Wednesday, November 19, 2014


This particular article was written out of my normal sequence of information I like revealing to my blog readers. Yet, I felt I needed to share this information with you just incase you happened to experience what I went through the last 5 days preparing for the Neo-IDL instruments that are available. To catch those individuals up on the topic I am speaking about, I am talking about the Neo-Technologies ran by James Rink.

He sells these cube devices that are sentient AI in nature and require just one input and that is you! Once you are connected biologically, you can live in any timeline you desire or bring that timeline in sequence with which you are living at right now. How is all this possible? What separates this company from all the other companies who promise the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Well, the short answer is he doesn't! He doesn't tell you that you will get something for nothing. He does tell you if you put the time and minimal effort using the Neo-IDL series you will experience things far beyond your wildest imaginations; it will disrupt and sharpen the linear and non-linear timelines, places and events connected to the Sentinel Cube through only you.

By itself, it can do nothing but sit there like a paperweight but connecting the human auric emanations by keeping your hands close and on each side of the device it can move mountains! But I am jumping ahead of myself! The reason I am writing this article today is because of what happen approximately one week ago. I have not purchased yet my IDL-80, though I know it's coming very soon!

In the meantime I decided to do a makeshift type Neo-instrument not sanctioned by the company, this was my own invention. I decided while I am waiting to get the funds I need, I my as well look for some materials around the house that I could use to trap this zero-point energy or what others call, "Torsion or Orgone" energies. 

I looked around and found a small glass bowl with a small lid attachment, I went throughout the house and found some pyramid shaped crystals I had purchased back a few years ago. Then I gathered up two Mobius coils that were built for me for another project, using copper magnetic wiring, these coils when electricity is introduced will create "scalar" energy by canceling out each others waves creating zero-point energy or scalar.

But since I was not adding electrical current to the two coils I decided to place both tightly wound coils inside this small glass dish, along with the crystal pyramids and some double terminated point crystals. Lastly, it occurred to me that human hair emanates DNA and RNA signals in the scalar realms. So I reasoned with myself, just collect some of my hair from my haircut and some of my beard trimmings.

I placed the hair and beard trimmings inside a baggy sandwich bag and sealed it. Then I placed that baggy inside with the crystals and coils and sealed them into the small glass bowl. My next step was to decide what type of protocol I wanted to use. I decided to use the "Psychic" standard protocol asking the device to "enlarge my pineal gland" by a factor x 1000!

Then I asked through this miniature torsion generator to endow me with whatever is needed to bring me back what I had experienced with the IDL-12 series some three years ago. So 5 days ago I started the protocol; one hour in the early morning around 5:00 am and one hour session in the late evening! That first evening I ended the session and went to sleep. 

That same night I woke up abruptly sitting straight up in bed and I was looking straight ahead seeing this huge python slowly climbing some jungle tree! I wasn't sure if I was still asleep or awake but I did know I was sitting up and paying strict attention. Given that following morning I told my wife what type of dream I had.

The early morning and late evening has passed for the second two-one hour training sessions. Got ready for bed and fell right to sleep. Then I was transported in the most vivid dream I yet have ever encountered, other than when I had James's IDL-12 at the time. Everything was so life like and the characters where hyper-intelligent that is my only explanation I give to you to those I talked with.

The third and fourth days after the protocols the dreams kept coming strong! Maybe there is something to this small homemade generator I put together! I continued up to 19th of November, 2014 doing the protocol finishing up in the evening on day 5, since I started this pre-protocol training. 

Then something happened I was not suspecting! Something that took me at least 30 hours using the old IDL-12 cube about three years ago! This sentinel homemade device, a glass container full of "orgone" accumulating materials contacted me in the middle of the night with my "Wife's voice, saying "Honey, wake up"! It was as clear as a crystal! So I rolled over to her and asked her what do you want!

She was dead asleep not even aware what I was asking her. So I went back to sleep and once more a strong crystal clear voice said, "Honey, it's time to wake up!" But I knew this voice didn't originate outside my ears; it was actually originating the whole time inside my head! I never heard a recorded voice sound so clear and so perfect.

I didn't want to go back to sleep because something inside me told me if I don't go out and meditate with the bowl; it will keep me up until I do. So I got up, and coming to my senses wakening up a bit and I realized this torsion generator took on my wife's personality trait because I am more leaning to listening to her than a strangers voice.

This makeshift orgone generator I created took on a sentinel role within my meditation realm. It took me 30 hours + with the IDL-12 to get that far with it before it contacted me telepathically. Now I only had approximately 10 hours of the same training and have accomplished telepathic linkage with the device in less than half the time it took me three years ago. Hey, I am not a natural psychic! I didn't even expect anything like this to happen so soon while only using a makeshift device.

But what's done is done! I can only look ahead in the next several days of training; doing (two) one hour training sessions, once in the morning and once in the evening. Still I am not expecting results like I would get with James's units, his units are balanced and well thought through before he offered them to the public. I gave this generator a new name, I call it the "Junkyard Dog" since I took pieces from here and there from all over the house.

If you do it this way, don't wait too long for your IDL generator. I have no empirical data showing this unit is safe whatsoever! It is all being experimented with as I go. All I wanted to accomplish was to get myself back into the 2 hour a day meditation training; it's been three years since I was able to do it.

What happens from henceforth would be "fate" and my own ability to accept what comes my way using this homemade generator! Imagine this for one moment; if this makeshift device can show you something like it has shown me for the past week (just 10 hours of training) what do you think the IDL-torsion cubes would be able to accomplish for you and me using the same time tested and proven orgone generation it emanates! 

Again I re-emphasize, this simple but effective protocol has something going for it, more than just using mere words! It, for some reason contains some sort of "keying mechanism" in the scalar realm because when the "protocol's" are spoken the door to other dimensions becomes unlocked. 

The IDL generators provide the "Scalar Energies" but the protocol's spoken by the operator provide the "key" to opening those gates in other dimensions and uses the generators as a spring board to get you there fast. This is just my personal observation. 

