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Monday, May 18, 2015



It's been about 30 days since the receiving of the HDR...After the first week of use my dreams became more defined including all my fives senses being used. I was watching a movie a few days into the training called, "Sliders" many of us out there has watched this T.V. series. I can't say what particular reason this thought came in my mind but as I was watching one of the episodes I felt my consciousness shift to lower "Alpha" it doesn't seem possible a person can trance out while watching an action show but I did.

During this "brain" recess I kept seeing not in words so much as in pictures of myself using the HDR magnet over my stomach for the 15 minute protocol. It was nothing knew to myself seeing what I do each evening before retiring. But here is where it got interesting it didn't stop there, I saw myself flip the barium oxide magnet over to the opposite pole and running that. I remember Steven Gibbs told me and many out there never to use the "South" polarity of the barium or it would send you to astral hell.

That caution is good for the unlearned in the 18th century way of thinking but not in today's world. Then I came back out of that quick snapshot of myself using the HDR and continued watching the T.V. show. Late that evening I picked up the barium oxide magnet and held it in my hand and the thought flashed by me, for every head there is a tail and for every good there is a "Bad" and the list goes on. The question I posed to myself was this, if I only use the "North" side polarity of the barium on my stomach chakra how does the opposing "South" side come into play?

In other words am I artificially trying to alter the natural order of these gateways by only coming into them 1/2 way. Good example if you put a coin in your pocket with heads facing up, you will also have the tails with it, you can't separate the two and when you remove the head of the coin you are also going to move its opposite energies right along with it. I know it sounds silly as an example but it will make sense when approaching the HDR protocols that would allow us to share both + and - polarities while energizing from both magnets.


You can also switch polarities by switching the banana plugs around. So if you have a "North" polarity emanating from the T-bar just switch the plugs in the unit jacks and now it is producing a "South" polarity emission. To keep this short and simple, I decided to do a 15 minute session that is 7 1/2 minutes with the barium oxide flat bar magnet on it's "North" side with the T-bar also emitting a "North" Polarized field. The next 7 1/2 minutes I would flip the flat magnet over where the "S" marked end is now laying over my stomach chakra.

Then I finish it up...So was there any difference into week 3-4? Oh! Yes! My dreams were becoming extremely intense. Just the other night I must have been very active and it woke my wife up and she grabbed my arm to wake me up and I stood up in bed she told me and put up my arms and fists in a fighting stance and nearly missed hurting her! But be darn if I can remember what was going on. Now for the really crazy part, yesterday afternoon I was on the couch watching T.V. and I began to feel really uncomfortable so when I begin to feel like this I usually start rubbing my hands, you know like when it is cold outside.

To my stun disbelief, my wedding band was missing! I looked all over for it and told my wife and she went looking and neither of us could find it. I sat down in sheer exhaustion giving up hope of ever finding it. I looked at my hands and said to my wife honey your never going to believe this I found my ring! She asked me where! I showed her my right ring finger there it was tightly around it. It took me almost 4 minutes to get this ring off! I never ever put off my ring since I been married and it was for the past 15 years on my left ring finger!

But there it was! There maybe some kind of rationale explanation but this is the first time in 15 years this ever happened! I would have known if I put the ring on the wrong finger because I knew it would not fit over my right ring knuckle, which is why I never wore rings on my right hand! 

But just the same it was there! I believe there was an entity of some sort that did this transference of this ring to the other hand. It happened the same week that I began using both polarity fields over my stomach chakra following natures 3-Dimensional approach by bringing with me both negative and positive polarity influences during the HDR protocol.


Again that same evening, my wife headed for bed early and she lied down and I was in the living room watching some show. She yelled out honey come here! So I got up and walked back and asked her if she was ok. She told me there is someone in our room, I saw them moving back and forth. I looked around and there was no one I could see at the time. It seems to me by allowing both polarities to run equally well over the same chakra area I am now tuning into the equally well constructed zero-point energy. Again if you enter a vortex if the front of you will go first the back is certain to follow.

This has been and exciting time with the HDR! I still didn't time travel yet either astrally or physically. But I am sure from my past experiences with the device it will soon be a norm also. I guess that "Alpha" thought that strayed into my mind that day was trying to get my whole body attention not just 1/2 of it. Also during the past 4 days I got that forbidden flu bug for about 24 hours and now it's gone. I remember Steve and Carl Novella when introduced on Coast to Coast said when using the HDR material things would disappear and then reappear somewhere else never really leaving the area of confine.

Like my ring for example...I don't know why I didn't notice it on my right hand ring finger, maybe because when I looked at my left ring finger and found it missing and that neither hand had any ring to be found and then there it was on my right hand finger as plain as day after an hour search throughout the house. My wife told me it was not there when she looked at both my hands when I told her the ring was lost, I told her it's there now! I had to use liquid soap to pull the ring off the top of my knuckle it was really wedge on there.

Would all this have happened even if I didn't incorporate the "South" polarized field along with a "North" polarized field of the T-bar magnet? I guess I will never know for sure, but I will keep it going this way for further experimentation. My wife was talking with me yesterday and said to me she was still interested in that DreamSpa device with the LED lights. 

