Sunday, May 25, 2014


Sorry it's been awhile trying to keep up with several blogs it takes me awhile to keep updated with the times when using the HDR and the reason I continue with the ideas and I mean ideas that actually work not theories because what seems difficult can be simplified. I want to shore up some gaps to make your HDR protocol as painless as possible. Because I know what some of the owners are going through when they try and try and it seems nothing is happening and then they question  Steven Gibbs wondering if he ripped them off.

I am here to say Steve maybe on the edge but he isn't lying to you! I discovered that you can time travel with the HDR and I had the physical experience only once in the last several years and would you believe it was frightening! Going astral time traveling with the HDR is fun and exciting and "SAFE"! When I went through the dimensional window where I lived not once but twice once going to pickup my wife and coming back is was nerve racking!

I was not feeling "safe" I felt physically vulnerable and it's the "not knowing" that scares an individual. I want to tell you there are things out there in our real world the one we go to work in everyday that would scare the living hell out of you if you were to accidentally be in the same place and the sometime "it" showed up!

Just watch the news or especially "Animal Planet" where now killer "Squids" are showing up on our beaches in CA and many swimmers are being attacked and eaten alive by dozens of 4 foot killer squids. "River Monsters" is excellent showing you actual camera events of what people are now experiencing. This is the "Physical" world events happening and now adding the HDR in the mix of things will definitely be a monkey wrench thrown into the works.

Believe me when you open "dimensional" doorways with the HDR you better be willing and able to withstand what will becoming your way! You can laugh it off as me being crazy old guy but this crazy old guy experienced not only astral time travel with the HDR and physical dimensional traveling I also open doors to other "Entities" that I was not prepared to confront at the time.

This entity was not friendly and took Robert Bruce's book "90 days to astral projection" to teach me how to activate and charge each of my chakras along with teaching me about the "Fears" he faced and how he protected himself. My wife bought this book for me about 8 years ago for our wedding anniversary what a gift! But it was very useful and I just purchased two of his newer books on I-Book parts I&II today online.

Here is the problem with the HDR it's a radionic box and I proven this to a lot of people here locally when I would setup my experiments. What stopped my time traveling ventures was I got so interested in "Radionics" itself that I stopped altogether using the HDR as a time travel or dimensional portal opener to learn real radionics using a real radionics machines that are much more advanced then the HDR. It was then I never looked back because of my injury of 3 years ago; I was concentrating more on radionic or bio-feedback training for better health.

Now it's a known fact that mind and body go together nicely and to leave one out and use only the other you will lose it if you don't use it! Your brain cells will actually deteriorate because they are not being used. We don't need this to happen right now when we worked so hard to use a device like the HDR. I know it's exciting to think wow I will be able to go back into my past and change what I want!

Here's the scoop, this device is not expensive enough to obtain that type of direct time traveling to do a time alteration in your life. It's the very nature of what we want to accomplish that we need more sophisticated instrumentation to do such a feat! The "Philadelphia Experiment" is that "good" reason. It took millions many of millions of military spending dollar tax payer dollars and even then they accidentally discovered the time traveling phenomena and have probably been refining the process for the last 70 years!

But don't be too upset about it "Nature" will not allow you to alter her "past history line" because it would alter history itself; there are just some rules of the universe you have to learn to live with and by changing your personal timeline that is exactly what you would end up doing! 

Steven Gibbs knew this either instinctively or from his own personal experiences including HDRKid's. So he created the HDR to only allow you to "Astral Time Travel" and parallel time travel physically. On that Parallel timeline you can change things about yourself it will effect to some degree your current or present situation hardly noticeable to "Natures Historical Timeline" or anyone around you where you live presently.

I just want you to understand that for $350-400 you are not purchasing the American "Naval Vessel" that was able to dimensional travel physically and when it reappeared causing men and probably women to manifest parts of themselves that is being welded within the ships own metal that is part ship and part human parts. I think now you get the whole picture but you have to ask yourselves this question can you astral time travel yet or can you physical dimension travel?

If you answered "no" then at least with the HDR you will have a chance to do so. You can go out and try to find vortex's all you want but it is my hunch you won't be able to use them or actually find them because it is very subjective to know you found one because nobody really knows for sure what they are everything is theory at the moment! 

When it happened to me unexpectedly it followed me I didn't find it! Because it seems in my opinion the HDR charges some of your chakra's and like a bleacon beacon it sends out the signals to attract these phenomena's called the Vortices. That "energized" scent you are sending out it's like some sort of a charge that emanates outward like a radio signal waiting to be received eventually the vortex will become the receiver.

