Wednesday, April 27, 2016


They say diamonds are forever!

You remember Semjase whom I talked about, whom Dr. Fred Bell talked personally with a few times in his past 30 years before his passing! The Adromedan's watch over us carefully especially when setting off any of the Nuclear bombs either by us or by Pyong in North Korea. My friend and I have the Holographic Necklace Projector along with the Nuclear Receptor and I had taken out the fake diamonds and replaced them with F-G clarity diamonds. The projector has almost 2 ct. size broken into 4 separate 1/4ct. diamonds for the projector. That was the most expensive; it is now valued by the insurance company for $7000.00! The diamonds only cost $2000! After a few months their value sky rocketed!

The real diamonds and their clarity will enhance not only the power of these devices but the value of these devices. My Nuclear Receptor was appraised at a jewelers it took around 4 hours or so and they called us that our written appraisal for the insurance information was completed and he valued that solitaire diamond in the Receptor for $7500.00! I purchased the diamond at a wholesale place for around $1200.00! I guess diamonds are forever!

My wife want's me to wear both of them (Nuclear Receptor and Holographic Projector) while I am at home; but not when I am driving. She especially wants me to wear both of them when using the Quantum Crystal Radio EJ Gold created. I guess she hopes we will establish Andromedan contact with the crystal receiver. That would be awesome talking with Semjase! If I don't do it, one may never know what could have been discovered. My goal is to get 5-6 of EJ's circuit amulets and place them together on the 14KT gold neck rope neck chain; only to be worn when doing my beacon work and sleeping with them on! I had to purchase gold spacers to keep the amulets from bumping into each other.

It isn't always the wisest of choices; that men or women who decide to publish unproven technologies to the world! You have to remember the "Eyes" and "Ears" of NSA and above watch over you like guardian angels or a devil from the gates of hell!

Those of you who own the SuperBeacon and the SuperHDR are being monitored; if you think not your fooling yourselves! They (could be anyone) at this time; are watching what you and I do and accomplish while we are using these devices. They are reading how much information your letting go about your accomplishments as well. I couldn't tell you that it may be MIB's, it could be or someone or something higher in the ranks. So how does this effect all of us who use such equipment? I guess we will find out soon enough!

For those who are extremely successful with the SuperBeacon and SuperHDR, keep low keyed for awhile! Write down everything you can remember or use a portable voice recorder to dictate later. I bought a small handheld digital recorder years ago and have it in our safe! I sit back once in awhile and wonder what people are exactly looking for! That's a tough question! I can't please everyone, nor would I want to try! But at the same time we, that is my wife and I hope to be of help to someone out there!

Steven Cheverton from Australia is also creating an HDR (his own version) with his own version of the electro-magnets which are quite impressive! He shows them on Youtube. I don't know if he is ready to "Sell" his versions 3 or not! You can email him and ask him! What we are essentially trying to accomplish is, what they did on the "Matrix" and "Matrix Reloaded"! You remember when they would be jacked into the computer with a cable to the back of the neck and the operator could download information that would take minutes and learning skills what would take years, one could accomplish in eight hours.

Parallel jumping into ones own body would be like slipping into a glove that fits your size...

When "Parallel" jumping into another "You" in another parallel universe, you will instantaneously pick up that particular skill or quality from your other self! You didn't even need to jack a cable in the back of your neck! Does this all sound like fantasy to you! It's not! It's not; when you had the chance like I did to experience a "real" place in a "real" time in a "real" body! In an alternate world.

My friend in Ohio, knows only too well what that was like! My friend in Nebraska just received his SuperBeacon and we talked on the phone a day or two later. He was telling me the first night using the SuperBeacon, while listening to the first of 30 CD's, it made him so relaxed beyond anything he could have done on his own!

That evening he told me, after we hangup, he was going to place his amulets he bought a few years ago on top of the beacon to charge them all night long. I haven't heard from him in the past week or so. He usually calls me once or twice a month and he feels that anymore calls from him he is bothering me! I told him not on your life! I take his research seriously and honor his friendship! I must have watched the "Matrix" a dozen times in a year and it never gets boring for me! Maybe there is something about the movie I had a personal connection with after what happened to me using the SuperBeacon!

My wife tries to forget! That fateful night! Why is it; when you find something that works, we still doubt ourselves on what actually happened! Was it real what I experienced and why after five years is those thoughts still cemented in my consciousness? I can still remember that Naval Vessel and the smell of the salt air from the sea! I can remember before that event, one of the crystal coils vibrating in my left hand or more so buzzing slightly!

Realism is still the matter of "Perception"!!! That is the ability of one to be able to decode the information presented to the practitioner...

It's hard to forget something that was real when I purchased it and real when I experienced it and real when I sent it back because we didn't understand, why we both went through something scary when we entered into this with "good" intentions. We didn't understand what a real "Negative" universe really was! Nobody in my high school ever talked about it in 1977 and no one in the military taught me anything about this type of experiences or whether parallel universes even exist.

You have to know EJ Gold "accidentally" discovered this phenomena when tuning a Germanium Crystal Set around 2009, it wasn't all that long ago! So this experience is still relatively new for myself even though 5 years has come and gone! I hadn't got the chance to jump into another "me" in another universe but I will; the time coming! Update: I am waiting on my custom ordered SuperBeacon! If you need personal help on information concerning the Beacons and Amulets, just call:

530-271-2239 and tell either Yanesh or their other assistant there that "DEN" recommended you, for their help! They know me and work with me all the time. My blog readers get special attention...And free customization of their Future SuperBeacon orders! 

Instead of a black box (ABS plastic) you can from this blog only get the permission to acquire a maple or oak casing of your crystal radio with a glass top! It's beautiful! EJ will only do it for my readers only! Anyone else outside this blog will have to order the plastic black box only! Just a thank you for taking your time to drop by and read my articles.

UPDATE: I now have my SuperBeacon on the 25th April 2016.

You can change your "past" mistakes by changing your "present" parallel universe persona! Just decide what skill or practice you want and jump into another "You" who has experience in that field for the past twenty or so years from another universe parallel to our own! Then come back and let those qualities overtake you in the "present" universe, it's just that easy! Once you apply this in your working world, you will get that promotion you have been looking for! Or that education you wanted but you didn't think you were smart enough! Not if you find your double in a parallel universe who has a doctorate degree maybe in mathematics etc.

You never know when information you once found will end up in the present for another look...

Once in awhile somethings, good things show up every now and then! Well, this is one of those times! I found this site and saved it for months in my private folder but I haven't had a chance to know what this guy actually does with these incredible sounds. He calls them the "Blissed Codes". While I was waiting to get my wife from work, I decided to plug in the boss earbuds to listen to his four minute promo! My days aren't always the best, so I clicked on the "Play" button and closed my eyes! After four minutes I found myself in a lower level of "Theta".

I couldn't believe this! Did I just pass out! Because I wasn't feeling all that good that day or was it actually these weird setup sounds waves this guy designed. This has nothing to do with any type of binaural beats or Iso-Chronic beats etc. It's the way the musical landscape is mathematically produced. Just listening to a 7 minute promo is enough to convince anyone these landscape tones can take your brainwaves down to "delta" in less then seven minutes of listening.

When I am using my NEO-IDL  22 it takes me about five minutes to enact the protocol! Now I have 45 minutes to twiddle my thumbs! I can purchase 6.5 hours of this bliss musical landscape for $49.00 and he has other experimental soundscapes with subliminal programming capabilities. I thought just the seven minutes promo was great to listen too! I couldn't imagine listening to one of the 6.5 hours worth of landscape music such as, "Distance Thunder" etc.

You know it's not all about advertising...

If something unusual and works out there, I will eventually find it and so will you! This isn't place to "Sell" things, though once in while, I will sometime in future offer sponsor links. But only if I think the product is a 5-star! My wife gave me the go ahead to purchase the 6.5 hours of soundscape! She gets mad at me when I play the samples on the laptop; when she is sitting next to me! These soundscapes are smooth and if you are not careful it will take you under its spell! I wouldn't suggest listening to these when driving any motorize vehicle!

