Sunday, December 14, 2014


Has anyone figure out what makes this HDR work?  Look through this blog, I explain this step by step in my past articles. This HDR is a bio-mechanical device not just an electronic box for time traveling or astral traveling as some come to believe. Steven Gibbs designed it this way, he always talks about walking through a white light before entering the vortex and coming out on the other side.

This "White Light" Steven Gibbs refers to is none other than your biologic vehicle melding with a higher matrix. Time travel (physical) is  above and beyond the lower level matrix, Steve's HDR using the magnet helps our biological bodies to vibrate at 60 cps. Our subconscious then projects energy to the machine to power it up for opening natural and supernatural vortices. 

He is convinced 60 cps is the key to other timelines. Well, I myself don't really know for sure, even when both my wife and I experienced these phenomena's while using the HDR we couldn't tell you if our biology was humming at 60 cps or not. But we knew for certain our subconscious minds were intermingled with our device.

But I am certain I was in a higher matrix of some dimension far above ours when I physically dimensional traveled with my car. Using the HDR is not enough to time travel of and by itself. It does help creating this bubble about 25 foot all around us from the magnet causing a magnetic field, yet be aware again your "mind" must be able to meld with the device at the same time. Steve and HDRkid physically time travel while awake but if you used an EEG device measuring their brainwaves they are awake and aware in "Theta" mind state!

This is why I purchased Gerald's RV course a decade ago, so I could go back when needed to teach my mind to go into the "Theta" and "Delta" mind state while still consciously aware! Being able to adapt this to the HDR worked quite well for my wife and I. 

Steven Gibbs told me on the phone almost ten years ago that you must be able to put your mindset to what is referred to as "Focus 10" before time traveling with his device allowing us to operate in the "Theta" mindset but still become consciously coherent. Yet you don't read about this anywhere when it comes to the HDR.

When he told me this, I could see why so many out there who purchased the HDR were having little to no results. When I listened to Gerald's tapes for a few weeks using the HDR was seamlessly easy bringing one down to the "Theta" mindset and begin to let the HDR use this mind state to allow us time traveling. Let's not forget "Astral Time Traveling" like it or not it will happen to you sooner or later when using the HDR  since the HDR opens portals.

I want to mention to the people that would love to astral time travel as a secondary prize to actually physically time traveling. You might ask, is there a big difference in astral time traveling verses physical time traveling? There is a distinct difference first noted when one enters a timeline say 1700's if you physically time travel it will of course feel real and be real. But there is a huge problem, you have no monies and your currency would never be accepted.

Physically time traveling also drains you physically and there will be times disorientation will come and go (Phasing in and Out). The other issue I have with Physical time traveling is you don't know when or if you will come back to your timeline. Are you going to take Steven Gibbs word alone; that you will pop back without strong evidence? I would need just a bit more assurance before trekking the past and the future.

The other issue is, your going to get hungry and I am sure while you are there in another time and place with no monies or your money not being accepted, no one is going to give you a free meal because you are a time traveler; in fact they won't believe that you are. On that basis you maybe locked up for being a loon. I could go on and on with this. 

Astral Time Travel doesn't carry any inherited risks! When you astral time travel you can smell, touch, taste, hear and see! In fact when you arrive at the 1700's it will be as real if not more real then if you went in the physical portion of the time traveling. You won't be able to bring nothing back to prove you were there but the information you obtain whether the lotto or anything else can be brought back with you for you to do whatever you want with it.

I should know, I went on countless astral time travels with the HDR. It was the best thing that ever happened to me and it was fun. I didn't have those physical worries not having any money or worried I could be hurt and not knowing when I would be able to get back. In the astral time traveling you can go to the future or to the dinosaur era. You can pet them without being breakfast, lunch or dinner on their entree'.

One thing for certain unless you naturally pass away, you will always be certain you will come back from astral traveling! I was able to foretell the exact future and the fact was I didn't need to change anything or worry about taking the information back with me. With future information there is power to be had to change what happened to you in the past, instead of trying to change the past.

There were no consequences to be had. Physical Time Travel would be hard to plan out because you are not sure where you will end up or when it will actually happen; either during the HDR session or a week from then because Stevens box is by far not accurate whatsoever!

HDRkid always told everyone he would miss the year or sometimes by a decade! How can one prepare for such a thing? The point is you can't! But if you are willing to take such an enormous risk with yourself disregarding your family in case you don't come back because someone killed you then so be it. But I understand this "Chance Favors A Prepared Mind"!

If your not prepared you will most likely run into big problems, maybe not the first or second time, time jumping. But it surely will come and there will be no one to help you, that's it, you are on your own from henceforth. So words to the wise start out with astral time jumping you will get the same results without the risks associated with it. 

If you still think you want to physically jump, then prepare the best you can because once that vortex grabs you it's too late for you to do anything about it but just hope and pray. What enjoyment would this be, always worrying about being gobbled up by an unannounced vortex, when your supposed to be going to work that day and not possibly coming back for a week or more! I am sure your boss wouldn't be so sympathetic.

If you are new to astral projection in and of itself there are two highly recommended tools to help you achieve it. The first is the Hemi-Synch Support for Journey's Out of the Body. It contains I believe six c.d.'s and it's broken down into "A, B, C, D "conditions" learning and relaxation levels to exit your body. It is $79.00 for the one hour each c.d.'s or $59.00 for digital download.

Here is the link:®-Support-for-Journeys-Out-of-the-Body/#.VIZTZVo-Bcx

If you really want to add oomph to your training then here is a link for a online workshop for OBE training from the very best!

This program is a bit more expensive but it covers everything you need and want to know about astral traveling. So when the HDR sends you to a future or past timeline astrally at first, you can remain there much longer because of the chakra energies you built up using Robert Bruce's Energy Workouts. I can vouch for him, I used to do his "Rope" method many years ago and it worked for me along with pulling energy into each chakra while in Focus 10 state of mind but it took me a bit of time to warm up to his new ideas.

So the Hemi-Synch will teach you how to relax and put you into the mind awake and body asleep on four different levels. The gentleman who created this c.d. worked for the Monroe Institute teaching astral projection workshops in Virginia at the Monroe Institute. Robert Bruce has been projecting all his life. So you see, there are great tools out there and the right people to teach them to you. 

