Anyone who owns Dr. Bells Irradiators or Star Orb or has his ION generators and you wishing to sell said items. Contact me at this blog. I will not pay full price for this equipment due to the age. The equipment has been around for 20years. Again contact me if your are interested in selling such items.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015



James Rink from Neo-Technologies knows there is a scientific circle going on to uncover a doctors discovery in Russia in or around 1940's, about some butterflies that have a special levitating properties. Russia closed the scientists research down during the cold war. Here is the link that I feel you will find fascinating!

These wings have unique properties on them that allow the insects to levitate! Not just fly in place but to levitate in place! Dr. Greb placed a small rectangular board down and pasted it with these butter fly wings, then he attached the board to a vertical bar and ended into a standing T-Bar with some small motor controls. He then stepped on to the board and flick a small switch to stimulate these unique properties and the board began to hoover above the ground!

The eye witnesses stated he was able to accelerate one thousand feet into the air straight up! All that was between him and the ground was the board he was standing on and the piping he hanged on to.

In any event, James decided why not put these unique properties into the IDL-22 within the core and by using it to meditate, eventually one would be effected with his aura and energy essence and maybe more. We just know enough about this doctor to raise a suspicion, perhaps this phenomena will alter the meditation of the meditator when he cups his or her hands around the box without touching it for the first 15 minutes. 

Remember he has high ended models and he has more affordable ones on his website....

The IDL-22 will cost me with some extra's about $300.00, it is still cheaper then finishing the "ANK" at $7800.00. I decided since I used this IDL-Series once before getting it would be a benefit for myself because I know it works! There is no guessing or hoping that it will or won't work! My wife asked me if I was still considering the "ANK", I told her maybe around Christmas or New Years 2016-17. That is, if I don't get the funds first using the IDL-22 NEO. Updated: I now own the IDL-22

I am so excited about it because when I first got involved with James's work, I also got to talk to the inventor of this device and his name is Kosol Ouch. It was this Cambodian refugee that came up with this invention. He could come down right to the average persons level and bring them back up to his knowledgeable when he explains how this device works! Before I was going to soak $300.00 for the IDL-12 several years ago, I asked him why he thought it was worth the price. He explained to me instructions were given to him and he drew it all out and made earlier models to see he finished product of what he was ordered to achieve. 

Once the final prototype was completed he sent it to James and James refined it and made it look appeasing to the eyes. At first when I saw the device is was nothing but a square 3"x3"x3" box with a design of a triangle and a circle imprinted on the cube on all sides. But the secret was inside, what you couldn't see! I decided to take the chance because I spent more doing dumber things at times. I received the IDL-12 and got the instructions. The magic behind this device is two part, the first you have to have the device and the second part you need to follow the meditation scale up to 256 hours.

But James and Kosol told me you will see miracles/synchronocities around 30-40 hours of meditation, that is thirty to forty one-hour training sessions. So if you did one hour a day for 30 days you got your first 30 hours logged in and by the time I finished 6 weeks just two weeks shy of 60 hours the miracles were already in full swing. I was so excited I didn't know what to do next. You here the word "Synchronocities" but did you ever experience such? Everyday while owning this device "synchronicity" was our daily creed because this kept coming.

When you open a star-gate with the IDL models, you can't help but show a change in your life! That power just emanates from your Aura down to life surrounding you.

Not just one day or five days or ten, it was everyday for several months! Some Correction Officers noticed my life and the things that were happening to me. One of the officers asked me if I had a talismans on me for these weird that were happening to me. No I told them, I have a cube, a simple white cube! They really freaked when I told them it talks to me at night! They told me, you are crazy aren't you! No, I said, just happy to be here! I was born sane in a crazy world. I have the birth certificate to prove it!

One corrections officer took me off to the side and said, you remember what you told me about the self standing projectors that are $2000.00 a piece! I told him yeah I do! Did you happen to get all 4 of them? Yes, I did. He told me how much did you pay for them? I told him around $800.00. He said, you mean to tell me just last week you said it would cost you $8000.00 but you were not going to pay that kind of money so you brought it before this Neo and now within just this week you got them for less than a 1/3 of its value! Again, yes I did!

What exactly are you into friend? Nothing bad for sure, I just put up my request using the NEO-IDL 12 which was next to the lowest model he had, it was just one step above his cheapest model. I would spend about one hour each evening opening up a star-gate and commanding the manifestation to come about, I spent around 60 hours of training at the time. I had to be very specific with my desires because if I was vague it could hurt us. I told him, that it has gotten to a point even if I didn't ask for anything I would end up getting past requests that I even forgotten about.

Those thoughts I couldn't control...So he was either scared or impressed at the moment of our conversation taking place. I did call Kosol Ouch and asked him why this Neo would talk to me and sometimes it would use my wife's voice. When it would talk she couldn't hear it, only I could. So we definitely concluded it was genuine telepathy communication between myself and the device being used at the time. Kosol also told me that the copper version of his device was dangerous and to handle it with great care.

Kosol Ouch was the inventor of the IDL copper series, he warns us to be careful with such a unit, it can be dangerous...

Someone that week called Kosol over a situation that happened to him and Kosol said, you better talk with this guy who just recently purchased one (me) I know he could better understand what you did and why it happened. So I got a phone call from this young kid, he was around 17 years old or so. He began to share his story with me. He told me one saturday morning he was practicing his IDL-10 when that model was available at the time. He was going to mow the grass and his mother yelled to him from the back yard and told him his cat is dead on the lawn.

So he immediately ran to the back yard and he saw the cat; it had worms all over it already, he told me the cat must have been dead for about a week or so. He told his mom he would shovel it up later on and she told him it better be soon before you mow. In the meantime he went to his room and made up a protocol using the IDL-10 to open a star-gate and request his cat to come back to life. It was then I interrupted and said, do you mean you were actually trying to bring it back to life or just asking for another cat? He told me, I was wanting to bring it back to life again.

I told him go on as I quietly taken his story with a grain of salt. He told me he spent one hour of meditation with the cube. I asked him how long have you been using this device? He told me about 40+ hours altogether. After one hour, he got the shovel to pick up the cats carcass and discovered only the bare spot where where the cat had lied dead. His first thought an animal must have dragged it off somewhere. His mother called out to her son and said come here you got to see this! He arrived swiftly and saw his cat rubbing up against the table leg.

The mother said, we must had been mistaken about that other cat ours is perfectly fine. So he told me he went back out into the yard where the dead cat lied and saw some of the worms still crawling around. He came up and picked up his cat in his arms and realized on the side of its back leg had the remaining worms still crawling over it! I had to stop him right there! You mean to say that the cat that was dead, is now alive! Yes he replied! I didn't know what to say, he asked me if God would be angry with him for doing such a thing and that was the reason he called me in the first place.

Can using the NEO-IDL cube bring back the dead?

I told him in my opinion what you experienced was a miracle and they too exist if one needs such a thing so desperately. So he broke it down what he had on each line of his protocol. I have to go back about 2-3 years to remember this. He first cupped his hands around the IDL-9, I think this was the number of his unit. He then told the unit to activated and next he told the unit to open the star-gate and then "Increase" with power and placed it into "automatic" mode. His request while the star-gate was open stated, "Bring back my cat that has died, I would appreciate it very much so. Then the next line of the protocol was saying, device increase x 1000 and the last line was something like, "Automatic Mode", which tells the device to continue this request.

