to NASA. It took NASA years until the Hubble telescope, to home-in on the coordinates that Ingo Swan gave to them and sure enough they located those specific worlds coordinates. Specific is the key here, not just general guessing.

Folks, this is not fantasy by any stretch of the imagination. The CIA and the Army etc. have used RV and RI for many years even when I was little lad growing up. They declassified project star-gate after the cold war. That is when all these so called teachers came out of the wood work with courses that were taught to our military. 

Generally if I have something it's because it works or has strong potential! My only issue was keeping a solid schedule of training especially due to my horrific attack of three years ago. My wife told me she can now see the light and specific matrix codes running from top to bottom like on the matrix. 

My wife told me this morning that last evening as she was listening to the RV #2 ready to call it quits for that night, she noticed I was setting up in bed with the phones on and she asked me what I was doing, I told her that I arrived in my "theta" room and it was boring.

She told me, so what did you do? I told her I created super biological computer and had it placed there. She said then I put the c.d. player down took out the ear plugs and went to sleep. Do you know the funny thing was I don't remember any of our conversation that took place. The reason for that I was still in deep theta/delta border. 

My wife told me the next morning that evening before while listening to the RI cd that she saw a huge UFO flying overhead when she reach theta mind state. She was outside a structural building looking up and she said the craft was huge with lights all around it and silently moving across the top of the buildings. She also came face to face with one of the Greys.

Could this be powerful imagination, of course! Remember that the subconscious pure language isn't words but symbols and hieroglyphics and it's up to the alpha-beta mind to decode this information from your higher self. She was in essence remote viewing some future time an event she may soon see!

Gerald teaches you how to receive these coded messages and teaches one to be able to decode them into understandable gestures while and during in an altered state of mindset. Of all the languages that have been tamed by man or woman to learn and be able to speak fluently it is the subconscious language that science is still baffled to learn. It sees the results but doesn't understand why it works that way any more then why a light bulb lights up when you flip on a switch.

My wife will continue with the structured course setup but I am only going to do RV #2 until I master it along with keeping up with the regular scheduled courses! My wife is superseding me with her abilities to arrive to her "theta" room telling me about the fantastic things she saw and experienced. My wife told me she finally made it to her "theta" room listening to RI #7. She told me all of the sudden she was in this room it looked like dry ice fog covering all the flooring.

I told her this is your skeletal facility it hasn't been created by your subconscious mind as of yet. So she is quite excited to say the least. She was just amazed to see a room pure white and a fog type substance being the same color. It was big and very empty. It was waiting for her to begin like Gerald stated countless of times, to create her hearts desires and to be able to remote view from the same place.

  I have read many of countless testimonies of little old ladies, young ladies, middle aged people and children and men all alike experiencing many unusual phenomenal events that can't be explained by science. Only the RV student knows and were taught how to access the subconscious "theta" room of theirs and remember only you can access this room no one else can! They tapped into something more powerful then a nuclear weapon!

Of all the c.d.'s Gerald has in his RV and RI courses it is in your best interest to master the RV #2 that is to be able to go back and forth into your Theta room on your own or just listening a few minutes to the cd. Why do you think it is important that the AVARI student learn to access this "theta" room of their own creation deep in their subconscious minds?

It is here where all your Remote Viewing is done peering into the past, present, future events. It is here you can ask the "One" question that no mortal man could ever find answers to or even dare to ask. It is a place to create other virtual worlds to your choice and a place to enter higher realms of intelligence and to communicate with other races and other dimensional timelines of your choice.

If you decide to do what we are doing and have been doing for over a month it is in your best interest not to skip any c.d.'s in the training course. You can take as long as you like to complete each c.d. until you are comfortable or want to master the techniques on your own thus eventually not having to use it all the time. It takes listening once to each c.d. around 4 weeks to go through both courses. We elected to listen to each c.d. three times each, which would take us eight weeks.

Everyone is different and there are no black and white areas in this training. You can pretty much do what you want when it comes to listening. Don't worry if you can only do one c.d. per day or every other day it will still work for you just maybe a bit longer before the experiential results. Within the first two weeks you will find your innate abilities starting to surface creating telepathic communications, vivid dreaming, out of body experiences etc.

It stands to reason that your dreams would be affected due to working out your subconscious muscles everyday using the RV and RI. I can't tell you what frequencies he is using or what techniques are specifically implied but I do know along with my wife they are very powerful stimuli nothing I ever experience to date and I know any other of my readers who took the plunge also know that these cd's are dangerously effective.

The only reason I am promoting this is because I want the world to know there is something out there everyone needs to know about. I know each one who reads these article must realize he or she have in their lifetimes asked silently to themselves is there any more to life, is this it! Well, I did! So that is what hooked me to research the tools available to answer that nagging question. Is this course the end all beat all?