My wife dozed off several times and she would come back telling me to stop it! She had things she needed to do! The funny thing about it; I was only playing the background soundscape for 7 minutes only! What if I could have played this for one hour! We probably both have been passed out into "Theta" land. So what makes this so unique from other types of music? Its mathematical properties in its construction.

He added the "BlissCodes" with "Subliminal's" not sure what that would be like but I understand his theoretical approach. "Subliminal's" by-pass the conscious mind and go directly into the subconscious mind! But what if you are already there while listening to the soundscapes? Are you beginning to see the picture here! Instead of watching subliminals, here you will be listening to "UTRA-Sonic" messages that were created using the "Bliss" coded information.

Behind every good technology lies a "patent" from someone...

October 27th 1992 a patent was registered to a Dr. Oliver Lowery working at Silent Sounds inc. It shows a audio carrier technology using the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSS or S-quad). In this patent (US Patent #5,159,703, Silent Subliminal Presentation System") the abstract reads:

"A silent communication system... ... with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones, or piezoelectric transducers".

Edward Tilton, President of Silent Sounds, Inc., says this about their use of this technology in a letter dated December 13, 1996:

"All schematics, however, have been classified by the US Government and we are not allowed to reveal the exact details... ...we make tapes and CD's for the German Government, even the former Soviet Union countries! All with the permission of the United States Department of course... The system was used throughout Operation Desert Storm (Iraq) quite successfully."

The idea of subliminal's isn't nothing new to people, but more and more of the technology is coming out from the shadow world into our waking world...

He is talking about their sound technology transmitting messages or information directly into the subconscious mind using close to ultrasonic voice messages. You can not hear what the voices say, but the subconscious mind can and does!

Dr Oliver Lowery did not renew the Silent Sound Presentation system patent in 2004. Who knows what they moved on to and apply today. I could understand and use the patent blueprints and apply my own knowledge to it together with BlissCoded sound technology said Marc Knudson. This type of subliminal audio is completely silent because the sound is transmitted on frequencies outside of what we can consciously hear. Our conscious mind can not detect it, but the subconscious mind can, and does. "Silent sound" worked well enough for the military use it with success. (Keep this in mind)
Information/messages is presented directly into your subconscious mind - the blueprint of our conscious mind - and the conscious mind starts adjusting to the updated blueprint. This is not hocus-pocus. By using subliminal audio scripts in very specific ways, we can accomplish astonishing personal and life changes by playing these messages on repeat while we sleep.

Combining BlissCode technology with this, increases the effect due to the  balanced and clear minded state it puts us in. One can if desired on top of this use visualisation techniques (like those made popular in "the secret") increasing the power even more. I use extremely specific voice messages scripted using expert subliminal scripting techniques.
Now for the new part of this old technology!
Mark Knudson will be presenting each subliminal audio in two versions: One with inaudible subliminals alone and another with added very enjoyable  "BlissCoded" sound, coded very delicately using this technology which is based on Phi, "The golden ratio" or what you might call sacred geometry mathematics or even fractal sound. 

BlissCoded sound itself has when writing this had close to 10 million views of the audio tracks presented on youtube. That is because it works. What is now presented here is the culmination of over 10 years of personal experience and development in this field and is literally not available anywhere else. No need to look any further. This is it.

Go to Mark Knudson's site and learn more about his products! You see there are other opportunities that do exist if you look hard enough! That's my job! Research the latest accidental discoveries and if at all possible purchase said item and write about my experiences...

Saturday, April 23, 2016


There is another tool EJ Gold has designed and developed what he calls, The Astral Projection HeadBand"! This headband has small circuit pendants glued to an elastic headband...

Well spring is finally here! I for one am sick of the winter months! Most of these articles won't be read until your weekend evenings! This is good! I wanted to talk about my good friend from Nebraska who just recently purchased a "SuperBeacon" from E.J. Gold.

My friend from Nebraska will get back with me with his experiences when he has them! In the meantime, he told me something interesting about another item he purchased from EJ. Gold, which is the "Astral Projection" Headband about a year ago! He had this device from EJ prior to getting the SuperBeacon. He told me, the head band has small circuitry, (circular in size like a quarter size).  That goes around the headband. The idea is when you wear it during meditation or falling asleep, these beta-blockers will block the "Beta" thus allow your "Theta" to rise up!

This is around $300 or so dollars. My other friend from Ohio purchased the Astral Projectors headband and both of my friends late last year; told me the headbands didn't seem to work! Not like the SuperBeacon anyways! So I put out of my mind about the Astral Projection Headband since last year. Now that I gave it some due attention, he did say when he took DreamLeaf supplement to put one into deep sleep and then later on excite the Neurons with 5H substance his "Astral Projection" Headband work perfectly! So it wasn't that the headband wasn't working it was the lack of depth of his "theta" mind that blocked it!

My good friend from Nebraska told me, he finally got his headband to work this year but like I said, it always worked how it was designed!  He told me, "Do you remember when I told you late last year the Astral Projection Headband doesn't work for some reason"! I said, yes I remember and I told him it didn't work for my friend in Ohio either.
He told me, for some reason he was trying to figure out why this headband he purchased for $300 just wasn't working. He thought to himself, maybe I am not allowing myself to deeply relax and besides he works at a business downtown and works helping his parents on the farm!

I don't know about you all, but farm work is difficult and physically demanding. So each time he would lie down to meditate he would fall asleep for 8 hours missing the headband opportunity itself! Messing up what chances he had to Astral Project to the "Astral"! It seems to me, the would be projector must get him or herself down to the mental state of 1/2 awake and 1/2 asleep before this band kicks in. Again this is all based on assumption and anecdotal evidence.

About a year ago, I wrote an article about "Dream Leaf" a natural sedative/beta awakening formula. It was designed for the "Lucid Dreamer in mind...

My friend was scuffing about in his room and discovered a half used bottle of "Dream Leaf". He thought, maybe I should take the blue pill before going to bed, so I can get into a deep Delta sleep and set the alarm around 3:00am and take the "red" capsule then go back to sleep while wearing EJ. Golds Astral Projection Headband the whole time period. Then the magic happened! That night and the next three nights that have come and gone, he was able to Astral Time Travel and it was so real you couldn't determine if you were actually asleep or awake he told me!

This is an Astral Projection Amulet helps aids one quest to travel to uncharted territories.

He said, never in the years he has been astral traveling that is, coming out of body to explore all the strange new worlds, was any of his excursions lifelike, they were mostly dream like quality. What we both discussed that made perfect sense was, he was overtired and overworked for one thing and the "blue" pill is a natural sedation formula to allow you to sleep quickly and effortlessly. It seems the Astral Projection Headband by itself is only a supplemental tool, which was designed specifically to work this way! Knowing both guys has one in different states and both complained it didn't work. Yet both never took into consideration the mind state you need to be in to operate efficiently with this device and of course the SuperBeacon/Beacons/ZoneBox would greatly aid such travels with the amulets.

It's been a week and my friend said, you wouldn't have believed where he has gone using this "Dream Leaf" and the Astral Projection Headband! I talked about "Dream Leaf" in my past articles in this blog! It contains 30 Red Pills and 30 Blue Pills. Take the Blue before sleeping and set alarm to take the "Red" and go back to sleep. The Red pill has a formula with 5HTP with other herbs and particular roots. In all honesty, you don't need this supplement if you can bring yourself down into light or what I like to call early stages of "Theta"!

Just to let you all know in EJ's Book called "Parallel Worlds Explored" Chapter 40 first page that "Amulets" are supplemental tools and doesn't replace the Beacons job...

I had taken some of these herbs and had very vivid dreaming but I didn't have the Astral Projection Headband from EJ. We as in both my friend and I, discussed the quality of the small circuits attached to the elastic head band. Now there is one of my readers who is in the same situation, he was having extreme difficulties using the HDR and once it was realized he new very little about bringing his brainwaves down to "Theta" then he knew he needed something more to help in his quest to Astral Project...So He purchased the "Dream Leaf" and hey there are other similar products you can get at GNC...