Getting that off my chest I am almost ready to start my HDR protocol but with a little help from some extra equipment and a synthetic nutrient for the physical brain then most people would be willing to invest in because of my trauma situation of three years ago. The first and foremost I would apply the HDR for the 8 minute protocol after that Steven Gibbs states to lie down for the energies to kick in.

But if the person's chakra's are not developed enough, those energies would probably will never kick in and then you would think the HDR wasn't working. The question is how can we do this, how can we develop something we have not physically seen all our lives? I believe I did find a way yet it may not suite everyone but only a few. The Laxman light and sound machine will put you in the mind state placing your body completely asleep and in some cases within only five minutes.

Generally, the average person using this newly developed device from Germany is about 10 minutes for your body to go to sleep and the more you use it the quicker and deeper you will go and according to what I read all over the web this thing is the most wicked device ever created in putting your body asleep and leaving your mind awake which is where you need to be in order to phase out to any type of astral time traveling.

For those who just want to astral travel it works the same and those only interested in self-hypnosis it works the same and for those who want to do inner project it works the same. It puts your body to sleep quickly and it's up to you what you want let your imagination create it once your in that state of being that some call Focus 10. I believe your going a whole lot deeper than 10.

Lastly, I will take a nootropic called, "Noopept" you take 30 grams daily for 6 months and I read and talked with lots who have already taken this and what it did for them and their brains physically! It opens senses you never thought you had and allows you to experience sights and sounds that are extra ordinary in your waking state and also from what I read your dreams are very vivid and life like!

Here is the link to the "Laxman"

I believe with all my being if you did at least one or both of these with the HDR training you will experience something that would be the envy of the entire world! Just type into the "AstralPulse" web site "laxman astral projection" and just read the hundreds of testimonies it would make you want to run to Wisconsin to pick it up yourself.

The above link for the laxman is Marks website located in Wisconsin he is the only distributor in the U.S. as far as I know and the only other place you can purchase the device is in Germany at this web site:

I am not going to kid myself there will be people reading this and believe their machine is the best and that's great! I am not trying to sell anyone anything but an idea what I am going to do, what you do is your business either way. I know how difficult one feels that no matter what you do with your HDR it just doesn't seem to respond.

There is a good reason for that because you are essentially using a radionic machine in its very basic form that uses a coil magnet and head coil device but if you lack the ability to activate your energy chakra's and you lack the ability to allow yourself to have body asleep and mind awake you are not going anywhere soon. The radionic machines needs that "chakra power" to run properly in the etheric realm. I know I experienced listening to my chakra's it sounds like an electrical storm going on or a stun gun activate when the body is asleep. I am a radionics operator for the past 12 years and I have the SE-5 1000 as well so I know what I am saying here.

Thanks for dropping by!


Thursday, May 22, 2014


In my last post I talked about the Laxman AVS system which will be a huge advantage to the HDR time travelers. "Physical time traveling" is hard enough but "astral" time traveling becomes nearly impossible if the conditions are not right both physically and mentally. I know the HDR works, at least for me it did a few years back then I sold it which was my first mistake because I wanted to get into the field of radionics.

Eventually I re-purchased another HDR from Steven Gibbs, the only thing I didn't like about it was the new "tuning pots" without the "numbers". Maybe it's just a "thing" of mine but I liked the numbers to be there when I am tuning otherwise it's in good shape. I was just apprised maybe next week I will be purchasing the Laxman AVS along with another "special" unit I want to introduce to you that will or may have even a greater impact to help in your time travel protocols with the HDR.

I want to share a story with all of you how I came across such an item as this. For months my right elbow has been very painful and my doctor told me it was "Tennis" elbow. So I went to Physical Therapy for 5 treatments to treat it. After they accessed the situation they wrapped around my forearm and elbow a flexible band that had LED red lights on the inside of the band itself.

I asked the technician how are these going to help and she told me that the 660-nn will effect the bone directly where the connective tissues resides and will begin to heal the inflammation that is causing you the pain. After the treatments my elbow did get much better a few days later! I asked the technician If I could purchase something like this at a store, she told me I think so!

I went online to find out what the LED's were all about and I couldn't believe the information I was reading, of people of various skin issues and bone and muscles etc. were being relieved of spasms and strains and pain, acne etc. with this technology of photon light particles each issue addressed had to be so much (-nn) in lumina strength. 

The item I want to go in depth about is called the "DreamSpa" it not only has a history of healing potential for the LED's; in fact the DreamSpa has hundreds of these LED's lined inside this canopy helmet; the DreamSpa also contains 4 computerized programs for healing bruises, connective tissues, burns. 

And it seems it turns back the hands of time and makes people actually look younger physically! It also was designed to put you into a 30 minute hypnogogic session with AVS (Audio Visual Synthesizer) technology.