I would be lying if I said yes, it depends what comes up in the future that is better than what I am now listening to. I keep my eyes and ears open every now and then online to get to feel what tools out there could fulfill someone's passionate plea. I do this blog with no cost to anyone reading this. If I couldn't do this blog I would probably be climbing the walls having all this information and not be able to share it with anyone.

Those of you who do take a chance purchasing the courses please leave your comments on whatever page on this blog, after about two weeks of using the AVARI RV and RI combination courses to let others know how powerful this program really is. 

Everything you read in this blog since the beginning is absolute truth! I have no reason to spice things up with falsities and glamour. I am a regular person with a high motivated spirit in the things I truly believe in. There are things I purchase and use to the best of my ability and if it didn't work I lost that investment. But if it did work I would wean it for everything I could get out of it.


My wife listens 3 hours a day using the RV and RI courses and I am proud of her for putting forth such a valiant effort. She told me today I just can't get enough of listening to these programs. But I continually warn her of the uninvited emotional "upheavals" that surface every now and then to the conscious mind in bad feelings or bad dreams etc. They don't come in words or pictures just feelings.

After doing the "Journeys Out of The Body" condition "A-D" this program was purchased as a supplemental relaxation due to the nature of my past injuries it is much easier for me to relax my physical body with these particular c.d.'s to relax me totally and physically while opening the door to receive Gerald's training without any prior baggage hanging around. Arriving in RV #2 was the most profound trip I ever took since being on this course.

One size doesn't fit all even with Gerald's RV and RI training I still couldn't get my physical body to truly relax deep enough to experience everything Gerald said we would. I felt rigid and nervous it maybe due to my trauma I endured three years ago. So I had to hunt for some gold nuggets out there so that even a person with PTSD could relax deep enough to allow full access to his or her subconscious minds.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope when you leave here that it opened up within yourselves that curiosity that was suppressed with pressure from all the outside world from day to day. A curiosity that turn simple everyday people into mighty men and women of renown. Remember the "imagination" is a truly powerful tool in the human's arsenal. It can make you and break you.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The above shows sand or salt placed on a sheet of metal and then specific frequencies are transmitted through the metal thus causing the organic material to form geometric patterns. This is how are brains are affected when frequency are applied purposely.

We are just ending with RI #9 disc of the RV and RI course. I am the type that has a difficult time relaxing before going to sleep and it has been affecting my involvement listening to each progressing c.d. My wife started RI #9 and she said to me, honey you got to listen to this one it is exactly what you are looking for.

I told her when I ready to settle down which takes me about one half hour I will lie down and listen to the Remote Influencing c.d. So what I had planned was to listen to the Remote Viewing cd #2 which is suppose to teach you how to get into your "Theta" lab. Then I was going to listen to the next scheduled c.d. It was a good plan set in place it was the only thing at the time I could listen to so I could be profoundly relaxed before taking the next c.d. teachings.

I did exactly that, I listened to the RV #2 and the Bose shifted to the next c.d. which was RI #9. I personally don't understand what Gerald placed on this cd, but this #9 placed me way deep into "Theta" deeper than what RV#2 could ever hope to accomplish. This is important to me, because I have a tough time relaxing at "will". So the next evening I decided just to listen to the RI #9 and couldn't believe what this cd had done to me!

Within 15 minutes of listening to RI #9 I was having dream episodes many of them and it took me so far and so fast into Theta it was all I could do to try to hang onto my consciousness. I managed to come out of this trance state and started to listen to the RV #2 and was that ever a trip! I think Gerald designed these programs in such a way that once you go through all the cd's there would be certain ones each trainee is strongly pulled too.

Well, this is just the case with myself in any event. I am thankful for this particular cd program what it was designed to accomplish; that is getting you more involved in all three states of consciousness in a much higher and deeper level. 

There is not much talking on the c.d. Gerald comes on once in awhile to direct you toward the goal he has planned for you so you can experience a much higher purpose within yourselves. 

I remember before even starting this course I would ask my wife from time to time, what did she dream about. Her usual answers were vague at best, she would just shrug her shoulders and tell me she couldn't remember anything even if she did dream. Asking her today and she can tell you what color it is and who was in it and what she did that is Remote Viewing people to help them etc.

She and I both realize that our dream life had taken a quantum leap! Why is this so important? Well learning to RV and RI must be done at "Theta" level that is where you do all that dreaming at in the morning hours. So all the RV and RI learning starts with having the trainee to arrive at "Theta" without losing the sense of self, that is being unconscious and unaware, instead you are aware and are still in this dream state of mind.

So it only makes logical sense that the person's dreaming would or should increase first and foremost while just learning to opening up to the "Theta and Deep Delta" states of mind. The ultimate goal for an AVARI trainee is to arrive in "Theta and or Delta" while still being conscious while the body is soundly asleep then having the ability to interact within those states of mind, getting answers to unanswerable questions then bring it back with you so your waking consciousness can start to decode the information.