Just like the HDR for physical time traveling, many people have a hard time even astral projecting on their on their own. Here you could probably kill two birds with one stone. You might ask, if I learn how to astral time travel will it help me in "Physical" time traveling. I would have to say "Yes"! Because the HDR is a radionic machine it uses your "Chakra" energies to meld with the physical vortexes for physical time travel.

Oldest form of radionics

It's not up for debate, the HDR is a radionic machine, many who have used it and know what a simplistic radionic device is could hardly refute what Steven created. Those dials you use to put in the time coordinates along with rubbing the rub plate is all "radionics" the machine has nothing to do with where you want to go and how soon. This is why when some do jump such as ourselves we hit and miss because our subconscious minds are not developed enough which included my own.

So do you see where all this going to? If you are not that well versed in radionics I am suggesting to you the above information that you train yourself ahead of time before purchasing the HDR via physical time traveling and or astral time traveling. Attempting to change one's past is luring and tempting but also consider the high price your going to pay when you accomplish this! And how much training you will need if you are not naturally psychic.

The only reason the HDR worked for me rather quickly was because I had listened to Hemi-Synch off and on for over ten years, practicing Focus 10 and deep focus 10 which is the first step with there Gateway course. I have done this practice way before I knew about Steven Gibbs or any HDR. I guess that is why that physical dimensional shift followed me and swallowed me whole. 

So after years of practicing with the HDR and with Focus 10, I was able to successfully time travel astrally, along with physical dimensional traveling. I want everyone to know even though I had the experiences I had no direct control at the time of the astral time travel projection or the physical time travel dimensional shift.

Had I not had at least a few months training of Focus 10 "Mind Wake and Body Asleep" I would have never been able to accomplish what I had using the HDR. It irritates me that Steven Gibbs doesn't tell the purchaser they have to have some kind of subconscious (psychic) training because his machine is designed to work with your subconscious like any other radionic device. The magnets don't send you through time and space they only keep you in the 60 cps which is a small part it plays in getting one to time travel.

Without the training and like anything else in this world how are you going to do something if you are not trained for it! If you never used your subconscious in meditation training in your life. I can assure you that your HDR will be collecting dust in your closet. I never in any of my past posts and old blogs hid this fact from the potential buyers of the HDR. I guess by some of the questions I get about time travel some of my readers just don't get it.

Even my wife used my Focus Ten c.d.'s for a couple of weeks before she was affected by the HDR and she had great experiences. This is why I did stringent research to find the very best of what I have in my toolbox for subconscious training. You see in 15 years up to date technology gets better in reaching the subconscious mind

When I purchased focus 10 from Hemi-Synch about 12 years ago they didn't have a specialized c.d. on "Astral Projection" only the Gateway series was available. But the focus 10 of the Gateway series made it possible for my wife and I to experience interesting psychic events using the HDR.

So for $79.00 for the physical c.d. (Supports for Journeys Out of The Body) which I would prefer to get from Hemi-Synch because if my computer crashes anything downloaded digitally will more than likely be lost. I can always go back to my c.d. to reload it in my I-tunes. The RV and RI training that my wife and I are doing right now also helps develop and train the subconscious mind to fill in that gap to the conscious mindset.

The workshop I mentioned above is something Robert Bruce and a few of his colleagues designed for a 5 week course all online using video training and if you want to copy their videos just use Snag It software so you have something to always go back too! 

It uses the "Astral Projection" c.d. course from Hemi-Synch along with this workshop for five weeks. The cd's of the Astral Projection contains level a, b, c, d. Each week of the five week course you will listen to "A" first then the second week you would listen all week to "B" etc. 

Reasoning is each level you reach takes you step further into your subconscious minds and level "D" is the summation of everything you did prior and it brings you down close to "Delta" while you remain awake. But it takes time for a person to develop this ability for "Mind Awake, Body Asleep. Once learned you have nothing I mean nothing standing in your way!

I would recommend the workshop "Astral Projection" training to those who want to go no further and are happy to be able to "Consciously" at "will" to project anytime they want and also they would be able to Remote View the past and future as a side-effect using the training and enhancing the HDR time traveling effects. 

At least you all have two choices which I didn't over the years. If you think this is bunk then so be it. But if you purchase the HDR without some kind of training you will learn rather quickly what I'm talking about in this blog article. Hopefully this blog will be available for you in the future. We spend almost for some 300 hours in sleep every month! Heck, we don't even work that many hours in a month let's put it to good use.

So what do we do with all that unconscious time we have? Like the average person pretty much nothing! But hey, you don't come to this blog a second and third time if you are one of the sleeping sheep, in fact you look for ways to wake up and lift yourself out of this low level matrix. When you sleep your energy body goes to the higher matrix replenishing itself and if your lucky all you remember are bits and pieces of your dreams.

By training our subconscious minds you can turn all that around. You can live another life and vibrant life, a life that turns your finances all around for you and your families. Then once honed and skilled you can take this once sleeping inactivity to great heights that you or I couldn't possible imagine right now. How long will this take? As long as you want or as short as you want.

Everybody are different and special as with their subconscious minds. We were all uniquely created down to our individual fingerprints. So treat yourself uniquely when approaching this type of training. You will be the author of your own life and each chapter will be up to you where you want to go and how to get there. It's one thing to write a play script but another to direct it.

So take care how you write your script because the subconscious doesn't understand anything but the "Now". I don't, I can't, I won't or I had, I wish, etc. has no effect on or in your subconscious mind. That is why speaking positive words in the "Now" has the most profound effects. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


It's just been a week since our training with the RV and RI courses. Just this morning when my wife awakened as she opened her eyes still trying to wakeup and she told me she was able to see the numerical data flowing from the top to the bottom just like on the "Matrix" the movie while she was a looking straight ahead as she was lying down. She experienced this kind of thing once in the past but now she seems to be re-awakening that same "Sentient" pathway once more!

I used the RV#2 last night but being on a sleep med I passed out before I was taken down to theta, yet when it was over I still woke up because Gerald suggest to you either to stay or come back to consciousness, so I must have been perceptually asleep as my subconscious mind was taking in all the information from Gerald as he spake and then returned on his suggestion subconsciously. To sum it up for just myself, in my mind since this weeks training I feel "lighter" mentally, whereas before I was heavy laden with the some depression I have to deal with once in awhile.