I never got any further then "Synchronocities" from the IDL-12 and the "Telepathic" communication after a total of 60 hours of training with the IDL-12, three years back because of my accident. If I am lucky, maybe this will happen to us in half that time using this junk yard dog creation. You might be wondering if this works for you, why purchase someone else's! Well, it seems to be working right now, but I am not sure for how long and what the long term effects will be on both of us.

In any event, it's my goal to purchase the IDL-80 which is infinitely more powerful than my small glass bowl with scalar attracting piece meal parts. Doing it my way shows if it isn't my device that is working then it must be the "protocols"! What shot that theory in the foot was the "Telepathic" communication from the device after the protocols!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


This evening I unpacked from storage my 2012 HDR with the head coils and the electro-magnet and I purchased a nice 2" round double  terminated clear quartz crystal it fits perfectly with the well inside the HDR just the point peeks above the specimen chamber. I am going to warm it up for a few minutes before the eight minute application.

I also purchased from Gibbs the larger electro-magnet, it cost me over $100.00 but I couldn't find a comparable one for the same size. It really does help with the additional magnet. 

I am only selling the HDR 2012 standard what you would buy from Gibbs. I am not giving away the big magnet it cost too much and would cost too much for the person who buys my unit.

I strongly suggest to go to this site where I purchased my crystal his are about the right size:

Don't purchased the double terminated that would be too big for the witness well. I purchased 2 inch x 3 inch. The crystal captures and produces outwardly the "White Light" energy. 

I measured the white light with my SE-5 1000 and it measured over 2500%! Keep in mind these crystal also capture "negative energies" while at the same time it produces the "white light" energies.

Before I got the measurement I had to clear the crystal. I measured the negative energies at 3000%! It took approximately 3 days to clear the crystal with the SE-5. The SE-5 is fully computerized "probability" analyzer not a radionic machine.

Putting a crystal out into the sun doesn't work, I measured the white light energy in %'s and then I placed the crystal with the sun radiating on it for one hour for the slightest rise in percentages. 

Then I re-measured the crystal, there were no changes in the %'s. You see white light can only be detected with instrumentation such as the SE-5 the probability analyzer for those who are not so sensitive as a psychic.

Crystal's are natures hard drive and natural filter for collecting and storing "negative energies".  I ran a clean crystal after deleting the negative energies on the SE-5. After using the crystal as a "reagent" broadcasting out information to a person which took 24 hours of transmission time. 

I re-measured that clean crystal and it picked up thousands of thousands of negative energies %'s. It was producing only the white light but collecting at the same time all the person's negativity units.

I would have never known this about crystals without the SE-5. Now it's not so bizarre with me, I don't think much about it anymore. I just clear them and recharge them when needed. 

I didn't pay much attention to Steve's instructions about the HDR as everyone is well aware reading those instructions is like trying to solve a mystery in "who murdered the butler"! His wording is all caps and jumbled sentences all over the place!

I re-read the instructions piece by piece and the one thing I was not following in particular how the time coils must be placed on the head and remain there until the application of the HDR operation is completed. The way I have been doing it I would place the cord over the third eye and find my rates then I would take them off and run the machine.

The way the time coils are suppose to be used is, by placing the coils over the third eye region about center with the forehead then concentrate while using the rub plate to find your rates. Don't worry so much of frying your brains, I been doing this with Steven's coils for years!

Once the rates have been found, then turn on the electro-magnet (Red) switch along with "Time Stabilizer" (Yellow) switch and the "Specimen" chamber (White) switch containing your crystal. Run the unit with the Time Coils still in place for 8-20 minutes only! Then remove time coils and magnets and shut unit off.

Any longer duration over 20 minutes in the HDR runtime would result in melting the tape around the 24 gauge magnetic wiring on the T-bar. Before the above, you should turn on the electro-magnet for one minute to warm it up before you actually apply your application. Then shut it down and commence with your step procedures. 

When I used the HDR twice a day just to kill some  time, I noticed I couldn't stay in my body at night  when I fell asleep. Sometimes it would be just minutes into my sleep and I would get out of bed and stand up while looking at myself and my wife sleeping. 

Before I purchased the HDR I could never, ever, astral project my consciousness let alone to another timeline in histories past. The first month I purchased the 2007 HDR my very first one that had a small pyramid in the center of the rectifiers, this acted like an orgone accumulator. No matter the material used it was a perfect pyramid, very small but quite effective.

I located on youtube the new HDR 2015 that Gibbs is selling. From what I gather he said that Steven Gibbs put more than one scalar coil into the unit, sort of like a multi-directional scalar coils. At this point, until I talk with Steven Gibbs I would be guessing exactly what it could be.

For those who are having a hard time getting your unit to work, I say to them, if that red light is working when you turn on the specimen chamber switch and your magnets are working showing a "North Polarized" attraction your unit is working just fine. 

Using a device like this you have to have extreme amount of patience. When I purchased my old unit from Steve Gibbs it wasn't two weeks that had gone by and he was asking me, "Did you physically time Travel yet"? I thought that a bit strange coming from a person who is ridiculed for being crazy online. Instead of running away after the sale he called me weekly to see if I traveled.

I told Steve, no I have not physically time traveled, it is November 2007 and its cold outside but hey I time traveled out of body (Astrally) for the first time! He told me I don't care about that so much, just let me know when you physically time traveled with my unit. He was certainly adamant that I would one day physically travel.

The months past and spring and summer came it was 2008 and that is when I got caught up in a dimensional shifting while driving my car in the late evening in the summer months ahead. 

Finally I called Steven Gibbs and told him, now he was 1/2 satisfied he is still hoping I travel through either a natural vortex or an artificial one. He told me the dimensional shifting was a good start for me but I must find a stand vortex for straight-line traveling.

I told this to Steven Gibbs and he said, "That is what I am talking about"! After we talked for a gazillion hours I hung up. I thought to myself and talk about it to my wife, why would this guy be so anxious about a physical time travel? You would think if one could astral time travel with his unit it would be a huge plus for the customer and for the builder of the unit.