So I guess I will go with the payment plan the company has to offer for only 6 months. That should prove interesting to see what it would be like after the HDR session then lying under the cover helmet using the deep blue LED's which is designed for a calming effect on the body along with putting your mind in a "Theta" state of mind for about 30 minutes.


I have been scouring the web for interesting devices to use other than for the HDR in general. The only thing I found that may have big promise is the SonyVirtual Reality goggles and headphones. They have created a VR set called project "Morpheous". It works with the Sony Playstation 4. It will come out around 2016 for about $500.00 or maybe less. I was reading an article of a reporter who went to Japan for its first showing to the public and the reporter spent one hour using the headset and when he took it off he felt like he was waking up from a dream state of mind.

So it seems reasonably logical that the device actually brings a persons brainwaves down to almost dream like quality when immersed in this VR world. Of course this VR from Sony will capitalize on other working applications and there are 3rd party vendors jumping aboard also and all this magic will begin to happen around June 2016. This could be useful using the HDR or by itself to enhance ones deeper visuals of immersion, either in an artificial world or for real world time visuals. 

Imagine your in this computer game world immersed in VR stimulation and your brainwaves keep coming down, it will be to such a point that you would not be able at the time to distinguish what is the reality and what is the game! Oculus Rift started the ball rolling when they offered "Kick Starter" program. Facebook just purchased Oculus Rift's rights and patents for $4 billion dollars! Are they trying to tell us something!

I use to own a Playstation 3 eight years ago, I may have to get the playstation 4 just so I can purchase the Sony VR headset. Anxiously waiting for new software to enter the market for this old idea but using advanced technology. It's been a gamers dream to have some kind of life like experience when playing first player games or using it for all kinds of applications. 

I was thinking it stands to reason why that reporter was experiencing deep alpha side effects upon taking off the unit, this unit has to convince the mind it is now experiencing a new world and nothing else exists beyond that. Without this type of trance induction coming from theVR headset, how can the person convince themselves otherwise that you're in another world and interacting with it just with your mind not your body?


You know your are wearing the goggles and you know the real world is waiting for you to come back to it after playtime. Now if the VR is able to cause a trance like state of mind that is redirecting the consciousness inward, then you wouldn't know for sure if what you are doing is real world or not. So initially you are being fed this information on a "dream" level of mind by the VR headset and goggles as it allows you to become more involved with it's producing signals. 

When you are dreaming you are not aware of what you may or may not be wearing or know what's happening in the real world because all your senses are shutting down to outside distractions and redirected inwardly to the subconscious. So this VR technology is feeding your brain new information while you are in your daydream receptive mode mind state, allowing your mind to be convinced the world you see is in all intense and purposes the new reality to experience.

Mind you on the anecdotal evidence of just one player/reporter, this is what I am theorizing; when I read the initial statement of how the reporter felt after using the VR and the game on Project Morpheous. I am probably not far from the truth. As with anything else we will have to wait and see! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


The above video is to have you lighten up before reading this article and may give you a glimpse on how to get over yourself when things don't work out!

A small structural change to the Gibbs HDR:

What I want to do is to place a crystal pyramid in the center of the circular rectifier diodes and this doesn't take a tech savvy genius to do which is why I can do it. I am going to borrow my crystal pyramid I purchased some time back aways and glue it in the middle of the circular rectifiers on the HDR main board. When I purchased the 2007 HDR from Steven Gibbs it was the only HDR with a very small pyramid shape in that center of the rectifier diodes, he told me it was an experimental device.

I used it and from then on, was success after success! Honestly, it may have worked without it too! So I am placing a small clear quartz crystal pyramid in the same area, probably use SuperGlue to put it there permanently or hot glue. I am trying to figure out where "Magnetic" North would be established with the Pyramid  placement inside the HDR.

After taking off the top of the HDR thus exposing the circuitry, I just have to place the compass and find magnetic North and place the side or pointed side in that direction the compass is pointing at. Seems simple enough, I have a one time shot at this since I'm supergluing it to the breadboard. 

HDR users, there are many ways, small ways, you can enhance your HDR traveling. The first suggestion I have given you in the most recent article was my opinion about the "Grounding" mat! Secondly, one could use and additional Radionic device they may have lying around not being used and program it for your specific time traveling needs. Remember we talked about the HDR about having additional fine tuning knobs, this could be that answer for your tuning!

A time traveler when having the right tools to choose from gives the HDR user "variety" in approaches and may ultimately lead to a more powerful approach toward time traveling in general. 

Thirdly, one could invest in a Tesla Coil prebuilt that produces 1,000,000 DC Volts of electrical Streamers, when these streamers are sent forth visibly it creates an artificial "Vortex" ZeroPoint Energies to be exact. With the type of Tesla Coils we are talking about that is adjusting a spark gap that can be adjusted up or down! There is only one type I would recommend for the job: The Van De Graff's won't work as well as the below model for our experiment.