Or do what my friend did from Nebraska this past week, use the product called, Dream Leaf After taking the blue capsule before lying down and 3-4 hours later in the mid-morning hours, he would wake himself up to take one "Red" pill and went back to sleep with his EJ Gold Astral Projection HeadBand, he told me this was the wildest astral traveling he has ever done!

The Blue capsule Allowed him adequate deep rest; his chakra's have become charged and his mind got the needed rest for something to be able to happen. He did tell me, one night he decided to take both bills at the same time before going to sleep with the Astral Headband. He said, WOW! You would not believe it, he began to partake in highly emotional states dreaming one after another all night long! He told me I can still remember everything and everyone I talked with.


The results of his Dream Leaf capsules along with wearing EJ Gold's "Astral Projection Headband"was pretty much an success...But that is not his goal...He awaits his SuperBeacon for proper training...Since the time of this writing he now has the SuperBeacon...

So he is pretty excited that those Dream Leaf capsules along with the Astral Projection Headband, which works beautifully together, he has the SuperBeacon to enhance the amulet what he desire to accomplish, this is just his guess! I am waiting for him to call me about any unusual results after placing the headband on the SuperBeacon. The Dream Leaf by itself didn't do much for him when he purchase it about a year ago. At least not until a week ago, when he supplemented the Astral Projection HeadBand.

His SuperBeacon finally arrived and he used the SuperBeacon in conjunction with the Astral Headband and his astral projection was extremely vivid. I was glad I got him interested in the "Dream Leaf" at the beginning of last year, when I made mention about it in my blog! Now he has the SuperBeacon, he can enhance both headbands and amulets that he purchased about a year or so ago!

He is pumped! He wants to visit his first PUP (Parallel Universal Personae) He want's to take that accumulative knowledge. The first thing he wants to do is acquire the skills to play the piano! We know a piano has 88 keys but unfortunately for him and myself; we use 88 thumbs only! Only kidding ole friend! He wants to visit his parallel self in another universe, who had become a famous pianist. That's pretty cool! I told him don't forget the one MD I read about in another blog, she had her SuperBeacon for 5 years and finally has mapped out 90 different parallel universes she can visit and revisit over and over again until she gets bored with them and moves to a new universe.

When the doctor gets bored visiting the same place; all she or he has to do is, pick up the stakes and find another world! She told us her "Manifestation" abilities are off the charts so to speak! One lady who made a comment about one of EJ Gold's Youtube videos said, she was only using the SuperBeacon for 8 months and her manifestation abilities were off the chart also! So it seems the more time we spend with the SuperBeacon and with some of his amulets that may be of interest to you, the more they gathered "accumulative" effects with long time usage! How much more and what will happen right now is anyone's guess with the "accumulative effect" distribution from the SuperBeacon!

I am now awaiting for the specifics from my friends experiences after enhancing his amulets and the use of the SuperBeacon....

This should be interesting, when my friend from Nebraska "enhances" his "Astral Headband" along with some of his other "amulets" in an overnight session using the "SuperBeacon". I am definitely looking forward in writing them on this blog!

Maybe I should purchase another "Dream Leaf" bottle and use it with my Dr. Fred Bell's "Nuclear Receptor" and "Holographic Projector" before retiring at night and I am not all that crazy about having to set an early alarm to take a "Red" pill, so it stimulates my waking consciousness, while my body goes back to sleep! Yet I am loyal to my friend and want to experience what he is going through and to understand how he must feel about it. I trust his judgement!


I was thinking if the SuperBeacon could enhance my Nuclear Receptor and Holographic Projector necklaces they would do what the designer enable them to do in the first place. I know there are no guarantees for this to work, I am not sure if space radio waves are the way to go with something like these "static" necklaces from Dr. Fred Bell, since they are not designed like EJ Gold's circuit necklaces. Those, the Dr. Fred Bell necklaces were designed to be used with his standalone Holographic Projectors which are also "static", they need strong lasers and the plates reflect the "protons" into the scalar realms...$2100 just for one standing Holographic Projector plate and you can purchase as many as you can afford! The trick is to augment the system with strong pen lasers resting on miniature tripods.

The Dr. Bells necklaces effect the vortexes in the area of your work because of their shape, the sacred pyramid shapes and by the use of the "protons" from the portable lasers (the stronger ones, not the party lasers). I do have one of EJ's "Prosperity" amulet made of green wiring and a couple of capacitors and all I have to do is put it on a chain, I want to get the newer version for my wife a bit more expensive, along with the induction Prosperity CD. I will use this and my double black amulet after an 8 hour enhancement on the SuperBeacon. Since I didn't have the SuperBeacon the last few years, I just placed those amulets in the safe for safe keeping until that day arrived, which it now has!

Two of EJ amulets I own, I never had the chance of using, especially the "double black diode" amulet costing over $500.00 just for that one! I have them secured in our safe. How many people do you personally know that ever succeeded in parallel time traveling or who have you ever heard of using real working crystal radio wave amulets to vortex travel? We already know the answers, none! Not until EJ's beacons came to light and I and my two other friends have also experienced PUP's using the SuperBeacons, Astral Projection Headbands and Zone Box.

I know about 5 including myself who now own the SuperBeacons. None of which any of us can prove with concrete evidence that we have been where we said we were. I had one experience physically with the Gibbs HDR in 15 years! Once you experience the beacons and amulets yourselves, the only proof you need is that "you experienced it" and that should be good enough! Telling others would be useless, because unless they too; can experience this travel, they are not going to believe you or be excited about what you have done!

When "Sliders" was a evening series on T.V. show it revealed the possibilities of parallel time traveling and the possibilities of being lost on the wrong earth track! But this was "Physically" traveling! We are going to do "non-particle" traveling, so we can jump into our "other" selves and use your "other" bodies to accomplish this feat.

I was watching some show on "Sliders" where the young scientist created an electronic gizmo that opens portals to parallel worlds using zero point energies and certain frequencies. The whole show is centered around these few people who are lost and can't come back to their home world. You don't have to worry at least for now, this SuperBeacon only allows "non-particle" participation to slice through the membranes to other worlds.

That means for now, your consciousness would be allowed only; along with all 5 of your senses. That's why, when I was taken on a huge Naval Vessel in some kind of body, while using the SuperBeacon I could smell the salt area on the oceans and hear the seagulls and the ocean waves splashing up against the vessel. If I left using my physical body, I could have died! There are from what I heard, there are a few customers who call into BRANE Power Center telling them, they had physically time traveled using the amulets and the beacons! If they did physically do something; at best it would be "anecdotal" evidence not to be sneered at but to be pondering the event.

After the SuperBeacon induction of five years ago, I this blogger, was transported to a Naval Vessel and I could feel the coolness of the metal doors, that the sun hadn't beat down upon on.  I could taste the salt in the air! When you have all (5) senses going off all at the same time; it would be near impossible to know if your superconsciousness has left your body or if you are really there or you must be in some kind of dimension not yet understood. I and my friend were in the same predicament not knowing if, what we were experiencing was real or not after our SuperBeacon use! Because I nor my wife, nor my friend could not tell the difference. In all respect and for all intense and purpose everything we experienced was "real"!

The Gibbs HDR would do pretty much the same thing; only when you could get it working once or twice a month! Steven said the best time to use the HDR, was 3 days before the full moon and 3 days after the full moon with the SuperBeacon or Beacons this is not necessary. Using Electromagnets to create a time distortion isn't a new idea! Unfortunately, we need both the Radionic HDR box and the Electro-Magnets to create a time bubble. Using the HDR is more than just turning a dial and using the rub plate and placing electromagnets on your stomach area. One had to understand and able to use radionic equipment. Steven fails to explain this to the buyers!

The SuperHDR that people always talk about including myself, has some specifics you have to understand before trying to use such a unit...

When using the HDR, you are using the rub plate and tuning the dialing pots, you are using your intuitiveness in doing so! This device picks up on that intuitive "White Light" that you are using and locks in some mysterious codes for directions, where you would like to time travel too. Except, if you don't have direct communication with your subconscious minds during this initiated process; while using the HDR, you will miss your timeline by a slingshot mile! There are other times people just don't have the fuel or the "psychic gift of intuition" to activate the directional sequence in the HDR.