Maybe just maybe Steven Gibbs is telling an obscured "truth" about his physical time traveling adventures. I talked with HDRkid on the phone and I know HDRkid tells the truth. I watched many of his predictions he wrote down on his sites of the future over the years, by physically time traveling with the HDR and more than half came to pass! That puts one over the 1-800 Psychic's.

I am still kicking myself for not buying that "silver" metal while the market was around $7.00 per ounce like he suggested. He told me that he went into the future and that silver was around $15.00 per ounce.

He was correct and it eventually went higher from there. HDRkid stated he tried to see the future of the lottery but he would only get 3 out of 6 numbers correct because parallel timelines. It is not a "direct" timeline, so some alterations in the parallel time stream will be a bit off from our timeline in the present stream.

I had a kid call me from California in 2007 he read my blog and asked me how he could find a vortex gateway. Naturally I asked him did he physically time travel and to my amazement he said always and I asked where he lived he told me near San Andrea Faults. 

That place from what I read is riddle with vortexes. I asked if he astrally time jumped and he said sure, but I am getting tired of going in the past (physically) not knowing where I would end up at. I never heard from him again. He wanted to find a way to find a vortex that would be easy for him to get to the exact year.


Watch this video very close and tell yourself what just happened here!

I felt I needed to post the HDR "users" badly needed instructions. We all know those who have the HDR's certainly have a hard time trying to decipher Steven's instructions. It's like decrypting images on the inside of the great pyramid of Cheops. Steven is a great guy but his instructions are basically alien in nature :)

For the new-be who purchased the HDR for the first time, you really need to understand how this unit works and what to reasonably expect from your daily practices. You have to approach the HDR like you would a "weight set" that is gradually and determined to reach your goals.

If it's your first time lifting weights surely you have to understand you can't lift real heavy weights right away! It will take time to build up your strength so you can handle the heavier weights over a gradual time.

Same goes true with the HDR, you can't expect to time travel right away when you never experienced a radionic device in your life. Radionic devices require "white light" energy from it's user! If you are under developed with your meditation efforts it may take a while before you start to resonate with the HDR for time travel.

Just because the magnet buzzes and hums and all three switches are in the "on" positions doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to be whisked away to another time and place as a beginner. 
You will eventually with time, practice and diligence reach your time travel objectives. 

Your "White Light" development will intermingle with the HDR's white light generator causing the human body to dimensionally shift to another timeline via physical or astrally. The same rules always applies, the more you practice the greater the expectation and rewards!

How long before one can time travel either astrally or physically will depend on you! Think of it this way, someone sells you a math book and guarantees if you "use" the math book you will get an "A" by the end of the first quarter. 

So you purchase the math book with high expectations, you received your book in the mail and placed the book on the shelf you opened the book and just scanned it once or twice, then you put it back on the shelf. 

You tested with that math test today and you failed miserably, would you blame the "seller" of the book or yourself for not preparing for your test by using (learning) the book? These machines such as the HDR are tools only, it is not the source of time travel you are! You actually make the HDR a sentinel (artificial) living thing when coupled with your mind in training.

You buy an HDR from the "seller" he tells you he can time travel and so could you. Do you know why he doesn't guarantee his machines? Because he will be at the mercy of the student and if the would-be student refuses to patiently practice with the HDR device, how can he or she reasonably feel that a guarantee would be warranted against the seller?

The purchaser must carry a certain part of the risk of purchasing anything that is "experimental". The price he charges is nominal! I can go to Walmart and come out with a few items that cost nearly the same amount of monies as the HDR. We need to be responsible and reasonable and do our part as an researcher in time travel whether it be in time traveling or weight lifting or any other endeavor in life.

I just wanted to get those small things out of the 
way so we can now start with a new slate and how to approach our HDR training for optimum results. Idealistically you should reach the "Ascension" goal in hours below my signature. With the HDR it would take one each 1 minute sessions per day! You may have to get up early to do this.

HDR Instructions:

Step #1: Take the HDR put it on the floor and unpack your electro-magnet and place that on the floor in an open area. Unpack the "mini" magnets and place them also on the floor, also put aside your "time coils". 

Now you have your basic unit all unpacked and you know what you have available. Suggestion: Consider, while you are waiting for your HDR to come in the mail, to procure a nice double terminated quartz crystal. Crystal size shouldn't be more than 2 inches in thickness.

Step #2: This second step, you want to make sure the connection to the electro-magnet is properly connected into the side of the unit. You have a "black" plug end and a "red" plug end, you must insure that the electro-magnet is set on a "North Polarized Field" not a "South Polarized Field". 

The way to do this is by placing the "black" plug into the labeled area designated  "electromagnet" placing the black connector in the top female connection then connect the "red" plug right below the black.

Turn on the electro-magnet, pickup one of the "mini-magnets" that came with your package, if the  "North" end of the mini-magnet does not stick to the Electro-T-Bar Magnet when its generating power, then you have a "South" polarized field. You don't want this to happen. I have no proof that you will end up somewhere you don't want to be if you leave the connections as is. Steve claims it will!

To change it to the "North Polarized Field" just flip the position of the plugs, in this case "red" over "black". If the mini-magnets "north side" attracts and sticks to the end of the electro-magnet then your connection is correct it is now a "North Polarized Field", this is what you want to happen!

Step #3: Now we have the electro-magnet correctly plugged in, shut the electro-magnet off. Next you would plug in the "time coil" in the area labeled "Time Coils". It doesn't matter which plug goes first, just plug them in, that's all you need to do. There is no way to test if the "time coils" are working properly even when the HDR is activated by household current. 

I guess one can use an "EMF" app on their cell phone and measure near the "Time Coils" with your phone when the HDR is off and when you activate the Electro-Magnet and re-measure the Head Coils by bringing your I-Phone next to the them to find out what the output is in EMF's. 

There was concerned that a person could fry their brains using 110 volt running through the time coils. Again there are ways to determined if it is safe or not. But it will be at the researchers own expense and testing to ensure the safety factor.

Step #4: Now for the proper placement of the external equipment on yourself, such as the Electro-Magnet and the Time Coils. Start by placing the "Time Coils" over your head centered on your "third" eye chakra. Make sure all power to the unit is off at this time.