The above Tesla Coil is pre-assembled for $585.00! This is a 250,000 Volts unit. Enough so to created "Zero-Point" Energies Vortex. In the idea experiment one would purchase two of these devices where the electrical streams (Lightening Bolts it produces) would face opposite of one another and in the center of the electrical streamers running into one another would be your Vortex point of energies. They should be placed about 2-3 feet apart of each other.

Note: The one I want built and delivered is the 500,000 Volt Tesla for about $1500.00. They can go up on price and in power. Since I need two of them my budget would be at its stretching point.

Here is how we would incorporate the HDR to go synch with the Tesla Coil streamers. You have to remember there is a "Spark" gap one sets to reduce or increase the power of the two coil units. Here is what I would personally do for my first experiment with the HDR. I would take a picture of the first coil of choosing and place it in the "chamber" well of the HDR. Then I would look for the rate of that particular coil by using the individual tuning knobs one at a time while sensing for an harmonic stick on the HDR until I locked in both coils.

Once that is accomplished, I would use whatever tool needed to adjust the gap asks for the coils and slowly go from low to high while rubbing the rub plate when I get a "Stick" reaction on the HDR rub plate I would stop adjusting the coil's gap. Next I would go to the next coil across from it and complete the same steps. Now both coil gaps are synch to the HDR and both coils rates are synched to the tuning knobs.


Place on your equipment as you usually are accustom to doing and while the coils are running, place the flat large magnet over the bellybutton and place the T-bar magnet on top of that and run the entire system for 7-8 minutes and your done! Before I use a "grounding" mat in this situation which now includes the Tesla coils I would have to find out if this would be a danger to myself and others using this mat in this way.

After all is done, your probably wondering will I time travel after doing this? Again that's up to the HDR and Tesla Coils and your energy body, along with your subconscious mind to participate in the activated "artificial" vortex. Because all these members are intimately involved when doing this type of work. Carl Novella used only a 50,000 VOLT science Tesla, not like the super charged one we are talking about here that produce 12-14 inch streamers. Keep it clean! :O)

It's amazing, if one has the money there are endless options a person can do to enhance the HDR training. One other thing, my wife wanted to use the LED's cold laser lighting and I found her a device called the "DreamSpa". This is expensive but once over the sticker shock, you would of agreed with me that I haven't seen anything like this LED canopy. It produces "beta", "alpha", "theta" brainwaves by flickering the lights in special sequence modes as you are lying down and your head is inside the canopy receiving the healing effects of the LED lighting.

I am sorry for this, I just have this ability to pick out the most expensive devices, it's not that I am trying to find these and yet it ends up, it's the only device like its kind on the market! But my wife wants it and she will get it! Oh! They do have a 8-Month Payment Plan on this also. I thought to myself, wait a minute! Once I finish my 8 minute protocol using the HDR I could lay down and do the "blue" LED Light program, which helps you sleep all the night and that is what the HDR practitioner needs to do after the protocol is completed.

So it kind of works out for the both of us! I have been eyeing up to get that "Tesla Coil" for quite along time for the HDR work and when I went into Radionics practicing the idea of having a Tesla Coil just fizzled, then I got hurt afterwards so I discontinued my practice indefinitely. By the time you read this article I would have a month of using the 1995 HDR model I recently purchased from a friend in Kansas. So far during the month's usage the first couple of days into the training, my dreams were becoming very vivid. This shows my energy body is becoming active once again!

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Is running the HDR the only requirement to time travel?

I don't know if Steven Gibbs told you the frame of mind one should be in that would quickly propel you forward and backward in time when using such of a device. This is probably the most important and the most overlooked when using the HDR device for time travel. Believe me I have done many types of training in different mind states never knowing I would need this training for some future use of any product.

Once I discovered the HDR was a "magnetic" and "radionic" device, I was immediately aware we are talking half the training will be to bring the mind state into lower levels by using the Radionic box, which is the HDR and the other half of the training is the "magnetic" field effecting your aura and biology, let's just say it worked for me! "Resonance" is only one aspect of using the HDR, this is where the magnets come into play. Next is "Mind State". 

Usually those who practice with the HDR Radionic box their mind states usually drops to deep "Alpha" that is (strong day dreaming mentality). Ideally one should enter "light theta" state. Of course when you work all day to provide for your family and taking kids to after school events and having to cook dinner and finally putting the children to bed, it doesn't leave much time for your HDR practice let alone meditation training.

This is why some HDR operators take a long time to do their first "Astral Time Travel". Patience is the secret in using the HDR. Eventually you will not only resonate with the Magnetism created by the HDR but your mind will learn to slow down enough to let loose your energy bodies to arrive either in the past or future. Steven Gibbs told me on a regular basis several years back that the HDR brings down the brainwaves.

Mind State is crucial when using the HDR! Even if you are desiring to Physically time travel. Your mind has the latent ability to breach both time and space continuum and if this is so wherever the mind goes the body follows!

Hdrkid also strongly agrees with this statement. Those of you who wish to cut down the training time due to the constraints in your everyday life there are numerous options available to the HDR Operator. You can look this up for yourselves easily enough! I accidentally found a way to cut down my brainwaves to deep "Theta". My wife wanted to get those LED lights for her facial exercises which in my opinion she still looks like a teenager. But this is what she wants.