They run the electro-magnet but this doesn't send you back in time or into the future! These magnets build up a field of attraction for the vortexes. The HDR box needs to be tuned to your subconscious minds to know where and when to send you too! It's just how the schematic was designed. It's not a quantum type radio like the SuperBeacon, but the HDR takes a bit more from a person and it takes a longer period of time to excite the chakra's into fully charged unit.

It just happens that the SuperBeacon is able to naturally charge the individual's "chakras" effortlessly. Without your interference! His crystal radio waves will engulf all the sodium and water in your body and your body becomes the "ground"or one becomes a type of parabolic antenna array to accept all those radio waves. This crystal radio out does binaural beats because the "binaural" beats only effect the ear drum not the entire body. Then one has to depend on that phantom sound produced between the to different hertz in each ear to bring one in "Theta" or other brainwave states of mind. But what about the rest of the body and the fluids of the body and the fluid around the branes cavity?

But the SuperBeacon does something much more that still baffles theorists! Theoretical models were created by EJ Gold and a few other of his friends but they came up with unanswered questions in their mathematics. If it can do this and that and this equals that; then what becomes of it! I 'm just joking, I don't know how a theoretical physicist works our theories and solutions but that is certainly would be my questions I would discuss with people about the SuperBeacon!

This particular machine somehow causes ripples or waves in the space/time continuum...

We haven't been able to figure out how the spouse (he or she or it) becomes affected by the SuperBeacons presence and not holding the copper coils! We found when experiencing parallel universal traveling, we cause a ripple in our own timeline once we apply the knowledge from the other worlds into this current timeline. From the current timeline it will cause a ripple effect in all your parallel timelines! It's pretty much endless.

What we are not sure of; if these "changes" could cause ripples in other "timelines" in the parallel worlds we have visit, the next question would come to mind would be if we do something in our current timeline with the SuperBeacon will it cause a "ripple effect" for other people's timelines? Honestly, we are not sure who we are hurting or helping at this time! The most we would know about this is what happens to us during these travels.

I know most of us wouldn't purposely cause harm in anyway, shape or form for the purpose of research. But we still have to keep in mind that in histories past, some of the most horrific damages were done by the best of "intentions"! Like the discovery of E=MC2 man's twisted vision came up with the invention of the Atomic bomb and look what happened to Hiroshima and its twin island!

Einstein's dreams would have never came true, if the US government didn't practically kidnap him from Germany for the use of his knowledge that could have better the world, but instead, it put our world in extreme potential genocide for the entire human race. The other thing to consider here is, Uncle Sam paid the bill for Einstein's living, so he could invent weapons of mass destruction! Too bad our government doesn't pay the bill to do research to help those in need amongst the populous to engineer better foods and housing and jobs!

When you least expect something to happen you know it will happen suddenly when you use the SuperBeacon!

Switching Tracks once again! Something happen to me tonight on 13th of March 2016! I was lying down trying to let my mind relax and it got to a point I noticed and felt someone or something grabbing my leg! Then I realized I was at the border of sleep and being awake! I allowed the handling of my entire body and then my body began to buzz like crazy! I then felt my body turn in a 180 degree direction still inside my physical body! Then suddenly, I was floating about one half meter off the bed! I did this several times but each time was still kind of creepy; having someone come into the bedroom and grab my shoulders etc.

Then my wife called me on the I-Phone and it snapped me out of my phasing in and out of my body! You see I had control pretty much the whole time! But you have to allow your mind and body to relax, yet not allowing the consciousness to fall asleep! In about 15 minutes or so, the environment will start to feel a bit creepy, like someone or something is trying to touch you or walking into your room while you are lying there! What I am experiencing is the "astral" environment! We are Tri-Part beings, body, mind/soul (emotions) and lastly spirit! Each of these work seamlessly together! And we experience some of these things when we hit during the onslaught of sleep! We experience to a greater degree depending on each ones individually!

It seems the least I try the more easier it is to project my consciousness outside myself. There really is no "book" that can teach one to astral project. Because astral projection is "personal" and the way it operates for each individual is extremely personal! The books can tell you how to position yourselves and how to breathe and how to clear your minds but it boils down to you and your ability to hold yourselves at the border of sleep and the ability not to let "Fear" overcome you, because in the astral state, your "fears" will manifest into something "real" and tangible! "theta" and "delta" are king(s) in their realms.

Many strange and wonderful things happen right at the body asleep/mind awake stage...The impossible now is possible, the improbable now becomes probable!

Without the SuperBeacon or SuperHDR it takes a bit more familiarity with oneself to know how far to go into sleep before the consciousness starts falling asleep! I was still too awake to make the entire separation happen! Because right before my first floating sensation; my phone was making sounds each time the emails would come in (I forgot to cancel the sound). Part of my physical body was a bit too much awake but still enough relaxed to be able to open my etheric bodies shell! To learn more about this get Robert Bruce's 90 days to Astral Projection"! You can purchase this on Or get better yet, get EJ's book on Astral Projection! This would be my first choice!

Once the "Etheric" body opens up then your "astral" body will begin to float away from the physical body easily enough! I know this because I studied under Robert Bruce for about 15 years on and off! He couldn't teach me to project but he could teach me about the "fears" one faces when hanging around the astral world too close to the body and how to work each chakra before the nights travel. Even after studying much about other peoples astral traveling, there is one question that is always hanging around, "How do I do it"? I realize what works for you to astral project, but I am not you! I need to know for myself, you need to know for yourselves (Personal) centered.

If you know how to approach the sleep state by just relaxing and sensing your surroundings every so often and when you discover oddities like someone is right beside you or you are being touched or sat upon then or you may hear clanging of pots and pans, then you know you are separating from your physical body. The first thing you should do is suppress your "Fears"! The fear of someone trying to hurt you, it's hard but you can do it! Once you are able to go beyond this step you will experience the next step in the projection process with much ease.

Even with the SuperBeacon there is one hurdle we must all overcome and that is "FEAR" your basic primordial type of fear that keeps one alive in dangerous situations...

Once you past that "Fear" of someone invading your personal space, just let yourself say whatever happens, happens! Then you will sense with your feelings, a lifting up into the air and you may turn a 180 degree while floating! I mean it, you can do this! Why is this important to know? Because when you use the SuperBeacon or the SuperHDR.

You will begin to become aware of certain sensations when they happen and that fear and panic you had at the beginning will be nulled out! Working out that "Fear" ahead of time will allow you to follow the SuperBeacons path without hesitance or resistance on your part much easier. Again, this takes a bit of practice playing around with the first step, that is, to phase in and out using your astral body. Key "Mind Awake/Body Asleep"!

This is what happened to my friend in Ohio, he never put two and two together. When he separated with the SuperBeacon he would experience chaotic environment, which would traumatize his primordial fears! Then these "Fears" would manifest in that twilight state becoming to himself as real as can be! You see in this world, in just a frequency lower, "manifestation" of ones feelings no matter what, can be manifested into realtime models of ones greatest fears. It can become solid as the world we see! Better to begin to practice now and overcome these childhood fears!

This is what I am beginning to do! I just ordered my customized SuperBeacon of this year 2016! My beginning goals are taking the disciplinary steps, that is to play around with "mind awake/body asleep" in order to deal with the more powerful aspects of the SuperBeacon when going into the higher Beacon levels. Sure the SuperBeacon will transport you almost effortlessly, but if your not familiar with those sensations that happen when leaving the body, it might scare you down to your last nerve!

I have issues with people getting too close to me in real life situations; this all happened after I was attacked about 5 years ago! So when I reach that mind-state, quasi-awake and body quasi-asleep and if it feels like someone is trying to hurt me or jump on me, then I know what state of mind I am in. I have to force myself to allow the inter personnel connection to happen! Because it is the other "Me" that is trying to communicate with my mind and physical body, not some monster trying to kill me! SuperBeacon practitioners must also be aware, you will not always know how you were transported from one parallel universe to the other, this maybe a "fearful" event! Just remind yourselves all day sporadically that your "Fears" will not have dominion over you!

The question remains when using the SuperBeacon how far down the Rabbit Hole are you willing to travel into...