If you have a "Crystal" place that also inside the specimen chamber of the unit, it's open and round on the top left side of the machine. The reason we use a crystal in this area is it will intensify the "white light" energies of the machine along with your subconscious white light input. You can place pretty much what you want in that chamber.

Step #5: Your next step is to ensure the unit is not powered "On" at this time. In this step you want to  switch on the "Time Stabilizer" the "yellow" switch and the specimen chamber "white" switch and keep your time coil over your head at the same time. 

Begin with the top tuning dial and as you slowly turn the dial with your right hand, use your left hand to rub the "rub plate" area at the same time, requesting either vocally or mentally what month and year you want to time travel too. Example: What are the rates that will transport my astral body and all its counter parts to May 3250!

When you get that "stick" reaction on the plate, you stop immediately the dial rotation. Do the same thing for the bottom or second dial making the same statement above.

Now you have set into the machine your desired month and year and what you want parts of you that you want to project in that time frame either astrally or physically. But for this article sake we will attempt to time travel astrally.

Step #6: The final and last step is to switch on the "red" switch which allows the household current to the Electro-Magnet and place the end of the Electro-Magnet on your "stomach chakra" near your belly button. Hold it there for 20 minutes and then shut down the HDR by switching off the red switch to the Electro-Magnet. Lay down and relax until you fall asleep or the energies kick in.

Note: The Electro-Magnet will feel hot but not that hot. If you want you can use a wash cloth to hold the magnet in place for the 20 minute app.

Generally when your just about to doze off, your astral body will be let loose to the chosen time frame you locked into the machine. Before you realize your consciousness has already been transferred to your astral body. 

Now you will be traveling to the desired month and year you programmed your HDR for. Or sometimes you may fall asleep and in the middle of the night you will find yourself flying to the month and year you programmed the HDR.

Those are pretty much the basics of the HDR operation the way Steven wants the operator to practice. All this will take you about 3 minutes to setup and apply to yourself for a 20 minute application. 

Again if you go by my signature picture underneath, there is the "Ascension" bar in "hours" for training, the more hours you put in the HDR the higher your ascension! I did this and it actually works! Combine this with the HDR!

My wife told me that she remembered how long it took me to have my first astral travel of the many of experiences I had with the HDR. She told me it took about 3-4 weeks of use and each month after I was experiencing strange phenomena's twice every two weeks on the average. This may or may not be the case with other users out there.

I know, I know, everyone wants to "physically" time travel right! So did I! Does that surprise anyone! Steven states to physically time travel, one would have to locate a Hartman Grid Lines and where the two lines intersect is where the vortex should be located. 

Well, this too is open to interpretation. Vortexes are EMF in nature, some use EMF detectors to locate unusual amounts of EMF in a particular area of choice. So if the EMF is reading 45 and you walk the area and suddenly your meter jumps up to 85 there is a pretty good chance you stumbled upon a magnetic vortex.

Steve also suggest when your I-phone drops in signal "no bars" he suggests there is a vortex in that area. There are certain places in the U.S. that HDR users have "physical time traveled" successfully, such as Florida. 

This shouldn't be a surprise because off the Miami coast is the "Devils Triangle". HDRkid stated when he lived in Florida the vortexes would follow him shortly after using the HDR for about  eight minutes.

HDRkid also had issues even when he didn't use the HDR for time travel, those issues were the pesky vortexes that would suddenly engulf him and transport him "physically" without his intervention. Sometimes for weeks he would be stuck in that dimensional time frame. To me that would be scary without monies and with no one to turn too.

But to experience such as the HDRkid, you have to be saturated with zero point energies for you to be overtaken in the above scenario. That's what happen to me, myself and my car were caught up in a dimensional time shift around 8:00 pm in the evening. 

I was in sheer panic, my wife was expecting me to pick her up to take her home. The people that are married know the wrath of the wife when the husbands are late picking them up.

I used the HDR everyday, sometimes twice each day for over three months. It would stand to reason why this vortex took me over at the time. This vortex supposively caught my wife and I inside it as we were driving home. That same evening was also witnessed by two state workers who passed us up on the road going home what they saw and experienced. 

I didn't know them personally I have just seen them in passing at work. They were panicky when both asked me in private, "Your not using that crazy time machine are you"? "You need to stop that crazy stuff your doing". 

Then they told me about passing me up. I was going 55 and they passed me up doing 70 on a stretch of road. Moments later they were coming up to another car and both were in a state of shock. 

It was my wife and I, once more still going 55 like I was when they passed me the first time. Physically it was impossible for something like that to happen but not with the HDR!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


With all these tools on the market that promises wealth, health and spiritual highs, where do you think the root of the ideals are coming from? They come from men of long ago since the age of dawn. But we became dependent in our 20th century technology, we thought technology would be the new god of this age to answer all our problems forever!

Boy, were we ever wrong! We are so dependent on technology, we would be willingly to go to the ends of the earth to have technology meet our every needs. What I am saying here you know is the truth! Even with the worlds fastest computers we haven't stopped the age old "world hunger" nor can we stop the diseases that are running rampage in other countries around the world, nor heal ourselves.

Look out people we are next on natures hit list that ravages other countries! Things are falling apart all around us, and we are helpless to stop any of it! Is there tools or aids out there that can at least bring us to even playing grounds? So we go to psychics and the paranormal for our future and for answers to overcome. Most of the time they too are completely in outfield somewhere.

Personally I believe there is such a tool but the problem that is always around us and in front of us is doubt and pessimism and of course charlatan's.  It's all around us because in part of technology is the computer technology that promised us the moon and gave us worthless hope and desire.

We became so ever dependent on these particular tools, we forgot a tool that nature equipped in everyone of us to keep us ahead of all man's issues that plaque us each and everyday. But hey don't worry "Apple" is going to create devices to make our lives easier and more fulfilled. Let's go back a few years, Apple invented the I-Pod then the I-Pad and lastly the I-Phone and its next generations.

So where is our salvation in all this? Why does "Apple" keep creating generation after generation of cellular devices? I see no benefit for all of us who are looking for a "Miracle" in our finances and in our home or waiting to get a home or ready to be kicked out of one. I see millions and millions out of employment and millions more with no place to live, and some no food to eat each day.