It runs Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta programs! All one has to do is press the button called, "Trance" for three of such programs; it has the other two programs for the scalp and any part of the body needing attention that doesn't require the "trance" mode for obvious reasons. I would like to give you example of one of its primary functions. 

You come home one night completely exhausted and mentally drained but now you have the "DreamSpa" you light her up and press the "trance" button and the "Rejuvenate" program the device is giving you 10 seconds to situate before it comes on. You place your head while in a lying position inside the open canopy then you close the canopy over your face and head like inside an MRI machines, awaiting the program to initiate.

At first you may or may not feel your heart is beating a mile a minute; some people feel claustrophobic when nestled inside a shelled canopy, you feel the throbbing in your neck area or inside your head depending how stressed out you are and your breathing is a little erratic. You close your eyes and start seeing patterns and swirling lights with wonderful designs; as they slowly mix the program begins to take on a life of its own it begins to morph. 

You hear the most beautiful of music of you set it up for yourself, soft yet direct. Within what seemed like seconds gone by you are beginning to dream and your body releases a huge amount of endorphins creating the freedom from pain and tiredness you once felt.

Then as quickly as you seemed to have entered into paradise you start to re-emerge from the  warm flowing colors that seem to engulf your every being. You begin to come out of unconsciousness; the canopy is lifted, the program finished you are a bit groggy from the quick ten minute program but within that 10 minutes your "Beta" kicks in with full strength giving you the best feeling you ever experienced since that last cup of Latte. 

You feel your energy growing more and more and your mind that held that heaviness that succumbed you earlier is all but nonexistent. Make sure you only use this program during the earlier hours you don't want to be up all night long it does have a "Blue" haze program that leads you down to Delta sleep especially helps apnea and insomnia. How can such a device as this create an illusion of heavenly bliss be so far from most of us who shop at Macy's or Walmart? 

Well, I am here to say it has come; it has been developed and has been marketed for sometime; unfortunately only a few people knows of its existence that is maybe some local beauty shops and salons across the U.S. has the device, but soon more families will be able to get them when the competition starts showing up all over the web and the prices come down.

Here is the point; we live in a very high stressed environment that has the potential to "kill" people! The enemy is all around us and in us we call him "Stress"! This effects every part of our being from the brain to the physical emotions it's like a run away train no one seems to know how to stop it! Our technology that was suppose to ease us in life yet has become our "enslaver" the very thing that was suppose to reduce our stress has implemented it with such veracity!

When I use to come home at nights from a very stressed out day and once everything settled down a bit I would finally setup the HDR and run it for 7-8 minutes; after the protocol my heart was still pounding and my stress still way up. Steve tells you to relax or else your going nowhere and that for me is usually what happens. That is why I feel this tool would be great for many purposes even time travel preparations. 

The company I talked with gives me a 60 day return policy which is great in itself but why would they do such a thing while other companies wouldn't dare take the risk and not go over 30 days? Because they know once you use this device everyday once or twice a day for the first 30 days you will not want to give it up and they know this! So to offer such a guarantee is no risk to them whatsoever!

I am getting the "DreamSpa" because it can bring you down to the boarder of "Delta" from a wide awake state of mind it takes about 30 minutes total step down time to reach that brainwave to "theta" 5Hz once there you would hardly be able to function you would be experiencing full body paralysis with only your mind operating; you speak of deprivation tank! This particular program you will want to use directly after your 8 minute induction completion of the HDR protocol. This way the energies are still all around you from the HDR and the DreamSpa is amplifying the quiet down period so you can experience that out of body time travel.

The DreamSpa is $1700.00 because they consider it a "Anti-Aging" device as well as a healing device. This is not a radionic machine this is real life LED's that have been tried and tested to heal and to smooth and to increase collagen on any part of your body getting rid of lines and wrinkles and ages spots and deep down tissue pain. Thus adding the AVS technologies along with 3 programs contained within the unit brings us to deep areas of our psyche which produces "Endorphins" getting rid of long term pain and other such maladies.

Just remember anything worth getting is worth saving for!


Thursday, May 15, 2014


I just wanted to let you know I have the most up to date Steven Gibbs HDR or Hyper-Dimensional-Resonator! I think I found the hidden "Key" to allow us to physically time travel with this device. It certainly came with a price but I will get into later on. You are all aware the HDR is a Radionic machine if you haven't by now you need to do a lot of homework.

But it's not your typical radionic device because of the rectifiers setup and the electro-magnetic bar that is used to place a dis-placement field all around you. This key I knew most of my ten years since I owned one but now it is time to let out! One other person knew about it and his name is Gerald O'Donnell form probable

When using the radionic device you are essentially using fractal points and grid points and grid lines it covers the whole matrix! But it takes a very powerful mind not a powerful vortex to accomplish this time travel with the HDR! I do know this to be true I have both dimensionally travel in the physical realm and in the astral realm.