Theta training is tough for me and in the Delta state I end up unconscious still. We know the time will come when both my wife and I will be able to fully operate in the "Theta" mind state using the RV and RI and also using the "Delta" mind known as the "Star-Gate" to other worlds and dimensional rifts. I will tell you all something I was going to keep it to myself but this maybe of help to someone out there who may think it's impossible to achieve such powers of the mind.

We did it! We contacted the "One" in "Delta" mind region and my wife and I both asked for a miracle for our finances and it ended up not only did we receive such a miracle we also were approved for  one of my wife's biggest dreams, a home a much larger living area then we are living at right now! It came so sudden and so fast who knew! Gerald told us when you get to those altered states of consciousness remember to keep out all negative thinking.

Negative thinking will be certainly energized going down to these states of consciousness. And will miraculously manifest your worse kind of fears imaginable. So we, that is my wife and I talked it over with each other how we were going to approach the "One" source in "Delta" at the Star-Gate portal, to tell him what we desired. We accomplished our goals and our finances what seemed just like overnight took a turn to the upside without no warning. It's looking great and we got approved a new home with no money down the next day!

Of course the monthly payments are perfect right within our own budget. Our lives have been turned upside down overnight! This is a good thing in ones lifetime! We mostly lived in an apartment complex since we been married, for 13 years now. My wife was always dreaming of owning her own home and now she will get her chance.

Here's the thing! When one is dealing with unfamiliar territory such as the subconscious mind and the delta conscious mind we have no idea, at least for now where she and I are concerned, what we are going to expect in the coming weeks ahead. Yet we both faithfully every day and sometimes twice or three times we listen to the scheduled/unscheduled cd's we are suppose to listen too not knowing what jewels it will bring forth to bare!

Gerald told me that it is when you go through the course two or three times you begin to make quantum leaps in Remote Viewing and Influencing. We both agreed as to the sweet spot in meditation when everything usually comes together in some wild unforeseen ways and that is 256 hours of training from start to finish. No matter the course you take or if you do it on your own, it has been recorded that in meditation no matter what type of training you get involved into it will still take you around about 256 hours for things to take a spike upward!

I did this on a static cube using it as a torsion generator; at first nothing seemed to be happening but about fifty hours and more training into it all kinds of psychic events were happening all around us in just fifty or so hours! So that is our quest for now to have put in 250 one hour training using both our cd courses as a whole. It will take around fourteen months of staying on schedule.

 But hey that will all come in time just take it one day at a time and you will see how fast "time" does turnaround on yourself before you know it your an advanced meditator and Remote Viewer and Influencer!

This morning my wife woke up and she was excited to tell me that last night she was listening to the RI #9 cd. She told me about a few minutes into listening an electrical bolt entered the tip of her index finger all the way up through her arm right into her physical brain. Obviously she woke up in a panic not sure if she was dead or alive.

It seems in my opinion she was being endowed with Kundalini energy something great is happening to her just over a single cd last night. Myself it takes me down 6 levels of consciousness I usually don't make it consciously down that far I admit to my wife this RI #9 really does take one down 6 levels of consciousness that is another three levels of Alpha-Theta-Delta consciousness.

Thursday, January 15, 2015



For the many out there who may not be ready for RV and RI but do need that extra training to go deep to the subconscious realm to be able to manifest. Just clk on the link below the psychologist  has everything from hypnosis to Lucid dreaming etc.

I talked with quite a few people using the HDR and about one half who were using the HDR claimed they talked with alien visitors; a most laughable subject until it happens to you! I had a friend who recently purchased their HDR from New York, she came to my house after she used her HDR; she unplugged everything and lied down and out of her body she came, to see if there was anything unusual going on where I lived.

She told me there were lighted beings all around my bed, a group of small people interlocking hands in the circle around my wife and I. She told me they were protecting my wife and myself. She also duly noted that there was some kind of monster like the devil himself trying to get into the bedroom but couldn't. He was enraged! Sylvia told me that she didn't want to come any closer whatever this battle was all about with me.

After considerable conversations, she and I concluded that the images she saw were that of an abductors watching us or protecting us. I also seen one looking at me right beside me when I was awakening in the middle of the night a year or so ago. I didn't make no big deal of it then. This particular incident happened prior to her OBE visitation.

Mainly because I didn't want to spook my wife about aliens or else she would have felt unsafe sleeping in a room while being watched. UFO's and Aliens are the classic mom's apple pie in this country. Any human living in our society either heard about them or experience them. When I was growing up in the 70's it was a big part of my culture and a lot of us every evening looked up to the skies for UFO's or in the woods for bigfoot.

