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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


The above video depicts mans "will" to conquer their enemy the "bugs" to make it safe for mankind on Earth. The bugs we need to conquer are of much smaller scale in size, yet could beat us easily if given a chance! We need weapons of a different nature, a weapon that can seek out an identify those creatures. And the capacity to neutralize them once and for all!

Sitting here typing my article for tonight, it just happened that "Star Ship Troopers" was playing on T.V. and all the soldiers were fighting these huge bugs, some were overcome and died while others were mass piling the bugs with their rounds. I pictured the "Rife" device with a plasma tube for EMEM emissions as the star troopers weapon of choice like in the movie. The bugs are the invaders not from another star system but right on Earth inside our own bodies.

The troopers in this case that is the "Rife Operators" are using the TrueRife as their choice of weapons of war to seek out deep inside the human body and down through your cells where the enemy is hiding, then to only destroy those that were identified keeping your biological safe and surrounding cells. 

You have to keep this frame of mind,  that what we are talking about is not any type of "Radionic" device, we are talking about a real electrical power/frequency producing instrument that in the hands of a competent researcher could be the deadliest weapon known to mankind's viruses and germs. The device which seems to be particularly popular in the U.S. are the handheld Rife units.

I did lot's of research over the past two years learning what a good Rife device actually accomplishes and what a bad device is incapable of doing. I learned the handheld Rife type units that sell for sometimes around $100 thru around $300 or so, can't produce enough energy or EMEM to reach the muscles let alone the bones and into cells! The most important thing about an original Rife device is it's ability to go through concrete if it has to, then all the way down into your cells while you remain on the other side of the wall.

From my understanding on this, the bandwidth that is needed to accomplish such a feat would be like an "Ultrasound" unit when checking a pregnant women to see what sex the baby is, the devices bandwidth leans somewhere around 800,000,000 Hertz. So there is no way that a simple handheld unit or a 12 volt unit is capable of producing such penetrating power or hitting the correct targeted frequency.

Think of a small 12 volt unit as a sling shot you may or may not hit something but a Rife Frequency Generator producing such a huge bandwidth is like shooting at the same target but now using a shot gun! So most likely you will locate precisely and destroy what you aim for in the + or - range there a bouts. The question that will come up sooner or later, you have to ask yourselves, what you can afford to get or save for?

You should know for certain what a Rife Machine is truly capable of. The bandwidth of these frequency generators, that is reputable models being sold are astronomical in price and powerful enough to cover not just for example the 600 Hz range but also at the same time it covers above and below the whole number in the fractions of units of measures in hertz. Some call it the "Wobble" effect. 

It wobbles around the 600 hrtz up and down the frequency range and it can go something like this: 600.0023+ 600.0156 + 600.0010 and could be lower or higher depending on the invader inside you or where it is hiding at the moment, these pathogens can use your cells genetics to camouflage itself etc. But it can't hide from a frequency generator that has a huge bandwidth and provided their data base is an accurate model.

Without that huge bandwidth from the right frequency generator you can't hope to hit these targets effectively. Most units on the market only have a bandwidth of 20 mega-hertz they use sound cards so they can't be expected to reach the .0023 or .0156 etc. 

They can only reach the "whole number frequency only" but again they don't have the penetration abilities; It all stems from lack of frequency "bandwidth" and the generators abilities to produce very strong EMEM's! A good frequency generator produces 800,000,000 Hz bandwidth and by adding an automotive coil, penetration of those frequencies can be achieved. So it can reach those fractions of a frequency around and below its "Whole Number" and be able to go down to the cellular levels.

These Rife Frequency (c.d.'s) could not possibly reach deep inside our cells of our livers or hearts or kidneys it just doesn't work that way in the real world. A good example is using the NLS software devices that are touted they can produce low frequency into the ears to the brain and scan the entire body for maladjusted frequencies. Maybe it will give them a placebo effect like using radionics and there is nothing wrong with that but it is not doing the job you are paying an arm and leg for and that is to make you feel better then you were before you used the device after a few treatments.

Think of the Rife cd's and the 12volt units as a top burner now we place a turkey on top of the stove and turning on the burners. What do you think would cook? If you answered the bottom only you are correct. So the bottom is cooked but the rest of the bird will stay raw and uncooked. Let's use this same scenario but this time we place the bird into a preheated oven (Rife Generator) using the prescribed temperatures, a penetrating temperature, what do you think will most likely happen, if you said, the turkey would after a few hours be fully cooked you are correct!

The oven would represent a Rife machine and cooking on the stove top would represent  a 12 volt handheld unit or a Rife c.d. The Rife EMEM's enters with deep penetrable frequencies hopping a ride on 4 noble gases using the "Square" wave and then penetrates deep into our cellular universe destroying the viral or fungus you are aiming for; that is getting to not the whole number frequency but also its fractions. Thus, making it a lot harder for the critters to hide out inside the biological body. 

Whereas the stove or the (Sound Track C.D. with recorded Rife frequencies) will only effect a few inches if you are lucky and only in the eardrum. What I am trying to convey is don't be taken with any 12 volt unit and thinking for one moment that you are going to experience a sudden surge of healing power, you just won't. I can assure you after a month of using it you will know you been had!

Using a double bubble bulb that Dr. Rife used later in his research, which by the way he loved to use instead of the "Phantom" tube, Mike of TrueRife ascertained after researching, that the double bulb is the most effective way of penetrating inside the biological using four noble gases instead of a carrier wave and which includes an automotive coil and other techniques built into the generator to give it the ability to arrive at the cellular level. 

Yet TrueRife's generator produces approximately 185,000 volts that fires up the double bubble plasma tube, this voltage is then dampened using a specially constructed grounding pillow or mats that gets plugged in to a wall socket anything leftover gets out through the ground. 

He created a "Hyper-Drive" circuit to produce the amount of voltage needed using a souped up auto-motive coil. They had problems of the earlier models the coils were leaking oil; then they modified it a bit where it runs quieter and doesn't leak.

If you are using the double bubble you would hope for good penetration deep into the cellular walls and beyond. This particular double bubble unit; the F-117 produces 185,000 volts of electricity (DC) just to light up the bulb, anything less it won't light up whatsoever!

Using a frequency generator containing a huge bandwidth that can wobble around whole number frequencies touching all the fractional frequencies around it for example: In the tens, hundreds, thousands and ten thousands scale of the whole frequency number; now we add to the mix of things the 185,000 volts of power pushing out and through the plasma bulb directly into you while you are grounded is cherry on top of the pie.

 Do you think you would have any trouble feeling the affects inside your body? You will definitively feel something going on inside you and in the target area in your body and it won't just be a tickle! It's been recorded going through steel and wood and thick concrete walls and come out the other side using a EMF measuring device to measure it. Eventually the further away you go then the power starts to drop off significantly by adding distance the power drops in huge percentages.