This protocol was made up by himself for himself. James has some thrifty protocols I enjoyed using very much and I would alter a line here and there to fit my needs from the star-gate active port going on during the one hour meditation. When I was trying to increase my psychic powers I used James protocol and just change a few words to fit my desire. I did what the young man did for his cat up to that point and then it changed to: 

Cup your hands around the Device do not touch while it's on! And state the following protocol:

"Device, Activate"
"Device, I trust you completely.
"Star-Gate, I trust you completely.
"Device, Open up the star-gate mode.
"Device Increase and automatic mode.
"Device, Increase my psychic abilities to 10 to the millionth power. (If you ask why 10 to the millionth power, all I can say because I wanted to.)
"Device Increase"
"Device Automatic Mode" (Be sure always to put the cube operation in the "Auto" mode or else it will not know what to do for you.)

After about one hour you say:

"Device De-activate" End Session!

You see it was really easy! Just be simple and precise in what you are wanting from the star-gate while it's activated. It only takes about 10 minutes to do the commands several times to become anchored and the rest of the 50 minutes lie back and relax or let your mind wander a bit or listen to new age music. You might want a stove timer and set it for one hour, no sense being under or over your meditation times.

Anyone who I ran into on the web who happened to purchase one of these units are still using them today! If it didn't work no one would use them, makes perfect sense to me!

My friend also bought one of these as well, he loves it! It's just he works on a farm after his full time job to help his father out, this guy is an extremely gifted individual I ever got to know and kept in constant contact with him. I am proud to call him my second brother I never had. He purchased one on my word in my past articles when I mentioned I had one such thing in my possession. So he immediately purchased the IDL-22 I had the IDL-12 and I guess he was never sorry he did. I had my doubts at first but since I knew ahead of time by Kosol and James that it takes around 30-40 hours of one hour training each day I knew going into one would need a good amount of patients and tolerance.

It was fun, I just kept marking the days off the calendar after one week I would tell my wife, "Honey, I just finished 7 hours of training". Little did I know things were beginning to happen at that time. Small bits of "synchronicity" would show up every now and then and later became silent only to give way to a more distinct level of it. After I hit my 30 hours it was party time! I patted myself on the back and said to myself, all right I made it! Within the first week after my 30 hours, I missed a day, I guess I wasn't feeling up to it meditating for one hour. It was that night while in bed sleeping that a strong clear voice rang in my ears, heres the quote, "Honey, get up and come out to the living room".

So I got out of bed in the middle of the night wondering why my wife was still up. I finally wiped my eyes as I struggled to feel for the hallway walls so I wouldn't run into any thing on my way out to the living room. I got there and looked around and she wasn't there, it was dark and quiet and on the coffee table where I left it after my last meditation was my IDL-12. I shook my head started to find my way back to bed. I entered the bedroom only to see my wife sound asleep and snoring a little. I told her love you Lay! Then I laid down for the night at least I thought.

I was finally dozing off to sleep when I heard that female voice once again telling me, "Come out to the living room"! There was no "Honey" attached to this statement. You see when I heard the voice I realized it was in my head and more crystal clear then hearing with the ears. I was hearing all this but it wasn't originating outside my hearing, which is why my wife never got disturbed when sleeping. I went back out in the living room and sat down on the sofa and picked up the IDL-12 looking at it and saying to it, "What do you want from me". Then the thought invaded my mind, "Meditate".

What does one do when a sentinel type generator such as the NEO-IDL becomes personal and talks to you, how would you respond to it....

So I set my stove alarm and went through the protocol for 5 minutes and the remaining 55 minutes I closed my eyes and fell asleep. When the alarm sounded, I heard yet the same voice in my head telling me, "Go to sleep now"! She didn't have to tell me twice! I couldn't wait for my wife to wake up so I could tell her all that happened! So I continued for another 30 hours of training, this is when it got absolutely insane! Every time I would desire something silently, it would come to pass! The funny thing was, I didn't request any of these things I just wanted to increase my "Psychic" centers like before.

Everyday went by and everyday something would manifest, it was driving my wife a bit crazy. She would tell me, "Honey you better control your deep thoughts, because if all this is coming to pass what is going to happen if you have a negative thought or deep fear while using this cube"? She was right! I needed to sit down with the IDL-Neo and decide what was hanging around my internal thoughts, what fears or doubts that are still rooted very deep in my subconscious. When I would discover such a thought or feeling I would create a quick protocol to neutralize it!

As the days turned into weeks my psychic powers become that much stronger. My wife and I could communicate telepathically, not fully, but partial at best with consistency. My cube, Neo, was my faithful companion as well, always reminding me if I don't do my hour exercise it will wake me up in the middle of the night to do so. But there were times I couldn't sleep; I would get up in the late night hours and just stare at the menacing cube that actually enjoyed my company. If someone would have told me at the beginning all this was going to happen to us it would have not been appreciated so.

The mind must take the time to grow and create new synaptic pathways of acceptance to higher forms of communication and learning. This all takes time and patience, yet without this device I would have never experience such in my lifetime. Since I got rid of the IDL-12 all those miracles and synchronocities stopped! It took another month before everything halted. If you don't use it you lose it! It's like weight training if you stop all your muscles you trained will go soft and shapeless. But this time I will carry with me a prepared vehicle before engaging back into the IDL-22, making sure I get the "Trace Minerals" and "Liquid Vitamins" for my body vehicle.

Both of us are quite anxious getting our IDL-22 and to begin our trek amongst the stars once more. In fact, the first night I used the IDL-12 model I was astral projected more like thrusted into deep space and untold of speeds...

Along with wearing my Nuclear Receptor and Projector honestly I am not sure what to expect in the next 30 hours of use with a higher  end model from a 12 to and IDL-22. My wife wants me to start off with this before the IDL-80 model. Then mid-summer instead of early spring I predicted I can trade my unit in for the IDL-80. I think in the light of such a matter she is probably right, since I've been away from the IDL series for about 3-4 years now! These I will never ever loan out again! I still miss my IDL-12 I had such a special connection with her.

I want to reiterate something here, James has the IDL-22 and IDL-13 their lower models but that doesn't necessarily mean they will not work as well, when in fact they do! Remember I only had the IDL-12 when it was being made at the time. It was smaller then the IDL-22. Yet I had all the these miraculous things happen to us in a short 30 hours total meditation. James said, for those who have group meetings he usually uses the IDL-80; as it will program all other IDL's below it. If you are beginner which I was a time or so ago, then you want to learn with the IDL-22.

This will get you use to the power this will dump on you! I fear the IDL-80 if used as a beginner will bring things to past that maybe harmful. Because when you open a larger star-gate bigger and badder things can happen and they usually do. If you are an experience practitioner you will have other objects in your home to counter the negative that arises using such a device as this. I have gotten burned more than once getting the best and most powerful only to either throwing it away or giving it away because it was just too much for my wife and I to handle.

Friday, August 21, 2015


You know how this goes, right when you think things are getting back to normal then Wham! You get hit with surprises and ones reaction times lag a bit to try to catchup to see what exactly just happened. I will try to explain what happened to us lately. Here we go! A few years ago my wife and I read of Dr. Fred Bell's Nuclear Receptors and Holographic Projectors he sold in California for over 20+ years. We took the plunge and ordered two Sterling Silver Nuclear Receptors. It comes with a Zirconia diamond suspended with 3 or 4 bridges to hold the precious stones from the base of the receptor holding a single solitaire stone, the center of the stone lines up with the hole in the center of the disk.