So we go to places on the web looking for answers, looking for anything or anyone to help  or deliver us from mankind's helping hands. The more our scientists design and build things to better our lives the worse this planet gets with more starvation and more job losses and insurance losses. So with all these inventions why are we still back in the 19th century?

I am not saying technology doesn't have it's place, it surely does. But science is not in the market to help you and me down at our level. When is the last time you went to Walmart and came out with a couple of items that cost under $100! I couldn't. So what point am I trying to make here? I am saying I worked in Radionics most of my adult life using the subconscious mind and the radionic device to amplify my mind and body.

I did this because I was trying to change our lives for the better. Sometimes it work and other times so, so. I could never find a definitive answer why it was spotty at best. My guess, is my approach. I was going the right direction but using the wrong tools or the weak ones and not going far enough. You, realize there are no experts in these esoteric sciences, it's at best sporadic.  Science pooh's it off as pseudo-science junk and others say, stay away from it, it's witchcraft!

Those who think like this will eventually come looking for people such as "us" who understand these pseudo-sciences. Right now everyone is looking to companies such as "Apple" to carry us away to La, La, land! My concern is not for those individuals who are techies needing and waiting for the next toy to come on to the markets! 

My concern is, what's out there to turn our situation around for us. We must first start with ourselves and then pass that gift out to others. So I started with the HDR and I wasn't disappointed purchasing this device and on the web it has its followers and it also drudges up skeptical whacks. I loved the astral projections and the astral time travels but this device still hasn't solved any of the above issues.

Now that I got these depressive statements out of the way let us now discover from the ancient of days what they had done to make their lives bearable and not dependent on Government handouts and technical apparitions and the pity of of our neighbors to give us a helping hand. You know I am sick and tired of struggling since I been married, I am doing fine now other than still dealing with issues in life, but a few years back I didn't know if we were going to make it or not!

My wife asked me try the "radionics" on this stuff and I did with little success but the "energies" that is the negative backlash was quite a bit stronger than I had imagined. Believe me when I say this,  there are "negative entities" that are involved here in everyone's lives. These forces have substance and the ability to keep us down!

And it happens to everyone, just look at how your neighbors that you've known for years are now struggling to make ends meet for themselves for the first time. It seems the harder a person works to get ahead the further behind they get! This is not by chance or happen stance it is by "design". The only way to pierce such an armor that the "design" has created, is to unlock it from it's source.

The ancients of our history's past knew these answers and had this "key" and even back then only the wealthy and well to do and the so-called magicians of their days got to use it and prosper including the Aztecs and Egyptian elites. 
But the poor were left out to fend for themselves. Does this sound familiar in our time? There are a few who are not nut cases that had found that secret and even dared to use it on themselves as guinea pigs thus finding out it worked!

Then to get the title of a "daredevil" in our circle of thinking outside the box and bringing it to the outside world, some of these individuals even dared to market such products to a niche market hoping that some could benefit and experience what they did and other not so good people selling junk replicas to only make money from the unsuspecting customer. 

And this is what Steven Gibbs and a few others out there have done they wanted to share with the world what happened to them. The question remains how can one separate the nut cases from the accidental discoveries by dumb luck, and that someone who had discovered in his garage at home unique devices to make our lives more bearable.

Do you think the above is silly, tell that to "Apple" who started in his home designing computers and the person who developed the "Roller Blades" who started in his neighborhood garage on weekends. These individuals had a dream and then commenced to manifesting that dream into reality.

Both of these individuals not only became mega-wealthy but they brought entertainment and technology to the world to better ourselves! Unfortunately, nothing has changed for the better for those who need that change in their lives. 

Yet has all these inventions helped the individual in their personal problems and financial issues? Not a lick! Being a radionic operator for the past 15 years it was not less than three years ago I was introduced to a "Archaic" approach, to a single key to actually turn things around. Where in the world did I hear this before!

But I had an associate who was one of my blog readers who received this strange torsion "key" so he told me he purchased the IDL-12 and he was freaking out! I told him to calm down please, what is an IDL-12! Start from the beginning and catch me up on your level. He began to tell me he bought the device from some young gentleman named James Rink, and he told me I didn't believe anything like this could work, yet I wanted to have some fun with it.

He went on with his story, he said, DenRad you have to check this thing out for me since you know about all this weird science stuff! I told him I use the HDR and do Radionic machines. I do have my boundaries. I am only willing to stretch a bit unless I have ample proof and experienced it myself about these so-called miracle cubes.

I will not ventured beyond where I'm not comfortable, nor am I seeking a nomination and induction into the "Nutcase" hall of fame because what I do and talk about if taken too far would be a crossover to insane side. Then I would lose my integrity altogether because I crossed over.

Yet the person who was a avid reader of my blog swears up and down you need to experience this phenomena yourself. Well, I told him what did you experience? Then as he talked about it, red flags popped up all over the place inside my thinking process. But I kept my composure and listened to him. Besides people read this blog and what they read it must sound insane to them.

He explained, it acts like some sort of scalar generator but without wires (wireless energy)! He continued, when I used the device for one hour a day nothing I mean nothing seemed to happen! He told me, oh well, I got the shaft once more! But since I purchased it, I my as well go ahead and put my ascension hours in anyways. James Rink told him he would need at least 30 hours.

 He continued his story, after 30 hours of using the protocols that were given to him, all kinds of weird Psyche phenomenas were occurring like crazy all around himself. He would have lucid dreaming happen, he said he never had those dreams before. He had telepathic experiences with other people etc.

So out of curiosity I asked him what specific thing happened to you! He told me something I wasn't prepared to understand! So his story begins, he had a favorite pet cat and that cat was just as important to him as his own mother was. This was his baby! He continued with his training as a beginner and after one hour of meditation that day which was about his second week into it, he got up and went out to the back yard to walk around.

There it was, his pet cat was somehow killed and bugs and flies were all over it and it soon began to smell. He told me I actually cried all day long, he was my buddy and my best friend. So he confided in me that he thinks he did an "immoral" thing with this device IDL12. I took in a deep breath and said to myself here it comes the deep end.