Now compare that with a Rife c.d. so to speak or any type of small 12 volt producing device that probably runs off several batteries and has some sort of neon generator in it along with a double bubble bulb system that is in-adequately constructed and that life of that bulb will be extremely short because of the heat that is produced by the bulb and how it was constructed then you are setup for failure. 

I would personally say that the TrueRife via (and be advised TrueRife is not the only company out there that has such power producing generators and bulbs), but I chose this company after seeing other builders devices and the types of software they use. I chose this model because It's within my nominal price range and Mike is a very knowledgable person in the this field and all my criteria's are met. 

I am willing to save every month no matter how long it takes me to acquire the Generator along with the double bubble and an additional spiral bulb ending with the 3M grounding pillow along with the GSR-II. As you are aware, that the GSR contains inside the unit a polygraph circuit board  along with other components to allow deeply embedded resistance to alarm while it's  broadcasting and scanning the specific frequencies you selected from your folder to search for.

Please read the above discovery from Dr. Sinatra; it could save our lives if we heed to this specially discovered exercise once a day or perhaps purchasing a pillow with special absorption abilities for hardly any cost.

Here is special information for my readers telling us the importance of "Grounding". Be advised I am just learning about this myself. If I had static electricity I would touch my wife's shoulder and boom no more static charge, Oh before I forget it can be painful if your wife smacks you back for doing so :0)

Why would you want to be grounded?
When the body loses contact with the earth it can carry a positive voltage relative to the Earth. Some people believe this is not good for health and wellbeing. Earthing the body returns the voltage to zero which is, supposedly better for us.
Is there any ‘science’ to it?
Actually, yes. First of all, some theory…
During the normal processes of metabolism the body generates what are called ‘reactive oxygen species’ which are commonly referred to as ‘free radicals’. These compounds appear to be important, at least in part because they have the ability to attack and destroy unwanted things within the body including bacteria and viruses. However, too many free radicals are a bad thing, and have been implicated in chronic disease and well as the very process of ageing.
Free radicals are involved in the process known as inflammation, which is part of the healing process. However, low-grade inflammation throughout the body may lead to pain and other problems in the muscles and joints, and is also believed to be a key driving factor in many chronic diseases including heart disease and type 2 diabetes. In short, we want free radicals, but not too many.
Free radicals lack sparks of energy known as ‘electrons’. One way to quell them is to give them electrons, and these can be supplied by nutrients such as vitamins A, C and E, and plant substances known as ‘polyphenols’ (found in, among other things, tea, coffee, cocoa and apples). However, substances we eat and drink are not the only way to get electrons into the body: earthing does this too. If the body has a positive charge on it, earthing allows electrons to flow into the body where, in theory, they can neutralise overblown free radical and inflammatory damage.
Carrying a positive charge may well affect the body in lots of different ways, which means that earthing may offer a range of wellbeing benefits.

TrueRife's 3M grounding pillow is used to attract the plasma frequencies like a lighten bolt is attracted to any "grounding" source outside, this is especially made for the company for the patronage purchasers of TrueRife, they also have a simple grounding rubber mat that plugs into your house ground plugs. 

But you want this strong attraction to get the plasma penetrating producing those EMEM waves to reach the cellular level relatively easier. You have to know that our body's natural blocking mechanisms was measured in ohms, we have a natural tendency to create over 1,000,000 (Million Ohms) of resistance, do you think a 12 volt unit would be able to supersede this resistance the body puts up?

We needed to come up with a way to by pass this natural defense mechanism so as to allow the Rife frequencies the shortest most flexible path to our problem areas. After much research by TrueRife and some other dealers out there, they learned "grounding" was the most effective approach allowing the plasma radiation to enter the body efficiently with the speed and power needed to apply the desired frequency to the troubled area "without" the resistance.

For example: Let's assume you are going to send a healing frequency to your lower back you can place this specially made pillow behind your lower back and you plug this pillow into your house ground plug, now your ground is setup. 
Next you will apply the Rife Frequencies accordingly by placing the spiral bulb on your stomach area and it will seek out the closest ground or easiest path. 

Which in this particular case the pillow is placed on your lower back area, allowing the plasma radiation to go right to and through the lower back target area into the pillow and out to the ground. 

Where do you think the rest of the voltage energies will go after affecting the initial problem area's? You bet, it will go straight through you and into the grounding source on the other side of your body and out of the 3M grounding pillow behind the lower part of your back area into the house ground. 

If you are working in the head area you can place the ground pillow behind your neck in a chair and run the plasma frequency generator. TrueRife has a special grounding device just for your head if you are doing your gums or sinuses with the plasma wand. It is a molded plastic with grounds on them that is placed around your head.

Think of it this way, thunderstorm represents the Frequency Generator and the grounding pillow or the rubber matting represents a lightening rod and we know what happens if one holds such an attracting metal rod and the person's both feet are firmly grounded in there bare feet when it is lightening out, Kaboom, Snap, Crackle, and Pop! 

Same goes for grounding yourself; when the plasma enters into your body with those frequencies it will be attracted straight to and through you into whatever ground you provide for yourself. The frequencies now do their job and the rest of the leftovers are attracted into the ground, in this case the 3M grounding pillow/rubber matting. 

It can still work effectively without the pillow but with the ground it pretty much doubles the penetrating power of the unit; this means much faster results and it strains out the 60 cps that surrounds us daily in our homes and offices thus  allows you to be voltage free when you are properly grounded. 

Remember when you are around computers or plasma devices or near appliances all day, you will become a living circuit for those A/C voltage EMF's when your not properly grounded during the day. Without some sort of "ground" your body will wear out over time because there is no place for the body to discharge all those EMF's you accumulative on a daily basis. 

One of the signs could be that you feel sluggish or have brain fog or just feel yuck all day long. You can purchase grounding mats on the web that you place around the computer area or anytime you want to step on it to bring your body voltage down to "0" % giving your body a chance to recover.

This specially made grounding pillow that true rife designed, it has a rubber fold around the top half of the pillow and it is plugged into to your wall socket. You can read more about it on Grounding equals attraction! I could come up with a few more analogies but I think you understand what I am saying. 

We talked about how much voltage it takes to fire up a double bubble bulb containing 4 different nobel gases and we also stated that the bandwidth is very important to capture the tens, hundreds, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousands of Hz around whole number frequencies etc.

Secondly, we talked about a "grounding source" that will attract the plasma with the frequencies directly to the area of interest and last but not least having a "Scanner" device to help seek out and then later deploy counter frequencies with a vengeance and this too is used with the grounding pillow. It's probably one of the most overlooked techniques ever to evade the market industry when concerning Rife devices.

I want to touch upon other scanning devices being sold for many thousands of dollars I know you are  probably tired of reading about it here but do you know that a similar claim is being made by a company touting their scanner device and are asking $4500.00 and claiming it produce Rife frequencies to counter the DIRP frequencies! This device was taken apart and looked over by very competent electronic educated people. 