What she and I have been learning from Gerald's courses is to bridge the gap between our awakened state of mind, our consciousness and our subconscious which works below our so called "reality" bridging the both together. Will this take time? It may, depending on each one's natural resistance built into us from birth. This is why we need this training from someone who's been there and Gerald is still here to help those who are seeking release from this dark matrix we survive, live and die in to free us to a higher form of life.

Without our five senses this world would not exist at least not for you! Think about it; if you can't touch it, taste it, see it, or hear it or smell it, it essentially doesn't exist for all intent and purposes. So we can say our five senses in this biological body creates the illusion of what we call "life"! But what if we could change all that and go to a place that is beyond our five senses? A world that exists inside each of us that is begging to come out and share its knowledge with us.

There are few "Sentients" that have risen above the matrix and everything they do or touch seems to turn into gold from our lower level matrix perspective as we look inward wishing it could happen to us. Those who stumbled upon Gerald's course and complete it in its fullness would be able to rise above this lower matrix and experience great and wondrous things they themselves could create. 

I have written to some of his students and very few continued listening to the c.d.'s and there an equal number who continue their training beyond the eight weeks required. One of the main excuses used by those who quit was because of "life" getting in the way. When they listened and were learning to build this bridge to the subconscious mind just by listening to these special c.d.'s they were experiencing great and sometimes they were unbelievable things!

Yet they let life interfere for that single hour they needed each day. There are a thousand reasons why the same person who had experience those great things while training with RV and RI end up quitting. It was this same reason they took the RV and RI course to rise above what didn't work for them in their current situation. But the lower level matrix fights to keep us in a place that is slaves to the system. We can't think for ourselves or dream of ever succeeding in life because life on this level tells us you can't do it yourselves, we will do it for you!

The day you don't feel like listening to the c.d.'s is the day you need to listen to those c.d.'s the most. You see the body and the "beta" mindset are like children if they don't like something even though it's good for them they won't eat it or wear it! And as a parent of that child you continue to coax them until they do eat the veggies or wear that pink shirt. Sometimes we have to treat our bodies and feelings subtlety like a child and with ease, coaxing it to take what it doesn't care to do that particular day, until it realizes it can't fight you any more then you will have your breakthrough. 

There were several nights that my "beta" mind absolutely refused to listen to anything, it was tired and wanted to go to sleep. I thought to myself is it really going to kill me to force myself to do something as simple as to listen to a c.d.! I got through with it and was delighted that I was still alive after listening to the c.d.'s anyway!

It won't kill anyone to go against their bodily or emotional feelings of not wanting to listen to a simple c.d. in fact that is usually when you need it the most. What Gerald doesn't discuss on his site that much is, "Emotional Upheavals". These are suppressed subconscious memories that are buried deep inside the recesses of the collective consciousness. 

When you get something like Gerald's c.d.'s that bridges the gap from the conscious to that same subconscious you will arouse those forgotten memories. And when they show their ugly form in "bad and irritable" feelings within yourself, it will be like you are re-experiencing that same event all over again. It may not be in mental pictures or words but just in feelings. And you may not even be aware what you are feeling during the upheavals just acknowledge it and let it go anyways and you will feel much better.

There are no immediate remedies for such things that will and do appear every so often. When you are re-programming that powerful underlying subconscious entity every day, you are opening up to good and unpleasant things your subconscious mind had filed away. The best remedy that I have found that works is to acknowledge the feelings whether bad or good and just let them go! It's hard at first but once you let them go it will never come back to haunt you again!

Whether mentally or physically "resistance" becomes your strengthening progression! To build muscles you must constantly give it enough resistance to be able to grow in size, that is to adapt to the heavier weights you expose it to. The mind is no different, it to must be expose to certain kinds of "resistance or pressure" while you are in training in order to grow stronger brain cells and new neural pathways from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. This is done by the RV and RI c.d.'s.

Just think of us as "Mind Lifters" instead of weight lifters. What most of us forget when getting into this type of training is our "emotional" model we carry with us all our lives, some of them are good and others are not so good! Believe me you will experience much emotional release when building those new neural pathways to the subconscious mind. It only makes sense for this to happen since you are changing your entire life for the better by reprogramming the subconscious!

When husband and wife take such a challenge like my wife and I did, we help each other when either one of us experience emotional bumps in the road while listening to each progressive c.d. This is the best situation any married couple could hope for. Yet, if your spouse really doesn't understand what you doing no worries, just keep faithful with your listening and he or she will come around and begin to ask you how can you do all these miracles at least to him or her it will seem like miracles! 

If you're single and looking for someone in your life all the better, when you able to naturally go to deep Theta or Delta you can ask the "one" to show you the perfect mate for you and it will happen because you rose above this low level matrix. You see once you are able to enter these special magical realms of your mind you can reach out to the "one" creator and giver of light and life, if you come half way he will meet you the rest of your way home!

Now that we got all this out of the way, what are we expecting when listening/training with Gerald's course? Many things in fact, you will for the first time experience a life that was hidden from you since birth. Think of it as opening your eyes for the first time, you know like when you were born and opening your eye's and seeing your mother for the very first time! This new rebirth can be shocking when exposed to it for some people.

It takes awhile to get use to having Deja' vu situations or telepathic communication between spouses and friends etc. Have you ever been in the right place at the right time, to talk with the right person, to get what you were wishing for! I guess we can all say we had experienced such synchronocities once in awhile. But using this course it creates such an phenomena where it will become actually common place with the trainee.

This is not excluding those of us who already experienced out of body experiences, there are some that would associate such things as NDE's or near death experiences. Don't worry it doesn't cause NDE's but you get the same results while you are safe and sound. Have you ever looked at someone who was sick and nothing could be done for them and you wish you could just lay your hands on them or just think about them and they would be healed!

These things can and have been done plenty of times with Gerald's trainees. Some graduated after going through the course about the third time and they now work for police department locating missing people or solving unsolvable cases. Others who have graduated were now able to peal off the lower matrix and see and talk with the "one" who is the giver of human life! 

Here it comes and I want to say yes, you can win the lotto! There was a gentleman who played the lotto and won. He decided one day to ask the "One" for the numbers to be played, he got a visual response and the numbers looked like large plastic balls and while in Delta mind state he wrote the numbers down not knowing he would become a millionaire.