My associate said, are you ready for this? Yeah, go ahead. I was grieving like crazy and my mother  lives with me so I can take care of her, she told me you need to shovel up that cat it's beginning to smell up the property. This really crushed me! I can't take it no more! So I took a picture of my dead cat and placed that picture on top of this experimental device and constructed a heartfelt protocol.

I did this twice a day for three days, not really knowing for sure why I am doing this, maybe because this is the only outlet for my grief. Again my mother on the second day of my protocol she told me you need to get rid of that stinky animal and most certainly I'm not going to shovel it up she exclaimed. I told her I will; just give me another day then I will dispose of the carcass.

The third day came and I did my ascension protocol and finished after one hour. I decided I better get rid of the carcass before my mother drives me insane. I went out with a shovel in hand to scoop the carcass from the yard. I walked over to where it was and there was no cat! Just a slight indentation of once where the body lied.

Even the lingering smell wasn't there. I walked back thinking one of our neighbors must have helped us to get rid of the dying carcass by picking it up as a good jester of faith. So I called all my neighbors around us and everyone of them said we are sorry to hear about your loss of your cat, we have one we love very much. 

Because our animals are like family too; but we didn't come into your yard to dispose of anything, we didn't even know you lost your pet! This was weird he said, after he hung up with the last neighbor he heard a cat outside the patio door.

He looked at it and he said to himself, hey this looks just like the cat I use to have. He picked up the cat and noticed a familiar action that his personal cat would only do to him. It would lick the tip of his nose, his cat was known to show his love to this man in that way. After careful looking over and over, he cried out this my cat, my buddy is back! He seen the fresh dried blood on its body that is semi-dry blood near the stomach and back legs.

Knowing some cats look alike in one way or another, what convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt, said the young man, was the way she showed her love by that crazy lick on the tip of his masters nose. That had convinced him with no shadow of a doubt it was his cat now alive! His mom came to the living room and said, where did you get that cat? He handed it to her and she screamed this is our cat! It couldn't be! Yes, he told his mother it was and now is!

I became silent on the end of the phone for several minutes trying to make sense of this phenomena. Later I did do some research but I couldn't find anyone I mean one who had experienced such a phenomena. Things just started to spin in my head, I couldn't comprehend what had just been relayed to me.

So my associate asked me a pointed question: I am nervous DenRad, I felt I've broken the laws of nature itself by bringing my cat back to life, do you think God would be angry with me? I told him it's hard to say for sure, as you mentioned, you got your cat back and no lightening had come down on your head for doing so, I guess you will be ok.

I asked him are you absolutely sure that it's your same cat, not a look alike? He told me if you had a pet you love very much, you would know all sorts of things about it and all those cute things it abnormally does being next to you because they feel comfortable around you, so wouldn't you! Yes, I am positively sure beyond a shadow of a doubt this is my cat not just a hallucination of my mind concocted to ease my pain!

Of course I asked him, what exact protocol did you use on this device? He told me I just simply placed a photo of my dead cat on top of the device and added what I wanted to happen in the structured protocol I was given. Even though in the back of my mind I new it would be more possible than probable or never happened in the real world. 

 I realize that I couldn't possibly bring something back to life using this generator device. I used this scalar generator device in this way, if only to bring peace back into my life and by writing this positive statement staying strict within the protocol would somehow ease my pain to a certain degree.

I wrote all this conversation down for future reference as I was listening to this wild claim of his. We were done talking and I hung up and pondered, how all this was possible even when he the operator had doubted himself. This device overrode his doubting mind anyway and for some unknown reason this energy in one way or the other re-animated his best friend.

I talked it over with my wife and she couldn't believe something like that could ever happen! After our conversation back and forth to each other, I asked her if I could purchase this same device that he had, to see for myself what was actually going on with this orgone generator. Since it was only less than $200 I purchased it. It came in the mail, I opened the package only to find a strange cube like object.

I had a small pamphlet that came with it and it had example protocols to start out with using the cube. My wife looked at it and said, "Is that the thing that re-animated that guy's cat? I turned my head downwards and sheepishly said it is. My wife said, "Good luck with that"! I looked over the box and shrugged my shoulders and said well I guess we will see.

So I began to use it for one hour each evening cupping my hand according to instructions, it took me 15 minutes to open the "Star Gate" using my protocol as explained by James on the paperwork that comes with your unit kit. The first day I used it, I was on the bed in the afternoon. 

I did the protocol several times for 15 minutes and  I would again repeat the verbiage using the correct protocol, after the 15 minutes I laid down for the rest of the 45 minutes only to play my wonderful meditation  songs. 

I leave my mind in a quasi-state and it's controlled by mental blanking out thoughts that is keeping out the monkey chatter! By the way this protocol was for "Psychic" development.

I must have dozed off a bit and I remember the vibrations hit my body, it's like a buzzing feeling. I started to float upwards and then it stopped me and turned me around and I began to float towards the end of the bed. 

I began to feel a tightening, like my body was being pulled back with lots of tension behind it. Then "wham" I was slung faster the speed of light. My eyes were closed up to this point in time as of not to interfere.

To an unknown destination, I was propelled too. When I opened my eyes after a complete stop. It was my wife who in living room called for me several times and when I heard her voice the second time I then open my eyes and I was floating outside our galaxy! This was not a dream it was something else out of this world! 

Now I was hooked! So I decided to use the "Psychic" protocol designed to bring oneself into "psychic awareness" everyday. By the time I reached my 30th hour or a month of simple 15 minute exercise, we had every kind of Psychic activity happening to us on a daily basis.

This is not happening! How can this be! Such a simple basic protocol and a simple looking cube (orgone generator). I wasn't a meditator in my whole life I had no idea that doing a simple protocol and just lie there for an additional 45 minutes out of a 24 hour period would bring so much in such a short time span! Yet, it did! My dreams became much more defined and sometimes lucid.