Which brings us to how to use our minds with this radionic device or should I say HDR are just tools. I have been badly hurt 3 years ago and I sustained trauma to my head and body and I still hadn't got over it as of yet. So one day I was wandering what am I suppose to do and how am I suppose to do it that is time travel to the fractal points and grid points on planet Earth.

Of course to prep our minds I am not talking the "conscious" mind I am talking the "Super Computer" our "Subconscious" minds. Believe me I tried almost everything I had at my disposal to get my head working again to use this device I practically gave up this year using the HDR. Then my wife was doing her spring cleaning as usual and brought to the living room two boxes one was my Remote Viewing course and the other Remote Influencing.

 I nearly forgotten about the course and what it did for my wife and I especially when I was using the HDR! So I started a "call" to some of my readers to bring their courses they purchased from Gerald O'Donnell and begin their first 8 week cycle doing both course concurrently. I am on day 2 on RV3 disc it was so cool I was half out of my body and half in and half in a dream world and half out of it.

You speak of a head trip! These discs about 22 them altogether will be listened to several times before going on to the next one. Once you complete this 8 week cycle you will be able to Remote View from Theta mind state while your awake and you will be able to ARV (Associate Remote Viewing) they use this to manipulate things like the stock market or the casinos in general.

The there is RI (Remote Influencing) being able to manifest the world you want to live in. But how does this all tie into using the HDR? Easy! You hookup your HDR as usual run it for 6-8 minutes and lie down. Steven Gibbs states to lie down and let the energies kick in, why did he say something like that? Because he knew that anyone who was talented in out of body projection would be able to project using his device to any timeline.

Now Steven Gibbs states one must use the grid points and lay lines to travel to different time lines physically. Here is the problem with this concept they are very difficult to find and much more difficult to travel through physically because some are way too small. But all this can be avoided, Gerald teaches your subconscious mind to enter these fractals through space and time by pure thought while your awake. Now imagine if you just used the HDR and in that 6-8 minutes you go into "Theta" automatically without your intervention, now the HDR time warp kicks in the subconscious then widens that door way for you to enter into.

There are people traveling other dimensions just after listening to the RV and RI courses 3X that would be around 24 weeks of listening! It's not hard to do just place a disc in your player put on your headphones and lie or sit down for 30 minutes and just "Hear" don't "Listen" this will be the most hardest thing to do while doing this course.

I placed an emphasis on "Hear" only not "Listen" because "Listening" requires your conscious mind to understand what he is telling you to do. Whereas "Hearing" is like when you were in High School while the teacher was teaching you were looking out the window daydreaming the whole time and this is exactly what Gerald wants you to do! You just daydream or look at bits of images your mind goes through as it constantly creates while Gerald talks to your "Subconscious" not your "Conscious" mind.

Let's go though an example "hearing":

You place your disc in your player and put on your headphones and push play and Gerald starts talking and telling what he wants you to do and if you mentally follow along and start to do what he asks then you are no longer "Passive" hearer but a purposeful listener. What is the first rule here don't mentally follow Gerald just daydream maybe about what happened earlier today and let Gerald just speak on because your subconscious is recording everything Gerald is teaching you to do.

After about 3 weeks your intuition will kick in automatically and you will know things that are going to happen before they happen etc. The whole reason behind this course is that you don't lift as much of a single finger or thought on how to do it and remember you don't need to; your subconscious will and is capable of doing all the work to get it done!

If you really want to kickstart your time traveling  use your HDR as instructed then if you can purchase The Kasian or the Laxman light and sound machine. This will work wonders on putting your body to full sleep and leaving your mind awake! Go to "AstralPulse" and type in either name given and read the testimonies yourselves. I am getting the $500 one the Laxman with the Ganzfield goggles you don't have to close your eyes with it running the psychedelic patterns.

I wish I would have though about this a year ago but I was having my own issues. If you want to quickly go into the mind awake and body asleep these are the machines that will take you there promptly within less than 15 minutes or so. This could even make the RV and RI that much more powerful with light and sound practices.

This Kasian is on E-bay. What I like about the Laxman you can do it with your eyes open and Ganzfield effect goggles really are the best out there to date. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014


I was having some issue with the HDR not an HDR issue of course but a "operators" issues. Like I told you the HDR relies on your abilities (subconscious) abilities to work properly. Don't let anyone or anything fool you into believing the only reason you can't time travel using the HDR is because you are an "alien" like Steve Gibbs likes to call assume when it doesn't work for you.