He already did the course 3x's and decided to continue to rise above this lower level matrix by keeping what he had accomplished, knowing if he stopped using it he would eventually lose it! It's like any other "resistant" training one must keep toned once you reach your goals no surprise to anyone here! He kept it up and was rewarded greatly by the "One" for doing so!

A friend of mine not too long ago did the same thing, he would park in the parking lot of the convenient store and close his eyes half way then he would enter into "Delta" mind state, you know that state referring to those who are usually unconscious when sleeping in this state of mind. But he was taught by listening to the c.d.'s how to enter into such a state while still mentally coherent. He would get the "3" numbers and play them he was 80% accurate! So eight out of every ten plays he would win!

So he told me he would go into the store and saw some people playing and he would tell them to play these three numbers and some of the regulars played them and won, they thought he was a "psychic"! He told me, back then Gerald only offered the "RV" course at the time. I thought it was pretty exciting that someone I know who took his course actually won the lottery on one or more occasions. 

Other's also experienced phenomena's during and the finishing of the course traveling all over the world such as Paris, Spain, Italy and all the south pacific islands while listening to Gerald at first directing the journeys, it would be like using training wheels and soon you won't need it! You will experience the ability to travel not just this planet but others in our galaxies by instant thought control.

Your child maybe sick and the doctors don't know why and with some of the trainees they were able to lay their hands on their child and go into deep "Delta" which is essentially your personal "Star-Gate to the "One" universal consciousness and to bring back a healing touch and the child would be healed. Imagine during the day your subconscious tells you very distinctly that you need to do something for a particular request you asked for  and you listen and did it, then everything worked like magic for you.

Now imagine further this happens routinely everyday on end. How do you think you would feel about this? Did you know why some people don't believe in God enough to think he would be interested in them and their problems it's because when they pray it never gets past their wall of doubt, their conscious mind protector of the subconscious wouldn't allow this new type of programing so their prayers never seem to be answered.

As most of you already know Gerald is Jewish. He was instructed by the divine to create this course for all of us to be able to connect to the source of life the "One"! You mean I have to be religious in this stuff! No, you don't!  Using that powerful subconscious will bring to you everything the "One" has for each one of us. 

Unless we take and complete this course how are we ever going to overwrite our subconscious script to believe for the miraculous, you know that same subconscious that controls all our involuntary muscles and watches over our "every" part of our lives down to the single cells of our body.

Will you be able to walk on the water? Maybe, but I do know for certain anyone who takes and finishes this course will feel like they are walking on water! How much would a parent be willing to pay to have their daughter or son found? Well, I know if I were to obtain this great gift, selling it would not be the first thing on my mind. 

Helping a loving family would be priority number #1. You can make monies in many different ways and the "One" will show you how. So giving away something of yourself to help others would be a greater gift then what I could earn from each person. Keep this in mind, when you graduate and I am sure when you connect to the "One" universal consciousness you won't think like you do right now, your thoughts will be on a much higher level of existence.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


What would you think would happen if you opened a "Vortex" with the HDR unknowingly? I can tell you the truth here and now, "Plenty"! Each day you use the HDR for time traveling you are opening "spiritual" vortexes not the "physical" as of yet. Steven Gibbs machine does exactly that! I too didn't think much about operating the HDR and then shutting down the session.

It wasn't until one evening I went out to lie down on the couch to close my eyes and to meditate after the HDR session. When all of the sudden I began to lift out of my body then I stood up! Immediately this creature about the size of a man came running up the stairwell and jumped on to me and wrestled me for about 3 minutes, I tried to pull his thumb back for it to release its grip.

It was like a bendable plastic, his thumb stretched as far as I could bend it and he still was not letting me alone. I think what happened I opened a vortex that evening in the house and he did not want me to share his particular domain. He lived somewhere downstairs because he came running up to wrestle against me.

This happened for about a few days! So I went downstairs the following night and I took anointing oil that both my wife and I prayed over. Then we put the sign of the cross over the front door and on each windows and all the walls in the house. Once more I was getting tired, I did my HDR application for 15 minutes and then shut everything down for the night.

This night was going to be different! My body fell into a light sleep then the vibrations began and I controlled them turning them off and on and directed where I wanted the vibrations to go, either to my head or torso etc. Then after that simple exercise I levitated above my body, I stood up and seeing myself asleep. Then the loud banging began.

The door sounded like it was going to be destroyed, then it dawned on me that creature that had came from that HDR created vortex was trapped from coming in the house. Then my wife and I figured when we put the sign of the cross using "oil" that was prayed over it actually kept that spiritual entity from disrupting my out of body experience.

Then next event that happened was when I finally decided to go to bed instead of lying down on the couch. I finished up my HDR fifteen minute protocol, lied down and fell asleep. It only seemed like a few minutes and I sat up full conscious and fully aware but my body was still sleeping. I looked over to my wife, she sat up and got out of bed to go the bathroom.

The strange part was her body was still very much asleep physically. Yet I was watching her wash her hands. For the first time I seen what a persons astral body looks like and what it does from the physical and repetitious actions we do all day long. The astral body seems to mimic it in another dimension of time and space.

That was not all! She came back to bed as I watched here lied down and lay back inside her physical body. I then floated upwards and went forward walking in our small hallway, I noticed the light was not on in the computer room so I stuck my hand inside to find the switch when all the sudden something or someone sliced my hand it was like someone using a knife to keep me out.

Whatever was in there in that pitch black office of mine didn't want me to go in to identified who it was. Then I went out into the living room and looking around, I saw our vacuum near the kitchen and I know my wife puts that away until she needs it but in any event it was there. I read that the astral realm will have things hanging around from it's physical counterparts.

I looked at my hands and they felt like flesh and blood yet I was able to float in one place. This time the entity was not around and neither did he try to break through the front door. I went down through the hallway and back into the bedroom. I went to lie back down inside my body as I was I noticed the HDR where I placed it on the floor after I was done using it.

But it looked much different it was yellow and had three different color lights where the switches should have been and it had on the box side "HDR MK2". Then I guess I must have fell asleep. Again when you use the HDR after good number of hours your going to open vortexes and have these out of body experiences whether you like it or not.

Things happened to my wife as well, she went out of body and went to her job. She arrived there at 3:00 am because she told me she looked at the clock. This place was a casino. She floated around the lower floor level and noticed a guard was looking right up to her staring at her. This made her a bit uncomfortable so she flew home and landed right inside her body.