Getting out of the body or conscious projection, allows you to experience that astral realm where we all go every single night! Why is it there? We don't know! Why do we go there? We still don't know! But it is still there and we still visit it every night! But if I didn't understand all this above, I know the SuperBeacon would have and has allowed me to experience full blown parallel world traveling and astral projection time traveling, to see the future or past anyways without my prior understanding! My friend from Nebraska now only uses the SuperBeacon and the Amulets and the Astral Projection Headband with installed miniature crystal radio medallions attached to it. It's working for him, all of it.

What are the "consequences" of someone trying to do harm or stealing anything in the parallel dimensional worlds? Honestly, I never stoled anything and I wouldn't want to find out...

You know once you separate from your physical body, then with your "non-particle" body you can go through many dimensions and many different worlds in the past and present and in the future! The only issues you will run into with Astral Projection will not be structured enough to allow you to go to specific places repeatedly if you don't have the Beacons! I mean you will only be able to visit the same place maybe one time and that's it! Whereas, with the SuperBeacon it will map out each individual universe and allow you to visit anyone of them over and over again! The device seeks out and tunes into the other "you's" and then presents them to you!

There is no consequence what you do in these dimensions but your chakra's must be fully charged to leave the confounds from your body! Your body and your non particle body is connected by an silver umbilical cord! Even the bible says; if the silver cord is severed, that soul will fly away! In other words a person dies when the connection is severed. If you are too weak because your chakra's are run down, your body will not allow you to disconnect! Somehow the SuperBeacon charges these energy centers of the body all 7 of the chakras, which allows us to separate from our physical body while all along keeping the physical body under the radio waves of the SuperBeacon.

The silver cord is indestructible by earthly means; unless perhaps one commits suicide. It is God who will cut the cord, when it is your time to go! Your astral traveling couldn't do it! So don't be scared! Your parallel traveling couldn't do it! But you could do it in the body, if you got into an accident or did yourself in. I am here to make sure you understand what you are doing and what if any consequences exist once you make up your minds to do something. Let me say, five minutes out of the physical body with no pain, is priceless!

My wife is the barometer of my research and if it can scare her where she can't tell the difference from our real world and the parallel world she came from, then the SuperBeacon has past the test and has performed the actions it was designed to accomplish! Not the scary part but the realistic part of the travel...

My wife is a very brave soul! She was scared to death about the "SuperBeacon" very scared; because of what happened to her in another parallel universe! She told me, "I never experienced anything so "real" and so "scary" in all my life"! I saw it in her eyes! I heard it in heard voice! I sense her trembling and not knowing how to process this new information passed on to her from the SuperBeacon she panicked. What I am saying here is, the lack of knowledge on both of our parts allows our "fears" to creep inwards and to manifest something that wasn't there in the first place.

My wife used the SuperHDR and she experienced an occasional "out of body" trip once in awhile and one "time travel" trip! Yet, this SuperBeacon took her to a place beyond anything the HDR could have given to her. She (couldn't) have found a place like she visited, if she were to look for it in the house of horrors for herself, with all the lights still on showing her the way! We have to control our "fears" or it will "control" us and interfere in any future research or traveling using any of the Beacons.

So as you see here; we are children spinning our dad's revolver with real live ammo from a gun we yet to understand how it works! I think since the Internet came about; it is extremely hard for any information to be suppressed by one organization or one or several people these days, mis-information seems to be the norm where I governments are concerned. I agree, some information can be suppressed by our governments who use proverbial gun at their employees through the signing of non-disclosure liability statements! In other words, if you were to repeat some of the words you knew were not allowed, that person is probably good as dead or lose their retirements or both! People tend to disappear or die by mysterious circumstances.

The SuperBeacon is not only a crystal radio with a "detector" built inside it but it is also a generator which enhances all EJ's amulets not matter what they are!

To sum everything up! My friends are using the Beacon device and the other using the Zone Box along with supplements/medallions if any, whether those supplements are directed in the body from bottles of nutrients or as an assisted or aid the SuperBeacon along with some amulets that receive the radio waves from the SuperBeacon, it only gets better with use! Those accumulated hours will pay off in big dividends.

These amulets are small beacons themselves and were created for specific functions such as "Seeing Real Live Aliens" or "Men in Black"! These amulets are more specialized but were not designed to work independently away from any of the beacons or zone box but to work with them as the SuperBeacon being the main tower of power.

Friday, April 22, 2016


Well there seems to be bit confusion about the Medallions not being able to operate on their own without the SuperBeacon! There was some confusion on my part and the reading of EJ Gold's material from his books and pilot sites...Yes, that is what I said, the SuperBeacon Amulets lose their charges after 8 hours! This is what I understood from the writing material and his Youtube video explanations. 

And once I find this written/youtube material I will send it back to BRANE POWER DBA and try to straighten out the misunderstand with the use of the word "Charging"! I have a note from Miss Yanesh I would like to publish about the misunderstanding with my blog definition and their definition. My apologies for sending a shock wave through the communities of those who already own like myself the amulets from EJ Gold...

Letter to me just Yesterday from Miss Yanesh!

I  just wanted to check in with you on something. Folks seem to believe that the amulets need to be charged. Please let them know that this is Not the case at all. The amulets never loose charge. They are activated through the radio waves in the air. Their charge never decreases. 

In the videos where E.J. talks about charging pendants (or whatever) he is using the word charge in the per-electronics sense. Since the invention of the battery we have come to understand the word charge from the perspective of a battery -- in which you refill something that then discharges and drains out. 

Actually imbue would be a closer match for this older usage of charge. "Permeate with a quality". Some people have "lucky charms..." that they might like to use to contact different things. Folks can "charge" these in the dome, or "charge" them on the super-beacon. Meaning they can imbue them to do a certain job. It's like downloading instructions and downloading various qualities into the item.

I wanted it to be seen by all here how things got turned around on my blog statements and with my understanding of what "charging" means to me! Believe me when I tell you this I agree the amulets do retain constant frequencies from space just like the SuperBeacon does! It was my understanding though after 8 hours one had to charge their devices and to a point I was correct!

But where I missed it was the word "Charge" has changed as Miss Yanesh says, were not talking about "Batteries" when we use the word "charge" we are asking our amulets to perform a certain function in order to do so, this is why EJ stated to place the amulet on top of the SuperBeacon to do a certain job not because they are drained.

I will tell you this much, in all the years I have done this blog I have never ever needed to do a "Retraction" in my statements made and I surely hope this is the one and only in this lifetime! My apologies for all the confusion out there, I guess I was the one confused by the terminology! Forgive me Miss Yanesh and EJ for taking the information out of context and thank you for allowing me to set the record straight!

My apologies to all my readers for the confusion..In any event I got my SuperBeacon and I will be conducting tests with my amulets together and will let you know the results as time goes on...

Monday, April 18, 2016


No one has to be Eccentric to know something is working! They just have to take this to the next step...

I received a great comment on the 8th of March 2016! In essence "he" the reader of this blog, was complimenting me when he said, I sounded a bit eccentric in my writings and kidding himself, he stated that he was in away similar. I guess, when we stick to an idea and we know it works and worked it, there comes this tunnel vision! We only see narrowly, but we still see; it would then take some sort of explosion to knock us off our game, something much more radical!

If I was ripped off from a company charging me $2300.00 or even $4700.00 which in my case the SE-5 1000 Gold cost me, I expect to have the best for that kind of money! If not! I give it right back! Luckily, I can say that all the money I've vested into the esoteric field, the voodoo science approach, it was worth every penny I spent! I eventually sold some of my equipment and still made enough to equal what I paid for it. I take good care of my equipment. I lost a few hundred here or there but not into the thousands I paid for it initially...

Besides, E.J. Gold's SuperBeacon is by far cheaper than my SE-5 1000! Which makes me wonder why? I was personally think after owning the SuperBeacon, it should be worth twice the amount I paid for the SE-5 and I would have paid it! Not because I am gullible or eccentric, I would purchase it because it works and not just on me and my wife but on two other associates in other states that I've known for years, are successful with the Beacons! In fact, being ever so bold against my own words in the past, the SuperBeacon is far more powerful then my SE-5 1000! Yet the SuperBeacon is by far cheaper! Go figure that one out!