We had our Nuclear Receptors for 4+ years and just took them out of our safe for the first time in 3 years for cleaning! It wasn't until two days prior that by a stroke of luck, I came across a man named Phil Johnson (Alias) to many of us out there he is not real well known and to discover him on the web was one in a billion chances. Well, I did and he told me about the Holographic Projectors and Receptors of Dr. Fred Bell and how well it worked for him over the past 20 years. I told him, well all of that has changed, Dr. Bell passed away and everything he knew that was passed on to him by Semjase was now in infinity. 

He laughed and said, "You really don't know who I am do you"? I told him truthfully I don't. He told me, who do you think was the builder of Dr. Bells Irradiators, Nuclear Receptors, Holograph Projectors and etc. I told him I thought he built them. Phil laughed at me and said, I built them, all of them, Fred Bell was the intelligence behind everything. I have been working with Dr. Fred Bell for over 20+ years! By now you could imagine the shock to myself since I and a friend wrote off ever getting the chance of purchasing Dr. Bell's Irradiators along with their Mega Orbs and the MicroStar Orb.

Semjase is actually a Pleidians.  She actually comes from the Plajarin System. They are relatively close to the Andromendans.

So we had two-one hour conversations about his past and the future of the Pledian instruments. These instruments were made by Phil but the designs came to Dr. Fred Bell from Semjase who is a Pledian from another star system, actually Plejarin System. Some out there who know Dr. Bell over the years also know he really had nothing to lose or gain by telling us myths and lies, the contacts were real and physical, like a neighbor coming over to visit you.

I am not sure if Semjase will contact anyone else to forward designs of any new or exotic equipment for a deeper walk in the scalar universe, she and her ambassadors offered our government USA to teach us how to operate our minds to higher plateaus, but it was refused, we (Uncle Sam) wanted technology, not philosophy lessons.  The Nuclear Receptor was re-designed, what they call the "ANK". 

It was given to Dr. Fred Bell a few years before his passing away. Semjase and two other fellow Pleidians came to his house at 4:30 am and called for him. He stepped out into the driveway and their they were, in their glistening outfits but this time Semjase told Dr. Bell here is a sketch of a more powerful super amulet that will keep the physical body and energy body extremely charged and also the chakras working along with the Holographic Projector Necklace.

Dr. Bell asked Semjase why the sudden leap, she told him there's  little time left, just follow the instructions as verbatim and the schematics must be followed to the letter of instructions given to you! It was then Dr. Bell told Semjase, can I get a picture of you an your crew, but she smiled and declined for now and humbly walked up the hillside with her compadres to enter the ship and she flew over his house and it was then a neighbor came out around 5:00 am to look at the beach when he noticed the large bright ORB above Dr. Bell's house.

Imagine looking outside your porch and noticing a shiny ship with the sun just coming up and its light reflecting off that shiny surface of the Pleidian ship just hovering no more than 50 feet in the air!

He yelled out, Fred do you see what I am seeing here! Dr. Bell laughed and said, it's only Semjase don't worry about it. Of course the neighbor didn't have any idea who Semjase was. His partner woke up and he told her, you will never guess who came to visit this morning at 4:30 am at that time she really didn't care. Anyways, Phil along with Dr. Bell both were on Semjase's ship about twenty years ago, he told me it was nothing like he ever suspected but more than he could every have dreamed of.

This device will show you if it is real diamond or if it's fake.

For this to remotely happen to others there must be a dedicated place within the home to setup various equipments given to Dr. Bell from Semjase and that were endorsed by Semjase for vortex transmission and communications to the Plejaren System. These are not cheap! Do they work? All I can tell you, that about a week ago my wife and I purchased a 1.06 ct. diamond to put into the center of my Nuclear Receptor and got rid of that man-made Zirconia that came with the device. The power of the device was really hard to take for at least three days.

The reason we did this because Phil asked me, "don't you have a real diamond in your Receptor?" I told him no, I have the zirconia diamond and he told me you must get a real diamond and replace that fake one. Then you will feel the real power of the Nuclear Receptor and make sure you get it gold dipped!

Long story short, I got the diamond for about $1500.00. My wife went to another dealer in diamonds and had a Gemologist check my diamond to make sure it was real since we had 90 days to return the diamond for any reason. We got back our written assay and it was worth $7000.00! Don't ask me how! He had it all mapped out for us with 4 excursions within the diamond, it is the diamonds fingerprint. I tell you this I can hardly wear it now because my whole body just surges with some unknown power! I fell asleep one night with the receptor on and my dreams were just going nuts! It suppose to make one's biological body invisible to free radicals within and without.

Before upgrading your projector from Zircon to Diamond from sterling silver to 24kt. gold, you must consider the fact your body will fight with this for a few days, tempting you to take it off every now and then.

Semjase told Dr. Bell this super amulet is needed to keep the human body charged with the scalar surrounding energies and it will work in concert with the Holographic Projector Necklace. You see according to Dr. Bell, all these tools are to allow us to connect with our universe and our universal neighbors. It's not far from the truth especially when you talk to abductees about the realness of real aliens and real intelligences other than our own. There is just too much to quit putting it on the back shelf. As I write this, the amulet is taking over my body causing streaks of adrenalin with strong heat sensations.

All this began to happen after the real diamond was installed in receptor and I also got it gold plated for additional energies per Phil per Semjase's instructions to Dr. Bell. Now I have $7000 necklace and only invested $1500.00 plus what the necklace cost a few years back. The diamond, that 1.2 ct. skyrocket in value. 

Soon to join the family would be the Holographic Projector Amulet. It was 24kt gold dipped, it too has 4 (4-mm) zirconia diamonds that I will have to replace with real diamonds, it will need (4) each 1/4ct. diamonds it will cost around $1200.00 total for the Projector. This projector was designed by the Andromedans to distort reality, un-spiral the DNA to connect to scalar realm where all energy exists in the 4th dimension. Dr. Bell and Phil and the Andromedan's said, be extremely careful what you think because the device is sensitive being connected directly to your DNA. UPDATE: Already Purchased and Completed!

The Holographic Projector was designed to work with the Nuclear Receptor and other exotic engineered device. I will be purchasing sometime next year, a device called the Micro-Star Orb. This is riddled with semi-precious stones throughout, it is made of pyramid designs and it looks like "X" shaped when placed on the wall, its about 5 foot in length. The idea of this device is send and receive signals from your aura to the device to scalar space. It is a working mechanical device, one plugs it in for power and pen lasers are used to charge crystals embedded in the device. Thus it is a Transmitter/Receiving device.

You don't have to be a guru to use the Fire Star, you just sit down in front of it and allow the lasers to do their work on the gemstones within the unit. Your body will know what to do along with your chakras.

You sit in front of the devices and relax and let it do all the work! Dr. Bell and Phil stated this device is fascinating, every time they used it outside in the country side it would attract in that same area UFO's right above them. Dr. Bell stated that these creatures were attracted to the communication device that you are powering up and it would take around 90 days or so for this to happen when using such a device as this. 