One said, I could probably go to Radio Shack and pickup the parts to build one of these. The other issue, he used his oscilloscope and the square and sign waves they touted didn't exist and what did show was jagged edges on the sign waves and it was even distorted.

He checked the "DIRP" function and found out by placing a filter in the device there was no more feedback being produced thus no hits were present during the DIRP analysis from the person's body! When he removed the filtering device the unit began to making noise and once again started to receive (hits). He stated the "DIRP" function is only reacting to the noise the machine makes! He used it on different things and it still remained a constant. The name of this device is called, "F-scan 2-3.

The older unit was the F-scan 2 and of course the latest unit is the F-scan 3. The company wants $4500.00 for this unit. Comparing the TrueRife unit "scanner" for only $600.00 extra which actually has a polygraph circuit board inside fully functional by TrueRife you are getting a much better deal. 

The F-117 with the GSR-II scanner is around $3600.00 now compare that with $4500.00 that uses 12 volt battery system and that's all you get this device voltage output is minimal not enough to go below the epidermis let along the cells!

I'd say you would be better off cost wise in the long run to go with the least expensive price for the TrueRife scanner but in this particular case go with a real working frequency generator added to the mix! These are the only two in the industry market I am aware of currently that have a scanner with a software program.

The above frequency generator is called the Spooky2 frequency generator. It comes with additional stuff you would need to experiment with rife frequencies. Nothing has been proven as far as health wise of anything like Lyme's or small tumors being highly effected. But it is a start if you are new to the program of Rife.

The TrueRife scanner includes an actual working polygraph circuitry and it has it's own software support that doesn't exists anywhere else. Do you see, this is how you research for a device that you are depending on for your very lives in some special cases! Not just reading some ad and believing and hanging on every word!

Let's say you were diagnosed with cancer and it's incurable; so the doctor sends you home to die after being bombarded with Chemotherapy and someone offers you a little hope and uses this powerful scanning system to see what is happening inside your body and the scanner  happen to agree with the doctors diagnosis. 

Your next step is to use a powerful frequency generator that is able to counter such a cancer in the body by providing the correct modeled frequency. If it's not your time to leave planet Earth you will probably get better after using the device.

 Would you go for that or a handheld unit of 12 volts power hoping and praying it works like they tout? You say AMA and FDA say such things don't work! How many times do you see lawyers advertise law suites against the drug companies because of the FDA and AMA approval of a drug that nearly kills someone or they are dying in a slow and agonizing process or are already dead from the approved treatments!

This information is true to this day that many people using/building cheap devices are making claims of miracles when their frequencies can not even penetrate through the epidermis let alone passing the one million ohms of natural body resistance. 

So when these government organizations catch someone touting medical healing intervention, they the Fed and State governments will prosecute not only the individual but the whole concept or idea would be destroyed and that would be that all Rife units are garbage. A couple bad apples that spoil the basket.

Which in fact is the complete opposite! It's true Dr. Rife was attacked by both AMA and FDA and the crazy thing he was a real medical "Pathologist"! When he proved in 1930-1938 he cured cancer patiences that were referred to his practice by a California hospital who otherwise would send them the patient's home to die. That is when the fight began.

When his trial came he was not allowed to show any records (evidence) of the successful cancer remissions nor any of his controlled studies with patient's. Nor was he allowed to have any formal Doctor to agree with him and with his work. Sounds pretty much like a setup or kangaroo court of law.

They did allow a few witnesses telling the jury they were completely healed and showed their personal pictures before and after but the judge and prosecuting attorneys would not allow such evidence to be presented; in their minds the case was stacked in their favor all through the trial. Who paid for the hearing, if you said the FDA, AMA and other interest who held stock in drug companies you are correct!

This lawsuit was a slam dunk case for the government. Any followers of Rife eventually was jailed and the equipment all destroyed and laboratories burned to the ground and all research paperworks were burned never seeing light of day! We are talking about legitimate operators of those days, that is actual pathologists with doctor degrees who had their medical license threaten to be taken away by the AMA and facing FDA prosecution as well.

If you have issues and there are probably many physical issues out there, then you might want to consider alternative approach along with your allopathic approach that your doctor has drawn out for you. You may want to consider a real Rife Machine to augment your existing treatments. Who knows you maybe the next testimony to the power of Rife frequencies!

Friday, February 20, 2015


At the beginning I was searching for an instrument that could affect the physical body without having to go to the doctors for every little thing, so I tried Radionic approach its strength lies more toward the  "Mental/Psychological results via permanent or temporary physical results. 

If one is in that age bracket where aches and pains are a daily occurrence or simply having a weak inherited genes, then your in luck, because when I was researching the best Rife Machines out there and there are lot's of us that are doing this right now, my real true headache began to come in phases figuratively speaking.

There was so much to read and so much to learn, it makes a mans mind just spin like a top. Being I have the time since I am in early retirement, I finally found out about two years ago, after a long and exhausting search and I do mean exhausting, that as long as you have enough watts coming out of either the pad device or the noble gas filled bulbs then penetration of the frequencies to the cells of the body will happen.

I was studying Royal Rife and learning of all the machines that are listed online for sale and talking with its builders; my wife and I decided to invest in our physical health and well being by procuring   the True-Rife Frequency Generator or also known as the F-117 Predator frequency generator. The president of the company is a former musician and this was right down his isle. Because he knew the value of harmonics and thus created a device that the body couldn't adapted to each time it was used.

But this Rife device also carries a royal price! It's $3000.00 just for the frequency generator which includes a plasma grounding bulb along with the QX2 Double Bubble bulb, spiral handheld bulb and of course the software and the above picture is the main circuit board of the F-117 containing somewhere either around it or on it the auto-motive coil and its circuitry. 

They truly make their profit from the accessories. My wife and I picked out what accessories we thought would be an additional convenience for us in our quest for healing, then the cash register rang up $6500.00 total.

Putting the price behind ourselves for a moment, my wife while she was giving my cup of coffee asked me, "Honey, how much do we pay in medical expenses every year, I told her I didn't know she said, I do. 

We spend over $8000 per year in medical which includes our health insurance of $6000 per year. She asked me what are we willing to invest to cut that bill if possible in half; that is not going to the doctor for minor issues each month saving us thousands a year. I agreed whole heartily with her.

All the above probably could have been solved using the correct frequencies that are stored on the software of the F-117 generator. We will keep our health insurance as long as we can, I am not against allopathic treatments when truly needed. 

 I have read at cure of a handful of people who actually use this device and they love it! But one thing everyone had in common was this remark: The device is very expensive!

The other thing in common amongst the owners is the Herxheimer effect. In case you haven't heard of this before; it is an effect caused by pathogens dying off inside the body when bombarding the body with the said "healing" frequencies.

  Dr. Royal Ramond Rife used these frequencies to cure cancer patience in the thirties and 1940's. Be advised, this only happens if the person is over doing a sit-in bombarding themselves constantly with the generator frequencies. Just use your basic instincts you will know when enough is enough. Also keep in mind these devices are experimental and to be used in the spirit of that approach!