So both of us went searching for high end products, truthfully I will not go cheap, even if I have to save for a year to get that device. We found and both agreed that the "DreamSpa" was the only device and is the only device on the world market that not only has the LED's lighting for your facial and bodily pains but they flicker from "Beta", to "Alpha", to two stages of "Theta". (light theta, deep theta). So not only are you getting the beneficial LED light therapy, you are also being taken down into a "medium" trance states of mind.

At first I didn't think of using it myself since my wife wants it for her complexion, but after we read the stories and learned this device has 5 pre-installed programs and what they are designed to accomplish I thought wait a minute, after doing an HDR protocol of 8-10 minutes I usually disengage all the equipment setting it aside then lying down for the energies to take hold. But problem goes beyond this. I have to take a sleep medication since my terrible accident in 2012.

Because my mind is so into "Fight or Flight" mode at night, it's hard for me to sleep! This somewhat hampers my ability to stay conscious enough to time travel and trying to be semi-coherent while awaiting for the energies to take its part after consuming the sleep aid. I at the time decided to accept this handicap while training with the HDR hoping to overcome this small issue by continued practice.

We could solve two nagging issues in my HDR training!

Then looking at this DreamSpa I asked my wife, what if I do my time travel protocol and then lie down and place my upper body inside the light unit for 30 minutes until I reach "Light or Deep Theta state". Two things will happen, the first it will make my skin healthy and getting the beneficial lighting I need and secondly it will calm me down into deep theta mind state giving me the chance of reaching my goals using the HDR without sleep aid. Then my mind will be freed up to enter into the tear fabric of time and space travel.

So we both agreed that it would be beneficial for both parties and then be worth the investment for both of us. Now the bad news, it is around $1800.00! Of course! That's because my wife is very good in finding the best out there! But they do offer monthly installments with the company, making it easier to obtain the device. To us this is probably the least expensive item on our "want to get" list by the end of this year. It is the best and that is what my wife and I like to do, we have no children, so we spoil ourselves once in awhile.

I guess we covered the basics pretty much. WOW! I am going to cut this short today a big change from my longer articles!

Saturday, April 25, 2015


An overlooked but important issue when using the HDR:

To start this topic off, we use the HDR by placing the time coils over our 3rd Eye Chakra. Next we turn on the white switch flipping it upwards, which is the lamp and the specimen cell. Then we switch up the "Yellow" one, called the "Time Stabilizer" and we flip up the "Red" switch up, to engage the electro-magnet that is ran off the A/C grid power network. 

But there is something missing, ah! While the electromagnet is humming away and creating a magnetic force field all around us which is disrupting the time space continuum, there are other forces at play that is causing interruption in the HDR protocol! But there is nothing to tell you this or show you what is impeding with you're attempt to time travel. You won't find this information anywhere but right here for your HDR training.

This could account for why certain individuals are having such a hard time getting the HDR to do anything for them. No one wants to hear about this, but it must be address just the same. The whole idea of the HDR is to allow our bodies and subconscious minds to "Resonate" and this is the main "key" that opens the doorway between both worlds "Resonation". What if for a moment during the resonation build up phase using a non-static approach, others frequencies start taking dominion over you and your chakra's while your doing your protocol, what do you think may happen to the would be "Time Skipper"?

Like anything else, it may work at best sporadically due to interruptions of the frequency fields the HDR is trying to build. When I started to use my HDR for the first time I was using the device in the living room after my wife went to sleep. The competition was "Wi-Fi" and Cable sources, along with the 60cps emitting from the electrical outlets throughout the room. Along with all the wiring behind each wall throughout causing a influx of the bad EMF's that permeate my entire being.

Continuous Patience Is the Key To Your Success!

I didn't think this device was ever going to work! But with persistence and a small amount of effort and a little faith, I was able to have my first "time skip"! I want to say you can mentally prepare yourself for the possibility of time travel but when it happens at least for myself, it becomes as a huge surprise. It seems no matter how mentally prepared we think we are, by the very nature of our beings we have this built in survival mechanism called, "Fight or Flight mode that automatically kicks in high gear beyond our conscious control, which is why we are shock when it happens.

Someone asked me what does "Time Skipper" mean! Remember when you were a child as you walked down an old country road you may have passed natural ponds on farming land and one could not resist the opportunity of taking a single stone and throwing it sideways to have it skip over the water as far as you could! Essentially, this is what the HDR does for us, at least for the beginner, it allows us each time we use it to visit one place at a time but usually not by choice, we skip along until the unit drops us. 

Your time skip may fall a few days ahead in the future, then a few years and finally a few centuries, same as with the past! I have never been able to go to the same place twice. So in essence the HDR takes your "Energy" body and pretty much skips it over the Time/Space Continuum and your not sure where that skip will end such as, the stone you threw across the surface of the laden pond, thus being named  "Skipping Stones". 