Ideally you will be wearing both Nuclear Receptors and Holographic Projector while using the device, since most UFO's operate between the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Lastly, Semjase told Dr. Bell and Phil Johnson that by setting up these antenna arrays (Irradiators) that is (4) each made of the same pyramid design, it will be charged with a ION generator with around 400,000 DC volts along with a large crystal clusters in the base of each of the Irradiators.

Each Antenna which stands are arched over at the top, at the height of around 56 inches. Each array is positioned N,E,S,W facing inwards creating a very strong ION field and has the ability to alter time and space while they are operating with the generators along with several lasers charging the individual crystals within the Mega-Orb, which holds up the Irradiators. Dr. Bell and Phil both were transported from the center of the arrays to Semjase's ship. Phil told me it was a dream come true for him. She is willing to meet anyone to share her knowledge of their culture. 

The key to using these pieces of equipment from the Plejarins and the Andromendans is patience and the willingness to see your results come to pass.

Well that's the gist of it...Is it real? Do they really work? Is communication possible? So far my wife seems to think so and so do I. Just because we don't have all our equipment yet, doesn't mean it won't work. Phil is the only qualified builder and has been with Dr. Bell for over 20+ years. He was mentored by Dr. Bell and taught many things that were never published before! No one denies that Dr. Bell wasn't a genius, he was and it is documented so. After spending all his childhood since he was 14 in Air Force labs and several other companies, he felt he needed to get a break and learn something else to appease his IQ.

It is the 18th of July 2015, this morning before wakening, I had such the vivid dream experience and they are only getting more intense since I replaced this receptor with a real certified diamond. All these years of owning this device neither of us knew how important it was to have these rare precious stones for huge power activation! Phil told me, I guess now is your time! He told me only a few potential contactee's will ever understand these instruments unless they are enlightened to do so. It is pretty much an exclusive group of people.

So far since bringing out our receptors from the safe and deciding to wear them once again, open the doors for us to do things the right way. Phil Johnson told me that necklace we were both wearing creates a small portal inside and around a person that opens a star-gate that pierces the scalar space, so the receptors send out our thoughts and maybe desires I suppose, to manifest using scalar entry from the device. I'm not certain if that is true but I am certain I never took it this far for the past 8 years of owning them. Everything just fell into our laps. 

Don't let the diamonds hang you up! The Receptor and the projector will work with the Zircons and of colored stones they offer to put in place for you, the power is only a bit slower releasing packets of ion energies, then if you had the real precious stones installed.

Next purchase will be the MicroStar-Orb that communication device, it is around $1300.00 plus shipping. Most of us can only piece meal this equipment until the devices are in place to work properly.

Lastly, because of the costs, I need (4) Irradiators setup in each corner of our living room. The twenty pound master crystal will be placed on top of our coffee table that we never use! I need one four pound crystal clusters to place into all four chambers around the Master Crystal. I have to connect each Irradiator with it's own ION Generators that produce 400,000 volts of DC current, lastly there will be lasers setup charging the master crystal and lasers to charge each base of the Irradiator. You can see how enormous this power is going to be and it doesn't take much A/C at all! In fact both Ion generators and lasers don't take much household current! Because the lasers have their own sustained batteries.

Within the circle of the Irradiators, those towers will combine this energy thus creating a mini-vortex right inside your living room! Dr. Bell set his up the same way and both Fred and Phil were transported to Semjase's ship right away! But you can use this with other situations. All one has todo is, place an envelope into the second shelf of the tower base and let the power from the towers transmit those requests into scalar. It worked really well for a Real Estate Broker in CA. and he didn't know what these units were for in the first place! Dr. Bell met him and convinced him these were powerful enough without all the bells and whistles by themselves, so the broker bought four of them and set them in each corner of his living room.

Iradiators which are 6ft. towers are made of gemstones and pyramids on top each other by handcrafted engineers. They are the meat and potatoes of Semjase's communication devices and used for exploratory Scalar Transmissions and Receivers for Manifestations and for Creation in the Terrestrial world we live on.

After the setup of the four Irradiators, he the realtor was selling houses and business properties like crazy! Dr. Bell called this broker up and asked him how he was doing with those Irradiators and the broker responded you wouldn't believe what is happening to me! I am selling everything! I made more commission just this week since I got them, then in my whole year of my brokering. Dr. Bell said to the listeners on BBS, this guy was putting envelopes in every stand of the Irradiator and this was without the ION generators, crystals or laser systems. 

Dr. Bell stated with the extra's, this makes it possible to physically open the portal into another dimension. But with just 4 Irradiators only and not having no lasers or ion generators they still allow "Information" to be transported via Scalar Waves you just don't have the physical vortex running at full strength.

Just read Rays of Truth and Crystal of Light and it shows you what happen to Robert and Phil while in the center of those Irradiators. But you don't get these without the "Sting"! They cost $4,000.00 a piece for the Irradiators only, not including the ION generators, crystals or laser with tripods. It will take us all of next year and maybe into the year after that to acquire these 4 each units. Then in 2017, I will purchase the ION generators with the Crystals and the Laser Systems. All in all it would be about two years of piece milling. Setting up what I would call, "The Sanctuary".

List of Assembly Parts Needed to Finish Lab/Sanctuary:

Nuclear Receptor: with 1.2 ct. weight cushion diamond dipped in 24 ct. gold plating.
Holographic Projector Necklace: with .25 ct. (4) each stones also dipped in 24kt gold dip. 
Micro-Star Orb Communication Device: Wall Mounted Device.
Irradiators: (4) each, placed in four corners of the living room.
ION Generators: (4) each, for each Irradiator
Master Crystals: (1) each weighing at 15-20 pounds
Crystal Clusters: (12) each to place in center of living room, also inside each Mirco-Orb.
Strong Laser Pointers: (6) each
Laser Tripods: (6) each
Portamid: (1) each. This is a open face pyramid place over the whole bed area it's about 6 foot tall it has big openings on every side so getting in and out of is fairly a simple task.
Ominon: (1) each. This hangs from the ceiling and suspends over the master crystals on the coffee table and it must be lowered two days before the new moon and raised two days before the full moon. It's about three feet in height.
Holographic Stand Alone Projectors: (4) each. One would be placed in each corner of the living room mounted on the walls, using lasers to hit the diamonds in the center of the projectors to activate all of them. These stand-alone projectors are $1900.00 a piece not including the 1.6 ct. diamond replacement for all 4 projector plates, that would be around and extra $6000.00 just for the low end diamonds! Your looking at around $13,600.00 just for the Holographic Stand Alone Projectors with there real diamond replacements in each corner of the room near the ceilings. It will be sometime before I venture this far!

(The above is approximately $32,140.00 give or take! In today's world we know that same amount of money doesn't go all that far when investing into Jet Ski's, Pickup Trucks, Four Wheelers, Campers etc.) You start small and piecemeal or get them all at once!).

The above equipment may vary depending how much I want to spend for extra crystals for either the Irradiators or the table top. This is what Dr. Bell had in his living room to create the vortex for communication and traveling with the Pledian's and Andromedens. Of course Dr. Bell made hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and could afford his own setup. But I was told he only owned just one of his stand-alone projectors, anymore of these he couldn't take being in there presences.