Now that we cleared the air up on that issue we need to tackle a bit more what you and I can do to increase our "communications" to our subconscious and bring that communication back to our "Alpha" state of mind not Beta! In all honesty "Beta" mindset is useless when dealing with esoteric beliefs or sciences. I have been struggling a lot trying to figure out how to train my subconscious communication without forcing it using Beta instructions.

I watch Fox News probably twice everyday and of course the main course of news is about how we as a country have failed and how we as a citizen of this country have been lied to and cheated for most of our lives by the very people we elect and it doesn't matter the party or parties. When I sit there to listen to the news it gives no hope and no light and nowhere to go!

I am here to say there is "hope" and there is "life" and there are "directions" in which to choose from. The only stumbling block that keeps us from our successes and desires no matter what it is you maybe seeking is our "Beta" mind we operate in everyday! Our "Beta" existence gives little or no hope to become successful especially when one is thinking about the impossible and that is to "Time Traveling".

One evening this week I sat down looking at my HDR and wondering as I gazed at it what is holding me back from experiencing time traveling like I used to do? What could be holding me back or causing the very thing to happen that I don't want to happen! After pondering a tad it hit me the very thing I try to avoid I carry with myself everyday all my life and every so often I would indeed overcome this but only to succumb to it once again in it's shackles. 

Years ago many years ago in my life when growing up to young adulthood I would get my parents very upset with me because I couldn't always agree with them and all their rules. Like many of young people we think we know it all and the more we think we know the less we really know. During those arguments my parents used to tell me, "You won't amount to a hill of beans", "Your so stupid", "Your worthless"!

Those are the "shackles" in which I am referring to! These are internal shackles (Post Induced Subconscious Programing). I noticed when I was close to succeeding all my life I had to work hard to do it whereas others seem to breeze through it all I just couldn't figure why. When I would arrive to such a point in my life that I did finally reach my goal I would automatically back off and quit!

This didn't happen once or twice it happened all the time! But that brief "gazing" I experienced within myself gave me the answer to my failed successes whether purposely or unconsciously. I questioned myself how did I succeed using the HDR before with little or no problems? I thought some more and realized that during the time I was using the HDR I was using the "Gateway" course from Hemi-Synch. 

During my down times with the HDR I would get bored it was then I would crank up my "Wave 1" from the Gateway course to go to focus 10 level of mind it was more like a deep "Alpha" state. I do have all seven waves of the Gateway course. The last wave would take me to Focus 27 the place where the "souls" would come to a junction a beautiful waiting place like a park from what I am told.

Anyways, I would listen to the wave 1 Cd up to "Expanded Exploration Focus 10" for several weeks; this "Exploration" would allow you to go and to discover all that focus 10 has to offer. I never connected the two working together with the HDR at least not until now. When I would go back to my HDR and use it I was surprised at the results again not connecting the dots from the Hemi-Synch training and the HDR training.

I wanted to finish this report up because it's been nearly 3 years since I wrote this! I was brutally attacked in a state prison, I was a corrections officer. The prisoner's intent was to kill me so he could stay at the prison in our local. By being charged for murder #1 he would have to stay. Luckily I survived and I am not sure if that is at all  lucky I incurred trauma to my body and head and I suffer from PTSD.

Meaning I don't go outdoors anymore and my anxiety levels are off the charts! I take meds to keep me calm down. I am officially retired 3 years ago but it seems like I am in a state prison within myself. I am trying to pick up where I left off here and hopefully offer some real hope in time traveling using the Super HDR which I still have in my closet.

I was trying to use the focus 10 Cd of Hemi-Synch and it works pretty well putting you in that mind state to do an HDR application on yourself. This box that is simple in about all aspects can be time defying in more way then one. I have come along way in my research in the 3 years I had been gone to recover from my injuries, so I studied online the latest greatest real time working devices out there, that might aid in being successful in using the HDR.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I was bouncing back and forth with several possible "aides" geared towards supporting the HDR and SE-5 users and also for those who can't afford such equipment. I never said this before and I should have stated it much earlier when I created this blog and that is even if you can't afford such materials to experiment with you can find certain supplements to aide you on your question for reaching the stars.

 One such "supplement" that works for me but I still have to be careful how I administer it to myself it's called, "Brilliant Dreams".

Brilliant Dreams is a special herbal content along with Choline and certain "B" vitamins to keep certain parts of your brain active while you sleep. Again take in consideration when using the SE-5 and HDR or any type of instrument or no instruments that supplements have there place on the markets. There is so much out on these markets from aspirins to psychedelic drugs and they practically were all used one time or another by people looking for a special spiritual experience.

A gentlemen I know used to take it a few times a month and swore by Brilliant Dreams, it was only after he had a stunning nightmare that he stopped taking them completely. I tried them and still have two full bottles in my night stand the only issue for me is I forget to take them. 