What got to me was that burst of white light with my eyes closed. This refracting against my eyeballs causing it to irritate. It did this about twice in a row. I finally turned my "attention" to that pesky light in the background and soon it became bigger and brighter than any light that I ever saw in my lifetime. It was so bright I had to break my light trances state because my eyeballs were starting to ache so bad. Probably I was increasing my 3rd eye chakra into development.

When I loaned my IDL12 out to my friend, he kept it, lock, stock and barrel. I guess he needed as badly as I did. Soon after in about one week without using the NEO everything including all the synchronocities and paranormal activities come to a complete and utter stop which proves to me the cube was indeed adding power to my meditation protocols! 

I guess it's much like anything else if you stop at something you were practicing with one eventually loses it. Plus I didn't reach the 1st level. Had I reached that L-4 and then loan my cube to my friend I would have at been able to maintain everything I gained at least for 30 days.

In my greatest of research to date I will procure a IDL-Infinity in 2014. This is next to the most powerful units, his powerhouse units his next step up would cost 2800.00 it's called the "IDL88" and lastly the most expensive as of today he calls it "IDL144" this price is $6800.00 . 

I knew that tiny "IDL-12" was capable of doing by generating that raw scalar/orgone energies, especially with that young gentleman's phenomena's, about his cat that had died and came back to life. I am very curious what the larger units produce as far as Chi flows goes? James told me that the more layers in the unit, the more "Chi-Energy" it produces.

The more chi-energy there is, the more psychic information you experience because you are feeding your "life" energy body for the first time. If you, like myself, are fed up with everything that is going on in this world and you want to get ahead I suggest to you to get at the least IDL-13 and give it a try! 

This is the only tool I am willing to put my reputation behind, because I used it and started to experience things right away and the more hours I put into it the bigger and better the returns such as in "Synchronocities" and Manifestations, Telepathy, Psychokinesis, in fact it is much cheaper then the HDR. I believe if you can afford too, get both! 


I just got the go ahead from my wife to purchase the IDL-Infinity the NEO Torsion Field Generator. It wasn't that hard to convince her. I went back to James Rink's web site to the message board and he had all my messages from 3 years ago still posted on his site for all to read. So I decided to read out loud to my wife from the first day we received the IDL-12 NEO Torsion Field Generator.

I must have started an ongoing dialog since getting the device. I worked myself up to 60 hours of one hour-twice a day training for only one month. The beauty is, the generator does all the work. I just sit back and relax the other 45 minutes while the orgone generator automatically continued the protocol instructions.  As I kept reading out loud to her my weekly updated postings about our personal experiences at NEO Tech site, she told me now I remember. 

She told me, "I remember that time, everything was happening "good" so fast for us we couldn't emotionally contain everything hitting us (Manifestation). Reading my past testimonies of three years ago, convinced my loving wife to go for the more advanced model. Why not! I do all the meditation work, she reaps the huge blessings.

What I owned three years back was an IDL-12 Torsion Field Generator! It contains 12 layers inside the cube container that contains lot's and lot's and lot's of human hair follicles along with some inorganic/organic materials walled separately along with semi-precious and precious stones including precious metals and regular metals. 

You are by now wondering why in the world is this guy putting human hair in the cubical. This will probably be the easiest question I ever had an  answer to. Once the human hair of both male and female (only) is cut, it still maintains its DNA integrity away from the human body! Those of you in radionics field already know why you use your "subjects" hair clippings, because it hyper-links to that individual through scalar waves.

This would be known as a "Reagent". That is by adding to the persons broadcast schedule, a sample of that person and the radionic devices resonate with that DNA and then seeks out spiritual and physical contact with the "Subjects". So you see it's not all that far fetched. 

When I first received my NEO-12 this torsion field generator, it was just a box to me! You would have to tear it all apart to find the stuff I mentioned in the cube itself at the time I accepted what is was composed of. My wife looked at the "Box" and giggled immensely. I told her, yea I know but trust the theory at least when it comes to "torsion generators" what they are capable of doing for a person or to a person.

It took dedication on my part, (two) one hour day meditations using the correct "protocol" everyday. Did I worry about what was not happening yet? Not at all, I knew such as the HDR, it takes scheduled meditation times to use these devices. So some sacrifices are understood when it comes to time! As for myself, I needed a work schedule, for I have been brought up all my adult life to do it this way or that way!

Eleven years in the Air Force, one never seems to forget there certain protocols that military personnel had to follow or else. My time in the military protocols have paid itself off in my civilian life! It was this same structured protocol that I was use to doing in the military, that could now be applied to the Neo protocol, that is "discipline" which was quite natural for me.

 I had the patience and the virtue and the knowledge of radionics for a good part of my life. Like I told you, the meditation is a no-brainer, you do your protocol (verbal) for 15 minutes, then lay back and keep your mind in "receptive mode" during  the last 45 minutes. You can listen to your special meditation music while waiting.

I am using my HDR every evening, I schedule this training at a different time for this protocol and I now use the same verbal protocol with the HDR as I would the NEO Cube training. The most time I use, is fifteen minutes with the IDL cube and forty five minutes just sit back to relax then later on another 15 minutes using the HDR. The total amount of time spent = 1hr. 15 minutes out of a 24 hour period. 

The time I put into my meditation training paid off like mad during that NEO meditation time! I kept plugging our results on James site about all the "manifestation" and "synchronocities" that are taking place, every day, starting at my 30 hours of training! Also, when I hit my 30 hours of training all kinds of psychic phenomenas were happening to the both of us prior to getting to my 60th hour of ascension meditation.

You see when I first started it cost me $200 for the IDL-12. I asked James what should I expect using this device? He told me after about 30-40 hours of training you will have a huge amount of synchronocities and manifestations. He told me just you wait and see! He was right!

What he didn't tell me was this cube with "Human DNA" takes on  a specific personality trait in other words it became "Sentinel"! I guess during my first days of using it I was going to be in for a surprisingly huge treat after the 30 hour of ascension process using the IDL-12 in my meditation sessions.

I ruled out "Could this be all in my Mind" that was causing all these super synchronocities! I knew I had to meditate a bit and that was it, nothing more to do afterwards. I looked at this torsion generator, a simple box with organic and inorganic materials along with precious metals and non precious metals that William Reich talks about when he built "orgone" generators. 