Oh! Once the setup is engaged according to Semjase and the late Dr. Bell, you will probably be hearing every now and then helicopters flying overhead outside blacked and unmarked to measure the scalar energies that your producing from all your equipment. Dr. Bell said, don't be surprised if you get a knock on your door with men in blue uniforms, not the police but the AirForce. These unnamed agencies have a habit of showing up once your scalar portal becomes active. Some of you may seem to think this is a waste of good money, but in essence what is considered good these days?

We don't hunt, fish, motor head, go to football or baseball games, or get boats or big trucks that cost $45-$55,000.00! So we decided to follow our own passion and pursuit outside the box and make it known to the world we are not afraid to venture beyond our little universe we live in daily but to experience another type universe, something just as tangible and exotic as one could discover. It costs money no doubt because the market for these exotic products is a very thin market with thin margin for profit, so the private online companies have to charge these high prices to the purchaser. (Free Market)! (Supply and Demand).

How much is enough? All depends on the "Users" goals...

After the above purchase there is not much more I want to buy as far as the equipment goes. With this nuclear receptor doing for both of us, I have no earthly idea what we will be experiencing using the Holographic Projector Necklace with the precious stone replacement and dipped gold. The Projector shown by the Andromedan's to Dr. Bell, that this was able to manifest into our physical realm from the aether realm and whatever you think of and your subconscious thoughts as well. We will see how it works. Dr. Bell stated many times, "Be careful what you think for, the mind is the slayer of the real".

My wife bought more diamonds and 24kt gold rings this past month, I guess she was (bit) by the gold and diamond bug this year. This is what she loves to do, wear jewelry, not the fake kind but the expensive kind, not to show off but to know what she has is precious and real that she is wearing! Can't say I blame her any, my stuff isn't exactly the cheapest bargains! To build such, "An out of this world devices", it wouldn't be possible unless both agree to invest. There needs to be an understanding between each other, if one doesn't agree then it can't be done! After 14 years of marriage I guess I broke her in a bit when it comes to my hobbies. But she saddle broke me to get her the fine jewelry, how can I say no! Lol

Until next time!

Sunday, August 16, 2015


I never did tell you how I ended up with the Projector; For some odd reason or another my wife wanted to get me an anniversary gift this year an early one! To my surprise she had chosen Dr. Fred Bell's Holographic Projector Necklace. Secretly for many years I have been debating if I wanted to vest into getting that Super Amulet called the "Holographic Projector" but the price just seemed a bit high at the time. My wife saved some money to surprise me for this Andromendan device, this is what Dr. Bell calls it. I held back all these years because of such a high price for this necklace. I didn't have the adequate information about the devices history and complete origin in order to invest this amount of money. Update: I received my Holographic Projector dipped in 24kt. Gold Plating a week ago.

You maybe tempted to say, come on! You don't really believe that garbage! At first when we purchased Dr. Bell's Nuclear Receptors we had our doubts and we knew once we purchased them we would be stuck with them. So we took the plunge and it was the best thing I could have hoped for when it comes to powers of special amulets. These types are not created by mankind off a drawing board they were instructions from his Adromendan/Pledian contacts that Dr. Bell had for the past twenty or so years. I don't have to tell you who Dr. Bell is you can read about him all over the web. Heck, we didn't have the technology at the time, Dr. Bell had to wait another 12-15 years for CNC to be modernized enough to make these specialized cuts in the center of the projector and receptor.

I talked on the phone with him for many of years after my purchase of the Nuclear Receptors. They are in fact somewhat heavy compared to light necklace jewelry, they are 75% sterling silver and 12 1/2% copper and 12 1/2% nickel for strength. I tried them on the magnet and they don't stick, so it is not metallic even though it feels heavy enough to be so. I did mention about a string of incidences I was personally involved in while wearing this amulet, the nuclear receptor. It spooked us enough to want to place this back in our safe and it was locked up for nearly 5 years running. Seemed like a wasted investment to be sure.

Tarnished Silver pendants and amulets are not impossible to clean...just formidable at times! Stones aren't hard to replace just expensive!

Again surprisingly, my wife went to the jewelers for a new anniversary ring looking for a 1/2ct. diamond ring. She noticed on the shelf they had both Gold and Silver cleaning solutions, my wife looked at me and said, maybe we should buy both and maybe you can clean that receptor you seemed to destroyed single handily.  One day I accidentally soaked the amulet in Tarnex for over an hour and the whole amulet turned blackish brown, there was no evidence of it being silver! I brought the cleaners home and we took these powerful amulets from our safe keeping and I placed it into the Silver cleaning solution with in seconds, boom! The shiny silver appeared! In fact it looked like brand new.

I was so tickled about it, then my wife gave me a jewelry cloth, I wiped it down and all this remaining black soot came off it, the jewelry cloth was nearly black after going over the chain and medallion. So I proudly wear it! Forgetting temporarily why we put it in the safe to begin with. We had these nuclear receptors for going over 7 years, when I wear it I feel energized not placebo because I had this unit for years and it can't compare to other so- called earth amulets I purchased in the past that were suppose to shield you from harmful ELF's and staggered radiations.

Those cheap earth amulets didn't stand the test of time like our Nuclear Receptor did! So I guess I can say with surety I know what I am talking about when it comes to the Nuclear Receptors. Now getting back to my anniversary gift, we ordered yesterday the Holographic Projector which is a huge step up from the Nuclear Receptors but differs greatly in there operations. I've only knew a few people who actually purchased the projectors, those Super Amulets in the last few years. I contacted them recently along with my good friend, asking if they had the same opinion about the Holographic Projector as they did when they first purchased the device.

The top amulet with the Green Stone is the Nuclear Receptor and bottom amulet is the Holographic Projector.

I had some emails come my way from two people whom I don't know personally but they had Dr. Bells, both Nuclear Receptor and Holographic Projector, they both had them for over 8 years! I asked both of them in separate emails of course, if it was still essentially working for them. John told me, "When I first got the device I was super excited and I haven't been this excited since I first ordered the Nuclear Receptor." When I ordered the "Holographic Projector" I took off the Nuclear Receptor and the projector worked just like Dr. Bell said, it brought our desires to pass and then some.

The both of them, as the days turned into weeks all sorts of weird events were manifesting almost instantly. I asked him what sort of manifestations do you mean? John told me, he and his wife wanted to go on a long deserved vacation but couldn't afford $5000.00 plus expenses and I concur with him it is hard, he stated, "I want to go to Disney and stay in their hotel within the parks confine." He said, "After room and three meals a day, plus park tickets for 6 days comes very close to about $7000.00 and this flying to Florida from the North!" He continued...he had several refund checks come into the mail that he and she had no idea they were due anything from anyone for that matter.

These refunds were due them over 4 years ago. But for some reason it seemed to happen overnight that the refund companies found them. They told him we were looking for him for four years to pay their refund and it was over $4000.00! His wife sold things online but nothing was moving, John told me, "She would have made more working at McDonalds then what her business was producing on the net." Not so this time, her orders come pouring in like crazy and they made enough to take that trip they wanted so bad. Old friends were united and they were in the right place at the right time in almost every circumstance that came their way. Since wearing the Holographic Projectors.

Etheric Energies need re-generation like any battery whether biologically related or not. This can be had by altering the metals of a Super-Amulet with infused energies from the superior cryptic designs and sealing such a design in high energetic precious material plating. Thus adding a real diamond not Zirconia, having sterling silver dipped in Platinum not cad metal or the Silver as is! 