This is called the "Spiral" Amulet

I will be making some personal videos about the SuperBeacon and the HDR and talk about the new and current amulets (mini-quantum-quartz crystal-radios!) It will only be here and discussed on this blog with my new video series, practically nowhere else will you get such information other than EJ's website and FaceBook! With the camera/video my wife wants to get and some accessories, along with my explanations of how things work, it will reach somewhere around $1800 and this is not including a good video software editing program!

Here is the thing!

Probably this is where my "eccentric" personality may start to bloom! I don't want the "world" to know who I am! I am not important enough for that kind of exposure! But I do want to be personal about my message! Remember the ScareCrow at the bottom of each article? This is exactly whom you will see on recorded video, when I create each of my teaching and observation videos, he will be there! Get use to it! It will be a new approach in video teaching! A new twist of sorts!

Some people may call it, one's altered ego, I like to call it "not important" either way. The person behind the mask is not important but his message is! Don't shoot the Messenger just listen and learn!

Why in the world would somebody do something like this; to dress to the extreme to hide one's identity? Because no one has yet! Everyone wants stardom and everybody wants people to see who they are on Youtube, but that's not me! I will probably be the first and last, hopefully not the last, who has no interested in oneselves! The picture below is me! It get's a bit warm behind the mask, putting oneself in that burlap masking and my wife gets the thrill of the ScareCrow, legend of Romney Marsh! No, not the Wizard of OZ! Unlike him, I have a brain! But the icon seems to fit the part for the stuff I talk about on this blog...

I feel this way; somebody who hides their "identity" for the purpose to bring attention to the "valued" information is the only way to go, besides who cares who is giving it!  Others may see it as hiding behind the truth, well this maybe for some, if that is what you want to believe, I or no one else can change your mind! In fact you can skip my teaching "videos" in these future articles if it bothers you that is, listening to an unidentified individual, who's only interested in getting the "Message" out not of who or what I am!

If I wanted to expose my real life "pictures" I would be in the movies! Since I am too handsome for such things, I guess concealing my identity is the next best thing! Besides, it is an attention getter! It will command "Curiosity" sheer "curiosity"! Enough so, one will take the leap and begin to listen to what I have to say to you; not necessarily who it "is" that is saying it! I feel the concealed ID that I have, is a startling resemblance of the work I do everyday on the web incognito! A faceless blog writer only interested in sharing the "truth" with you.

The mask identity fits the mold, it allows me to freely give the truth and allow my readers to focus on the information not on me...

Truth is truth, no matter who delivers it! To be honest with you, off the record, it is for "security" reasons due to the nature of the job I had worked for, when in the military and due to the private companies in my local areas I have to deal with from day to day. Drawing attention to oneself in todays world is not the brightest thing to do! Watch how the "Internet Ruined my Life"! Many kids ruined their lives because they "think" with their heads up their own water trough (you get the meaning)! Everyone recognizes them, so when they do something stupid, they can share it with the world...Watch on Youtube the show, "How the Internet Ruined My Life!

People are being murdered and stalked for less! I am a rebel with a cause! My "cause" is to make sure the un-informed are alerted to the "instruments" and "knowledge" that can change their very lives! How many blog authors are concern with your desires and needs? I would hope there would be a few out there besides myself. If not, then I will do my best to make sure when you leave here that you don't leave empty minded of what you all read about!

This instrument is used measuring the electrical emanations coming from your chakras called RFI or Resonant Frequency Induction! It's a specialized highly tuned EMF Meter to measure certain distances from the body!

Charkras and Meridians:

I know of software that can actually measure your "Meridians" and "Chakras" from the beginning and after any type of treatment you may had done for yourselves. It picks up megahertz numerical readings emanation from certain points of your body then it is converted in the software and give a certain color of that area! This is the RFI (Resonant Frequency Induction Meter) in the above picture. The software along with the meter is $800.00, you can see the before and after chakra's and their explicit meanings while using the SuperBeacon! This will tell us, if it is helping us to a great extent or not! Another Software called, ACU-GRAPH is another unique software/hardware tool for measuring all the meridian points. Very accurate! $2500.00

There are many additional tools that can support the SuperBeacon, Beacon and portable Beacons...Support in any research is an invaluable aid to establish certain baselines...

I can show you the "Life Meter" that can actually measure the "Good" in a homeopathic medicine and also the (bad) this life meter can be used to measure the energy force coming from the SuperBeacon and coming from the amulets that you have charged on the SuperBeacon!

Or one can purchase a chakra software program to measure in realtime what each chakra is putting out in charge! Also, using devices like "Asyra", this device is extremely expensive around $12,000.00! Yikes! According to my research, with this instrument it is around 85% correct in its analysis! All one does is hold the handles and let the computer do the rest. (EDS) Advanced!

Asyra, I'm not sure if it is a radionics device but I know it can be used for some radionic things, it was used to check the patients blood and what was wrong with it by the electrical impulse relays from your body, while holding on to the metal sensors! Then the patients went to a qualified doctor to get their blood tested and it nearly came up with all the same issues! They were using around 500-1000 volunteers! The price of $12,000.00 is for "Chiropractors" and "Homeopath" doctors who have a continued business of people coming in and out all week long! It helps attract more people!

But for someone like you and me, who don't have such a business, the cost is prohibited by the very nature it was created for! I found the best and I try to use the best because I deserve it and so do you! Like many of you, I don't go out to find the most expensive software and equipment, it just sometimes ends up that way when I look for the very best! You get what you pay for; this is the nature of the beast! If you are looking for great deals in a very "thin" market arena in "Fringe Sciences", sorry your in the wrong market! Because of it being so "meaning not too many customers are into stuff like this, then it is I and others who have to pay a dear price to obtain these mystical radios and black boxes.

This is one instrument, the crystal radio receiver and broadcaster that can make parallel time traveling a normal conversation around your bonfires. 

Markets fall or rise due to the very product they "sell" or "buy"! I think the SuperBeacon is worth twice the "asking" price due to, what we both experienced both my wife and I when we had the machine! Since I physically traveled into a real dimension using the HDR and had some kind of experience with such, whatever the SuperBeacon is doing to me personally comes without fear but with excitement of the knowing and expectations of things yet to be! Knowing I can travel to the farthest of galaxies in outer space and in the inner-space of man's domain, the inner-mind! I can now travel to the 1st Century all the way up to the 100th Century to learn what I am doing at that moment in another parallel life time or life track as EJ calls it, and to bring that knowledge back with me accumulative style!

After using the SuperBeacon in the evening, the very next evening you will be setting around a camp fire and talking about your most recent voyages! Husband and wives can go on a "Group" voyage using the SuperBeacon together! Both of you going to the same place at the same time, experiencing the same things! Or hey "husbands" and "wives" you can do it alone for some personal time off from each other! You will notice the vague differences in the parallel dimensions you visit in and you will be able to take over your "physical" body in those dimension you are visiting! Just yours and only yours!

You specifically can't possess another's body while in those dimensions! Think of the movie called, "Avatar" whereas the men and women had to possess the AVATAR bodies to be sustained in that world! This is a bit different! You are already in those parallel dimensions because you belong there! As you do right here in the now! I know it's pretty wild! To keep yourself 100% conscious in your parallel traveling, one should be using the SuperBeacon everyday. Without it, I can't Lucid Dream, when I'm dreaming I have no control but if I was "lucid" and my body still asleep, I can control every aspect! Plus I can have a full blown OBE or Out of Body Experience! I just purchased my SuperBeacon and until it arrives, I purchased DreamLeaf for now, so I can bounce around the astral worlds and our solar system without no control for the moment, anyways!

Our Beta thoughts and our biological vehicles allows us too live and communicate in this world and if you peal this away you may discover you have another vehicle, a living breathing one...