If the body accumulates too many toxins the immune system would be eventually overloaded causing a person to be sick or weakened. So it's the dead pathogens in the blood stream causing the immune system to create anti-bodies to destroy what's left of the invaders. In practice which was proven by using medically accepted modalities! But with Rife it's not FDA/AMA approved and if it were, you would not be able to use it without a doctors prescription anyways!

We only approach this level of holistic approach when allopathic medicine fails to do so. In fact a hospital in California used to send all their dying to Doctor Rife and he cured 100% of them.

This is one of Dr. Rife's laboratory setups! He used on terminally ill individuals given no hope of life.

This information is available for anyone online to prove that Dr. Raymond Rife did accomplish  eradicating cancer at its source but that is as far as you would want or dare to take it. The problem with some people, they buy any machine that claims they are a rife machine by the very definition. Use it on someone, then the unthinkable happens they the subject coincidentally die due to some other kind of issue and this puts the Rife operators in the court rooms of America.

Most machines for sale use sound boards with a bandwidth of only 20 mega-hertz because the voltage are only 12 volts. The other thing that was overlooked is cancer thrives in an "Acidic" environment in the body. The "F's" series generators produce the badly needed 8 hundred  million mega-hertz bandwidth which are able to detect those sneaky pathogens around the fraction of a frequency. 

Most other sound board frequency producers can't touch the fractions of a frequency so they only give you whole integers, again due to the bandwidth not being able to supersede the 20 mega-hertz boundary. So what you are purchasing for a few hundred dollars is an expensive sound board with speakers! Funny, it would be more like a light and sound machine using the Rife bulbs with it.

There is more to this then killing off pathogens, virus, or bacteria. You see all these critters need to survive in the body is for two things to happen the first, is the lack of pure oxygen and secondly along with an acidic diet. This is a "must have" for an appropriate environment for vitals and bacterium's to continue to live in. 

We make it really easy for them with our current dietary regimen. The first being "Acidic", if you are guilty as me you probably drink pop, coffee or other carbonated drinks, welcome to the Acidic club! The other is no "Oxygen" getting to your cells from your blood stream!

Boost the alkaline in the body and the cancer's begin to die; now add pure oxygen in-take and they suffocate! Dr. Rife said, my machine can destroy the cancer but if the person doesn't keep their pH balance of 7.5-8.5 pH levels on a daily basis, more cancerous cells will continue to grow! Emphasizing your help is needed in the complete healing cycle and prevention of cancers.

So how do we get more oxygen? Do we breathe in more or what? You won't hear this from doctors or study about it in high school but the answer is there if you know how to ask the right questions! There are several ways to accomplish this, they have machines that produce pure oxygen and those can get extremely expensive. You can purchase oxygen portable kits.

The more simpler way and perhaps the most affordable is drinking the oxygen using filtered water! "Ozone" water! There are several ways to do this online and there are many devices out there to accomplish this. 

I like TrueRife because he uses the bulb with the 4 noble gases right inside the water being treated and it creates a certain size to the water molecule thus entrapping the oxygen. Once drank after about 35-40 minutes after ingestion it has been documented that ones energy levels goes through the roof. 

You have the energies from the oxygen without the side effects like with caffeine or simple sugar intakes! And when oxygen is present in the bloodstream it will automatically "suffocate" the invaders in the body.

 There are other Rife builders that use neon generators trying to boost the power and these generators inside the frequency generators these neon generators can produce harmful effects. Whereas the F-117 produces with their double bubble unit over a thousand volts and you do feel it when it is applied to you, sort of a tingling sensation in the area of interest.

One customer said on "cure zone" that when she used the GRS II she could feel and know the moment something was "hit" before the machine sounds an then immediately following is the alarm telling the subject it found possible pathogens or other uglies either in the blood or the organs or bones or issues at a cellular level. It will compile this information until no more detection is noted.

Once you collect the data it will be stored under "DB" hits. Click on that and it will take you to an open page with all the frequencies that were found to be questionable during the initial scanning, they are now ready and setup for broadcasting. 

The scanner is a polygraph device and looks for impedance throughout the body or simple resistance from the broadcasting/exporting of the frequencies into the persons body during scanning time. 

So instead of asking the subject questions and watch for the polygraph results, the devices exports particular frequencies and then waits for the reaction or import by the GSR-II sounding an alarm instead of scribbles on a piece of paper.

She also said, after doing two hours of treatment using the founded results from the GRS-II, she was light headed and nauseas then realizing a bit too late, she did too much too soon and it caused the Herxheimer effects. 

TrueRife told her to cut her treatments down to once in every two days and it helped her get better. The Herxheimer effect is caused by too many toxins released into the bloodstream all at once. To prevent this one should go slowly using the Rife.

They also used a metal plate to place their bare feet on thus making them more conductive, this will allow the broadcasting frequencies throughout the entire body including the physical brain to become one with the living circuitry but with much more intended power. It would be like standing outside in the rain holding a lightening rod! Only with the true rife you are pretty much safe.

Others still say that when they are running the frequencies on themselves full power, they feel certain parts of their bodies responding from the broadcast frequencies like their arms. Their arms would feel heat, then cold, going up and down their arms for a few minutes.

 Others say when doing the true rife foot bath with the unit used in the water, supplies the frequencies through your feet then throughout your entire body and she got the same effect as if she was using the double bubble free standing plasma device. 

Of course the water does change colors to darker texture and when you are fully detoxed it will begin to change to a lighter color such as a "Tan" color let's say after two or three days of the foot bath treatments.

The reason I am using these testimonies because they didn't come from true rife website but from cure zone where everyone leaves messages how their equipment is doing, not just the true rife equipment. 

There are mentioned of other rife devices such as the BCX Ultra Rife machine and the F-125 etc. and I have been hunting around for other obscure sites where people sporadically leave testimonies in the wildest places about true-rife device and other devices offered to the market place. I am interested in at this time with TrueRife, they have what I am looking for in a Rife machine.

There is one place I saved called "DNA Pathogen Frequencies. These are the best of the very best for getting rid of many type pathogens in the shortest amount of time. 

These lists of DNA identified frequencies are sold as a single pathogen frequencies and in set groups of identified viruses frequencies etc. These cost so much per pathogen needed. How come they charge when you can get free ones anywhere else. Here is the companies view on that:

Because there is considerable time involved with research into and assembly of pathogen frequency sets, your agreement and support will help to make future advances in the technology more easily available to you and many other people. The availability of DNA-related frequencies via an agreement does not just benefit the inventor. It benefits you too, and it may have a ripple effect on other researchers attempting to further the overall use of frequency technology against pathogens.

Receiving DNA-related frequencies directly from the inventor also protects you from using potentially outdated frequency information, or frequencies that may contain errors, additions, or deletions for some reason or another.