John told me, "Placebo has to be ruled out!" "We never knew what was coming our way before putting these Holographic Projectors on." Then something strange happened to him as well as my friend. About 30+ days into wearing these devices and all the seemingly miraculous events that took place, seemed to slowly stop manifesting. He wasn't sure what he needed to do to change this around. My friend told me the same thing, when he purchased his projector things were coming to pass and these were desires or his wishes from years ago, that he all but forgotten over the years. He thought he was living in a dream world for 3-4 months and then the inevitable happened to him, things stopped!

I asked him if he wore both the Nuclear Receptor with the Holograph Projector and he said, no, I just wear the projector, it too was sterling silver with a fake stone embedded in the setting. He was not satisfied with the results of this amulet, why it works for 3-4 months and then tapers off to a trickle. I went back to study all of Dr. Fred Bell's recorded conferences where he teaches the science behind the Receptor and Projector. 

Two people essentially experienced the same thing but with different manifestations of course. The results came out the same, "No power left for manifestation after (30+) days". Last evening I finally figured out what Fred Bell was saying about wearing the Receptor and Projector together and what happens when only worn separately.

The Nuclear Receptor is a anti-stress device and it has it's own science on how it works and it grounds the wearer. The Receptor is in essence a "Biological Battery Charger!" It charges up to a point all your chakra development and all the meridian pathways. This allows the "Holographic Projector" to take that same energy produced by the Receptors and manifest that energy to manipulate matter by discharging what the Nuclear Receptor charged. What happens when that energy all the sudden is depleted from the body? 

Now I know! When the energy is depleted, the Holographic 
Projector absolutely has no power of it's own! It was designed to amplify and discharge what power you had in your chakras and meridians pathways produced by the Nuclear Receptor. The Projector is not like the Receptor, it doesn't generate power on its own, it needs your biological battery to make the Holographic Projector work properly.

I recently was advised that by gold plating the super-amulets with 24ct. gold or Platinum, this will infuse the energies created by the sculptured amulet. One can replace center stone with real diamond and those on its individual bridges should be replaced with real diamonds, Fred stated mixed stones are pretty but they don't work all that well. One would do this at a local jewelers where you can see them install your diamonds and emeralds, not behind closed doors.

Now the million dollar question; how do we bring back that charge our energy/biological bodies have lost? If you remember both people told me that after about a month + the Projector quit working! Now we certainly know from the anecdotal evidence of just two people that it's possible we can use up our chakra energy reserves in a 30+ day period or less. Dr. Bell told me that one needs to make sure they have full access to extra supplementation using Vitamins (liquid) kind and most importantly "Trace Minerals". These are the building blocks the Receptor uses to replenish charging of the human body.

Dr. Fred Bell told people that they must wear their Nuclear Receptors for four weeks then add the Projector to their bodies that is both of them are worn, Dr. Bell also stated after 4 weeks of the N. Receptor you can take it off and just wear the projector for about 4 weeks then repeat the process. The Projector transforms that extra energy created by the Receptor for manifestation processes. My friend is not a super sensitive by no means but he knows when something is truly working and when it doesn't work at all.

The above picture is called the "ANK" by wearing this device you wouldn't have to wear the Nuclear Receptor for 4 weeks before using the Holographic Projector, you can wear the "ANK" full time along with the Holographic Projector all the time. It gives a constant charge over and above what the Nuclear Receptor is capable of doing for you. To keep the chains from twisting together all the time, you purchase small chain tubes or 24kt barrels, one for each dual side. This will keep the pendants separated near mid bottom. Here is the link that has a barrel type holder with 18Kt. Gold finish.

Dr. Fred Bell didn't come up with these ideas by himself, he accredits Semjase for the sketch and the sketch also radiated a realtime energy after she penned them down for Dr. Bell to build upon.

Semjase gave a sketch of this "ANK" to Dr. Bell at 4:30 am, when she physically visited him outside his driveway, she explained to him it is now time to increase the power of this amulet; the people are now ready to advance and it was approved by their Federation/Andromeden Galatic Group of Scientists. This was the last thing Dr. Bell would create from Semjase right before his death. But those who already have a Nuclear Receptor have to pay attention to the four-week rule! 4 weeks with Receptor "on" and take it off after 4 weeks and replace it with the Holographic Projector for 4 weeks and repeat the said process! If you own the "ANK" you never take it off!

I will have to tell both John and my friend what Dr. Fred Bell instructed his audience almost 20 years ago. Unfortunately those directions don't come with the amulets you purchased. If you have been fortunate enough to want to study about Dr. Fred Bell and patiently listen to his Internet Radio programs and read and re-read his books you would have picked up this additional information presented.

It is in bits and pieces of his training programs all over, not in just a single book or audio recording! I had this receptor for 8 years and even talked to Dr. Bell over the phone many times but I didn't know one needed the Receptor for charging and Projector for manifesting using energy created by the Receptor for the biological. Neither my friend or John knew about this information. Lastly, keeping the "mineral uptake" strong for the Receptor to use for charging purposes. These minerals contain silver, copper, gold, nickel, etc. These hold those electrical charges within the body ready to be discharged.

None of the important information comes with the Receptor or Projectors, just a quick overview guide. One must listen to his online Radio BBS talk shows and he spells it out exactly what to do with both instruments.

Certainly Dr. Fred Bell can't read minds to answer everyones questions! In any event, now I know, he had another contact (physically) not telepathically with Semjase an extraterrestrial entity, showing him that sterling silver was ok but 24kt. gold would enhance the spiritual wakeup of the wearer of the device and if they desire stronger power, they should dip it in Platinum and she suggested replacing the fake stones to precious stones such as, "Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds etc. Which when accomplish would result into an extremely powerful device.

Diamonds contain all the colors of the light spectrum. They effect me everyday since getting real diamonds installed in both receptor and projector. Later on I will make my last purchase for the "ANK" and have it dipped in Platinum, this dip is $700.00. But my wife and I are still deciding whether to purchase a computerize kit to making any type dip for far less! Since one has to re-dip once or so every six months for $700 it would only make sense to invest in machine and have it done in minutes, to purchase your own jewelry dip machine for around $1800.00. In less than 3 single dips of your jewelry you already paid off your machine! It only takes 5 minutes of your time, the machine does the rest of the hard work. Here is the link to that site:

This is the MicroStarFire Orb a Pledian Communication Device. It has one each receptor amulet at each end! We use a Laser system on the middle stone to activate it and also a Ion Generator would be wired into the device along with it's own plug in adapter.

The Holographic Projector Super Amulet is yet another Andromendan design given to Dr. Fred Bell. The large FireStar Orb was handed to Dr. Bell from Semjase personally!

The Holographic Projector Necklace works with scalar vortexes within the area of the wearer. It is the intricate design of the amulet which contains 50 degree pyramids and extension legs extending up to the stone settings. If you want to know how these work with the science lingo just order Rays of Truth, Crystal of Light, this is one of his first published books on both the Nuclear Receptor and the Holographic Projectors. I like to keep simple here for the sake of brevity.