Another friend of mine purchased a so called "UFO" AM medallion. It was designed to establish contact with different species of aliens by collecting the earths AM frequencies through a medallion interacting with one's aura. I have known this guy for many of years and what he is saying I have to believe him, he placed the medallion around his neck and within a week or so he gave me a call in a very panicky voice and as he told me what happened to him and keeps happening to him. I began to re-think the 70's once more.

I found that when you learn to go to your Theta room you can contact these alien races with the simplest of ease! Learn how at

He finally threw it away, because they the "Grey's" came into his room and were drilling in his teeth for samples and sticking instruments into his body through his nasal cavity. He was hopelessly paralyzed to do anything about it. This one man company created all the  "AM" collectors especially the UFO one my friend owned, his name is "EJ Gold" and for one reason or another he would be instructed when out of Body what to build and why he should build it. 

The problem lies here, these medallions block the beta mindset so that your theta can take over while wearing the medallion but what is not told to the wearer they need to either control their fears or dispel them while in the "Theta" state and this can't be done wearing the medallions. Learn how to dissolve your most strongest fears and develop beyond reasoning the power of manifestation then and only then if you purchase the UFO medallion you will be able to control whatever species out there to an extent of not going as far as my friend did.

Only EJ Gold knows why and how he came about doing this stuff but he created these devices from an out of body directive, a directive to allow human beings to peek above this low level matrix. He was shown while astral traveling how to create these AM instruments that mysteriously blocks the "Beta" mind while awake. These instruments can be tamed with RV and RI training of special disks containing special type frequencies.

I purchased his Super Beacon their flagstaff product and we had such scary experiences with it, I had to finally send it back to the company, besides being costly it costed more in the long run for us as far as fears and parallel futures are concerned. We witness both my wife and I some horrific fears that were deep within our subconscious minds. The machine focused parallel universes and brought them back to us non filtered by the subconscious mind.

I never had the chance to purchase the medallion that my friend did but I have to ask myself a question do I really want to have alien contact and if I do, would I be able to shut it off at anytime if I didn't like any of it? As far as the Super Beacon goes I turned it back within thirty days and I got my money back! Due to the fact EJ Gold doesn't teach you how to control your subconscious minds he only allows you access to it only! The only man I had ever purchased from and experienced great things using the subconscious mind is at this link.

My friend still has the unpleasant visitors show up when he least expects them. He told me he threw the medallion away because the visits were terrifying and painful. He opened something he could no close and closed the lower level matrix that he can not open, now there is no place to hide for him away from them or away from the higher matrix extraterrestrial beings on a much higher frequency domain.

This "AM" medallion he purchased caused an opening in his subconscious he can not close. My wife and I realize when we open all the way our subconscious minds to the truth using RV and RI training we knew in advance that there will not be any closing or the ability to hide in this lower level matrix once exposed above and beyond it. But we also are aware that we can bridge the gap between both the subconscious and conscious thoughts thus energizing what we want and when we want it and limit exposures to unseen phenomena's.

The truth of the current matrix is well hidden between two lies in this physical life we live and its tentacles far reaching out to every man, woman, and child born into this world by the powers to be. How do you think our single handed government is able to control a vast population? One can count this as "conspiracy" theories or a person digging more into it could possibly find even more questionable actions of our lower and higher governmental population controls.

How does a huge government control fifty million people daily, in the real world of things, they couldn't! So our government must use certain technologies to keep everyone subservient to their leaders from the local township all the way up to the White House. Take a EMF detector and drive around in your local town before the cell towers were created and you will get spikes at certain state and federal government buildings emitting huge amounts of ELF's.

 From these buildings these ELF's are carried out all over town. Now they use cell towers in this current generation. These towers of power emit a frequency or frequencies in the high beta range and ultra-low frequencies below Delta range. By pulsating these frequencies all day and everyday it will bring people up to high beta to almost exhaustion, then back down to dumbing down using ultra-low frequencies and making a person mentally sluggish by the end of each day.

Mental exhaustion and Stress becomes the number one side effect of the American people. Years ago a man's dog was attacked in a wooded area when he and his dog were taking a walk on a trail. So he ran quickly to see if his dog was being attacked by some bear or wolf. In shock of what he saw he picked up a large limb and began hitting this creature until it fell on the ground and a gold forearm cuff flew off its arm.

He looked a few yards further to see if there were any others surrounding him, he noticed a sleek low level hovering type aircraft. It was jet black and aerodynamically perfected. He looked down at the visitor and noticed beside him was a gold object that fits over the forearm. It was later discovered that it was a device that allowed nano's to enter the blood stream.

This instrument when placed on the arm gave three individual needle punches into the skin of the wearer and within minutes the man simply disappeared! He took it off once more and he reappeared. But using this device it had its costs it completely drained him of all biological energies.

He received a letter from NSA during that same year that he needed to turn this instrument into them as a matter of National Security because he was showing it at conferences around the U.S. In this letter from NSA they gave him two choices the first like we said, turn the instrument into NSA and secondly if he refuses he would have to leave the country and lose his citizenship and he took the second choice, he has been living in Mexico ever since. These creatures have these forearm bands for direct communication to the ship and teleportation channels incase they are needed back to their ship at a moments notice. 