Persons working in this field must find some way to support their time involvement, perhaps by publishing a book, or selling certain products. Selling the frequency information for nominal fees on a confidential consulting basis is the option presented here. It also will allow anyone who so wishes, to access this newly-patented method (U.S. 7,280,874)

What is the legal agreement, and how do I obtain a copy of it?

The agreement has two portions: a license, and a release from liability. Briefly, the license states that in exchange for the inventor providing you with DNA-related frequency sets, you will agree not to pass them along to other persons. In the release portion, you agree to release the inventor from all liability. There are two versions of the agreement, non-commercial and commercial. If you will be deriving income benefit in any way from use of the frequencies, you should use the commercial agreement. Otherwise, the non-commercial agreement will suffice.

Why do I need to sign a legal agreement?

By setting up a structure for doing business, the legal agreement ultimately supports all involved parties, and not just the inventor. By you agreeing to not pass the frequency information to other parties, you are supporting the effort to continue this research effort. If persons were to freely pass the frequency information to others, it would not be worthwhile for the inventor to continue the rather time-consuming effort of finding and offering beneficial frequency sets, and sending them out to interested persons.

Due to the litigious atmosphere of modern society, a release from liability is included in the agreement. This procedure is now customary in such agreements.

Frequencies are already available for no charge on the internet. Why is there a charge for the DNA-related frequencies?

Because there is considerable time involved with research into and assembly of pathogen frequency sets, your agreement and support will help to make future advances in the technology more easily available to you and many other people. The availability of DNA-related frequencies via an agreement does not just benefit the inventor. It benefits you too, and it may have a ripple effect on other researchers attempting to further the overall use of frequency technology against pathogens.

Receiving DNA-related frequencies directly from the inventor also protects you from using potentially outdated frequency information, or frequencies that may contain errors, additions, or deletions for some reason or another.

Persons working in this field must find some way to support their time involvement, perhaps by publishing a book, or selling certain products. Selling the frequency information for nominal fees on a confidential consulting basis is the option presented here. It also will allow anyone who so wishes, to access this newly-patented method (U.S. 7,280,874).

There you have it as to why these frequencies are the very best in the field. Several TrueRife purchasers always seems to end up purchasing a couple of these and adding them to their existing programs and they swear by them. 

You know I never read about a product that didn't have at least two or more naysayers about True Rife. Maybe I need to dig harder but it's so very hard to find while paging through all the goodness this device is doing for them.

As with any device you still have a great responsibility for yourself and if you have children for them as well. We are dealing with thousands of volts of electricity, it's all contained only if one is following the rules for operation.

 Don't mess around clipping resistors off the mother board to make the device more powerful than it already is. By doing so you could cause overkill with your system and it may more than likely make you really sick.

Children should stay away from the device unless they are accompanied by at least one or two parents or an adult 18+. TrueRife added a super charged auto coil inside their generator; of course it was modified and became part of the circuit, this made the F-117 the most powerful unit on the free market when it comes to the distance from the bulb to the subject, it boast up to 5-8 feet without losing power!

Myself I can't hardly wait I am saving $560.00 per month for the next 12 months. I should be able to pay for one Jan. 2016 just after NewYears. I already said in my other articles how the TrueRife setup would look like, it won't take much room space and all you would need is a wooden stool to sit on while under the plasma bulbs influences. Please no metal chairs or anything that has metal screws attaching the legging.

You would either use True-Rifes grounding pillow or their metal foot plate so the power can flow freely with lot's of strength and the rest goes through and out the ground in your wall socket. The grounding concentrates the energy in your body continuously. He has 4 years worth of workshop cd's they are fairly reasonably priced and you will be able to hear what others are doing and saying about such devices. 

We have to get these training cd's because so many things went on with people using their devices at these workshops. That is sharing their experiences who were healed and with what etc. And of course giving you the operator new ideas you never thought about with your device.

The owner told me that he sells this device along with all the accessories as a experimental device only; no medical claims are being promoted. But if you get healed in the eyes of the law it was just coincidence because non medicine techniques are incapable to heal if they could you would need a doctors licensing and or prescription. 

Do you see what I am getting at "Catch 22" Damned if you do and Damned if you don't. Since it's just my wife and I and I don't plan anytime too soon opening a health place and charging people using my device or placing ads that I can heal anyone's diseases or cancer. 

I guess we will be safe enough. I don't want to say it can heal any or all sicknesses because I don't know any of you and like you perhaps I haven't experienced it myself! I will only say what it does specifically for us for free or use testimonies from others I find!

Imagine you come home from work, and you are obviously all stressed to kingdom come. Your neck aches and if your like the majority of people in the working world then your lower back would be going out on you or maybe you suffer from lymes disease that drags your body down with tiredness/pain all day long. Then you vaguely remember hey, I have that Rife device in the other room which I have not ran but only once or twice since I purchased it.

So you turn on your light in the room you begin to gaze at your equipment on one side is a self standing tripod holding up your Lenovo tablet with Windows 8 loaded to allow access to the true rife software and generator. Now on your desk you see your F-117 generator and sitting right on top of it is where you place the optional GRS-II scanner device that you purchased for $600.00. 

On the other side of the room you have another free standing tripod but this one holds and secures the double bubble that is filled with plasma, the energy from this alone can go up to 4-5 feet and still be effective because of the auto coil installed inside the generator unit. 

You can purchase their new crystal shaw that has crushed quartz and precious stones embedded in the plastic front part that fits over the bulbs casing it was discovered that it de-fracts the beam rays from the bulb allowing much more coverage of your body thus good penetration.

You turn on your touch screen computer you now loaded the main software. You turn on the power to the generator you connect the plasma grounding bulb that was in a clip on the side of the generator and the spiral bulb ("Extra") on the other side. These you will use once your program is up and running and we better hurry you seem to be completely exhausted. 

So you sit down on your wooden stool and plugged in the plasma grounding bulb and getting ready to use the spiral bulb, you place that inside your back shirt, the shirt will hold the spiral bulb in place. Hey, I want power you say! Just hookup the double bubble free standing plasma emitter to the front part of the generator. 

Now locate the frequencies on your pre-installed programs and pick the ones that will be most beneficial maybe use the most up to date flu and viral program that worked for other Rife users or create your own. 

Then sit back click on "go" and the machine will run all those related frequencies for a certain amount of time. You will smell sometimes some strong ozone being emitted from the Rife bulb that is a plus it cleans out your entire workspace by ozone emitting from the double bubble plasma bulbs.

The next morning it's your day off and you decided you felt pretty good after that 2 hours session last evening. So you want to find out what is still hanging on by its claws that won't dislodge to let our immune system destroy these critters. 
Again you started up the software program and the frequency generator but this time you start the GRS-II; this unique scanning device will search and recommend the best counter measures, again it's experimental.

You turned the dial fully clockwise and the machine makes a hissing noise with both red and green lights on, so you go counter clockwise by turning the black knob slowly until the hissing stops and only the red light comes on, this now is your new baseline. 

Then you wait as the generator is broadcasting thousands of frequencies that is interpreted by the software as differ types of pathogens and other maladies. You now are waiting for about two minutes then the GRS-II sounded with multiple ring tones or bell tones.