Through my online research I found using both Receptor and Projector on the "MicroStar Fire Orb" as a tuning device between the 3 devices, which was designed for a auric communication tool for Pledian communications. Its older brother is the 6' Fire Star Orb. This was given to Dr. Bell by Semjase who came from the Plajaren galaxy. Yeah! I thought he was crazy too! But since owning the Nuclear Receptor, too much has happened to the both of us and trying to ignore these "in your face facts" is quite impossible for us or anyone whoever owns such a device from Dr. Fred Bell to say it doesn't work. My next purchase is the StarFire Orb.

I have finally found the Quad-System which contains (4) Irradiators. I knew they were out there somewhere, in fact it was right under my nose all this week and I didn't realize it!

Above is the quad system with (4) Irradiators facing opposite of each other in the center with master cluster of crystals inside the bottom orb the irradiator sits upon.

As I was writing this article I got a phone call from Phil Johnson, this individual worked close to Dr. Fred Bell. What are the odds in this, I looked over all the web, scouring the links and sub-links only to come up empty handed trying to find a used "Irradiator". This one call was worth it all, I have been wearing the Nuclear Receptor for two weeks going and it must have enhanced my request out in the scalar realm. 

Since it opens a black hole itself for the purpose of connecting the CNS to the device along with the wearers Aura it is believed that thought could be projected out there with strength. It not only found my instruments but the person who worked with these device(s) with Dr. Fred Bell for the past twenty or so years.

Why go for second best when first will do! I want share some of the information he shared with me about the Nuclear Receptors and the Holographic Projectors. My wife and I were considering getting the "ANK" after listening to Dr. Bell's radio talk show...He indicated this is the powerful "Receptor" to date from Semjase herself!

Dr. Bell emphasized by replacing the Zircon stone on this Receptor with a real diamond which holds a 6.1mm cushion diamond, it will produce the strongest protons! He was right! It took me three days to keep from buckling over when wave after wave came through my body. It wasn't painful but it was very uncomfortable. Then after this situation everything finally smoothed out for me since the medallion was put in 10ct. Gold dip. The silver was just too strong.

I met Phil Johnson by blind luck or was it! Proving once more the Receptors do intercept our desires and manifests them to the users in a "small" degree not like the Projector. Not only did I find someone who knows about this equipment he also understands how each one works and he built them for Fred!

WOW! I am floored by the minute talking with this gentleman, he is extremely knowledgeable with the Pledian Technologies given to Dr. Bell and Phil told me Dr. Bell collected Motorcycles and had vintage cycles totaling around 60 different models. He loved racing them on the strip in CA. So Johnson gave me some personal history of Dr. Bell, but I had to ask him, in all honesty was Dr. Bell kidding around about Semjasi communications with him both a physical visitation and telepathically. Johnson said, one way or the other I have nothing to lose to tell you otherwise. Yes, the communication was real and the information handed down to me was real!

Johnson is going to make for me the FireStar Orb Communication device and eventually along with four Irradiators with Ion Generators. This Fire Star Orb is a Pledian communication device that aligns and transmit through your chakra's and higher mind centers to that race of people. He said, I created the Ion Generator that Dr. Bell uses on all his systems. 

Phil said, "It is essentially a Tesla coil and you hook this coil up to the StarFire Orb and it will constantly emit electrical ribbons like any other Tesla Coil would. You can feel it as soon as you walk into the room (Negative Ions) released in the air. Lasers will then be pointed to the master crystal and the semi-precious stones within the FireStar Orb device thus energizing the alien device."

Johnson told me I will add the backplate unit also made of pyramids which reflects what goes through you from the Tesla Ions coming from the StarFire Orb back into your body by placing the reflective unit at your backside while sitting or standing in front of the StarFire Orb. The picture above is a mini-starfire orb the one he is going to build for me is a half foot bigger all the way around. He is only charging me $1400.00 whereas if Dr. Bell were alive he would have charged 6X that amount. Since I been at Dr. Bell's site I see what he means, the prices are horrendous almost untouchable for most people.

The other thing is they no longer sell the Star Fire Orb or Irradiators or the ion generators. Update: They are now selling the Micro-Star Fire Orb not the larger one.

Tesla Charged Irradiators are probably the most powerful scalar producers in the world that doesn't cost millions or billions of dollars to purchase.

I asked him about the Irradiators and he told me those are expensive! There is huge amount work involved constructing just one of these devices and shipping prices will kill ya. But I asked him does it work or not! What I build works and does what Semjasi said it would do, as long as it perfectly matches with the Pledian blueprints given to me to the letter. He told me, he sold two of them to a young man in Minnesota and the customer called back and exclaimed the power that surrounded him was truly unmistakable. You can used these Irradiator towers for anything you want to do. These are scalar wave producers, the best in the world at that time.

I know this is a lot of reading but this is the only place you will find this type of information when it comes to Dr. Fred Bell's work or any other type of self-help tools. All my hunting on the web paid off with the help of my Nuclear Receptor this week. Every time I need something and when I hold on to that thought this N. Receptor seems to send some sort of signal via alien type from the Geometric shapes embedded on my necklace device seems to effect the scalar atmosphere around me and things just seem to fall into place. It's not unheard of in the Bell circle. Of course the Holographic Projector is much more immense according to Andromedans, they even warned those who wear such a device to be extremely careful when using it for ones desires.

The pyramids located on the Nuclear Receptor that are meticulously carved into this satellite dish moves the scalar eddy currents and ELF's, Radiation, etc. up from the pyramids up the 3-4 leg bridges and to the semi-precious stones the (real) diamond or sapphires and finally back through the center hole going to the backside of the medallion which then follows a sophisticated design by Semjasi to enter into the chakra and meridian pathways.

All of Dr. Bells Pledian Communication Devices were designed for semi-precious and precious stones from the actual blueprints from Semjase, she told Dr. Bell, simulated stones such as the Zirconia can be used but they produce limited packets of ions and the results would take more time for manifestation then with the real jewels. Gold Plated Dip, White Gold and Silver along with Platinum, seals in the energies that the Nuclear Receptor naturally creates from its Geometric Holographic designs.

This is the Beam Ship that Semjase came in on her last few visits before Dr. Bell's passing.

I know this sounds a bit complicated but the Receptor and Projector does all the hard work! That is why Johnson almost fell off his chair so to speak, when I told him I was using the sterling silver Nuclear Receptor with a fake diamond. He told me you are not getting the full power or reception of this unique device that you have now with that Zircon still in place. My wife used a electronic diamond checker, that's what I call it and it read positive on all our recently installed diamonds except the Zirconia, it doesn't respond because its not real, it's manmade glass.

Once the Zirconia diamond is replaced with a real 1ct. diamond stone or some other precious stones and it is dipped in 24kt. gold plating, you wouldn't believe it was the same medallion you had all these years. All that power could have been to your benefits had someone told you the correct way of doing things in the earlier stages of purchasing such a device!

Scolding time is over for now, Mr. Johnson told me! Now to get down to business! Tomorrow I am going to have both Receptors and Projectors dipped in 24kt. gold. I will the same day, have a 1.02ct. diamond installed for the solitaire bridge on the Nuclear Receptor. Update: I just finished having the diamond set on the Nuclear Receptor. I had my Holographic Projector dipped into 24kt. gold dipped at Pyradyne and I purchased (4) each .25ct. diamonds installed on the 4 bridges of the Holographic Projector.

Lot's on my plate but I got the time to think about the future in the next several months ahead. I am not trying for a speed record in this because everything must be calculated down to a penny spent and why it is needed and for what!