When I do manage to remember before bedtime I would take two at the very most, taking more than two too late in the evening can practically guarantee you one very sleepless night! Yes, it did create very vivid experiences when I was in REM.

This is no big secret it's been around on the markets for many years it's just you don't see them advertised by your local thrifty's; every so often you might catch a glimpse on a late night commercial showing and telling you the advantages of "Dream Recall" supplements. Since I am writing this blog article today I will take two of them before sleep to see how well it does for me and it's my hope that it will be as good as the first time I ever used them.

The first time I used these supplements I had no idea what was going to happen that evening. My stomach felt kind of ill after ingesting two of them, maybe I should have eaten something along with the supplements. That particular night my dreams was like a "Chantix" lucid dreaming. When smokers use Chantix to quit smoking they go through this extreme nightly withdrawals that causes them to go into a deep REM sleep.

My co-worker once told me he took it and was smoking in his dream and it wasn't until he woke up that he realized it was a dream he actually thought he was wide awake at this certain place; he told me everything was so real more real than the world he lives in. But one doesn't have to quit smoking to experience these weird vivid phenomena's. There are again supplements that activate certain parts of the brain to perform expected results.

We now know that if you are an HDR enthusiast and an SE-5 operator we could get so much more out of our trainings if the brain were properly aligned for the coming task at hand. Granted there are a number of naturalists that would reject any type of artificial stimuli to promote things such as "Lucid Dreaming" or any type of "spiritual" exercises. Again it's all up to the person what he or she thinks!

Another unique product is called, "NOOPEPT" it's an artificial nootropic stimulant that fires up all neurons of the brains functioning causing a "Leap" forward in "intelligence" usable intelligence! You can find a variety of prices listed all over the web from $50 for a thirty day supply to $30 if you buy in bulk. These similar products commonly known as "Piracetum" at one time was the new kid on the block for increasing intelligence.

Remember radionic enthusiasts you need "raw" materials to accomplish the seemingly impossible when it comes to the human-biological system. Not so much when dealing with the "spiritual" side of mankind only just when dealing with the biological side. Supplemental support goes a long ways if taken moderately; just imagine taking a NOOPEPT to increase the "intelligence" functioning of the brain!

Now go one step further and apply this newly found ability(s) with your radionic work already in progress! European countries have been using these for many of years where do you think some of the smartest people and the best schools come from? Do you think that eating their vegetables everyday and taking a one a day tablet will make them smarter! 

They, the Europeans knew better. Years ago it was brought up to congress about "Piracetum" to allow it on the markets and the response was it would cause a disadvantage for the children who could not afford this supplement in the education system. When I read this article back in the early 80's I thought I was going to throw! Lame excuses from lame governments it all fits; keep working class drones and getting rid of anyone who might have something intelligent to offer!

I have yet to try NOOPEPT and probably will like it. I may or may not get smarter but at least my old neurons will know there is still some life left in them! As with any supplement out there be responsible when taking it and consult your doctor (if you still have one) before embarking and embracing on this article. 

Personal responsibility means just that, you are responsible for you actions and inaction's no matter the decision you make. It is for this reason I won't give you no links to such products I have mentioned, that will be entirely up to you to do your own responsible research. So there are many ways to enhance your HDR work along with your SE-5 practices. Research and development require sort of a "Artistic" imagination that's outside the box!

It is "outside the box" thinking where we will discover more uses for our esoteric machines and with our built in computers that lie between each of our ears it is this computer that will make such discoveries but at the same time the knowledge or discoveries made will never see the inside of a classroom in our education system. 

It's up to us, it's up to you to keep alive the "energy" work that is and still being suppressed throughout this country. It's not a conspiracy or some dream someone conjured up it's the law that comes down on the Herbalists and the Homeopathic researchers etc. 

The law is good; basically to keep quacks from hurting innocent people but that is only a small % that do so! The pioneers are also suppressed; our governments will not allow new discoveries that could interfere with the major drug industries. All we can do is use the SE-5 or the machine of your choosing to show the world what can be accomplish and still be safe while walking on glass (the final lay work of our government control) on natural healing's!

I don't heal people with my device even Don Paris said it was not designed to do so it was designed to send and receive "correct information"! It's then up to the individuals bodies and CNS to do all the natural work of healing! I wish all operators would keep this in the forefront of their minds when helping others. 

When my friends call to let me know they were healed I quickly tell them no, my machine did not heal anything it only sends correct information and your bodies CNS (Central Nervous System) responded to the newly acquired information set forth in the broadcasting. In essences thank yourself for healing yourself! If they don't experience "well being" after the broadcasting then it is something deep in their Psyche that is preventing them from obtaining what they seek.