Before all this happened, during his time in the woods after killing this species of a person he placed the brace over his forearm and was able to teleport directly into their ship that was hovering two feet off the ground. He said, the ship on the outside was small and sleek, yet when he went into the ship using this creatures tool he stated, the ship was huge, almost the size of a football field. When the gold metal cuff with unusual insignias embedded on the cuff was activated it sent nano bots into his blood stream and entered into his brain.

How can this kind of containment be possible under our current laws of physics! I guess the fact was and still is that we can't comprehend this incredible extraterrestrial technology. You see these creatures from other worlds are not human so they need technology to allow them to do what seemingly seems impossible.

But when a human has access to his or her own subconscious mind they can and do more than this creature could ever hope to do. That is why many of our people are abducted for experiments so they the intruders can better themselves. This is why it's so important to train this powerful computer in our heads.

Please go to this link and learn how you can do the impossible. And if you ever are exposed to such an event in your lifetime you will be able to protect yourselves from abductions and you will be able to know who and what they are and where they come from and you will be able to control what they can and can't do to you.

Look at this link then go to the bottom of this site and watch the youtube video.

The above video is about Dr. Jonathan Reed and what happened that fateful day in broad day light. There are two of many reasons that these creatures are interested in some individuals and not others. The first when we created the nuclear bomb, UFO's were everywhere in the skies over every country that was after we denominated our first atomic bomb in Japan.

The second thing was, when a humans work using their subconscious minds at will, these humanoids  take notice. It is my understanding if those people who can access their subconscious minds and could push back the theater curtains of what has been going on for the past 200 years then I assume this brings to attention those who currently inhabit other dimensions shared on this planets many plains of existence. 

So these two reasons alone exposes the fear in these creatures about the nuclear potential of destruction we all face everyday and the ability to master the subconscious mind which could be even a greater threat to mankind or alien kind if the persons subconscious thoughts are left unattended and there is no discipline while using engaging with its use.

The subconscious mind which actually gives us insight into all their extraterrestrial and terrestrial operations no matter how far away, even in another time and space above or below ours it seriously undermines these creatures activities whether visible or invisible on an unprecedented scale. This is why some get visited and implanted etc. so they can keep an eye on these people wherever they go.  Early this morning I was trying to wake up but I kept falling back to sleep.

As I was lying on the bed, I turned over facing the hallway and when I closed my eyes someone tapped me twice on my hip area and I yelled out because it caught me off guard but when I looked, there was no one there. But I actually felt the patting with two hands on my side. You see when I was using the HDR I had a grey encounter standing right beside the bed looking straight at me several years ago.

I wasn't scared just curious as to why it was just standing there and looking at me. After about what seemed like one minute I closed my eyes and started to fall asleep but this kind of bothered me. I re-opened my eyes to see if it was still there and he disappeared! Because I was in the mind awake/body asleep mind state I was able to glimpse into another dimension that co-exists along side ours.

It seems when one uses the HDR and if you are lucky to be able to connect to your subconscious minds you will experience these grey visitations. There means and modes of transportation is extreme upper and lower frequencies sort of a world above and below our own. Yet many HDR users have no clue that their subconscious minds must be fully activated for the HDR to work not the other way around.

I have been training now for over thirty days with the RV and RI courses after the cd session early the following morning is when I had that physical contact from something invisible but the tapping was certainly real as I felt the hand doing it in quick succession. In and of itself doesn't constitute grey communication, this could have been something different entirely. I was totally conscious of my thoughts and aware physically and mentally.

So I am keeping an open mind to see what else may or may not happen in the next training month for the both of us. I had another Remote Viewing moment. Both my wife and I were watching T.V. and I looked at her and out of the blue I asked her, "is your phone volume turned up"? 

And she looked at it and said, yes it is, why do you ask! I told her I didn't know. This happened 20th of December 2014. On 22 December 2014, my wife looked at me and said, "I got a phone call on the 21 on Sunday and I am now just getting it off my WIFI. 

 She was expecting a call back of a job interview but not until the coming Friday the 26th. I find it unusual HR calling anyone on a Sunday. Now we both know why I asked her that off the wall question on Saturday the 20th. Because something that was important was being shown to me before it happened a day ahead of time. Remote Sensing.

If it wasn't for the strange question I brought up about her cell phone volume, she may have not seen the left message until two days later and that's what prompted her to look at her phone for such messages on Monday. She doesn't understand why her phone didn't ring when HR called her. But when I remote viewed the immediate future minutes before the event it saved her lot's of grief.