I will let you all know what happens in the next couple of weeks wearing the devices! My wife wants to procure for me that "ANK" on my birthday in Feb. 2016 that we talked about earlier and get a diamond for that also. Down the road, I will replace those smaller diamonds on the face of the bridge itself, it will cost around $7800.00 to finish up the "ANK" with Platinum dipping if I go through Pyradyne.

This master crystals is 20.5 pounds!

My ultimate goal is in purchasing those Irradiators, starting the spring of 2016, I will procure the "ANK" and a "Plating" device if it comes to that, to plate my necklaces with Platinum! I then asked Johnson to give me the price for just one tower Irradiator with a orb that supports it for keeping the tower in a vertical support, which is used for transmissions, using a master crystal and whatever you want actually. They are $3400.00 a piece + $500.00 for overnight shipping, this is the only way todo it. Because any other type shipping will more than likely ruin the standing antenna's! Overnight keeps the unit from being shoved around in the stock warehouse or having other heavier boxes on top of it. Overnight will solve this particular issue.

No typo here! The whole unit uses semi-precious stones only, no diamonds on this one, thank the Lord! I need to purchase the Tesla Coil Ion-generator to charge the unit because these are broadcasting antennas constantly emitting Scalar Longitudinal Waves out and up then downward crossing over one another, like "XX"'s side by side protruding from the curved antenna! Lastly I need a strong Laser Pen on its tripod to constantly activate the Protons on the crystals in the Mega Orb, which holds up the antenna's and on the Master Crystals located in the center of the Irraidiators. 

Image of Semjase

The Omnion: this is a hanging device that is lower during the Full Moon and raised during a New Moon, these absorb and arrest the negative energies when operating the (4) Irradiators. This too is made of unique positioned pyramids and precious stones.

The Gentleman wants to build me a hanging unit we never discussed and it's called the "OMINION", that Semjasi herself gave to Dr. Fred Bell, the two things given to Dr. Bell personally by Semjase was the Nuclear Receptor but she took that back and the OMINION and the Fire Star Orb, only which he got to keep. Johnson examined this device up close and personal, he took notes and began to build the device according to her specs. 

At the end of Semjasi's visit, she decided to allow Dr. Bell to keep the unit as her gift for the communications between the both of them. I didn't get a cost for the OMINION. One lowers it by a small pulley system over a master crystal lowering it from the ceiling by small pulley system to meet up with with additional 40-50 clear or  quartz surrounding the Master Crystal. A group of crystals on a single table with the master crystal being the biggest.

During a full moon for two weeks, the unit in the center must be raised away from the master crystals until the full moon is complete you don't use the Irradiators during a full moon just for two weeks after a new moon, with the full moon it weakens the Irradiators. The unit is lowered during a new moon for two weeks and the Irradiators are in full working power, one would lower the device close to the master crystals. Later I will let you know what the scientific function it produces. All of this is what Dr. Bell had in his living room before his departure to eternity. All this is for Vortex traveling and communication with Semjase and other space entities.

This long article took me a week to put together because there was so much information thrown at me all at once! It took me days to de-scramble and prioritize this information in readable form paragraph by paragraph! My long-term goal is to have (4) of these towering Irradiators which stand about 6 foot when placed on the Mega Orb device with a crystal clusters inside the Mega-Orb. The Irradiators are placed in each corners of the room.

Dr. Bell insists when operating this Irradiator system or his FireStar Orb to use the Ion generator and a 5mw laser. People who purchased 8 of his Irradiators were able to levitate six feet off the floor, which caused one lady to get a broken arm. She panic when she found herself 6 feet in the air and when she realized where she was at, she broke the scalar field in the process of jerking her body.

Each Irradiator would be hooked up to a Tesla Ion generator with each crystal cluster underneath inside the Mega Orb. They will have lasers constantly bombarding the crystals (red, blue, green, violet). That would be four lasers per Mega Orb.

It will cost around $30,000 dollars after the setup is totally  completed! It will probably take me two years to install the last tower. But Robert told me with just one for now, you would be overwhelmed especially when used with the Portamid that is an open Pyramid Frame over the entire bed with the Irradiator pointing to you outside the pyramid at the bottom of the bed! 

With these units you have to be extremely careful of your thought patterns and what you allow into them because manifestation is almost instantaneous. He explained to me this opens some kind of portal in the middle of the devices and allows extraterrestrial bodies through and into itself. Don't discount the evil that will come through because it will! Which is why we use the Ominion and don't use it during the Full Moon weeks.

It sounds far fetched but not to the person using it and experiencing it's miraculous outreach into the aether. The Pledians communicate via scalar and chakra waves through the Fire Star Orb from ship to ship communications, thought is faster than light, so they created these devices to amplify their thought patterns thus embedding those patterns into the scalar realm or dark energy as a shortcut. We talked about the "evil" coming through the vortex, this is why Semjase told Dr. Bell to build those "Ominions" for those setting up their communication systems.

Actual image taken by Billy Meyers overseas.

Instantaneous communication is where it is at! The Pledians according to Dr. Bell stopped communicating with him (physically) not telepathically for almost twenty years now! But before he died prior to coming to Minnesota to be interviewed by Jessie Ventura, Semjase came back and hovered above his house at Luguana beach CA. Only in California! LOL. The ships were beautiful and they played harmonious music from their ships engines, the same sound Dr. Bell recorded on one of his sound tracks many years back.

 Realistic Overview of a vortex gate setup:

. Four Irradiators one in each corner of the room facing the Mega         Orbs all (4) to Magnetic North!

. Center of the room is a coffee table with multiple 3-4 pounds of crystals, including clusters; we would now use four lasers for those crystals and a master crystal in the center.

. One Ion Generator hooked up to each Irradiator.

. One hanging Ominion on a small pulley system from the ceiling pointed directly above the table with crystal assortments. Using additional (4) Lasers

. One Champaigne Reflector- we didn't talk so much about this it is suspended from the ceiling, no pulley needed. Having an additional (4) Lasers pointing at this object.

. Lastly, we want (4) different colored lasers balanced on their respective tripods for each Irradiator facing the Mega-Orbs with crystals in them. (16) Lasers total.

. Star Fire Orb: Hanging on the wall of choice, it has a center crystal and (4) lasers will be used to activate the protons from the center crystal and (1) Ion Generator hooked up to the Star Fire Orb and you need the "Back Shield" to prevent the protons coming from the Star Orb going through you to the outside. The reflector will capture the Proton emissions and take them back through your body once more then back to the Fire Star Orb on the wall.

. Master Crystal: Remember, none of your other crystals should weigh more than the master crystal. The Master crystal programs all the remaining crystals to do their job. They can be expensive in and of its own! Sometimes into the thousands of dollars. We will have approximately (24) Pen Lasers with a tripod for self standing. For the individual parts such as the Irradiators, Omnion, Champaign Reflector etc.

. Ensure you have both necklaces before building your vortex generator. The Holographic Projector Necklace and either the "ANK" receptor or the regular Nuclear Receptor. Semjase said, it will connect the user with the rest of the pyramidal structures being used.

This building is a long term process and costing thousands of dollars in the process. Because all the equipment needed are custom built and there is only one person qualified to build them and being a narrow market as such, the costs will reflect this! Nowadays, two years or even three years of investing will go rather quickly.