Personally I am not much into "physical" broadcasting of any sort I will give it my best if I do broadcast information. I like just experimenting with the "spiritual" side of the SE-5 along with the "psychological" broadcasts and the "physical tunings" only with my wife and I if needed. Again this is my personal choosing where I desire to go with my practice. I bet if the "spiritual" or "mental" aspects were fully taken care of you wouldn't have as much sickness invading the body as one does today!

There is a full universe of "would of", "could of", "should of" and "might of", this is why it's so important as to be aware of your surroundings both physically, mentally and spiritually. Catching questionable issues within and without of yourselves early on and then tackling the situation head on is your best line of defense. It's the waiting for something to happen that breaks us down, one gets a hopeless feeling to such a degree this is all that person is able to see from day to day.

Quit feeling hopeless and defeated for these are only temporary in nature, be proactive either have someone you know help you or help yourselves by investing either time or money or both to help one another! I give you ways "outside the box" to accomplish this very thing! You can be assured I will find other sources that you wouldn't have even in your remotest ideas could have imagined.



Thursday, November 7, 2013


My vote is in; wether to use the  S1-S4 for quality sleep at least for myself I vote for S3 I used it last night for the second time and when I woke up this morning I was mentally clear and just plain felt great! Of course the side effects were very vivid dreaming throughout the night. But the drawback was I went to sleep late last night I forgot to use the HDR like I wanted to do in conjunction together with EarthPulse.

Tonight I am using the EarthPulse along with the HDR to help me relax and stay within the EarthPulse particular entrainment rhythms. It's been only twice since I started up EarthPulse this year; I purchased it four years ago and since my trauma it was put away for three of those years in storage and once my wife found the unit it has become one of the best purchases so far for me in the last two years. I am not saying that EarthPulse was designed for meditation because it wasn't; it was designed to overcome the EMF's from your electric alarm clocks and cell phones etc.

It was designed to implement a shell of DC shielding using the Schumann's frequency which is the most sought after frequency for guru's and psychics and others who just can't relax whatsoever! However the side effects are worthy enough to be noted here on this blog. In my humble opinion if you are desiring to "Time Travel" using the HDR or similar devices that the market offers; this unit (DC) will give you the cleanest most inexpensive frequency entrainments on the market through cycling!

If it were not true I would be the first to let you know that I got ripped off! Such is not the case with EarthPulse. This week I am doing some research on information about the "new kid" on the block called the "EMF Pump" the thing that bothers me these EMF's are a by product that is going right through you and your brain its the by- product "pollution" end of the generated electricity from computers and other digital products. 

Maybe for short periods of times these EMF's would not be so detrimental but I bet if surrounded with these EMF's for lengthy moments could screw things up a bit with your bio-electrical system in fact it has been already proven through many studies. But I am still considering using it with the HDR since my electro-magnet is pumping out EMF's also. I just not sure at the moment how much Gauss strength is emanating from the HDR when turned "on" I know this unit produces a fair amount of EMF's. 

Here is the description of the above unit that I am interested in procuring:

This is an electric-dynamic generation device designed for paranormal investigating. The EMF pump runs on 120 A/C current which makes it much more powerful than any other pumps on the market and can run for hours. Plug this unit into a 120 volt plug in outlet and it will emit electromagnetic energy into the room the device is placed in. It will produce 400 Milli Gauss strength enough to destroy any computers in the same area.

It is built with a cooling fan and venting in order to allow you to leave this pump on for many hours. It also keeps EMF levels at a range that is less likely to cause any damage to your other equipment and again for "cautions" sake take your sensitive equipment such as your cellphone and recorders or computer IPADs etc. to a safe maximum distance.

I was also reading much material with the Tesla Coil in general; it too produces huge fields of EMF's, you can obtain a desktop one for $200 or if you want you can get the Van De Graph five foot tall unit that runs about $800.00. The five foot one produces 200,000 watts of voltage into the air not to mention the "Gauss" strength and creating a "scalar vortex"; I'm not so sure how loud this coil would be if you live in an apartment complex. 

I think Carl Novella took it one step ahead of me by getting the desktop "Science" Tesla Coil that are around $200 and adjusted the spark gap with while rubbing the HDR sensor pad at the same time, when he got his "resonating" peak either low or high he stopped turning the spark gap to tune the Tesla Coil with the HDR. He told me one time it took him into another dimension that nearly killed him and during the flight he was picked up by aliens.

I am not sure what to say about such a story so I will just keep with the facts presented for future scrutiny. Yes it is possible and plausible that the Tesla Coil can create "Scalar" energies on a large magnitude scale even stronger then the HDR can perform when it comes to "scalar" tunneling. Steven Gibbs once told me that he didn't like this idea because it would take one to a negative universe containing unwelcome entities.