Just that little question help tune my wife's attention to properly handle the situation. Now I know it isn't much but it's these little things one picks up through training showing something deep is going on. But this is nothing compared to what we will be experiencing along the way through this years training only listening for one hour twice each day! You don't have to listen more than an hour, my wife and I chose to do so because she loves those c.d.'s.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


HYPNOSIS/THETA TRAINING: For a great site i found to help me sharpen up what I have learned wtih the RV and RI courses was awesome, the c.d.'s are not expensive but very powerful. I asked Gerald what he thought he told me it would be a God send to those who are slightly struggling in their training.

Because of my past situation and having to deal with internal stress on a daily basis, I listened to the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing courses from Gerald O'donnell. My wife is doing just great and becoming while searching for a better term I will use the words "More Psychic". I had my first breakthrough listening to RV #2 last night of this writing.

I went into such a deep trance state I couldn't think what I needed to do while there because for all intense and purposes I didn't expect anything like to happen to me that evening. Some ask what did I do differently then in the past 30 days of listening? About two decades ago I had what they now call IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome. When I got stressed out to the max my stomach would go into a fit of its own and I would be throwing up and having huge migraines.

I was in the Air-force at the time. I was going to be written up for failure to show up for duty. An being an Air-Force cop we didn't have the pleasure of just taking days off. But the situation was so bad I had to be carried into the clinic and put on an IV dripping with Demerol. Finally, the doctors came up with their own conclusion I was suffering from stress related sickness only.

So they setup a listening program on cassettes and I was to show up each afternoon and dawn on some headphones while sitting down with my eyes closed but every time I would sit and listen the airman would shake my shoulders to wake up. I told him apologetically I am sorry for falling asleep but yet I could remember things. This went on for about two months or so.

The hospital then allowed me to take the cassettes home with me to practice anytime I would see signs of stress in my current situation. Subtly my stomach issues went away and also the migraines that went with it. I don't think there was any medicine in the world that could have helped excepted this one and only prescription those cassettes that was called, "Progressive Relaxation".

It's been over twenty years ago since I experienced the worse pain in my entire life. All because of a little known product the Air-Force used to heal me of my situation. Now you can find these on c.d's everywhere you look on the web. All I can remember was a woman talking very softly suggesting I flex each muscle part in my body from my head down to my feet. But I never stayed awake long enough to hear it all the way through.

I remember the Air-Force Med Tech told me don't worry about falling asleep here in the facility it was because I was going under self-hypnosis each time and my subconscious mind was being healed. Not so much my physical body even though the body follows the minds programming. So last night I practiced while listening to the RV #2 progressive relaxation I was taught that once horrible time of my life.

I think I got as far as my chest and all I remember was being in a deep trance state of mind while Gerald was still teaching my subconscious mind how to arrive into my theta room to remote view. I came across a site that offers one of the many items I need but in my case "Progressive Relaxation" and what I like about her she thinks outside the box.

She believed all her life that there is a deeper seat within all of us dying to come out and the only way to reach such a seated desire was through hypnosis. She has plenty other c.d.'s available some which are well some that opens avenues in the mind for manifestation purposes such as for the lotteries or horserace or casinos etc. Crazy enough she receives the testimonies from the very people she sold these items to.

 One size really never fits all! The RV and RI training are very powerful in and of itself yet there are some people who are naturally resistant to any type of subconscious training because of their unconscious protection of bad things that happened in their lives at one time or another.

Those thoughts or deep seated feelings are anchored in by strong emotions that the unconscious level maintains for the person. These deep seated thoughts prevent us from being free from the very thing that truly haunts us day and night. I strongly urge you to think about "Progressive Relaxation" it subtly allows you and gives one permission to being totally and physically relaxed until the physical body falls asleep.

But in my case I don't want to fall asleep but I do want my body too and leave my mind awake receiving the RV and RI information. After listening to the RV #2 last night I found myself dreaming and in this dream my jaw was rattling very badly, I couldn't even talk to anyone in this dream because of the tension that was hanging on in my jaw bone shaking with extreme tension.

What I discovered was I succeeded somewhat where all my body parts actually fell asleep except and area I didn't work on and that was my jaws. A lot of people think they are relaxed when they are falling asleep but many grind their teeth at night or have a locked jaw because the body is trying to deal with the stress while you sleep. This is one of the big reason some are unable to project their living conscious minds into the past, present, or future when Remote Viewing.

I guess I have the Air-Force to thank for teaching me this some twenty years ago. I am not saying it would be easy with this "Progressive Relaxation" c.d. because even when I listen to it and still having the meditation experience I have to fight to keep my mind from falling into a deep sleep with my body. 