We are "dimensional" creatures in this universe! Like it or not! This is our "vehicle" we use in this world and we have other vehicles in other worlds! The SuperBeacon allows us to peel one of many layers/vehicles off by lowering your "Beta" minds and to let your eyes finally awaken from your deep slumber! Yes, the beacon, portable beacon, zone box and super beacon awakens your slumbering minds and gives it a new ability to "see" beyond each layer and so far there are 90 some layers or parallel universes to discover and more to come with experience.

You want to change your existing life? I couldn't have found any better way to change the very life I now live, then to access current successful information from each parallel world! Bringing in these "natural" gifts from other dimensions is the answer to those who sought out the HDR in the first place. To be able to go into your past and try again! Why try again if you are successful in other dimensions in the present on another world and era? Take that "success" that is your inheritance in another parallel world and integrate that success when you come back to earth!

You can bring this success naturally by just showing up in those other dimensions and then you inhabit that body "yours" and bringing those "gifts" back with you in the now of your timeline! Pretty easy isn't it! LOL, only if you have the one of the beacons! I myself, want to go one hundreds of years into the future, maybe thousands and find out what my other selves are at this time currently  doing and how I can help those of "Me" who are down and out to come up to success from this century!

There are many reasons why one would attempt a parallel time jumping, the first is to change their lives almost immediately...

Imagine for one moment, you jump into your "other" body that is light years away according to earths measurements, a Kaku away according to quantum physic measurements! You breathe the same air and feel the freshness of the parallel planet! There is one good thing, you can't be hurt whatsoever! As far as I know! These worlds may or may not have impact on you in what you do in them, consequence may or may not be of any consequence! Be respectful, we still don't know who watches over these worlds! It's a possibility you maybe cut off from them altogether! This is just a common sense theory, my "theories" are only just that for now!

You see there is so much to be had, when using a device such as the SuperBeacon! Your imagination is your first step in finding out what you would be capable of doing using such a device. We just don't know what to expect if someone who has bad intentions and decides to use it for his or her own twisted desires. Lotteries, Remote Viewing, ESP, Photographic Reading etc. could all become a distinct possibility! When one enters the parallel universe, one's mind is in "Theta" not "Beta"!

Like every world, there are wars and rumor of wars, we just might have a true battle (war) going on in the parallel worlds, why not? We have both good and bad people in them also! The person you maybe in battle with currently in this timeline and not necessarily punching each other out, it's more than likely he is battling you in someway in another parallel world that is battling your "double"!

You might know how to handle it in this earth realm but for some reason you are having trouble dealing with it in the parallel world. Then you must inhabit your "other" selves and figure out how to bring peace between both to "you" and your other "You" from the parallel world. Sounds like SCI-FI! Just maybe, but it's all the more true! E.J. doesn't mention this part, probably due to it being "Advanced" travel, he doesn't see the concern to mention it in your earlier stages of development. Because most probably will never make it to their 14th level of training! Lack of Discipline!

Earth has its problems and the other earths on the parallel timeline have their own unique issues you will have to confront them each time you visit there!

I have heard James Rink talking about all this "Super Soldier" stuff in some parallel dimensions he travels in, while using the IDL22! It may not be all that far from the truth. The thing I like about the SuperBeacon is the pure quartz crystal E.J. installs in the copper coil handles! Negative entities don't like the "pureness" of the white quartz crystals. The "Tourmaline" crystals used in the inside of the extending antennas attract and keep the negative frequencies in check! I have no real proof for this theory at this time!

If there are wars here on planet earth, there will be "wars" in all the parallel worlds you end up visiting (It's mirror opposite). Can you be killed or maimed? At this time of the working theory not yet! But I am still not sure what E.J. has installed "buffers" as of yet, for the protection of the practitioner. Another question occasionally comes up, can one eat and drink on parallel worlds? I would assume one can, while hosting inside another "you"! Miss Yanesh told us jokingly, no one has ever died going to these worlds, some were really frighten and that was about it.

I wanted to switch tracks right here! I want to tell you about what my friend experienced and is now experiencing using his EJ Gold's "Zone Box". We got talking the other day on 9 Mar. 2016, I asked my friend from Ohio what are you not telling me about what happens to you when wearing EJ Gold's medallions and using the "Zone Box" and "SuperBeacon"?

He told me, "let's start from the beginning". He said to me, "Do you remember when I had that experience with being abducted by an "Alien Gray"? I said to him, yes I remember! So I asked him, what exactly did you own at the time! He told me, "I first had the "SuperBeacon" and I used it with all 30 CD's on Level 1 for the past month or so!" I know he never integrated with anyone CD he just listened once and moved on to the next before proper integration.

My friend not only purchased the SuperBeacon, he had to purchase the "Touch of Grey Alien" amulet from EJ and UFO PORT amulet...

I also purchased with the SuperBeacon the "Touch of Grey Alien" and the "WormHole and Portal" amulet! What he didn't know and neither did I at the time, that both of his amulets were being fully charged by the SuperBeacon being in the same room. This means the SuperBeacon picks up the radiation or radio waves from space and because the medallions are made up in such a way as the SuperBeacon with some radio receiving circuits; it can't help but activate the way it was designed. Unfortunately, the "Touch Of Grey Alien" was specifically designed to allow the "wearer" to experience the Men in Black and to experience and meet the Alien Grays! EJ designed the device to do so, there were no secrets about that when he purchased the said Amulet.

Purchasing those two amulet devices was my friends first mistake because he didn't ask questions of what could happen and the second mistake was having those medallions at or near the SuperBeacon! But this was not his fault! Think of the medallions like a I-Phone and the  the SuperBeacon acting like the Microwave Tower. Without the micro-cell towers the phones would be essentially useless much too weak on their own!

The amulets according to EJ Gold, there powers lasts about 8 hours on a full charge!  His setup wasright before he fell asleep, he would use the SuperBeacon for 10 minutes and then he would be wearing the whole time the "Touch of Grey Alien" and the "UFO Port" around his neck as he slept.

Note: I wanted to say, many out there probably by now wondering how EJ Gold comes up with these weird amulets. Yanesh who runs customer service explained to me that EJ uses his SuperBeacon but not the CD's and he knows which parallel timeline universe he needs to go to, to find himself with his own finished product!

Then he jumps into his other "Self" and picks up the amulet and studies it and remember how his "double" built it and why! Using the word "remember" is to barbaric with this higher science. He doesn't just remember, he already knows! Because it was him in the first place on that parallel plane building it. Have I lost anyone yet!

About the first or second evening from what I understand; he no sooner fell asleep he found himself on a table, he wasn't sure. He smelt something awful and there was a container or some sort of vat that had vinyl hosing going into it and coming out of this tank! He said to me, "The smell was putrid"! Then he saw several "Greys" floating by him instead of walking back and forth from table to table.

What the Alien Grey's do to a subject male or female is of no consequence to them because they, the Greys are non-human but a plant like structure with chlorophyll fluids that runs through their veins if they have those instead of blood...

One of them took a hypo-needle (OK guys! You might want to turn up the music on this)! They stuck this hypo directly into one of his gonads! Shrill!!! and it had a clear hose coming from the hypo attached to this big vat! Then they turned on the pump to extract the semen every few minutes and the big vat was bubbling causing a putrid odor! He was so much in pain. One of the Greys told him not to worry so, we will not hurt you! But my friend was in excruciating pain. Then a military scene happened, like out of the "Mummy" movie with Brandon Frasier.

There were military Greys dressed in some kind of military uniform and they all had sharp, very sharp spears! They came in marching like some Korean march with short steps in cadence. They came up to him and ready to thrust their swords through him and voice yelled out, "You can't hurt him"! Then an Angel appeared in the midst and told them to leave him alone you can't hurt him! The zone troopers then did an about face with spears in upright position and marched quickly with cadence back to wherever they came from. My friend asked the "Angel" what is your name? She told him, "My name is Selena"!

The next day he awakened wondering if "it" was still there! Thankfully so, it was! But he had a lot of pain in his area of demise! Better him than me! The next night he experienced another night of the unexpected! He fell asleep, so far so good, after the SuperBeacon induction. Then he found himself somewhere outside the Galaxy! He found a box and opened it up and saw some pretty cool stuff. He started to move his hand and noticed he was wearing a black suite and tie with dark sunglasses. He began to move his hand back and forth at such a tremendous speed he was able to open a vortex in the dead of space! Apparently, he became the very person whom he was desiring to see, the MIB.