Getting back on point, we did everything correctly in setting up the HDR and running the protocol successfully. Afterwards we lie down waiting for the "Vortex" to gobble you up and take you on your first trip! But it doesn't happen, why is that? It could mean a lot of things because when you are working with time travel the slightest variant could be crucial. Time skipping makes waves on the surface of the time/space continuum, they begin to ripple, causing reactions after reactions as you skip along using the HDR's artificial gateway opening.

The Simplest can be the Most Evasive To Us.

But we are still not sure if we are doing things right! It took me years to figure out what I am about to tell you, this is because there were no so-called experts in the time travel field where the HDR was concerned, in fact there were no other time machines that existed on the market to compare it with the HDR or anything else. Back in the early 80's and 90's the only person that understood this time machine (HDR) traveling, was Steven L. Gibbs.  The below picture I believe was shown in "Strange Magazine" publication of Steven Gibbs himself.

Like it or not he'd the man! After several success and misses using the HDR, I took another area of interest in Radionics and Rife Therapies. It was there that I learned a simple technique that made all the difference in the world when it comes to using the HDR for time traveling. It's always the simple that evades us, like if it were a snake it would of bit us because it was right under our noses so to speak and out of sight.

In one word to sum it all up it's called, "GROUNDING"! When science discovered this simple and unique exercise they were able to re-direct the incoming power source whatever that may have been and driven it safely from the "target" area right into the "ground" outside! Scientist understood that the Schulman frequencies were needed for our bodies to exist on planet Earth. 

But as the centuries passed and technology became widespread, these simple frequencies that the Earth created from the Ionosphere weren't able to penetrate through our minds and bodies. We have become so "ungrounded" for a better lack of term, our physical bodies developed diseases and sicknesses.

What Frequencies are being Blocked?

The Schulman frequencies (7.83Hz) were being blocked out by competing type frequencies of greater generated power and duration such as, from power plants to satellites and electrical power lines and electrical grids all over the world, along with Wi-Fi signals bombarding us from all directions. For a frequency or frequencies to be effective it must be subtle and with no interference except that which is by nature herself. All our accomplishments in this newly arrived technological world we now live in, we have became slaves of our own demise. 

Imagine for a moment when trying to run particular frequencies created by the HDR and translated through a carrier wave, in this case the electromagnet powered up by the same electrical grid that keeps us down constantly. It's like a dog chasing their own tails, thus we create our own self defeating paradox! We don't need the HDR to do this for us! 

When is the last time you were in your bare feet on mother earth? From the house or apartment in shoes to going outside and from outside into your insulated cars or trucks and from your vehicles into your favorite shopping centers and then back home to start the cycle of being non-grounded from the earth over and over again. The body then becomes weakened for a lack of the Schulman's frequencies the Earth provides us to survive!

But what about what science discovered concerning "grounding" of self! Taking this into consideration, we are now able to re-direct the free radical frequencies that are all around us and go through us, to be focused through and into a "grounding" source on the outside, leaving us with the frequencies our bodies were designed to use. It would still be a bit artificial but now the free radical energies will have some other place to go instead of lodging up in your insulated daily bodily activities. Our bodies will become much healthier for it.

What happens when a person is Grounded?

Now that we are grounded literally, we get full value of the Schulman frequencies that our biology needs to keep its sanity! What about the HDR frequencies? Glad someone was listening! Now the HDR's frequencies that has a carrier wave otherwise known by the electro-magnetic energies produced from a current power source, can envelope our entirety without "interruption" and going through us and our every cells, resonating to a hum. While the free radical energies the body wants to dispose of is sent directly to the "Grounding" source outside the body!

Here is the million dollar question, how do we "ground" ourselves? What is out there that we can purchase to allow our bodies to heal  and allow the time skipping to commence and takes little room if any to setup and is reasonably cost effective on every budget. I do know of one particular place that has everything you would logically need not just for HDR work but for your overall health!

I will list them as follows; both of these can be purchased at:

SOFT GROUND PILLOW is designed for comfort and signal acceleration during your sessions.  No more hard metal foot plates or rods for grounding.  You can be hands free and enjoy the comfort of SoftGrounding.
Grounding is important during your sessions for energy transference to maximize results.  Some researchers have also concluded that cortisol levels may improve while grounding.
We have been able to shorten many programs because of this breakthrough in frequency delivery.
SoftGround Pillow is the result of 5 years of TrueRife research in conjunction wiith G.E. Polymershaes, Sabic Corporation and 3M company.  
You can hear and feel the acceleration while using this product behind the back, under the feet or behind the head. Cost: $135.00

Advanced Energy Mat for daytime      work!
Feel the energy while you work!  This pad is resilent and safe.  Meets standards for safety and comfort.
Can be used as pictured above or in bed, while resting on a sofa, or chair!
Manufactured from 3m carbonized rubber with a 15 foot snap on connector. Cost: $70.00


Some researchers feel this is because there is an energy transference of the earth's natural oscillations known as Schumann's resonance (7.83 Hz), the same frequency your brain functions at during times of deep thought and meditation.

Hundreds of users have reported feeling energized and more focused after experiencing this system.

Because of the 100% conductive surface, nothing compares to this product which is exclusive to TrueRife!  

Feel the energy every morning after a restful sleep from our grounded half sheet energy system.