This is the true statement of "Mind Awake/Body Asleep" when it comes to "Progressive Relaxation". It's a whole new dimension to approach with your meditation exercises. My wife can fall asleep easily she shuts her eyes and off she goes even before the Remote Viewing c.d. kicks in. Yet in the middle of the night she would get up and couldn't get back to sleep to save her 

She too has internal stress she is totally unaware of while she sleeps and her body can't truly relax unless she deals with this face to face with her own body. She thinks that the c.d. for "Progressive Relaxation" is a God send in her life. She too complains once she goes through the hypnosis guidance to relax from her head down to her toes she loses herself before reaching her stomach or that is the last thing she remembered.

Then she went back to sleep after that relaxation session and was doing Remote Viewing in her dreams this makes sense since you are learning all these techniques Gerald teaches with the subconscious mind where all the teachings are directed to not the conscious mind. If your one of the lucky ones to be totally relaxed consider getting the RV or RI or both in a combination set it will change your life forever!

But if you are like myself and my wife and have hidden unconscious stress deeply seated within yourself then having the "Progressive Relaxation" along with your Remote Viewing training sessions would be a God send to many people. Nothing gets more in the way of any type of meditation training then deeply seated stress in the physical body.

You see the physical body has muscle memory and if one builds stress within it and not ever knowing how to get rid of it the muscle will then automatically keep stressed no matter what you listen too whether music or types of meditation. To break that mind muscle connection one has to identify with each body part on a subconscious level not on a conscious level. 

Once that connection is made through self-hypnosis the muscles will now be able to change this on going memory of stress blocks and will be able in the future to not allow such stress to overcome the physical body. Once this happens the sky is the limit for everyone who want to have astral projection or Remote Viewing or any other type of training that requires the body to be totally asleep and relaxed.

It's difficult at best to consciously do these exercises because the mind can't do many things at once but through self-hypnosis scripting the conscious mind will take a back seat for now and  allow the re-scripting of his or her subconscious minds. If the conscious mind were to be used for this relaxation why is it one still suffers from the locking of the jaws in the middle of the night or nights you just can't sleep no matter what.

I guess your figuring out by now what needs to be accomplished for any type meditation with no impedance blocking your success. I know from first hand the truths and there are lots of fly by nights out there with cheap hypnosis programs but this company from Ontario Canada collected many specific directive hypnosis programs that you can't find at a single source.

The cost is also reasonable compared to other related products I have come across. After this article I will once more setup the RV #2 that teaches you to access and create a subconscious lab for the remote viewer to work in. I will listen to the mind/body progressive relaxation if I fall asleep I will wake myself up then I will listen to the RV #2.

Therefore there will be no resistance that were deeply seated in my unconscious level and I can participate listening to Gerald's teachings without bodily interruptions.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Earlier we determined the HDR or Hyper-Dimensional-Resonator by Gibbs is a radionic device with an electromagnet pulsating at 60cps. We also determined that in order to set up the dates, months, years or specific times, you have to use the dials and rub the plate and when you get your "stick" reaction then you would go to the next dial and so forth.

We also concluded that the "Subconscious" mind is in small way effected by the HDR allowing us to physically time travel or astrally. Everyone of us has their own deep subconscious model we unconsciously live by. Depending on how deep and engrained this old programming is, will be determine by the depth and length one would have reach into in order to vastly overcome our own negative programmings.

Unfortunately, this is not as simple as turning on and off a light switch. Lastly, our Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing training results at this time are still ongoing until completion of the first eight week cycle. If your interested in experiencing your own unique abilities you never known you had in you then go to this link:

I had yet another visitation in our room last night. I asked whoever it was watching over us to touch me so that I would know the first two times was real and not dreaming such as a lucid dream.

I was listening to the RI #4 last night, sometime during the listening period someone or something gently placed both their hands around my head, I was expecting to be tapped on my side like the last time. My wife also experienced last night someone or something grabbing a small strand of her hair and placing it around her left ear and then it moved over to do the same thing on her right ear.

What seems to be happening on a more frequent basis is, we are able while awake to quickly go into the "Theta/Delta" state way before the end of the c.d. That connection is stabilizing the bridge the ever so narrowing gap between the subconscious mind and our beta conscious mind. Thus the communication with other dimensional beings are manifesting much more rapidly.

Last night my wife told me that as she was going under while listening to the c.d. she had a strong flash of the statue of liberty. She told me that was the first time she ever saw this and while looking intently she wanted to see the back and found she was now facing the backside of miss liberty as well. Then she told me she fell into a perceptual sleep.

She re-awakened getting up when Gerald suggest to her to wake up from her trance state of mind. Hypnosis was in fact over the years the closest we could ever achieve reaching the deep subconscious thoughts/beliefs one held. Then we discovered artificial frequencies and its power of mind structuring or altering ability using electrical impulses that mimic our natural brainwave frequencies. From machines emitting these frequencies our brains follow this states of mind, it is called FFR or Frequency Following Response.

 So the question I present to you is, why do all these training modalities exist? We all know from sales and marketing taught to us in High School that no one would start a business unless they have someone or some demographic to purchase their items on the market. There is and always will be a market for self-hypnosis and hypnosis along with using bio-feed back devices.