We do have the power to open time portals but our brainwaves must be altered to enter into that specific frequency "theta and delta"!

The vortex became huge at this point! I asked him what happened next, he said, "I decided to jump into the vortex and found myself in the past, around 40 years! He saw himself being picked on from people of his past. He noticed nothing much had changed since that 40 years". Lastly, he was wearing the "UFO Port" medallion on his way to Krogers grocery store on a bike it was a nice day to ride and as he was peddling, he just looked up to the sky and seen actual UFO's not one but 4 of them! They were flying at tremendous speeds then stop on a dime and then rise up and lower in small short bursts. Directly right above him!

My friend told me about a week or so later he sent back the  "Touch of Grey Alien" and he threw his SuperBeacon away for good! He was so scared he almost called the police, thinking someone was stalking him. He told me, "I didn't know what to do! So I got rid of both units and I eventually threw away the UFO Port because it seemed to attract these aliens!" I asked him did you ask Miss Yanesh about why EJ Gold built the "The Touch of Grey Alien and UFO Port?" He told me, "No, it never occurred to me to ask such a question and besides I didn't really think it would work" all that well!

What about the SuperBeacon? He replied, "I didn't have any idea what to expect from the SuperBeacon just like you, when I was using the device for ten minutes every night". It never occurred to him that the SuperBeacon was designed to be not only a receiver but also a "transmitter" passing on the radio waves from outer space to the similar makeup in the medallions that my friend was wearing. Also the SuperBeacon is running its radio waves directly to your minds and throughout your central nervous systems; subtly encouraging the brainwave states to go down to "Delta". It is there at delta where the unified consciousness exists and can be tapped into.

Over the years I have tried unproven machines and CD's to enter into certain states of minds, some work for awhile and others didn't work at all! The SuperBeacon works all the time!

There is no CD on the market today that I am aware of that can take you into "Delta" and still allowing the "operator" to maintain his or her's awakened consciousness. There is no machine that I am aware that allows a person to visit over and over to the same place in parallel worlds other than the SuperBeacon. If you know of such and those who purchased it please share it with us! I did years of research looking for something similar that anyone could use and be totally successful!

There are no bio-feed backs that can allow us to partake in our other parallel bodies! This is no hypnotic CD that can allow one to visit both in the Astral and in the parallel realms, in fact there are no CD's capable to allow oneself to repeated steps. "Hypnosis" works temporarily for other things such as regression therapies and past lives but for something you need to depend on to change your lives will not come from "Hypnosis", "Meditation", or even Blissed sounds even though it is very good! It only comes from visiting your "other" successful" selves...

The Beacons power source comes from direct communication from the stars, planets, supernova's, black holes! These are the instruments that can help change your status in your life by a device that's able to compile the signals of every star, every planet, every black hole etc. and run those signals back into yourselves from the crystal radio receivers! The reason I believe this so strongly is, IT WORKS! It would take the hardest core debunker and put them mentally on their knees allowing even them a chance to change their lives, if they sat down and let it work in less than 10 minutes. I can't tell you how it works, how could I? If the one who exposed the quirk (EJ) can't even understand it! But only theorizes on how the beacons and amulets work! EJ Gold.

Sometimes when an individual purchases experimental equipment such as the (HDR, other radionic machines) it usually doesn't work or only works a 1/3 of the time...and then it sits in your closet another couple hundred dollars wasted on cookie dreams.

So my friend got more than he actually bargain for! He was so use to things that barely worked or not working as advertised, he only thought naturally this SuperBeacon or Zone box will probably work once or twice and that would have been the end of it like his Gibbs HDR. It didn't end that way either for him or my wife or I! It was more powerful and took us all by surprise! How does one prepare for something like this instrument? My first answer would be this blog! You won't find this information in such great detail out on the Internet, only here on this blog!

This tool may some day be outlawed by our own government! You don't think so! Did you know our own government was and still is trying to get all the "Vitamins" off the store shelves, the question is why? Maybe sickness is more profitable with the Washington Drug Cartel! The more sickness we have, that are vitamin deficient the better the profits! We are only talking vitamins! As you may be aware our governments are in full force watching "imports" of certain brain food vitamins and low cost Nootropics that have proven to allow one to think for themselves!

The list of our government intervention is long and deep and dark! So when I say someday this instrument maybe illegal by special laws, that say you can do this and you can't do that; it is the worded law of our politicians and lobbyists that put pressure on so called miracle products and keep the company from allowing full disclosure of some tools and instruments that really do what the developer says it can do. These laws helps keep the volume of sales down, that is keeping less and less people from experiencing these special tools. You can't control the populous if they have the abilities to think for themselves!

The SuperBeacon is catching on! Slowly but surely! But there so much crap out there to sort with while trying to make a decision to spend a lot of money for something you are still not sure about...

When these instruments exist and you are satisfied that it does, what the designer and builder declare then it will still be yours and mine responsibilities to make a commonsense purchase knowing there may not be something like this again for a very long time to come! My friend from Nebraska, is receiving his SuperBeacon on 10 March 2016. Which is today as I write this article. You can be sure  he will be experiencing from the SuperBeacon, I will let all of you know! Good or Bad! I ordered my SuperBeacon on the 26th of March it is custom built, that is, the SuperBeacon electronic breadboards is being installed into a varnished wooden box and has a glass top, so one can see what the SuperBeacon is comprised of! A week was wasted for me, because EJ had workshops going for one whole week when I ordered it and now it's been almost 4 weeks to date.

These blog articles will only hype what actually works! I have no time or the patience for junk being sold as miracles of the 21st Century. I have been had on a few things in my life before the Internet, never since the Internet. I knew there were some tools that had only anecdotal evidence at best and I knew when I purchased the instrument it may or may not work for me! I took on that responsibility if the instrument doesn't work! I have no problem with that! I have a 30 day money back! But the SuperBeacon does work...

You will not find this information in any other place in the world except here!

If after reading all the articles of what works in our lives and you still don't believe it, that's OK! All I am doing is allowing those small %'s of people to know there is something going on and you should be part of it! Other than EJ Gold's site and one unidentified individual's blog written by a retired medical doctor. I can see the person's hesitation due the amount of money! Common, really! I talk with people everyday who make less than myself, who purchased $5000 radionic machines! These machines only work if your "Psychic" now that's a huge investment risk!

I am the only one who would dare to write about a science that is just now beginning to catch on with the science of Quantum Physics by astute Scientists around the world! This electronic crystal radio is no bigger than a breadbox and not a size of a Naval Vessel, this crystal radio can actually move you through parallel dimensions and allow you to astral project to the Akashic Records and to other astral worlds! No Psychic's Required! It's all you anyways! It's you holding the coils and it's you receiving the AM dual radio waves and lastly, but not least, it is you and you alone who will travel into parallel dimensions and abroad, it's you who can change your life from what it is now to what you want it to be tomorrow!

This device is a "communicator" to other entities that are light years away from earth! What will happen when this device catches on with other people and what if certain powers "to be" feel threatened that the information you bring back can't be controlled by their group? You will see what I mean, when and if you decide to experience such a device yourselves. What if, what you learn instantaneously by jumping into your "other" self and knowing you were a CIA agent in a parallel world similar to ours? You will have collected vast knowledge of the Parallel world's current government secrets and above all that is called secrets?

 This could bring trouble for you that you may not need at this time, yikes, Hillary probably had them on her hard drive blinking away saying, "Look over Here! Here I am!" :)

You never met the MIB (Men in Black) have you? Oh! you heard about them! You even read where sillies claims were made that the abductees who were visited by MIB's. Sometimes just one of them not two, after they were abducted by the aliens! Unfortunately, most of the stories are true! These MIB are not Americans or any other civilization that planet Earth spawned! They are from the "stars" but we are not certain about that! But they do show up on special occasions! They are not friendly or anyones friends in fact, they have no emotions! There one and only job is to secure extraterrestrial contact of any kind and keep it out of the civilians hands.