The GRS has now recorded your first found (questionable) frequency; it then places it in a folder by frequency and by the possible identity  of the certain pathogen or other things. Just like you did before, turn the knob clockwise from where you ended until the only the red light shows and the sound is not heard. This is now your new baseline search. Continue to do so until there is not more to find.

This special bulb cost $450.00 accessory of TrueRife's. It's used for the brain and the skull when treating certain ailments.

An hour has passed you have collected many questionable frequencies with its generic name of the "possible" pathogens it found. You can save those frequency sets and broadcast them at your own leisure, just save it as a "Your File". You click "go" then the double bubble bulb will start emitting an electromagnet or radio frequency so to speak going straight through your body. The generated package is now addressing those issues or potential issues or  inherited Miasms one at a time.

Now your done and you feel light head and queasy not to mention your stomach keeps shaking and on your left arm the skin is twitching like crazy. Don't be alarmed; these are pathogens or the bad guys that were hiding out now exposed. Wherever they maybe located are beginning to die out and the bodies immune system is now activated to seek out and destroy.

I wanted to make this scenario real and how I would approach such a system setup. Believe me if all of you had these devices you would be using it everyday, especially on your children who bring home those virus all year long. True Rife has a great anti-viral program that can be ran for a pre-determined amount of time. (Experimental Use Only). If one is physically sick seek out your doctors advise.

Soon you may feel you will not need any flu shots because these germs or virus are being destroyed where they are at in the body, but don't neglect "flu" shots for your children they are exposed to different strains and not all Rife operators are up to date with these strains that go around each year.

I want to make mention do not replace such needed shots using the Rife! Take your immunization shot then use the Rife frequencies to nullify any thing bad in the shots that might cause you or your children future harm. Using the two together is a sweet practice and keeps one out of trouble with the law.

The above side effects will soon pass. You can drink a couple bottles of water to now flush out the dead carcasses and some will come out in your stools. Always remember if you charge other people monies to have a broadcast treatment, you will have to carefully word your sales and non-disclosure statements, I suggest by a competent lawyer who knows the FDA/AMA laws old and new. This is one place I wouldn't go cheap with!

Then have the customer sign it showing she understands this is a placebo effect and for experimental use only, and making them aware that Rife approach is not sanctioned by the FDA/AMA rules and regulations. Due at your own risk. Again, get an attorney for about $1000 to word your sales correctly and to keep from getting in trouble with the law.

Remember you and I are restricted to practice any kind of medicine, so we use the device only for "experimental" purposes and generally just on our loved ones, if they trust in your abilities to use such a grand device! There are many Rife machines and as such there are many claims of grandeur! I would suggest to really do your homework before plopping down a huge some of monies.

Remember Royal Rife used huge machines not dinky small palm size devices. Some of the power he used was in the million of hertz's bandwidth. But with the sophistication in electronic technologies we are able to down size the unit to a size of a bread box in most cases. 

Anything smaller I am afraid won't be so efficient power wise to do the job. You have to educate yourselves what a frequency generator is and what is required of that generator to penetrate not just the skin but the bones and your cells!

I personally don't believe a palm size unit has that capability, others may argue with me and that's all right. My wife told me, you can walk in a Wal-Mart and go to any painting they have for sale and on sale and the one you like the most would be the most expensive even though you didn't see the price tag yet! I guess I picked that 6th sense up from my mother.

But in the scope of this blog, there are comparable units for far less than $3000.00 for a frequency generator but two of the better ones such as the Beam Ray device start at $6000.00 this device is far more expensive then the basic TrueRife device.  With the Beam Ray device you don't get all the bells and whistles that will make your operations run smoothly. It has not "Scanner" device only "Sweep" mode which the operator must look at the person while the "Sweep" mode is activated to see if the subject is experiencing any side effects during such a sweep. Same as "Reflexology".

This TrueRife is just my preference which gives me the peace of mind that it meets all my criteria. To me the most important piece of equipment to date is the ability to run a "diagnostic test" with a Rife machine but no one has such a device made for their units. The only one I know of is the TrueRife "GSR-II Scanner". It's cost is by far less than the Fscan2 or Fscan3.

This scanner will export all kinds of frequencies into your body down to the cell and if there is an interruption in the process, meaning the body is reacting to a particular set of frequencies, the scanner will alarm and label what the frequency is by number and by naming the possible malady in question down to a fraction of the whole frequency number due to the millions of hertz bandwidth capabilities. Keep in mind it might read you have herpes or other undesirable issues, this is far from the truth! 

What the machine is identifying, it is showing you that the "said" frequency questioned, must be dealt with accordingly. There are so many issues a human body has, that all of them could hardly be identified. So no matter what the title it gives it is the frequency that matters, that frequency maybe pointing to other issues you didn't even know you had but there are no identifiers that can be labeled to those numbers, that do hit right on at times, just don't take all them lot stock and barrel that its always true!

They have F3scan device is built just for that reason and it costs $4500.00 alone. It serves as a mini rife machine also. Once it discovers what is happening in you; then you can run the program back to annul such anomalies it finds. I read some good testimonies from differing sites, people who use it claim their families hardly get sick anymore or bringing any virus from school back home.

One lady stated she is right on with the scanner, she clips a finger holder such as the one you have seen at the hospital; they clip it on your index finger to get your pulse and galvanic skin responses. Then the lady would run the scanner for a few minutes and the scanner will come back with the frequency ID and what it possibly is and will suggest the appropriate frequency treatment to counter act with the anomalies identified.

She also indicated that she used it on her family and the friends and of their families and she told us that the machine was 100% correct not only did it show present issues but also their past issues as well that each of them experience at one time or another! 

Here is a brief testimony from cure about the Fscan2: Fscan3 took its place.

That's funny. I have the Fscan2, and it works,,, amazingly... on me, friends, and family. It's like I can get a whole medical history on them... it picks up resonance of bone fractures, skin abrasions, viruses, bacteria, and so on.

I have watched it zap away certain things, and run the DIRP to later confirm this. It has been EXTREMELY accurate thus far, and I continue to use it.

So, all I can say is, so far, so EXCELLENT, and so far, so GOOD.

I recently discovered a disturbing truth about the Fscan2 and Fscan3, an electronic engineer took it apart and did hard core tests and the machine barely has any harmonics whatsoever and without these square wave high and low harmonics the device is incapable of what the seller claims. . . 

You can read the detailed report at this link: If it is a frequency generator even an electronic competent person would be able to measure with an oscilloscope whether square waves are being created and what harmonics it's producing just using a simple bench analysis.


Sunday, February 15, 2015


The body, it was felt, was an innocent bystander in certain circumstances, not the causative factor whatsoever! Remedies where used to relieve the symptoms and manipulation of subtle energy currents, these were used to remedy the "cause". 