Walk the beach while you sleep!
Includes: Full / Queen / King Size Grounded Half Sheet manufactured with metalized fabric for excellent grounding and comfort. Dimensions 36" X 100"

One Size fits all!  Secured under your fiited sheet for low maintenance.
Tester Included to validate conductive surface.
Fabric is 100% nickel plated ripstop.  Laser cut to size and edges are heat sealed to prevent fraying.  Machine washable light duty cycle. 
Energy Grounding Sheet
              Cost: $179.00

Call 269-382-5820
You must have a grounded wall outlet for thiese products to be used.

I felt this was so important I didn't want anyone to miss out what took me years to know and by reading this you shaved off about 12 years of learning to keep your body healthy and to be able to use all that the HDR is willing to give to you.



I just got an email from a young lady in the UK I believe asking how does one operate these HDR's. It caught me by surprise because most people get their information ahead of time from other would be travelers and I admit whole heartily that Steven Gibbs directions seemed to be written by Chinese and sent to Germany for interpretation and back to Japan for editing, then scanned for approval by FDA, then forwarded to the HDR user, while they are scratching their their noggins trying to figure it all out! (All in good humor folks don't take offense please).

I do apologize for Steven Gibbs written directions, it took me quite the time to understand what was going on and it was through places like time and other places and talking with other travelers, that I was able to understand what Steve was trying to convey in his instruction manuals. He is a great visionary but like me he is not the professional writer that we all wished we be!

I will try my best to help those who just purchased their HDR's but this takes a huge amount of personal time on my part because not everything can be explained in words, sometimes pictorial learning speaks many more volumes of the idea you are trying to convey to the HDR user. As you are aware I will be starting to do HDR series on Youtube as "Quantum-X2"; covering all the steps from start to finish in simple to understand.


As I am starting my new project up and until I get my 8D-NLS whole body holistic scanner around October of this year. My newest project would be to create a HDR do it yourself video guide which would include mini video clips showing newbies how to use such a time machine. 

The 8D-NLS (Non-Linear-System) body scanner can scan deep right down to the DNA and Chromosomes! It will show you the "weakened" areas and suggest not only the Meta therapy to use on weakened areas, it will use "Inverted" frequency pulses, square wave pulses to the representing organs or DNA etc in question. It will advise you the type of nutrition you would need for homeopathic approach to your condition and homeopaths, and holistic herbs and their listed companies also. You can do your own "Homeopath" liquids with the software.

There is so much more to tell but it's impossible to list all the jewels of this portable scanner has to offer the operator, I was comparing other overseas pricing for the same exact equipment such as the "Physiospect" they want $14,000.00 for 20 year old technology. I am getting off very cheap, while others out there supporting Amazon who sells the same 8D-NLS for over $2700.00! I can get the same model from their suppliers for $935.00! It does everything the "Physiospect" does and it is much up to date in this century then this "physiospect" touted at $14,000.00!

____________________Special Alert!_________________

OH! I promised my friend I would also make mention that my wife and I had extreme issues with out lower backs and upper neck areas and in the leg area etc. We tried the "Scenar" Nada! We tried "Inflammatory's", didn't work! It would upset our stomachs even taken it with food. We went to Chiropractor's and we got some relief but it would come right back with a vengeance. My wife works as a CNA and has to lift elderly people all day long, it was killing her back! I myself along with my wife, we both had whiplash injuries because we were in three car accidents due to people not watching where they were going, they were too busy on the I-phones messaging!

I was at the end of my rope, my wife was crying in her sleep and I hardly ever had a day that my neck didn't ache. Then one evening out of sheer desperation the thought came to me, "Try Ultrasound". The only thing I knew about "Ultrasound" was when a women was pregnant they could use the video powered ultrasound to see the fetus in realtime. That did me and my wife no good! As I investigated pricing of Chiropractic Ultrasound Therapy out there, the lowest I found in my area to have such a treatment was $75.00 for 15 minutes! What are these lawyers giving these treatments!


The highest Ultrasound therapy was around $100.00 per 15 minute sessions, online being advertised! You and I both know if we have that done those therapies, the Chiropractor will have you coming in 5-10 times for your complete healing, if it's possible in the first place. Nope! Better to purchase my own portable handheld "Ultrasound". This was fun! They range up to about $3000 or more (that is with a video monitor). We don't need to see our muscles to know we are in pain, so I stepped down and found a "Ultrasound"wand called, "LG Elite Pro" from LG Medical Supply online. 

It only cost us....drum roll....please! $160.00 for a handheld portable ultrasound device. That's a first for us! It finally arrived and on the first night I used the Ultrasound in asymetry areas (small areas in sections of upper and lower back), she was immediately relieved from that inflammation! I thought she was kidding me but she wasn't. It's been about two weeks and the pain never came back. It healed my wife's back completely. She used the ultrasound on my neck area due to thinning disks and from the whiplash injuries incurred from so many accidents it too completely gone!

So she carefully massaged under my skull where the muscles would tighten up consistently, I have to tell you this, all our backs and necks issues go back almost 5 years straight! She massaged slowly with the wand using the ultrasound on my traps and down my spine and my lower hip area that was really bad from having a seatbelt jamming on it, when we got hit from behind. After that 45 minute session, every where she massaged with the unit became numb like and I felt wonderful and as of today I didn't need to use the device but every so often if I strain doing something. It healed all that agonizing chronic pain!

It is FDA approved for pain relieving. Make sure if you get one of these ultrasound wands, you need to purchase the (16 ounce) conducting gel in a bottle, there free bottle is not enough! What they give to you is 3 ounces only, barely enough for one small patch of target. The gel is needed to conduct an electrical connection with the Ultrasound wand to your skin. My wife and I found a place online to get a small discount, so we placed an order for (4) each, 16 ounce bottles of conduction gels.

If there ever was a miracle to be had, this comes awful close to being such that! For the first couple of days, she and I didn't know how to react without babying our personal aches and pains right before bedtime or rising in the morning. It's been two weeks and the pains never came back for either of us. But there are times when I get kinks from slouching when on the computer all day, so I put some gel on my neck area and do a quick 5 minute session and I am as good as new!

The other day I split my tooth right down to the root it ached so bad, being I couldn't see a dentist for at least two days I had to think on my feet. I thought why not use the "Ultrasound" I could massage my cheek area where the tooth cracked. So I placed the gel on my cheek and massaged in small concentric circles as far as the upper cheek bone and below it. My saliva began to react, like it was boiling inside my gums and cheek yet it never got hot. It was definitely warm as the temp was rising. But not too uncomfortable as you might think.


I could feel inside my gum line bubbling nicely, after 5 minutes there was no more toothache, all gone. Why do you think that was? Because it was inflammation causing the ache at the root and ultrasound sends high focused sound waves at 1Megahertz in speed to ease that inflammation and swelling. After the ultrasound I just pulled the tooth right out because the swelling incurred by the sudden cracking went down all around the tooth. Once the swelling was down and pain gone I was able to extract it easily. (It was a small tooth).

SCENAR: $900.00 For pain relief
Ultrasound Wand: $160.00 For pain relief

The SCENAR I purchase was a cheap unit compared to the $8000.00 unit I previously talked about in my past articles, because I was desperate for my wife's healing! When I used it on her it did absolutely no good for her and made me extremely sick the very next day, with vomiting and a bad neck ache for almost 8 hours! My friend in fairness to him, owns this device and he states it works for him! I guess not everything I research is a good thing for all people because all people are different and respond to different treatments accordingly.

There is no end in the using of UltraSound instrument! What gets us is, the cost, how cheap it is and yet can do miracles for inflammation and frozen shoulders, knees, bad feet and the list can go on for sure. I hope my friend after reading this material, feels it was an adequate summary why we use the ultrasound and it is able to heal old scars. In case you didn't read about this earlier here is the link to this Pro Series.


In the year of 2014 around the month of November I used my HDR, it was the 2013-14 model I think. I used it for 15 minutes and I also used the barium oxide magnet for additional magnetic field support. You maybe tempted to ask, can anyone use earth rare magnets? I can't see where it could hurt as long as your careful but there is a possibility once the end of the T-Bar magnet gets stuck on the earth rare you will never be able to pry them off again. 

I tried to find an earth rare magnet to match the size of my barium magnet and I just couldn't find a matching size online, I am sure there out there somewhere. The barium oxide magnet Steven Gibbs sell is around $144.00 by itself!

Say what! Yes, you heard me correctly! But I really didn't care at all because, if the Barium Oxide Mag could increase my chances while using the HDR device then more power to me! It did! I measured the field of the electro-magnet with the static one together and I powered up the electro-magnet then I used an EMF meter, no contest, it pegged the meter full from about 10 feet away! 

About twenty feet distance away from the T-Bar magnet the EMF meter was reading somewhere in the middle at the time. So the magnets were producing formidable canopy of electro-magnetic energies. I can't say how it is shaped around a person when hooked up but I can say it's very powerful when it is. Just make sure you don't have computer stuff close proximity or you will tend to wipe every thing out! I don't keep any of my computers close to this HDR when in operation.

I recently, at the end of 2014 used my new model HDR, like usual I did the 15 minute protocol and I just want the owner/operators to know that there is no wrong or right way to use this device. Use your instincts as well as your thinking caps. I followed Steve Gibbs advice during a few phone calls back and forth, but there was nothing more he could tell me that I didn't already know for the past couple of years when learning to use the device. 

The unit on the inside doesn't seem like much when you open up the box and may I suggest not to open the box because you may inadvertently pull some of the wiring unknown to yourself and it may short circuit or worse case scenario not work for you.


The older models of Steve's HDR (Hyper-Dimensional-Resonators) had much wiring, not like you see when HDRkid took his apart to show everyone what it look like inside the unit. The only way anyone would want to open this device is because they have no confidence with the HDR and maybe looking at the circuitry will give a boost to their already bruised ego's just for buying a portable time machine. My personal opinion if it isn't broke don't fix it.

Steve hides nothing inside his unit, many of owners who are (do-it-yourselfers) tried to copy Steven Gibbs HDR circuitry and followed the schematics to the letter when they built their own devices. Yet for some unknown reason they become non-effective. It makes me crazy when someone tries to reverse engineer things for profit more than for the art of research. There are just somethings that can't be copied and actually work as envisioned by the original builder.  

But to my knowledge no one has ever succeeded in time traveling either astrally or physically using these clone devices on the market! If any of you brave souls out there venture to purchase such a device from Gibbs himself, you better be prepared what it's about to show to you. Some of the stuff I seen was quite dramatic even though I didn't know the time frame I was entered into! 

Did you get this part! (I didn't know the time frame I was entered into) the HDR loves to take people on trips unexpectedly, there is no rhyme nor reason for such a thing to happen. I was a bit frustrated that every time I got my "stick" reaction to where I wanted to end up at it would send me to some unknown and realistic place I never saw before or heard of.

The only thing I maybe able to account for some of it, would be the possibility of stray rogue vortexes. Also considering the fact that we are surrounded my EMF's constantly. This unit could have tapped into the artificial EMF fields intermittently from our wall sockets and Wi-Fi's produce daily in our homes and why not because everything around us is "energy". 

If the HDR can attract rogue time travel vortexes then I would imagine it could create asymetry portals using the EMF's in your home. Point in order, HDRkid uses 2 each, 50,000 DC Volt Tesla Coil in conjunction with his HDR the second one is the receiver unit to create artificial vortexes using a primitive Tesla technologies.


This is known in some circles what we call an "Artificial Vortex". Steve told me years ago that there can be certain dangers meddling with such artificial energies. The HDR is still relatively an unknown device, even though it looks simple enough, just exactly how it works is still truly an unknown. 

This was proven by other builders of their own versions of similar HDR's. Those builders just could not get their cloned units to work like Gibbs envisioned his to do. He also incorporates his energies while building the device. From what I perceived over the many years, Steven Gibbs uses the "White Light" energies that are focused on the inside of the HDR. Why? Because it is a radionic device. Don't get me wrong here, it's just not like standard radionic devices out there! It is truly different from those type radionic machines such as the "Wishing" machines etc.

Again, the above statement was slightly proven when others tried to copycat his instruments for nearly 20 years!  No results!

Can hardly blame them, there are some real S.O.B's that bare down hard on Gibbs device on some of these time travel forums. If you ask them if they ever used it they will undoubtedly tell you no! How can a group of naysayers judge something they had no experience with in the first place what is, an extension of our government bodies! It's my hopes that those HDR users come out of their closets so to speak and dare to share with us their experiences.


One evening after using the HDR, I lied down getting ready to go to sleep when in what seemed like a flash of the moment, I was at a bus stop standing and wondering what year it was so I could jog it down in my journals when I got back home. A gentleman approached me with an aluminum carrying case and he had curly type hair. He said to me do you know Steven Gibbs I answered back and told him, Yes I do! It was then he opened this brief case and displayed something that looked like the HDR but really different at the same time. Instead of dials it had 3-4 etched in crystal like marks and they were evenly split up from left to right.

The man gave me the instrument and I tapped the crystal and it made a screeching sound and everything around me was wobbling and the man took it away from me and said, "You got to be more careful of this unit, it will take you somewhere and you might not be able to come back since you don't have the operator codes". I looked him in the eyes and he said, "You still don't recognize me"! I don't know who you are. He told me, "I am Steven Gibbs" the inventor of the HDR and the one you own is archaic in design with some flaws to overcome.

He told me, his counterpart in my dimension gets all his information from him. I stood by and was dumbfounded not knowing what he was going to tell me next. Then he turned around and begin to walk and simply disappeared! This encounter was the weirdest to date I have experienced. Later on while browsing on the web I found a picture of Steven Gibbs, at that moment I didn't know it was him but I recognized the hair and the face. I told my wife this is the guy I met from some unknown future!


I click on the picture and "Strange" magazine came up with an article of Steven Gibbs. So I did meet him or at least his alternate that some call their "Doppleganger". Mind you none of this unfortunately can be proven. Nothing from the HDR can be proven unless you get caught up in a "Physical" shift and you bring something of that time back with you. But it is my suspicion people won't believe you or me anyways. I am happy because I know and that's all that matters just "you" and your self satisfaction of experiencing the unknown.

If you purchase the HDR time Device don't get it to prove something outside your own home it won't do you any good! Be satisfied where your HDR takes you! Some worry if they get caught up in some time rift they won't be able to return. Carl Novella who was on Coast to Coast with Steven Gibbs traveled physically over many time periods and was able to come back with no problem. He told me once he got stuck in 1930-40's for two weeks and when the HDR brought him back he had lost his job! In the meantime, while he was there he had to get a job so he could eat.

There was another time Carl was in Miami outside his yard and a bright flash appeared and he found himself somewhere else. He finally found a house in the open country and he acquired from them where he was, they looked at each other most strangely and said sarcastically, you might be in Canada! He had to call his family to send him money so he could get back to Florida. Is this true? Only Carl knows for sure! I have no reason to not believe what he physically experienced. 

That is it for now!