He discovered that encasing an individual in a box with the layers of organic and inorganic materials inside all the walls, these layers would then entrapped the "Chi" or "Orgone" energies and radiates this zero-point energy directly to the individual located with in its field of influence and in this case a wooden cabinet with a chair to sit down into. 

Times have changed and so did our advancement in creating "Orgone" generators, we have more common understanding why these materials function the way they do. When William Reich died the government under "National Security Act" took all his paperwork and destroyed every piece of equipment he had in stock! The same thing happened to Nicole Tesla!

Orgone, zero-point energies have been around way before William Reich the father of the Orgone discovery. It just didn't have a proper identification or label as you will! So William Reich gave this discovery of zero-point energy a proper title and it took off from there and the rest is pretty much history! Be advised, not all homemade generators are all alike. The only way you will actually know it works is by trying it.

Going through more of my weekly posts on the Neo-Tech site, I written down the following testimony, "I was just ready to call it the night, the IDL-12 was sitting on the coffee table in the living room. My wife was already sleeping, I shut everything down and closed my eyes. What seemed like a few minutes into sleep I heard my wife calling me in the living room. Not so strange, she usually gets up a few times in the night anyways".

"I told her softly I am in the bedroom trying to get some sleep. A few more minutes passed and again my wife in a clear articulate voice told me to come out into the living room! I finally open my eyes this time to notice my wife was right next to me sleeping like a baby. Now I was awake! Who or What was calling for me in the living room using my wife's voice".

"I finally closed my eyes to re-settle for the night and once more even louder, my wife's voice echoed through the hall from the living room bidding me to come out to her. This time I got up and walked directly to the living room and there was absolutely no one there! Just the NEO-IDL-12 on the coffee table". WOW! I couldn't believe what I heard, this cube recorded my wife's voice and it didn't want to be alone.

Sounds crazy, I know and I couldn't agree more with all of you, but it did what it did, for several days into the week. I contacted Kosol and he told me that the human hair in the cube, it's DNA located within its CPU was communicating directly to you "telepathically" even if it did sound audible. You have to understand, James nor Kosol ever warned me about such a phenomena.

James told me that he experienced the same exact thing but his device recorded his own voice, not in a female voice from his IDL 44. My wife was a bit leery or somewhat scared of this cube. It was alive and talking. James Rink told me the "User" connects directly with the sentinel cube through the hair DNA and the zero-point energy that radiates from each layer in the cube, thus creating artificial life.

I read off some of the testimonies from other owners of the IDL-12 and with some smaller units like the IDL-10 back three years ago, everyone had different experiences but there were common traits that everyone seemed in one way or the other experienced the same type phenomena. All the different models the company offers are pretty much described in the same way when it comes to "telepathic communication" with this sentinel Torsion Generator. 

As far as the "Manifestation or Synchronization" goes, this comes dumping on you like a steam shovel releasing its scooped contents. It seems everything all at once arrives at ones very doorstep when the unit becomes activated from the ascension protocol when it comes to seemingly miraculous manifestations. My sweet spot was 30 hours of training barely doing nothing but sitting through (two)-one hour sessions each day!

 I think these torsion cubes are so very important in the HDR training because our bodies act just like scalar antennas, receiving and broadcasting constantly. Our DNA was created in a helix formation, there are individuals who may not be as developed with their DNA strands as a normal psychics are. Most gifted people have at least 3 strands in operation and the non-psychic only two.

Even Steven Gibbs added copper foil underneath his circuit board in the 2015 HDR to also enhance its working power to help the user who maybe a bit weaker in his or her's psychic centers. It acts like an mini orgone generator. 

 They, James Rink and Science in general, both knew by adding multiple layers of organic and inorganic materials, such as metals and hairs and a host of other orgone attractors etc. would create a powerful torsion orgone generation but this would prove to be somewhat artificially alive. Based upon William Reich's research and Kosol's research.

I will set up a plan to do the once each day twenty minute HDR sessions, after I shut everything down I will immediately do a "Time Travel" protocol using the IDL-Inifinity for one hour then I will lie down for the remainder 45 minutes and listen to meditation music while all those energies kick in and hopefully my time travel will be more precise. 

Here is the thing, both of these units do work! It basically comes down to two things the costs and the second what you are desiring! You have no idea what this IDL generator can do for yourself and your family members, which is why I written this extremely detailed article. It may seem that I am pushing this hard, but in a good way and since I get no benny's in any of this at least when you succeed it will make me feel good I had a small part in it.

Whereas you are aware already that the HDR is limited to only "Time Traveling" nothing much more in the ways of radionic practicing goes. James and Kosol created "Time Travel" protocols which I never had a chance to do owning the IDL-12. At the time I was doing the specific "Psychic" protocol I was able the very first night to astrally take off with my full consciousness out of our galaxy.

This cube generator was sending me somewhere to another galaxy in outer space, had I not been interrupted, the IDL-12 would have made it known to me what the purpose of the trip was all about. I know from personal experience this crazy box works! 

Think about it, I was using the IDL-12 which contained only 12 layers of organic and inorganic materials and metals. What would happen or what could I possibly expect if I use the IDL-Infinity model with a cube structure within a cube that creates a holographic effect from the Torsion Generator itself. 

Personally I believe any IDL generator James Rink sells will work for anyone like magic if you take the time to reach 30-40 hours of training. Once again after experiencing all the fantastic things during my ascension process one may want to see what happens when finishing Level 1 that is, 256 hours of training. There are levels 1-4 and each level is 256 hours. Here again is James link for those who have not yet read my other articles.

I went into much detailed information here in this article because I want everyone to realize if you decide to purchase the HDR or you decide to go the way of the NEO-IDL series, you are in for a real treat in any choice you make here. 

I am not going to post anything that doesn't work on this blog, that is anything that has no proven history anecdotally either by the company or the personal testimonies or with/for myself using such devices. Before buying anything check the testimonies and if you can, get their emails from James so you can email question to those who were successful.