The use of subtle energy as taught by the ancients found needles, remedies or hands placed on certain energy points (Chakra's) to be extremely effective when allopathic means were exhausted.

This energy could also be radiated from one person to another. The advanced esoteric schools taught how this could be done at a distance. The ancient healing principles were first presented to the West by Hippocrates (the father of modern medicine).  He taught the principles of subtle energies using therapies called, "Naturopathy". 

The Greeks also taught the five elemental principles of ether, air, fire, water and earth. The Ether: representing ideas and patterns of psychological energy; Air: conveyed as gaseous material; Fire: or Heat: conveyed as kinetic energy. Water: conveyed in the form of liquids and semi-solids; and the element of Earth: in the solid state matter. 

Much later and after the dark ages, Paracelsus, the renaissance physician, revived the use of subtle energy medicine, the practice of naturopathy, and the use of natural elemental remedies, but as far as I can understand it the allopathic approach was not denied either, they still used those medicines as well as the energy healing efforts from sensitives. 

Leonardo Da Vinci's manuscripts also contained elaborate descriptions of the principles of earth, air, fire, and water and the ethers in applications used to anticipate many of our modern inventions.

The father of Homeopathy is a German Physician named Hahnemann who, by studying the elemental principles in esoteric writings formulate "Homeopathy" and what it is today! Homeopathic medicines asserts that "like cures like", or similar things can cure. These are your "remedies" that have been energetically enhanced and may have a minute amount of intervening material used in these liquid potions to counter the problem areas.

Homeopathic remedies are refined substances which contain only the "energetic" quality of the original substance. The remedy acts on the "Causes"or the subtle energy fields, (not the physical symptoms). Only medicine works on the physical symptoms; this is nothing to be ashamed of, I still take medicines and I use my device, these two approaches become a complete wholesome approach.

And these remedies/positive and negative balances work on the "Imbalances" in one of the four energetic bodies and not directly on matter itself, as does allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicines aims to "oppose" disease, to cure by employing factors, not "Like" factors and force as drugs. 

 Sometimes these drugs cause serious side effects or even death. Don't get me wrong I am glad we have medicines especially me! But we should not leave out what we can do for ourselves, that is Homeopathic approach that medicines are incapable of handling. This is where costs come into play because so much of the equipment out there is very expensive such as the SE-5 and TrueRife instruments!

Other major discoveries were also taking place as with Nikola Tesla who formulated his theories and technology regarding the Tesla Free Energy Device, he used the principles of "subtle energy" to produce electrical energy from the earth's magnetic fields and from its core. Funding from his financial supporters J.P. Morgan in particular, was withdrawn when it was discovered the invention did work and would give everyone free electricity!

Down the road Dr. Abrams who is the father of "Radionics" discovered that energy appeared to be associated with various disease states or conditions and that changes seem to occur as a result of balancing these energies. His ERA device became internationally famous, resulting in a large contingent of trained medical doctors from around the world. If there was a father of "subtle energy" there had to be a mother.

Clinical advances in Abrams methods were further developed by Dr. Ruth Drown. Her contribution transformed the electrical resistance measurement devices of Abrams into a complex dial system with subtle energy output capabilities. 
Encountering resistance to her ideas in the U.S. at the time, Dr. Drown moved to England to further research techniques and technology. She played the key role in establishing radionics in England, which flourishes to this day.

I just wanted to give you an idea that this kind of subtle energy treatments have been around since the dawn of mankind. We could go on and on with this but you get the picture. Here are the "concepts and principles in "IDF" research using the SE-5 1000 Gold edition device.

> Everything in the universe is energy in its most fundamental form and all forms of energy are governed by Intrinsic Data Fields. Energy exists everywhere as Tesla told us, as a potential and in motion creates fields allowing energy to be transmitted, absorbed and conducted. 

But there has to be a blueprint something for the energies to accomplish these energies need to be directed from an intelligent model. The IDF's are the blueprint of the working organ or tissues of the body according to Eastern Medicine.

Energy exists in spirit as consciousness, in mind as thoughts, in emotion as feelings, in electricity, in magnetism and gravitation as forcefields, in the physical as molecular mass and in an energy exchange as communication.

> Light, sound, heat, magnetism, color, electricity, are all just differ forms of the same They differ only in frequency of vibrations and mediums of conduction. Like a tuning fork energy vibrates, oscillates and resonates at specific frequencies. 

At one or more frequencies thoughts are formed, at another emotions are felt, at another an object is created, at still another an environment is formed from complex wave patterns of subtle information.

> Like all objects, the body radiates and absorbs frequency waves of energy.  Each of our senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching, work through energies at specific frequencies bands along the electromagnetic spectrum. 

> Bio-Fields, The bio-field has been described as a complex multi-structure system with the physical body representing the lowest aspect in the levels of control. Our physical body is a dense mirror reflection of the bio-field and scalar energies resides near the top of this pyramidal structure. 

The bio-field serves as a communication device, a receiving and transmission system for converting coded information signals of energy into thoughts, emotions and behavioral patterns, as well as the life forming and healing powers of the physical body. 

The bio-field also governs ionization or processing of nutrients into physical energy where opposite polarities attracts and is a transducer of subtle cosmic and nuclear high frequency energy where opposite polarities repel and like attracts like.

> The concept everything being an information field or bio-field now occupies the most advanced thinking in our scientific community. As Scientists unveil the layers of energy of the human being, we are beginning to reformulate the definition of ourselves as energy receivers and transmitters. Yikes! A lot of information just to get to this point as a SE-5 operator.

I just wanted some of you who are interested in historical details to know what the SE-5 is based upon, instead of thinking it is just junk science crap. In the advertising world it is! Men will take a inadequate black box put some knobs on it and a few dead wires on the inside and call it a "Wishing Device" and guess what! The people buy it and the builders "wishes" came true he made money! 

 Been there already and have been taken by the very best of them over the years but never to a point of extreme financial loss. I am not suggesting all the black boxes are junk which a good many are, what I am saying it's your responsibility to investigate the company and the builder and what other users think about what you want to purchase.

But there are but a few, mind you, that quietly as far as advertising goes sell real working systems but they are also suppressed by the botch  advertising and marketing hypes for their devices that usually can't live up to their claims. So these plentiful companies or company drown out the quiet engineer who's devices work like magic. Don Paris, I have personally known at least online for over 15 years.

Don never in my lifetime ever tried to sell me his devices but was always and willing to share the devices successes for those of us who never experience these firsthand. Don told me his devices are mostly sold to overseas customers where the European countries still consider subtle energies as an important function in living. 

Not only the people themselves believe this to be important but there very governments support it! Our governments can't wait for anyone of us to make a "Medical" claim of any type of device that is not approved by FDA and AMA model of business, the next day you would be getting a phone call to tell you the police are on their way to pick you up for jail until your court hearing.

But Don Paris still makes a pretty good living with his overseas interests, even though the SE-5 and his other devices are very expensive they are worth the investigation of getting such a device and the cost is almost as a much as a newly used vehicle. In my humble opinion, I think Don way undervalues this machine, there are so called Radionic Software such as Core 6.0 that costs over $10,000! 

Don's SE-5 in my opinion is worth tens of thousands of dollars not because it's made of pure gold but because of what it is capable of doing when combined to the operator via subtle anchoring, that is becoming one with the machine. Now the question is who's machines really works and who's machines that don't.

Unless your psychic and can see these things or unless you lucky enough to know someone personally or meet someone online who is not a affiliate sales person, your chances of getting taken are about 10,000:1 ratio of getting stuck with Radionic junk! For everyone who is not taken by these snake oils man, ten thousand of others are duped! I maybe over exaggerating the claims a bit but it's probably pretty close. 

The mission of the SE-5 operators abroad are to reduce the negative IDF's that must be "0"% to be a 100% working condition and those positive IDF's must go to 100% to be effective. This is the meat and potato and the foundation that up holds the SE-5's integrity.

Negative IDF- Is what you do not want more of and Positive IDF- What you want more of! Pretty simple formula. The determination of this formula depends on the issues you have going on. If you want more "energy" and you use IDF frequencies established to transmit the appropriate energetic IDF's toward or over 100%.

 This will allow your body to consume more energy, you want more of this, so it needs to be 100% if possible. If you don't want a severe cold or flu you would use the IDF frequency to prevent this from happening and balance to make less of it, so "0"% is where you want those measurements to reside at.

Oh! Before I transmit the IDF frequencies of my selection, I used the large quartz crystal and I placed once more a pain killer pill under the crystal and placed both on the "Input" coil on top of the machine as a "Reagent" for additional strength. Just to let you know you don't have to use "Reagents"to get anything done. 

Just use one of the pre-built in programs the SE-5 is programmed with or you can use the untold amount in its working software which is around ten thousand or so IDF's and don't forget to have a picture of the subject placed in the backside of your machine or transferred via software in the SE-5's software program. The backside of the SE-5 acts like the "specimen" chamber that the old Radionic machines had.

Now for pictures, this gets a bit tricky, because the old timers were taught that the polaroid 800 was appropriate to trap the IDF's of a person in the picture due to cut crystals in developing the picture. Don realized this so he discovered using the small polaroid camera, a compaq one and the mini pogo printer that comes with the SE-5 also created by Polaroid, it used crystals for printing each picture that was taken.

 The operator could take the picture and develop it right at home off this mini picture printer. It was sufficient for capturing the IDF's that crystallized structuring that encapsulates around the body of the negative before it's developed. This camera printer that comes with your packages doesn't use ink to print the picture, it uses cut crystals and it's these crystals that capture the IDF's around the living and non-living subjects when picture is take of the individual or object of interest.

I did use a copy of a persons picture that was sent to me by attachment instead of the actual photo and it seemed to work for me for the most part! So I guess you can do either or in this case and it would also depend on how sensitive the operator is when using the machine in "Analysis/Measuring" mode. This machine can work by itself and I witness that first hand and it works! 

It still doesn't completely eliminate the human factor, it's the human bio-connection that brings to life the SE-5, because only the human spirit knows of itself. The machine only knows what it detects/and how and what to transmit at the appropriate time and is limited by its own software programming and the operators mind-scape. 

I have used the SE-5  making my own personal IDF "Selling Program" for selling items online using E-Bay for example and it worked! I have used it to strengthen the CNS or central nervous system of others and it worked! I used it occasionally on myself and it worked! I have used the machine on my spiritual body and it worked!

I had tremendous dreaming that following morning. It was still transmitting those IDF's overnight to balance my brain areas, not the physical but the energetic areas. To own one of these devices two things must be present, the first is you have to be sure of what your doing and have strong conviction that it's possible to manipulate subtle energies. This comes from research and studies in the paranormal field.

Secondly, you must be willing to absorb the cost of such a device! This is where it separates the men from the boys so to speak. The price alone kicks out the "Curiosity" seekers and "Tire Kickers" and the "Fence Straddlers". This makes the would be purchaser think carefully before plunging into this type of research, will it be worth it? Will I continue using it? Or will it set in the closet collecting $4700 worth of dust!

Unfortunately those who fulfill the first requirement may still not be able to afford such a device in their lifetimes. So this leaves it to the well off and super rich to benefit from such working machines as the SE-5 1000 Gold. Or if one were to get an inheritance as such.

Or if you are really lucky and run into a small sum of such money you would more than likely use it to pay off bills that have waited for sometime to be paid off or for the kids etc. Lastly, if you win the lotto you then might be able to purchase it. I don't have such control over who can afford it and who deserves such an instrument.  

To those who now have such a device including myself, we are blessed and fortunate. But there are always issues that come up which could compromise the owner into selling such a unit due to extenuating circumstances health or financial wise and they do happen on a daily basis for some people out there. 

I was nearly a victim of such a circumstance and if it wasn't for my wife believing in what I do and my friend who opened my eyes by asking a simple question such as, "Why don't you use it on yourself?" if you know it works. Sometimes we can't see the forest from the trees!

 I would have more than likely sold the unit and would have been sorrowful later on down the road for doing so. Selling this unit wasn't the first priority on my mind it was mostly feeling sorry for myself and my situation I have to endure on a daily basis.

It wasn't that I needed the money because the worse case scenario it would have just sat in my closet collecting dust and I am the type of person knowing that the machine does wonders, I couldn't just let it sit there and not be used for something good. 

I know it sounds like a mini-pardox, what should of came first the chicken or the egg! Which priority do I recognize, selling the unit because I don't feel like using it much or recognizing by using the unit I could feel much better than I am now at the current moment.

So I decided in fairness to give myself another chance using a device that really is wondrous in and of itself. Even a doctor when he or she is ill they go to another doctor to get better. As an operator it would have been easier for me if I knew another operator willing to freely balance me when I was down and out. 

So sometimes it's not all that easy when "I" the operator, am feeling down and out thus not motivated to be able to use the machine in a non-bias approach for frequency manipulation purposes to feel better.

I hope you see my point in this matter! But I now luckily got past this issue and decided to focus on why my feelings are so bad and what can I do about it instead of feeling bad and downing myself and getting rid of a device that I feel so strongly about. I can use the SE-5 1000 to compliment the necessary medicines to control this PTSD. Which is what I am doing currently at the time of this article.

I am balancing the following:

. Physical Body
. Mental Body
. Astral Body
. Casual Body

Just these (4) body types has brought my balancing time up to including right this minute over 45 straight non-stop hours of running. I still have 12 more "Negative Energy" tunings to do and it will take another four days! 

This might well end up two or three weeks to bring everything up 100%! Don Paris said in one of his online workshops that, "The SE-5 is no different in respect to using an older version when it comes to balance times".

 The only difference was and still is, you can use "Multiple Balancing" mode and setup additional balances to be done one after the other and also the ability to store and use programs for some future tunings and all this can be accomplished while you are about doing something else!