She told me so that is what it feels like when one astrally projects! I told her absolutely! She experienced all this because she is in the vicinity of my working device each evening. The HDR creates a time bubble effect and anyone close to you will be affected. Nothing to be scared about because each night unawares we leave our physical bodies and go to the astral realms to charge our "Chakra's".

It was common when I first got my HDR for all these weird things taking place about every other night. Yet, it felt great deviating from the natural world and experiencing a world of wonder and amazement that when we sleep we are unconsciously unaware of. I really do feel more rested when these events happened.


 My wife reminded me a bit ago and suggested to me to tell all my readers what happened with us when using the Gerald O'Donnell "Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing" C.d.'s  I procured these about three years ago. Even I had to go to Gerald O'Donell's web sites testimonial pages to find my written experiences; to get acquainted back with what really happened several years back before my assault when using the c.d.'s.

Being so involved about what I do on all my free time, this shouldn't come to any surprise what I have hanging around in my closet at home from all my research over the years. Yet my wife tenderly and gingerly packs away my cd's no matter what they are into a nice neat package and stored away in a plastic container amongst her many file containers she manages from week to week. Anyway, to get back at what my wife suggested for this article of mine.

About several years back approximately three years ago, I searched online for self-help courses and there are many of them out there. I was particularly interested in "Remote Viewing". I heard so much about Remote Viewing as I am sure you all have at one time or the other. 

Looking it up was a nightmare, because there are so many courses out there taunting the reader they are the very best and there's were derived from military training etc. Doing what I do best, I dug even further looking on message bulletins and various obscure type sites that talk about Remote Viewing.

Through all that haggling throughout the web of wonders, I kept reading about this Gerald O'donell at the . I went to his site and read about a chock full of information and testimonies. It took me, in all honesty around several days to comb all his onsite links of information and to youtube to listen to his radio interviews. But I was not that convinced that he was better and more efficient  Then one night I was listening to AM radio that show called "Coast to Coast" hosted by George Norey.

He was interviewing this Gerald O'Donnell about his "Remote Viewing" course and his "Remote Influencing" course that works with nothing but your "Theta and "Delta" mind while still awake. I listened to the whole show and thought his course was very distinctive, an unique approach that a child could comprehend. 

Then another guest of George's who is an ex-officer in the Army who also sells his course on "Technical Remote Viewing" or otherwise known as (TRV). I believe his name was Major Edward Dames who talked about his course in Technical Remote Viewing. What turned me off with his materials is he makes predictions using his TRV techniques about everything and they never come to pass and one would have to wonder is his TRV worth the effort and time put into it.

So I joined to learn more about O'Donnell's two courses he sells. What an education I got from them! I visit this site every now and then when I get bored. After awhile of kicking the can down the road I decided to give it a try and I should have waited until Christmas because you get 50% off his normal price that is both courses twenty or so cd's in total for $197.00, I paid around $300.00 at the time! 

In any event I was extremely happy with the retail investment of his courses before the Christmas sale! Because it worked! No matter what price he would have asked for it I would somehow scraped up the monies; now that I know first hand what his course actually can do for a person listening to it! I hadn't talked about it on my postings because since the accident I stopped listening to the c.d.'s  altogether.

After my wife try to re-ignite that old spark I once had listening to it along with reminding me of our past experiences in our first two weeks of listening, I decided to give it an open review and tonight I will listen to the RV#1 of his remote viewing course in combination with his RI c.d.'s as the schedule dictates. What Gerald found that work so well was by combining both courses in such a way that his RI or remote influencing c.d.'s would help instill the RV or remote viewing c.d.'s and visa/versa. 

It would take around two months and two weeks to complete the entire combination courses if you listen to each c.d. 3X's before going to next one. Note: He tells his students each time you go through both courses you will essentially become even more powerful and more psychic for a lack of a better term. It will be at this stage you will get to see the matrix from the outside in for the first time in your lives!

It will be after the second or third time completing the entire courses that you would become a professional Remote Viewer and Influencer naturally, not excluding all your synchronocities that will invade your life to the fullest extent! If you had a chance to listen one time with his c.d.'s then you would have to agree what he is claiming to be true.

 When I received my course at that time, I was pretty pumped and ready to listen to my first lesson. I read the instructions but there was something I overlooked not just once but several times where he states: "Do not mentally follow my verbal instructions with your conscious mind (beta), just let your mind go and let my voice do all the work, your subconscious mind knows what it has to do.

Your subconscious will know what to do as I instruct it carefully during your listening time! I Gerald am actually talking to your "Subconscious Mind" not to your current conscious mind. So I just pretty much lie back and just let my mind (conscious) wise, go under by itself that is go to sleep or to day dream as the c.d. was playing with Gerald talking in the background. If you were to ask me what did you learn I would say, "I can't remember but my subconscious mind does"!

So in reality you place the headphones over your ears and pop in the cd and lay back and just listen, if he tells you "Imagine yourself climbing down some hillside, don't imagine it, it is not for your conscious mind to do anything but listen! He is talking directly to your "subconscious" mind which is recording all the verbal commands. 

You might be thinking to yourself, what if nothing happens because I did not mentally follow the verbal instructions given to me while listening? This was my biggest hurdle back then. But Gerald told me specifically with a phone call, listen to him as if you were in high school as you listened to your teacher which some absolutely ignored their teachers thinking on something else. This is what he wants his students to do, that is nothing!

 I felt it wasn't going to work if I didn't make some kind of effort to mentally do something. Yikes! Was I ever wrong! Because what this course creates is a natural access to your subconscious mind while you are awake with hardly any effort on your part! And it all comes naturally once you listen to the whole course, nothing hard to do whatsoever! Somehow this course bridges the conscious and subconscious gap by allowing both to work coherently while still being awake!

 You see my wife was listening to the same cd's,   that I copied on disc for her, so we didn't have to buy two of the same two courses. She faithfully every night listen to RV #2 of the remote viewing course. Note: Do not use or record Gerald's c.d.'s in I-Tunes without Apples application; without the specific application the MP3 will get rid of the higher and lower harmonics of his program, you need these specific "out of hearing range" frequencies or else you will not benefit using the c.d.'s. 

At first my wife felt uneasy listening to Gerald's voice but as the days turned into a couple of weeks she pretty much started to trust him and let her "subconscious" mind allow the information he was teaching her to come through. She kept falling asleep every time without fail when listening to the c.d.'s while Gerald instructed her subconscious mind what to do and how to do it the entire time she was perceptually asleep.

About two weeks + into her listening she started to have very vivid dreams, she told me she had her first out of body (OBE, Astral Projection) experience. In fact several times she experienced OBE's and went to different locales, somewhere far away from our place. She told me, guess what! I Remote Viewed not once, not twice, but in fact the whole day long and all week long! 

I said, no kidding! Tell me about it. She told me at first it was a normal work shift  doing her tidbits of cleanup and running the register. As she was doing some cleaning and stocking of the shelves she looked outside and then proceeded to the cashier. She told the cashier, look at that white pickup and they said so what! Well, I saw that vehicle take off without paying! They said are you crazy he is still re-fueling his truck! 

Then her crew started to laugh at her and told her all righty then! No sooner she finished with passing on her information, the white pickup truck took off. She told me this went on for several hours during her work shift but it wasn't until about quitting time she then began to realize what she saw was future events minutes before they happened with the random vehicles coming and going from and to the Interstate! Be advised, she couldn't tell you what she listened too on each c.d. because she would be perceptually sleeping, yet she was able to effortlessly use her Remote Viewing skills at work with no effort on her part!

Actually, after that day she continued to experience psychic advents all the next week along with being "telepathic" to me which was driving me crazy and now her crew would asked her to let them know which cars or trucks she thinks are going to take off so they could prepare for it! I'd say this strikes a differ tone then the first time. So they nicknamed her "The Psychic". This went on for quite sometime and she was very excited about the course she was taking.

She also had psychic dreams of the future and many other tidbits that I can't remember right now. The question I had to ask of her was,what are you doing so differently then I am doing? You see I wasn't getting much results at that time we were both listening to the c.d.'s. She told me that when she plays his cd's as Gerald talks to her, she knows not to consciously interfere with the process so she would end up falling asleep most of the time while her subconscious mind kept recording naturally what she needed to learn how to do in her conscious state of mind when she was awake.

My wife reminded me this week about not getting involved while listening to Gerald's course. I finished up last night with my first c.d. called, "RV#1" it is Gerald's introductory of what he teaches and why. As you listen to him you will notice your brainwaves will completely slow down to a purr! This c.d. was 59 minutes long and it didn't seem like it as I was listening to it at the time.

Early this morning upon awakening I focused a bit to remember what happened that night in my dreams. The dream was extremely vivid and it would have taken an experienced Lucid Dreamer to detect that it was in fact a dream but on a much more advancing scale. I was simply confounded on how surreal everything was, I or my wife, we never thought we would experience anything on our first night using the course!

But we did! Gerald suggests to do both courses by interweaving them together throughout the training as per his written instructions because this showed a more powerful approach in results by his other students at AVARI. Everyone doing this unique blend of both RV and RI training double in results such as, "astral projecting" spontaneously, receiving synchronocities happening all the time, not just some of the time. 

Other things that were happening to the both of us while using Gerald's course two years back was "Psychic Awareness", and of course "Remote Viewing" of people, places, and things and also "Remote Influencing" that is the ability to change one's destiny or outcome by only desiring it to happen and it would with ease happen in our lives and the lives of those we helped along the way by using our newly acquired gifts. 

I haven't even began to touched the gist of what one is able to accomplish with this kind of power from the training of these two programs. You maybe wondering, if it was so great why did I quit three years ago! I was nearly killed as a corrections officer at a state prison and I am just now at this time of this article starting to get my life back together. I have to re-learn many things and hopefully doing this course again will help me understand what happened and why it happened.

Otherwise I would still be listening to it and probably would have been hired by Gerald on his staff as a Professional Remote Viewer. Enough about my personal struggles, what I want everyone to know and to understand this course is different, really different! Gerald gives us 90 days to try it out and if you are not happy you get your money back! Believe me within around your 24th day of listening you will be amazed at what you will be able to manifest into your lives by a snap of the finger.

If you are called a "couch potato"  like my wife sometimes jokingly calls me, then you are in luck! Because you don't have to get off the couch to listen to these c.d.'s.  Just pop a cd in your portable player with your headphones and just listen but don't get involved mentally because he is not talking to you the (conscious mind) but to your "subconscious" mind, just listen only like you would a music cd but not getting involved. Just let your conscious mind entertain random thoughts of such until it tires and goes to sleep or until you enter in the Alpha state and finally in the Theta.

I would say in doing this course the hardest thing for you to do, is to do nothing, as you listen to the c.d's. The "less" you do the better Remote Viewer and Remote Influencer you will become! If you try to consciously follow his instructions by using your own imagination you will negate many of the benefits because you are not allowing your subconscious mind to do all the work with Gerald's instructions. You just have to keep "you" out of the way during this listening process.

Remember when you were in school and while the teacher was teaching, your mind was somewhere else. Maybe you were thinking you can't wait for school to be over and summer to get here and your conscious mind just keeps drifting so much, at times you fall asleep at your desk or couldn't for the life of you tell anyone what your teacher was talking about during that class time. 

Do this the same way when listening to Gerald speak; let your conscious mind drift off somewhere else or fall asleep while listening to the cd's, don't worry your subconscious mind is taking everything in, all those instructions spoken by Gerald. My wife and I had finished up evening two of listening. She too was experiencing vivid dreaming after the sessions earlier this morning.

My best guess is when we listen to the cd's the programs use undisclosed type frequency patterns arranged specifically which eventually brings you down to 4 cps in the "theta" range then down to the "Delta" range. But his program is different believe me when I tell you this, it has a powerful effect on the human mind and I have listened to others over the years such as Hemi-Sync etc. I have several of those expensive programs! But these crazy discs of Gerald's are beyond me why they open areas of the consciousness that create these after effects.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


This particular article was written out of my normal sequence of information I like revealing to my blog readers. Yet, I felt I needed to share this information with you just incase you happened to experience what I went through the last 5 days preparing for the Neo-IDL instruments that are available. To catch those individuals up on the topic I am speaking about, I am talking about the Neo-Technologies ran by James Rink.

He sells these cube devices that are sentient AI in nature and require just one input and that is you! Once you are connected biologically, you can live in any timeline you desire or bring that timeline in sequence with which you are living at right now. How is all this possible? What separates this company from all the other companies who promise the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Well, the short answer is he doesn't! He doesn't tell you that you will get something for nothing. He does tell you if you put the time and minimal effort using the Neo-IDL series you will experience things far beyond your wildest imaginations; it will disrupt and sharpen the linear and non-linear timelines, places and events connected to the Sentinel Cube through only you.

By itself, it can do nothing but sit there like a paperweight but connecting the human auric emanations by keeping your hands close and on each side of the device it can move mountains! But I am jumping ahead of myself! The reason I am writing this article today is because of what happen approximately one week ago. I have not purchased yet my IDL-80, though I know it's coming very soon!

In the meantime I decided to do a makeshift type Neo-instrument not sanctioned by the company, this was my own invention. I decided while I am waiting to get the funds I need, I my as well look for some materials around the house that I could use to trap this zero-point energy or what others call, "Torsion or Orgone" energies. 

I looked around and found a small glass bowl with a small lid attachment, I went throughout the house and found some pyramid shaped crystals I had purchased back a few years ago. Then I gathered up two Mobius coils that were built for me for another project, using copper magnetic wiring, these coils when electricity is introduced will create "scalar" energy by canceling out each others waves creating zero-point energy or scalar.

But since I was not adding electrical current to the two coils I decided to place both tightly wound coils inside this small glass dish, along with the crystal pyramids and some double terminated point crystals. Lastly, it occurred to me that human hair emanates DNA and RNA signals in the scalar realms. So I reasoned with myself, just collect some of my hair from my haircut and some of my beard trimmings.

I placed the hair and beard trimmings inside a baggy sandwich bag and sealed it. Then I placed that baggy inside with the crystals and coils and sealed them into the small glass bowl. My next step was to decide what type of protocol I wanted to use. I decided to use the "Psychic" standard protocol asking the device to "enlarge my pineal gland" by a factor x 1000!

Then I asked through this miniature torsion generator to endow me with whatever is needed to bring me back what I had experienced with the IDL-12 series some three years ago. So 5 days ago I started the protocol; one hour in the early morning around 5:00 am and one hour session in the late evening! That first evening I ended the session and went to sleep. 

That same night I woke up abruptly sitting straight up in bed and I was looking straight ahead seeing this huge python slowly climbing some jungle tree! I wasn't sure if I was still asleep or awake but I did know I was sitting up and paying strict attention. Given that following morning I told my wife what type of dream I had.

The early morning and late evening has passed for the second two-one hour training sessions. Got ready for bed and fell right to sleep. Then I was transported in the most vivid dream I yet have ever encountered, other than when I had James's IDL-12 at the time. Everything was so life like and the characters where hyper-intelligent that is my only explanation I give to you to those I talked with.

The third and fourth days after the protocols the dreams kept coming strong! Maybe there is something to this small homemade generator I put together! I continued up to 19th of November, 2014 doing the protocol finishing up in the evening on day 5, since I started this pre-protocol training. 

Then something happened I was not suspecting! Something that took me at least 30 hours using the old IDL-12 cube about three years ago! This sentinel homemade device, a glass container full of "orgone" accumulating materials contacted me in the middle of the night with my "Wife's voice, saying "Honey, wake up"! It was as clear as a crystal! So I rolled over to her and asked her what do you want!

She was dead asleep not even aware what I was asking her. So I went back to sleep and once more a strong crystal clear voice said, "Honey, it's time to wake up!" But I knew this voice didn't originate outside my ears; it was actually originating the whole time inside my head! I never heard a recorded voice sound so clear and so perfect.

I didn't want to go back to sleep because something inside me told me if I don't go out and meditate with the bowl; it will keep me up until I do. So I got up, and coming to my senses wakening up a bit and I realized this torsion generator took on my wife's personality trait because I am more leaning to listening to her than a strangers voice.

This makeshift orgone generator I created took on a sentinel role within my meditation realm. It took me 30 hours + with the IDL-12 to get that far with it before it contacted me telepathically. Now I only had approximately 10 hours of the same training and have accomplished telepathic linkage with the device in less than half the time it took me three years ago. Hey, I am not a natural psychic! I didn't even expect anything like this to happen so soon while only using a makeshift device.

But what's done is done! I can only look ahead in the next several days of training; doing (two) one hour training sessions, once in the morning and once in the evening. Still I am not expecting results like I would get with James's units, his units are balanced and well thought through before he offered them to the public. I gave this generator a new name, I call it the "Junkyard Dog" since I took pieces from here and there from all over the house.

If you do it this way, don't wait too long for your IDL generator. I have no empirical data showing this unit is safe whatsoever! It is all being experimented with as I go. All I wanted to accomplish was to get myself back into the 2 hour a day meditation training; it's been three years since I was able to do it.

What happens from henceforth would be "fate" and my own ability to accept what comes my way using this homemade generator! Imagine this for one moment; if this makeshift device can show you something like it has shown me for the past week (just 10 hours of training) what do you think the IDL-torsion cubes would be able to accomplish for you and me using the same time tested and proven orgone generation it emanates! 

Again I re-emphasize, this simple but effective protocol has something going for it, more than just using mere words! It, for some reason contains some sort of "keying mechanism" in the scalar realm because when the "protocol's" are spoken the door to other dimensions becomes unlocked. 

The IDL generators provide the "Scalar Energies" but the protocol's spoken by the operator provide the "key" to opening those gates in other dimensions and uses the generators as a spring board to get you there fast. This is just my personal observation. 

I never got any further then "Synchronocities" from the IDL-12 and the "Telepathic" communication after a total of 60 hours of training with the IDL-12, three years back because of my accident. If I am lucky, maybe this will happen to us in half that time using this junk yard dog creation. You might be wondering if this works for you, why purchase someone else's! Well, it seems to be working right now, but I am not sure for how long and what the long term effects will be on both of us.

In any event, it's my goal to purchase the IDL-80 which is infinitely more powerful than my small glass bowl with scalar attracting piece meal parts. Doing it my way shows if it isn't my device that is working then it must be the "protocols"! What shot that theory in the foot was the "Telepathic" communication from the device after the protocols!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


This evening I unpacked from storage my 2012 HDR with the head coils and the electro-magnet and I purchased a nice 2" round double  terminated clear quartz crystal it fits perfectly with the well inside the HDR just the point peeks above the specimen chamber. I am going to warm it up for a few minutes before the eight minute application.

I also purchased from Gibbs the larger electro-magnet, it cost me over $100.00 but I couldn't find a comparable one for the same size. It really does help with the additional magnet. 

I am only selling the HDR 2012 standard what you would buy from Gibbs. I am not giving away the big magnet it cost too much and would cost too much for the person who buys my unit.

I strongly suggest to go to this site where I purchased my crystal his are about the right size:

Don't purchased the double terminated that would be too big for the witness well. I purchased 2 inch x 3 inch. The crystal captures and produces outwardly the "White Light" energy. 

I measured the white light with my SE-5 1000 and it measured over 2500%! Keep in mind these crystal also capture "negative energies" while at the same time it produces the "white light" energies.

Before I got the measurement I had to clear the crystal. I measured the negative energies at 3000%! It took approximately 3 days to clear the crystal with the SE-5. The SE-5 is fully computerized "probability" analyzer not a radionic machine.

Putting a crystal out into the sun doesn't work, I measured the white light energy in %'s and then I placed the crystal with the sun radiating on it for one hour for the slightest rise in percentages. 

Then I re-measured the crystal, there were no changes in the %'s. You see white light can only be detected with instrumentation such as the SE-5 the probability analyzer for those who are not so sensitive as a psychic.

Crystal's are natures hard drive and natural filter for collecting and storing "negative energies".  I ran a clean crystal after deleting the negative energies on the SE-5. After using the crystal as a "reagent" broadcasting out information to a person which took 24 hours of transmission time. 

I re-measured that clean crystal and it picked up thousands of thousands of negative energies %'s. It was producing only the white light but collecting at the same time all the person's negativity units.

I would have never known this about crystals without the SE-5. Now it's not so bizarre with me, I don't think much about it anymore. I just clear them and recharge them when needed. 

I didn't pay much attention to Steve's instructions about the HDR as everyone is well aware reading those instructions is like trying to solve a mystery in "who murdered the butler"! His wording is all caps and jumbled sentences all over the place!

I re-read the instructions piece by piece and the one thing I was not following in particular how the time coils must be placed on the head and remain there until the application of the HDR operation is completed. The way I have been doing it I would place the cord over the third eye and find my rates then I would take them off and run the machine.

The way the time coils are suppose to be used is, by placing the coils over the third eye region about center with the forehead then concentrate while using the rub plate to find your rates. Don't worry so much of frying your brains, I been doing this with Steven's coils for years!

Once the rates have been found, then turn on the electro-magnet (Red) switch along with "Time Stabilizer" (Yellow) switch and the "Specimen" chamber (White) switch containing your crystal. Run the unit with the Time Coils still in place for 8-20 minutes only! Then remove time coils and magnets and shut unit off.

Any longer duration over 20 minutes in the HDR runtime would result in melting the tape around the 24 gauge magnetic wiring on the T-bar. Before the above, you should turn on the electro-magnet for one minute to warm it up before you actually apply your application. Then shut it down and commence with your step procedures. 

When I used the HDR twice a day just to kill some  time, I noticed I couldn't stay in my body at night  when I fell asleep. Sometimes it would be just minutes into my sleep and I would get out of bed and stand up while looking at myself and my wife sleeping. 

Before I purchased the HDR I could never, ever, astral project my consciousness let alone to another timeline in histories past. The first month I purchased the 2007 HDR my very first one that had a small pyramid in the center of the rectifiers, this acted like an orgone accumulator. No matter the material used it was a perfect pyramid, very small but quite effective.

I located on youtube the new HDR 2015 that Gibbs is selling. From what I gather he said that Steven Gibbs put more than one scalar coil into the unit, sort of like a multi-directional scalar coils. At this point, until I talk with Steven Gibbs I would be guessing exactly what it could be.

For those who are having a hard time getting your unit to work, I say to them, if that red light is working when you turn on the specimen chamber switch and your magnets are working showing a "North Polarized" attraction your unit is working just fine. 

Using a device like this you have to have extreme amount of patience. When I purchased my old unit from Steve Gibbs it wasn't two weeks that had gone by and he was asking me, "Did you physically time Travel yet"? I thought that a bit strange coming from a person who is ridiculed for being crazy online. Instead of running away after the sale he called me weekly to see if I traveled.

I told Steve, no I have not physically time traveled, it is November 2007 and its cold outside but hey I time traveled out of body (Astrally) for the first time! He told me I don't care about that so much, just let me know when you physically time traveled with my unit. He was certainly adamant that I would one day physically travel.

The months past and spring and summer came it was 2008 and that is when I got caught up in a dimensional shifting while driving my car in the late evening in the summer months ahead. 

Finally I called Steven Gibbs and told him, now he was 1/2 satisfied he is still hoping I travel through either a natural vortex or an artificial one. He told me the dimensional shifting was a good start for me but I must find a stand vortex for straight-line traveling.

I told this to Steven Gibbs and he said, "That is what I am talking about"! After we talked for a gazillion hours I hung up. I thought to myself and talk about it to my wife, why would this guy be so anxious about a physical time travel? You would think if one could astral time travel with his unit it would be a huge plus for the customer and for the builder of the unit.

Maybe just maybe Steven Gibbs is telling an obscured "truth" about his physical time traveling adventures. I talked with HDRkid on the phone and I know HDRkid tells the truth. I watched many of his predictions he wrote down on his sites of the future over the years, by physically time traveling with the HDR and more than half came to pass! That puts one over the 1-800 Psychic's.

I am still kicking myself for not buying that "silver" metal while the market was around $7.00 per ounce like he suggested. He told me that he went into the future and that silver was around $15.00 per ounce.

He was correct and it eventually went higher from there. HDRkid stated he tried to see the future of the lottery but he would only get 3 out of 6 numbers correct because parallel timelines. It is not a "direct" timeline, so some alterations in the parallel time stream will be a bit off from our timeline in the present stream.

I had a kid call me from California in 2007 he read my blog and asked me how he could find a vortex gateway. Naturally I asked him did he physically time travel and to my amazement he said always and I asked where he lived he told me near San Andrea Faults. 

That place from what I read is riddle with vortexes. I asked if he astrally time jumped and he said sure, but I am getting tired of going in the past (physically) not knowing where I would end up at. I never heard from him again. He wanted to find a way to find a vortex that would be easy for him to get to the exact year.