Again that is up to the reader to decide such "truths"presented here and by each person who has experienced special things while using the HDR. As you can see there are many of things a researcher can get his or her mitts on to better oneself and to make oneselve more productive in seeking the answer or fulfilling their own expectations. 

Could that quest be: "Is there life beyond ours and if so who are they and where are they and what do they look like". Of course don't leave out the curious just wanting to go backward and forward in time; I admit it is a fascinating thought if one could do such things with the HDR with its working theory Steven Gibbs talks about. 

If you studied backward in time about the radionic boxes built and used by operators such as Ruth Drown and many from the country of England; they had boxes taking pictures of peoples bodies clear across the world using only blood samples! How do you suppose they done that! What got the married couple like George and Margorie De La Warr into trouble in England was for selling their radionic camera to a working class person a fifty year old woman.

This women knew nothing about radionics and it didn't work for her so she sued them in a lengthy court of law and guess what she was poor and the state paid all her legal fees. It was afterwards the couple did win the court case, spending and exhausting many millions of dollars yet they saved the radionic industry in England from being suppressed forever by their government! 

The pivotal point that I am arriving at is, not all radionic devices are for all people including the famous or infamous Steven Gibbs HDR unit. The magnet will of course work for anyone there are no special gifts required for that but it's the dials on the box this is what separates the "Wheat" from the "Chaff". This is where ideas are realized and dreams crushed at a moments notice. Even I know that the "mind" is the "Key" to unlocking such feats of the HDR.

I would like to say to each and everyone of you that the HDR is totally generic and anyone can use it but that would not be a truthful statement maybe a "partial" truth. Who wouldn't want to go back into time and change what today is that's being played out to become initially our new "past"! 

Surely there are things out there I would have loved to change in my own past but do you know if I did I wouldn't have learned through growth and perplexity how to be responsible for my family and friends when critical times arrive.

Like it or not we are human beings and we all grow at our own speeds both in the physical and in the mental and in the spiritual sense. I want to give the HDR operators the benefit of the doubt because of what I also experienced using such a device. Granted if I never experienced anything with the HDR I probably would be that 99% saying don't waste your monies and time it will never work and if I did tell you that right now I would be "lying" to you in a big way!

"Stay true to thyself" this is the key to success! When it comes to the SE-5 1000 that I recently purchased and the HDR purchased a few years back I want to be able to experience what both machines are able to accomplish according to the inventors theories and visions while they were building it. 

I don't want to forget those who are having a difficult time get the "Harmonic" stick reaction on the pad of the HDR. This is probably the most complicated to explain because everyone is different and has differ abilities when it comes to getting your fingers to "stick" on the pad.

When I first did it there was nothing in the "Manual" telling me as an operator how to get a "stick" reaction on the rub plate of the HDR! So I put a bit of talcum powder on my index finger and middle finger then I took my hand and with the two fingers began to rub in a circular motion while with the other hand turning each tuning knob or pot ever so slowly. When my two fingers finally "stuck" I couldn't any longer rub the plate unless I took my hands off it and did it once again.

It was brutal not having anyone to turn to for advice on how to get that "Stick" reaction. During the course of learning which didn't take all that long, if I thought I got a "stick" on the plate I would stop turning the first dial and then I would start turning the second dial or tuning pot while rubbing the plate with my right hand. The question at the time was my  "Stick" a real "stick" or just maybe oily fingers?

I will give you a hint I can analyze let's say a potato and come up with 32% in life force energies and let's further say George did the same analysis on his machine with the same exact potato but he came up with 42% life force energies so who is right and who is wrong! They are both right! Everyone senses energy at different harmonics some maybe higher while others lower perhaps. The point is both found their respective harmonics in different areas of the same potato because the potato exists on the entire scale no matter the level of %!

The key is to practice and since there is no right or wrong concerning the "Stick" you will be more accurate as time goes on with the practicing of your device. This question still plaques the HDR operator can a person go back or forward in time if they do get a "stick" reaction to that exact month and year? I would want to say "yes" but in reality "no" you will not. Because this $500 (after buying the larger magnet he sells) machine is only made up of a few Radio Shack parts two 50k tuning pots hmm!

Shshsh! Don't let anyone know; I still have fun playing around with it when I make the time! Every person plays out his or her's own fantasies to certain degrees whether it be time travel or being the boxing champion of the world! We all wear masks when in the public eye so to speak whereas I wear mine at the bottom of my signature page. We wear one kind of mask at work and another at home and one we go out to socialize the trick is to be able to differentiate betwixt the three all at the same time in this reality.

We covered lot's of ground in this article but I at least owe to the HDR community at large some information that may or may not be useful in their ever daunting quest to reach that far end of the rainbow to find a treasure unobtainable with any other way.