They are all searching for a common core and that is to lower the beta consciousness and to allow the subconscious mind to manifest. Theta is generally populated amongst predator/prey and young children which all operate in "Theta" mind state. Everyone has been indoctrinated that if one could control or use their subconscious minds they in essence rock the cradle and he who rocks the cradle rules the world.

Funny, the course basically teaches us to become or have a child like faith to rise above this lower level matrix. This child like faith allows one to enter into deep theta and delta mind state with hardly any effort whatsoever using the right modalities! You see a child has no ambition to rule the world as we know it; only adults working in extreme beta want to learn how to do such things.

Another hurdle for most of us, once we dip into deep theta on a conscious level or deep delta we will immediately lose sense of ourselves meaning we will lose our identity as a separate individual and become part of a quantum soup of knowledge with the "One". Not everyone then would be cut out for this type of training. Because they cling to hard to being the "I" instead of "Us".

This is why those who complete this subconscious/delta training show such power and miracles in their lives and the lives of others because as a child you approach people with curiosity not with hatred and remorse. A child doesn't plan on how to destroy others but only wants to befriend all those who want a friendship with him/her and as children are they want to share their talents and gifts with one another.

I am not saying you will be acting like a child after graduating this course but the mere approach using RV and RI, that is having the power to see the past, present and future and along with the power to "Influence" those past, present and probable futures in a considerate way of a child like approach. You will have this trusting consideration that you didn't experience since you were 6 years old. 

If you could remote view the past, present and future and could change it would you pursue such a training? Many HDR users told me and asked me how can they physically time travel to change their past. At the time it was difficult at best to give them a solid answer because the HDR work for some and didn't work for others. As I been training with Gerald's course you can RV back in the past millions of years in the dinosaur era and smell, touch, taste and hear the roars of these magnificent animals that were wiped out off the face of earth.

And you won't be hurt! You can travel to a far distant galaxy and learn of present or past or future extraterrestrial life on other worlds within seconds. You can change your past first by going back to it and finding out what you could have done differently. Then you can Remote Influence your current dilemma to work out the way you want it too. Hey you didn't need to use the HDR nor having to alter past timelines to cause a paradox!

The cost of the RV and RI course is around $200 almost the same price as the HDR. And you can time travel remotely anytime you want and to any destination you desire. The HDR is meant for those people who are generally psychic and when they use it they will experience astral and physically time traveling but the good many who purchased the device who are not at the moment psychic or never shown signs in their everyday lives the HDR will not work! There is nothing any successful HDR operator can do to teach these people.

The subconscious mind is so powerful that it can teleport you physically into other dimensions without machines, it is so powerful you can physically enter different historical era's in human history just by the power of your subconscious interaction with your beta mind. This is why Gerald created this magnificent training protocol. If you weren't psychic at the beginning you will be and if you are psychic going into the course you will in fact amplify said gift many fold.

If you get one or both courses and when you are about to listen to the first c.d. mentally throw away all your old mental baggages and crutches or old wives tales etc. go into it like an expectant child on Christmas eve waiting for something wonderful  to happen. In the child's case he or she is waiting for Santa in our case we are waiting for telecommunication with our psychic awareness.

Power perceived is power achieved! If there is a smigent of chance being involved on some lower level matrix and then ascending to a much higher one just remember that "Chance" favors a prepared mind"! So through your training all we are doing is "preparing" our minds for one on one communication. What happens when a person can finally arrive in the Theta/Delta mind state? By bridging this gap to our beta minds we energize the very thoughts we imagine like in a dream but now are manifested and exists in our own perceived realities.

This request for manifestation in Delta becomes highly energized with "Light" a billion times stronger than any light on earth. When you come out of your trance state from Delta the manifestation could happen that moment or in the next few days or so because the critical beta conscious mind was not blocking the manifestation with the predetermined model of our  own belief system. 

We have started with the core training with Remote Influencing course the RI #5. We both put on our headphone devices and pushed "play" this is the weirdest sounds I ever witness listening to c.d.'s. About 10 minutes of the 77 minutes total on the c.d. I made an intention before going completely under. I asked the invisible presence to once again make he or she known to me.

Right before the end of the c.d. something or someone placed both their hands on each side of my head firmly but gently. I immediately brought myself back to "light alpha" state and woke up my  wife to tell her what was happening to me. I get bored pretty easily yet with this c.d. the hour and seventeen minutes just flew by. The perception of time was non-existent.

If your really curious and not afraid check out this link to experience what my wife and I experience with the RV and RI courses:

I made one intention before going under that if this person is real I want proof and this would be the third time this happened and it did for the third time. I need not anymore proof of what watches over us but now I look for not "what" but "Who"!

If you really want to experience strange and unbelievable phenomena's click on this link for further information: