Sunday, November 22, 2015


I guess you have been watching the news lately, one has to think twice over if it's safe to go to concerts and malls etc. I never would have thought in a million years that we would be prone to ISIS but the main fact we are! We can deny it and say it will never happen to us in our small place, I just heard and read the news that ISIS wants to destroy with low kinetic impact attacks such as small shopping malls and gatherings. Two hundred there and three hundred here will do it for them.

This does't exclude traffic fatalities, being arrested, or fined etc. When you think about it, it's a wonder we can survive at all just on a day to day routine. The biggest fear is meeting up with a driver who is busy texting on their I-Phones and not watching what they are doing! Many lives have been taken and are being taken as we speak. 

Is it worth it? How safe can one be? Is today the day of infamy.

A young father and son going home to my hometown a year ago was getting off the Southbound interstate to arrive in downtown. Just before he was ready to make his turnoff, a young teenager veered off the Northbound lane on to the Southbound lane and ran over the car with his high rise pickup truck right over the father and son and killed them both and the driver of the truck died later at the hospital.

It was found out during the investigation that this young man was texting to his girlfriend and not paying attention to the road, he lost control of his vehicle and ran over the median.These are the threats that we need to be concerned about. Y
ou're probably wondering why I brought up these topics, I want you to become uncomfortable because this is our real world today! We can't live forever granted but I will let the Lord decide when it's time for me to come home, not a 16 year old in love, using their I-Phones.

When things go wrong one day and never seems to let up then you begin to ponder, "What am I doing wrong, Why me".

I guess we can go on and on with this but I think were on the right track. I had two situations happen to me within one single week this month. Firstly, my wife was ready to go to work and I prep the crossover and went back into the house. I told my wife, honey maybe you should stay home today and call in sick. She said, "No" "I got to go in today" and I asked her are you certain she told me yes.

I took her to work that afternoon and when I picked her up from work she was crying and I asked her what happened, she told me I should have listened to you when you had the gut feeling.

The second gut feeling happened to me was, I had to go to the hospital for information and that morning upon awakening I was sick and could barely function and I told my wife no matter we are going today. I went out to the garage to get my crossover and something very strong in feeling hit me grinding within my chest and stomach I should just stay home and I ignored it!

Sometimes it's not just once but twice in the same week! Yet you had the feeling something was so wrong.

Later that day on my way to the business place we almost got into an rear end collision...People cut right in front of us swerving or weaving in and out without signals and it was heavily raining couldn't barely see outside the window of the traffic behind us.

From that point on the day went completely down hill for the both of us. This is now twice in a row this week that I ignored two specific warnings and now as I write this I am reconsidering going back into my training with Remote Viewing from Gerald O'donnell at AVARI site. I had this for about 7 years. T
his set of eight cd's setup for specific training how to intensify that gut feeling. I used it on and off several times in that seven year span and it never let me down when I was listening to Gerald bringing me down into deep Theta mind state.

Sometimes when things bad happen and you had a gut reaction prior not once but twice to think again and don't do it, then we need to reconsider our position in our lives how we can avoid such trouble in the future.

My wife likes the Remote Influencing much better and it works for her when she is in training! But neither of us took it beyond 8 weeks which was the first cycle of training. We needed to complete 3 months of listening only. So because of these two incidences in one week justifies us and confirms to us we need to get back into this training in Remote Viewing.

We two are not unfamiliar with Gerald's Training Courses. For the price we paid for it those cd's it paid themselves off for us and that has to be a record for us, usually when one buys things they usually don't last or work within the first 6 months of owning it. Discipline is what is needed to listen to it and unfortunately for us he has not made any Mp3 copies.

Gerald told me if he copied these CD's to Mp3 it will lose the extreme upper frequencies and the lower unheard frequencies that the subconscious mind is trained with. I know he can create mp3's, I guess he just doesn't want to. Now I have to purchase another cheap Walmart CD player and let my wife use the Bose Radio CD player.

Who has the answers to such questions of bad ill that happens to us unexpectedly?

I am still shaking from disbelief, I was being told what to do and I refuse to yield to it. Due probably to the fact that I don't trust my intuition like I use to. But you can bet I will now! I will still be nervous trusting it, hopefully after another 8 weeks of Gerald's RV training I will restore that confidence back again.

In his training you don't have to draw pictures or do anything all you do is listen, even when he tells you to imagine something he is not telling you but your subconscious mind only. My wife just listens and falls asleep every time! But she can do wonderful things using RV naturally, better then me. I get caught up consciously trying to imagine and that is not what your suppose to do.

I can't sleep very well so I hear Gerald through the whole CD, but my wife she can fall right to sleep in a minute! So she is essentially sleep learning the whole course, one CD at a time! I am kind of jealous of her about her ability to do so. I tried inner earplugs but it is to uncomfortable for me while lying on my side on the pillow. So I have to use the Bose Quiet headphones I purchased a few years ago and have to lie on my back which I don't sleep on to begin with.

Thankfully there are people doing something about all this, they love their families and want to be their to protect them but who is going to protect you!

The question is can it help anyone else, well one customer who read my blog a few months back purchased his RV course and I wish he could post here how it has been working for him or her lately. I like to hear others opinion about what it is doing for them. Since everyone is different we can only expect different experiences for the end results.

My wife while training both RV and RI courses she told me while she was just about to go to sleep she was shown streams of numbers and symbols going in a vertical stream from top to bottom. She told me it looked like what was on the Matrix the movie, when you see their computers, you see all the streaming numbers and symbols.

I believe if you want someone to Remote View for you, he has listed on his site some professionals who graduated from his training and still continue to use it to this day. They are highly educated and highly trained in RV and RI. But you get what you pay for! It's not cheap! I think it's around $200 to own both courses or so, but I would rather do it this way then to go to a psychic hotline! He also offers monthly installments!

Don't put yourselves down that you can't do something like Remote Viewing you will certainly be surprised finally knowing you can!

Even though using RV and RI is psychic function itself. But our approach is methodological and sound when it comes to the training. I want to discuss to those individuals thinking I could never be able to RV when in fact they are the ones who will have a higher percentage success rate! This training is used only by the subconscious mind, so your conscious mind is completely out of the picture.

Gerald found a way to by-pass your conscious activities and most will have fallen asleep before the program ends, which is great! Since the training is directed beyond your control of your conscious intellect. There is just too many reviews out there on this training to be a flight of fantasy, the reviews are straight forward and quite believable. 

I talked for years to those people who like myself had the course for over 8 years. They stand by the training they received and are unmoved in their opinions and totally convinced the RV training is the real deal. This is just another way to play your lotteries. Some use Associate of Remote Viewing, that is assigning each number with an object. For example "0" becomes a "Apple".

Remember when doing the lotteries like "Pick 3" or Powerball the numbers you seek must have attached a symbolism so your subconscious can communicate the correct symbolism back to you. Granted if you have 75 numbers to choose from each  of those must have a symbol to represent each particular number. 

Then you will have to familiarize yourselves with each of those symbols you attach to each particular number. That is why most play the pick 3, one only needs 10 symbols once you memorize them you will be able to identify them when your subconscious gives them back to you in 3 symbols representing the numbers that will come up!

So when you ask what are the three numbers that are going to be in tomorrows drawing you go into your "Theta" to Remote View, you see a big shiny "apple" appear! So you now know that shiny apple is a "0" that the subconscious mind is relaying to you this future information. The subconscious has its own language using metaphors and symbols and signs instead of the direct English language for communication.

I will not limited the subconscious to those strict laws because I had received direct verbal communication from subconscious a few times in my lifetime. When one is dancing in the 8 hertz range of the mind and body anything is truly possible. I forgot to mention when you are in training and you want to know how you are progressing just watch in your day to day living.

Things will happen outwardly during the week, knowing who is going to call you because the thought just came to you automatically. Having hunches that come to pass almost instantly etc. these are the indirect signs the RV training is producing. You can't force Remote Viewing you have to settle down and bring yourself into that "theta" range state of mind and this is exactly what your training yourself to do by listening to the CD's.

Through training in a short while you will not have to place yourself in deep theta thought to RV it will come naturally like breathing.

Once there in "theta" it is all downhill from there, things will be received naturally and uncomplicated to interpret. By training long enough you won't have to do that! Your subconscious will take over in your everyday life. If there is some sort of danger ahead your subconscious will automatically warn you either with a vision or strong gut feeling either to stop or turnaround or cautiously approach such a situation.

The list could go on and on...with my wife, her strength after listening to 8 CD's, she would be able to foretell who was specifically coming to her store that day and who would run off and not pay for their gas they pumped and she would know when the main office would come for a surprise visit at the store and none of her shift would be caught off guard because my wife already warned them and it would come to pass at that moment or within a few hours of telling them what she felt and saw.

The only problem I have with AVARI's program is they don't explain this to the listener clearly enough, that when you listen to the CD's you are not to follow the mental exercises consciously, "You" are essentially just to lie there and listen to Gerald's voice, essentially we learned it is like being some sort of outsider listening in on another's conversation being said to someone else other than me the listener.

There are right ways of doing things and then there are wrong ways and that goes for following any directions in life. When there is no specific way of doing something or it's unclear one must endure to find the answers while training.

For example if Gerald on the CD tells you, "Imagine you are going down in an elevator and now imagine you are entering the gates of Alpha etc. Now as a new-be, do I just listen or do I have to mentally act this out? This was the hump I was having a huge amount of trouble with. My wife she would just fall asleep until Gerald woke her back up and I would catch myself imagining everything he is telling me to do which kept me in conscious control the whole time when I was supposed to be in "theta".

So, who is doing it right? My wife! She had more experiences and proved them to her co-workers and to me when things came to pass! I had a few experiences but nothing in comparison with her training. The only difference with her training and mine and we both listen to the same CD's is the "Action and Non Action" approach. (She sleeps and I participated consciously).

Who is right, she was and who is wrong I was! Considering we had these RV CD's for over 8 years and have trained on and off throughout those years she still had many more experiences than I did which made me slightly depressed. I thought she was just gifted but after the years of studying her after her training or during her training I came to a strong unbiased conclusion it was all me doing it wrong!

Guys have hardwired into them at birth to have positive control in life and giving that portion of ego up would be obscene to some men out there. The best I could describe of letting go would be "Humility" will reward with power and understanding if allowing something greater then ourselves take over.

It took a long time for the light to come on in my upper room!  Especially a guy, we want to always have some kind of conscious control no matter the situation. We need to give part of this up of ourselves if we are to excel in Remote Viewing. Gerald said, after 3-4 cycles of eight weeks of training everything should manifest without your interference. From this final point of training, one would just need to ask the question mentally and the subconscious will automatically choose the best communication information highway in your head to get the info needed to save your lives.

Of if you are playing the lottery, your hunches will be that much greater and more natural in coming to you because you have the desire and the subconscious will automatically kick in gear for you to give you the exact numbers you are asking for. There are no limitations what a person can accomplish who listen to these for 24 weeks once each evening before retiring. Remember when you are listening to Gerald speak instructions he is not talking personally to you and telling you what to do! He is only talking to your subconscious mind and his carrier frequencies are stimulating your subconscious mind thus activating it to give it a receptive response.

Place in your mind when you listen to it, you are just listening to another's conversation, you are just consciously ease dropping only while letting your mind go, because he is not talking to you! Control your inner ego or it will interfere with this type of training.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


The lottery there is a bare slim hope of winning any amount of cash. How many times my wife would be drinking her coffee from a hard day of work, lifting and tugging people needing assistance all day. She told me honey, you use to be into that lottery statistical paper work trying to figure out how to find those trends or what I call as some do there "foot prints".

I told her it was in the early 90's I would play the computer software and sometimes coming close to winning jackpot but one had to play many combinations of numbers in a final wheeling to balance your picks and this could run a person forty to fifty dollars a week and some of these games play twice a week. It was understood the more combinations you played the better chance of winning.

Not using sophisticated computers along with there algorithmic programming all one could hope for is the above scenario or play only personal dates like wedding anniversary etc. Things are changing and the states Lottery has to keep up with those changes to stay ahead of the players. You see the State Lotteries are not in business to make anyone person rich, they are in business to take that last hard earned dollar, especially from the poor.

Turn from the hunted to the hunter and make the odds in your favor!

The states knows how to prey on the weak, if anyone else would conduct such a underground lottery you would be arrested for gambling! If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black! But the law stands and we have to play along with what is legal to do. But we don't have to lie down and role over either.

There are two things that are going to happen, one you will buy a quick pick and hope for the best or two you will play birth dates, wedding anniversaries, favorite numbers and lucky numbers again hoping lady luck is definitely on your side.  I hope she is really! But only one or maybe two can win the jackpot!

There is one in 75 million chances for you to get the impossible without providence involved. If everyone could win, you would be lucky to collect one dollar from the jackpot. So my question to my wife was are we next? My wife asked, can you find me a program, not any program but a program that would bring us close to winning? What an easy challenge, not!

One thing about being married when the boss says she wants something or desiring a specific thing I don't imagine myself to ever say "no" to her unless it was harmful in anyway. She wants to win the lotto or get close to winning then that is what I am going to provide for her.

Well, I told her you will have to give me some time since I haven't been a lotto player for almost 20 years. My old techniques were good in there day but can't come close to some of these statistical programmings that were created and marketed as of late this year. As I looked and paged through the web I kept finding the same old program but tweaked to make it something sound it's new and improved.

The only reason I know about these, because I bought there early generational software and they are distinct and once you know them there prints can't be hidden behind the new bells and whistles. So I came up with nothing until a few days ago, the same thing I started with is what I ended up with. I had an old software program I had for many years before discarding it and I was trying to remember exactly how it worked, I know it used statistical programming.

I would place 12 pre-selected numbers on this plastic made wheel using a marker and then turned an outer plastic wheel connected to the first wheel. Once I hit my first mark it would show me my first set of six numbers to play and I did this 12 times. I got a four number prize out of it a few times. But if you add what I put into it I loss more than I gained. Yet without using it I couldn't win more than two numbers if I was lucky in the past twenty years.

Wheeling numbers is still very much alive with todays lotto players. But there has to be available for low player budgets or should be at least. Wheeling are mathematical permutations of groups of numbers being combinate to produce the winning numbers.

The above was the best number wheeler I ever known. Now my wife just buys tickets around $7.00 per week using quick picks and some of the ones she was shown in recent dream and we win occasionally two numbers and the power ball or mega-ball plays. 

She is still waiting for her new numbers from her dreams but this time she letting no stone unturned, she will play what will be given to her and she will win that jackpot eventually. We lost the jackpot two weeks ago by not playing the exact winning numbers that were given to her in her past dreams. Which cements the saying, "If you don't play you don't win"!

In the meantime, my wife wants something more instant until that happens. I went to all the popular lotto blogs and lotto message forums etc. The same tired old thing but in a new box. There is not much motivation for programmers these days especially for the lotto. Think about it, if a programmer is going to create a lotto system to win the jackpot don't you think he or she would play the same system to win?

Granted people, if you win the lotto using a good program and it's monetarily doable then  the creator of the program wins too! Your testimony will be worth to him like gold.

How many if any actually play their own created or made up versions of the same tiring statistical programming. I would venture to say probably none. But they already won; they got your's and mine monies. They are the ones going to the bank not necessarily you. Yes, they have the right to create and sell the programs and sometimes others do win I know of a couple who have in Florida when I lived there won their jackpot using a particular software system but they were the only ones in the last twenty years.

This is the only reason I am searching for legitimate program because my boss told me too. Those are big "words" the legitimate ones. In this case "perception" is part of the research formula for looking in places that seem to have no interest to the average browser. I got plans what I am going to do when I win and I wish I was computer savvy to do my own programming but hey everyone has their own gifts in life and this is the one I don't have.

I've learned over the years the winning numbers picked sometimes has repeat digits from last week or pairs of numbers. I don't believe that luck is all that involved when these numbers do appear. There is too much statistical coincidence that repeated numbers appear the next week picks. This happens a few times a month in lots of games. These are called "Foot Prints" numerical in nature.

In the lottery if you are wanting to win you have to be a hunter! What does a hunter look for using his basic skills? He looks first for foot prints in the snow or soft ground. Of course there are other things but this is the very basic approach.

Nothing travels that doesn't leave some sort of signature that it was there. It may take time to discover its tracers but it takes an individual with mathematical and analytical thinking to come up with the right sort of lens to discover these "footprints". Many of tried and few came to the challenge, to fall a bit short and the most anyone at the time could win was 4 number prizes, which isn't all that bad.

Just this evening before writing this blog article I received an email and I opened it to find a lottery system I particularly hadn't heard about. So I clicked on the link and found the gentleman who made two previous systems which 12 months ago wasn't compatible with our US Lottos, it could only be used in Europe's Lottos and they are quite different then ours.

But somehow this mathematic major was able to tweak his program to compliment the US lotteries abroad. He said it took him a good year to finalize this system and I asked him what does it do? He told me, "do you know lotteries jackpot have individual "foot prints". I told him I knew numerical pairs do and I was able at one time locate those using twenty year old software.

No guarantees are issued here! But a minimal of a single panel with all five numbers will be on it to understand just contact Stephen, the luck is that this web base program will identify those specific foot prints and come up with only  8 tickets to play. Hopefully five of those numbers are there on one of your tickets. The power ball or mega ball is on you to pick.

He told me his web based program is the only one out there that doesn't guarantee the jackpot but it allows the player to follow the jackpot numbers as a single foot print in the snow. Stephen Vandevelve wrote the "Inverted Lotto" sad to say I had not had an opportunity of trying out that program. He said that he designed his European program to compliment not only the inverted lottery program but also the "one ticket system" that Europeans all played in their lottery.

Neither games he published I was sad to say I knew existed since I have been out of the lotto games for many years. I went to his site called . He really doesn't tell you the blood and guts of his program and he definitely wanted to keep this program from getting into other hands by making it web based only, let's face it this is probably 80% of his income.

I was reading where MIT was winning over $8,000,000 in the MASS state lottery. Here is the provided news link:

Anyways getting back on track, he mentions that his program is web base only, meaning he will not outright sell his formula. He comes from Belgium I believe, his lotto system is very popular over there. Just a small group of people have become aware of him recently. His name is Stephen Vandevelde located in the Canary Islands. This program was especially created for low budget players.

I have been looking for a low budget software program for along time during the 90s and early 2000's. It just didn't exist! Until about two days ago when I got this email from Stephen now there is finally something for us.

Certainly nothing wrong with this! I also am a low budget player and it only takes 8 tickets to play each week or 16 if you play it twice a week. Now as I already did the boot work on the research of this guy, his system is not a scam! One of the sites that just makes me sick is the so called, Lotto Review they place site up to discredit all lottery software except what they promote.

I went to one of those sites and read the so called reviews how this lotto program is so bad and its out to deceive the customer. Seems to good to be true that someone is so concerned with the lotto players and has to post their site to intervene in your decision to purchase any type program. What it does it plants the seed doubt before you even had a chance to know something about it. By then you are re-directed to what they are selling.

If you follow their links it will lead you to Euro-Lotteries they highly recommend. Bull Crap! Its illegal to do any lottery by mail in the U.S. They get a F.A.T fee for getting you the lotto ticket by purchasing them for you and you paid the FAT fee and the price of the ticket. 

What you can do for yourselves do it on your own don't depend on any market reviews to help because you will be redirected to what they promote to make money for them.

They are found in different marketings of things like Radionics, you name it there are sites that debunk unknown applications and they themselves never purchased it for review. The second motivation is to steal the sites credits and customers and to redirect them to their sites.

I guess a few of you will read about it and make your decision based on unsounded reviews. Not me! I have been around the block and on the web for over 25 years. I am not besieged so easily when I do my research. Granted there are questionable lotto programs out there. Like anything else there is bad amongst good. We learn that through trial and error. We learn that through our playing experience; this money can't buy! We don't need so called experts debugging on what we should and should not buy.

I would hope a lot of you out there would have more intelligence then that site is giving you credit for. Being online is all about money! Remember that! But as well as bad there is also good things a customer can purchase; again we don't need other folks telling us different. To me they are an eye nuisance when trying to do my research.

I was wondering to myself if I won the national lottery would I still continue this blog? Hmm! Well I don't change, money or not I would probably continue these articles because this is what I do!

 I am sick of the noise when browsing for information on something I am interested in. I think I am able to discern what is right or wrong. Enough of that! Stephen doesn't guarantee you will win any jackpot and no other lotto software can make such a claim either. If they could they would be winning and living in Hawaii somewhere not much worried about us and our dreams.

But he does guarantee that you will have a minimum on one panel with all 5 numbers on them out of let's say 75. How to get those numbers that have the "footprints" is what Stephen's program is designed to do for you and they will spit out multiple 6 number plays up to 8 plays. Remember if it is two dollars a ticket just double the above.

In short I will purchase the use of this web base program and it's good for one year. There are affiliates out there that charge $30.00 per month usage; watch out for them! Stephen makes available the use of his program for $40.00 that's it! I just wanted to let you know; those every month subscriptions are truly a rip off!

The cost of using his web base program, there goes my latte's for two days in a row! $40 for a low budget system with only playing 8 tickets a week is great stuff for me and I yet to tell my wife what I discovered I think she will be happy.

I will do some trial runs and if I hit any tickets with all the numbers in one panel I will photo copy and place it in this blog with the appropriate information. Even if I don't win just knowing the winning numbers were there gives you that much more confidence you will eventually hit the jackpot.

Saturday, October 31, 2015


I play this one it only it has 7's and single, double, and triple bars. These are the ones that will show the positive patterns too look for! I'm going to purchase one for about $400 for the house for in home entertainment. This one you can still drop the coins and pull the handle. I will use it to practice my gut intuitions.

Almost ten years ago I worked at some manufacturing place for over 9 years until we were laid off. During those work days a work associate of mine pulled me off to the side and said, "I have a cool secret I purchased online how to beat the casino's slot machines". He told me he made many hundreds of dollars in about two visits this month. I told Bill hey I don't believe in "Slot Machines" that have a secret payoff patterns for one to make any kinds of monies. He said, "just here me out"! "I purchased this booklet from LasVegas Nevada slot machine mechanic who has done testing on the old 3 wheeled slots and this testing was to insure the percentage of hits by consistently finding the slots weaknesses".

 "He showed me the "winning" patterns, from a viewing perspective on rough draft of paper, it was quite easy to remember but I told him really Bill I don't take stalk in that non-sensical approaches to machines that really don't show patterns. This is funny here I am telling him almost a decade ago that I couldn't believe such a thing and from all my blogging you would have thought I would have been the first to go for it. After about a month I decided to try my luck at the nearest casino. I sat down at first on the nickel machine at least if I lose it won't be huge and I could play probably most to the night.

My wife and I sat down we took our cheat sheet with the winning patterns and each time the machine spit out either bars or double bars or triple bars or seven's when no jackpot was obtained we looked for those spaced out patterns and found my first pattern. Bill told me when you see the pattern come up, use maximum coins for ten pulls and if you don't win nothing after the ten pulls go back to 1/2 of the maximum coins to start over again. My third pattern showed up and I put max coins and won the "Sizzler" 777 jackpot!

Sometimes in order to excel it takes a bit of chance on your part...

I said, no way! After two jackpots wins on this machine I decided to go to the quarter machines. We sat down and looked at each other and said to my wife, he is not right until I win two more jackpots or three solid red 777's. The red colored 777's pay second highest to the jackpot. I discovered another pattern and after only two pulls I got only three each single bars prize payout! This hardly pays anything but it was a "win" and now I had to go to 1/2 of my maximum coins. Once I put only half the coins into the machine I got the jackpot all three sizzler 777s' yikes! but only got paid $70.00 in quarters! Now that was 4 wins so far including 3 jackpots and one solid red 777.

Our cups were filling up fast! I mean I had security standing not to far from us watching us win! One of my favorite patterns showed up once more and I knew it was either going to be the three red sevens or the sizzler jackpot and the sizzler jackpot came up on my full coin investment. We been there for about 5 hours which seem to fly by with lot's of cash. The next day I got hold of Bill and told him how can this work on anything computerized? It was suppose to work on the old LasVegas 3 wheeled slot machines not these computerize contraptions. He told me, "I don't know either, I just used them and they work"! He told me, "They don't work all the time and every time, just enough to bring home a weeks pay or so.

I asked Bill can I see that book you purchased from that guy, he said he couldn't because he asked for a refund on his book, I said, "What!" You were winning! I know he said, what can I say I am a biker of the third kind, he was a Harley man. The next month only within 2 hours I was having no such luck on those patterns as a matter of fact they barely showed up! Then I went to a casino down south and the slot machines were showing patterns like crazy but not all them paid out. But I still profited over $300.00 in quarters before I left for the night.

Could a person make a living hitting the jackpot twice in the evening taking home around $300-$400 a week, just going once a week...? In some cases that is a weekly paycheck for some.

Before I left for the night my wife and I were talking and I told her you know some people could actually make some kind of living from this kind of programs. But we laughed it off and where happy with our gains. For the first time I admitted to Bill you found a gold mine buddy! He told me no "We" have found a gold mine had you only listened to me earlier". He was always my good friend. That night after several weeks of subliminal training I wrote down all the jackpots we were getting. But I never mentioned what else I was looking for! Those "positive" patterns I just kept the amount at "max" coin inputs really not thinking we would win anything at the beginning.

So the times I would have lowered my coin inputs those positive patterns would show up I would increase my coin inputs to maximum and I would play at least 10 pulls on the machine if no winners I would go to 1/2 max coins. By using this decade old radar search for nearby winning jackpots or solid red sevens along with my subliminal training for the past 5 weeks we were cleaning house. Now I bet you are asking yourselves, OK how much is this going to cost me?

Remember I told you that anything on this blog is not for sale and the information is "free". So since I got these patterns for free and there is no way you will be taking money out of my pocket at any casino I will give them to you: Alert! The casinos wised up! One could go around unused machines to find the patterns left over from other players and you sit down and play full coins and win the jackpot. Now the if the slot machines are sitting more than a few minutes they change the image of the screen so you don't know what last pattern was! That is how my friend went into the casino by finding vacant machines with patterns that were left over and  he would play them and win.

Patterns are statistical in nature and not always predictable...

X- This is called the "X" pattern. Imagine the center of the X is the middle of the pay line on the machine. This means if you get any type bars on the top left and on the right upper top and the lower right bottom and the lower left bottom this is telling you have a strong statistical chance in the next 10 pulls or pushes your winning maybe the jackpot payout for you. This is the most powerful pattern and harder to come up then most. But when it does bam!

Note: I failed to mention this can only be used on Sevens with Bars nothing else.  Such as: No Cherries or any type of signifiers.

>- This is the greater then sign for our next possible pattern that shows up. Again where the two points meet you have the pay line. So when any type of bar appears in the top far left and any type bar on the pay line (and it must be in the center pay line not the far out one). And any type of bar in the bottom left on screen is called a "Positive" payout pattern.

< -When this payout patter happens the bars should be in the far right upper corner and one on the center pay line along with the last bar down in the far right corner.

These patterns were for sale about twenty years ago for $20...Out of Las Vegas Nevada  by a retired slot mechanic.

There are two more patterns but after years of use and loaning them out they hardly if ever predict good jackpots or just simple payouts so I left those patterns out and only kept the payable ones. Just keep with these and you will be surprised. You don't need subliminal training for this, this program is over a decade old and some twenty years ago the slot mechanics would look for these patterns to ensure the machine was running efficiently at a certain pay out. If you want to try these patterns start out with the "nickel" coins until you get familiar with the patterns and how they are playing. One night like I said before, it didn't take less than ten minutes to know the  patterns were getting very weak. It was then I knew we had to withdrawal our pattern playing for that night!

I loaned these patterns out to my boss at a security place around 15 years ago that I worked for and the next day he whispered to me, "I won my first ever jackpot". Some of the guys at work were winning huge numbers as well. Yet it was no big deal to us because going to the casino was a long drive over the weekends and after working all day and all week we just didn't feel like driving to make a few hundred or have to come home early due to pattern weaknesses showing in every other pull. You will know in the first two hours if the patterns are strong or weak. In our case,we also depend on our subliminally taught intuition this year, this too gives us that huge edge over the houses 25% edge on the slot machines with only sevens and bars.

It was lots of fun and we only had one "X" pattern show up and two pulls later we hit the jackpot of all three sizzler sevens! Caution is due as well, the casino's are not in the business of paying out money but to take your monies. The house always has the edge (25%) with slots and are able to control for the most part the % payouts on their electronic machines through the RNG or random number generator. 

We know "luck" had somethings to do with our winnings, but we had too many jackpots above that 25% chance, in the row using the above "pattern" system and practicing "subliminal" training in the esoteric areas such as "Lucid Dreaming" and "Astral Projection" and "Millionaire Orbit". It all worked together for our success. Even if I did just the positive patterns that night I would have at least collected two jackpots out of the four.

There is more than just Inner-Talk there are other products out there that can be of help...You choose what you think is right for you...

There was another MP3 download I purchased that developed "Subliminal" CD's called "Speedzen". Their approach is a bit different then "Inner-Talk". They "weave" throughout the music the "affirmations" and use Binaural beats along with Isochronic tones. The two tones allow us to be hypnotized bypassing the conscious mind. Once that is completed the music and the weaved subliminal messages enter into the subconscious mind un opposed. But their subliminal messages create a "pictorial" approach for the subconscious mind to understand and establish.

I only been on this for 3 days now and the first two were awesome! Both times took me down so fast I wasn't sure if I ever went under but I did. The second time I was going through hypnogogic images and Winoa that mysterious female entity began to speak out loud to me along with a young boy but before I could respond I passed through that stage and passed out in Delta. I guess what I am trying to say try something like this to super push your subliminal past your conscious awareness. They answered a question I had since training in subliminal's and that was, "how will our subconscious minds understand what we consciously desire when both minds use two different languages?

The subconscious speaks in visuals and geometrical signs etc. and the conscious mind communicates in simple linguistics such as English etc. One desire could mean a million things to our subconscious minds. Ask a person a simple question that requires some sort of belief and you will get back many thousands of different ideas and opinions. "Speedzen" knew this was a problem with most subliminal's created. "

Communication must be a two-way street that is getting the message across and receiving a message in understandable terms...

Words" are just not good enough, nor phrases. They needed something they could verbally get across the sub-mind but in its own language base, not ours. So they included NLP-Neural Linguistic Programming, basically the language of communication to higher thought forms.

So instead of using "I am rich" they would use the phrase, "What do you think it would be like if "you" were rich"? These "words" are weaved throughout the music allowed the subconscious to go into its creative process thus creating an imaginative model of a person (visual) and the subconscious makes that connection with that image and tries to define what "rich" means and then experiments in the background testing the many ideas it was allowed to experiment with through your constant subliminal training and then creates that reality what you were desiring at the very beginning. This is a short explanation of a very long list of studies, excluding several scientific studies and personal experiences from researchers and from blue collar workers.

You know my blogs are somewhat winded so I try to keep specifics as short as I can and still get the basic meaning across. This company doesn't offer a ton of titles but what they do offer are so far in my personal opinion are excellent. So I think the marriage of both the Binaural and Isochronic beats along with subliminal messages and especially not excluding NLP techniques makes the package almost a complete kit to be what you want to be.  But it still takes time and patiences to overcome many years of negativity and some people can only work on one at a time on a single thought process just to overcome that one negativity in their lives.

Just one change could simply change your entire life, what use to spiral down the drain is now exploding outward with new energies...

But it is still worth the work just for that single issue to be changed from the bad to a good thing! You would think just that one change can put you on top of the world. Imagine the second change and the third and so on, before you realize it your whole life has been changed in a few months. You would have to get to know yourself all over again!  Just today on the 13th of Oct. that morning before getting up I used my Speedzen the night before and it completely took me under. You have to try to hang on to your consciousness, one little slip and you slip into deep delta level. It took me straight through the hypnogogic state where I finally saw that invisible woman who hangs around our bedroom.

Winoa appeared and began talking to me and a young man to my right as well was trying to communicate as well but I couldn't keep up with their telepathic communications then I slipped into deep theta-delta. I couldn't hold that hypnogogic session long enough. Just the other afternoon I was lying down around 4:00 pm as I was getting comfortable someone laid down beside me very gently lying on my wife's side of the bed I could actually feel the bed on her side sink down. I wasn't asleep yet and I went into fight or flight mode so I turned around to see who it was and there was no one there! You have to remember Winoa revealed herself to me back when I started to wear my nuclear receptor and had a 1 ct. diamond installed thus increasing the power of the receptor, this is when she made herself noticed to me from time to time.

We have many of hypnosis CD's I have not even used such as Steve G. Jones "Astral Projection" both the first phase and the second phase. This has not been listened to since I got into my accident some 3 years ago. It's and entire hypnosis course on CD. I have Hemi-Synch Course but I neither had the time or because I was hurt badly at my place of work that the CD's didn't get used. I know there are several people out there with more than I probably have in my entertainment center. That Steve Jones Hypnosis CD's cost me around $300.00 for both sets. I also have the RV and RI course from Gerald O'Donnell who resides in Florida (AVARI). Those I have used off and on with some degree of success, especially my wife.

Things don't always go as one plans from day to day...lately my wife and I don't plan, we just do and follow the days course and work our training into it.

A good example of the above I was going for that full month of training using the RV and RI is when I got into that bad accident and again those CD's set in my entertainment cabinet not being used. But they will eventually be used. So I or should I say "we" are pacing ourselves for the past 7 weeks now with the subliminal training. This we plan to keep with for 6 months to one year. Then we will add to the regimen the RV and RI and maybe the Steve Jones CD's. Well ladies and gentleman this will be my last post for at least another 30+ days ahead. I have to focus on what I am doing and keep notes of our results whether good or bad.

Keep coming back and re-read some of the 130+ articles you will always pickup something new every now and then, you know those ah ah! moments.

Sunday, October 25, 2015



The last few afternoons I would lay down due to the PTS when it rears its ugly head. But this one special afternoon I decided to lie down and turned over to the window facing away from my wife's side of the bed. It wasn't at least 2 minutes gone by that someone got on to the bed and lied down next to me! Panic and fear began and my heart began to race it was then fight or flight on my part I decided to turnaround to see what this thing was and behold there was no one there, absolutely nobody yet the bed has the imprint.

As I turned back toward my window and started to calm down I could still feel this persons presences and could feel the pressure on my wife's side of the bed as if someone was lying there. I know now what I didn't know then, Winoa came to visit me, probably to give me comfort due to the issues I have to go through every now and then. So I didn't give it much thought either way, I just told my wife what happened, she of course was not thrilled but what could she do really!

We are into our 7th week of subliminal listening, I guess when one opens the subconscious mind enough times one would be enticed by beings from another dimension sharing the same multi-dimensional space as we. Who knew through this one hour a day listening that I would have to compete with non-entities on a regular basis. She seems to take an interest in me. Just the other day she tapped my hip three times for me to get up out of bed. I thought it was wife and I turned around and she wasn't there. I said, ok Winoa I am getting up!

The meeting up with dual entities since having access through subliminal training and wearing of the Nuclear Receptor...

But there is a young man she wants me to meet but I only saw him briefly while in the hypnogogic stage of the Speedzen program. He was talking briefly with me but I was pulled into Theta and Delta too quickly to remember what he said. Now you know this is not my goal to communicate with multi-dimensional beings on the daily basis yet I seem to have no input in the matter for now. I am pretty happy with what happened to us in those last 6 weeks making lot's of money from the casino's and my wife working less hours now but makes more doing so!

Two nights ago my wife told me that she seen me awake with the headphones on at 2:00 am in the morning sitting up in bed. So she said, "Honey what are you looking at"? She said I told her, " I see a person standing at the bottom of our bed" and she told me I kept gazing at him and then she said, that I pointed to "it" several times then I looked at her and told her "it" was gone. She is telling me this over a coffee the next morning and I don't have any earthly idea this had happened the night before. My wife said since listening to those subliminal's I somehow am awake, maybe more so in the deep Alpha State of Mind which probably why I can see someone from an alternate dimension in the first place.

I am sharing these details because some of you out there who never experienced psychic activities maybe a bit reluctant to go this route. But I want to be honest with the my readers about everything, good or bad. So far none of it was bad for now. I wanted to let you know that I use "Speedzen Lucid Dreaming" program first, because it quickly places one into a deep hypnotic trance state. If you had a good nights sleep it should just hang you in the "Theta" realm without reaching delta and passing out. Once the program is completed I will then switch over to the Inner-Talk Lucid Dreaming which is not so geared to hypnosis but more to subliminal training.

Don't be nervous to try other types of subliminal training...

Now my mind state is in deep alpha-theta already; this should ensure the Inner-Talk subliminal makes its way to the subconscious mind without conscious interference in anyway. You don't need to do it this way with Inner-Talk but I wanted to experiment to see if Speedzen was as powerful as people were claiming it was and they were correct it is powerfully fast! If your not use to hypnosis training it will knock you out each and every time until you have created enough Neuro-plasticity webbing across the brain to handle the extra influx of frequencies and trigger stimulations.

I downloaded the Inner-Talk and Speedzen in my I-Tunes then transferred them to my favorite files on my I-phone 6 this makes it very convenient to use them most anywhere on the planet with no discomfort. Heck before, I was lugging around my laptop not that long ago listening to my downloaded programs with headphones.  So my wife setup everything for both us by placing everything into our I-Tunes. Of many items I purchased self-help stuff over these past several years or more, these programs are the best I ever used!

In the past several weeks my wife has been financially blessed way above chance. Just the other week she purchased 7 different blouse tops and some dresses and shoes from Macy's online for over a 50% discount. Then came 4 days after, she wanted to see if what she bought went further down in price and in fact they went up in price to regular retail price you would have to pay inside the local stores in our area. She was thrilled to say the least, then she decided to cut her work hours down and found by doing so and working one extra day out of her 5 days off she would get double time pay thus placing her into that full time status as if she never left her full time status. Works less and makes more!

Money, sales, being in the right place at the right time...

All this happened after several weeks of subliminal training using the Millionaire Orbit. We have been winning small amounts on the Hot Lottos and MegaBall games as well. And of course our Casino wins during these past weeks. It may not seem like a lot to some folks out there who probably looks at this and says that peanuts but to my wife and I if you gain a penny you are doing good and all this adds up! If you have to pay out a penny you owe something to someone else. Of course my wife getting those lotto numbers from this guy in her dream, which today we should have been multi-millionaires! Uggh!

We are satisfied what we accomplished; and in this short time of training was a small miracle brought forth and such small things really do add up over time. We still wear our Nuclear Receptor and Holographic Projectors at the appropriate times. It too, works by setting circumstances up for us to enter into them but to take part of those particulars in any special circumstances one must have internal guidances such as subliminal training using our subconscious minds to hone into the exact spot where to dig that treasure.  I know we also have Supraliminal's and Paraliminal's etc. in the markets.

I still have a CD from the Paraliminal company and it was for having a "super charged memory" this was a great CD, it is a subliminal spoken while keeping the conscious mind busy I used to purchase their products about twenty years ago. It actually helped me to retrieve ancient memories back 30-45 years ago! But they are not subliminal they are more hypnotic in nature which uses two different spoken stories in each ear and they construct an NLP process to help by pass the conscious filters. It is really amazing! There is enough stuff out there to experiment with to keep one busy all year long.

When training subliminally it works from the inside out not from the outside in...When marking your lotto numbers on the card go with your "Gut" instinct otherwise known as your subconscious communication...

We are waiting on the lottery results for this week...Every week I will mark the numbers from my gut feelings to see how my training is doing, it doesn't cost all that much and again a great feedback tool when one is training their subconscious minds for wealth etc. There was one other thing my wife told me about, in the early morning when she just started to wake up, that Winoa told her "We" want you out of here now!" Now it's "we"? I am not sure what I am dealing with in this so called "Haunting" like most people would see it to be.

She isn't mean to me in fact she watches over me very closely though I don't always see her. She came about not because of the Subliminal CD's but when I had inserted a pure one ct. diamond in my Nuclear Receptor from Dr. Fred Bell. That one morning I had it hanging on my top drawer on a knob and when I was barely awake she zoomed in a flash to look at it and opened my top drawer then she looked over to me and said, "go back to sleep". I am not sure if this is Semjase the Pleidian that Fred Bell talks about. She has not for now made herself visible to me yet!

I call her for now Winoa, due to my wife calling out that American Native name in the early morning hours when she was still asleep. It was at that time of the week we were trying to figure out who this person is or was. Until Winoa corrects me about her real name it's going to be Winoa, as you all have been accustomed to reading it here in this article.  She has been quiet lately as of 22 Oct 2015 at the time of updating this article. The thing is even though I am training my subconscious to accept that I can interfere in my dreams, it the subconscious is open for greater things I have yet to discover during this training.

If there is a door holding back radiation by opening it just a little bit will allow the radiation to escape into the safe areas. Subconscious sees an open reality because the subliminal training open it a little and thus enters into this reality not knowing its even in the waking world let alone the sleeping world of a lower frequency all become affected.

Once that doorway is open just a little you will in no doubt experience psychic intervention as we know it to be. Because our subconscious works on a lower level frequency scale then our normal awake mind that works in "Beta" mindset. The doorway left open just doing subliminal training allows connection to a universe that was only accessible while you slept. Now in my opinion we are operating in a multi-dimensional thought pathway, from reality to super reality because you subconscious can't define the difference. Like in "War Games" the movie the computer said "Whats the difference?" Same holds true with our subconscious whatever it records as far as its unlimited knowledge it understands all things are possible and nothing is impossible because all things are real and there is nothing unreal.

We never dreamed all this would come about during our subliminal training and now it's becoming quite clear the more we train the further open that subconscious doorway becomes in the "waking" universe. This may or may not happen to everyone concerned when using subliminal for let's say for "losing weight" etc. It's not just the program (specifics) your training for but it is the exercise of access to the subconscious by creating new neural pathways to it. Thus in a practical sense you are building brain matter as you go and the brain becomes bigger over and undetermined amount of time.

The Neuro-Plasticity becomes stronger and more reliable yet if you stop your training the brain will deteriorate for the lack of "use" (Atrophy) thus shutting down the new pathways created in the beginning of our training. You can determine how far and how long you want to go with this, so if you feel threatened or concerned just back off your training efforts slowly and with consistency. Personally I don't feel we are in any type of danger opening up to a new world of seeing and experiencing things. Fear comes from a lack of knowledge, we fear what we don't quite understand.

One thing that the subconscious loves is your Emotional Guidance System. Especially when through fear you attached some sort of emotion to the very thing you either hate, fear or love and the subconscious will store this appropriately, ready for playback anytime you try to change your conscious minds.

By placing a specific feeling to this recognized "Fear" it will get stored into the subconscious hard drive and will play over and over again keeping you on this treadmill, so no matter if you wanted to restart your practice and you consciously believe it will be alright your subconscious will kick in and play that stored memory and manifest the emotions associated with it, so you decided I can't do this anymore!  I have one more article I will publish and then unless something more happens in the month of November these last two articles will be the last for about 30 days.

My wife bought this crazy ghost detector for her cell phone and the other evening she asked me will you try to use this to see what percentage of poltergeist activity is taking place on her side of the bedroom. I walked back started the program up and it read 23%. I went back to re-measure half an hour later and it bumped down to 15%. Later on that evening both of us were getting tired so we set up our small operations that is listening to our Mp3's before we go to sleep. My wife took my phone and re-measured her side of the bedroom near her closet and it read 80% now!
She re-measure again but this time told the entity to move closer as the scanner was performing its detection of anomalies. The percentage now was boosted to 95%! With the past experiences with the anomaly having occurred near her closet area begins to make me wonder what kind of vortex we opened since wearing our Nuclear Receptors and Holographic Projector. 

I am writing this article because all the answers are not here nor could be found here or anywhere else. But like I told my wife careful planning and just trying to survive for the next day is the real reality we face every time we leave our home and have to go to our workplaces etc. No promises made for us to be here tomorrow.

For the first time I am going to be "politically incorrect" that which is mentioned in this segment is my opinion only; so if it upsets you get over it, just hit your delete button and this site will disappear! I only write what I hear and what I see and what has already transpired. I am not one of the liberal college kids when asked by Watters in Watters World simple questions that can't be answered by our graduating young adults from colleges around the world. None of these young adults have a clue what is going on in todays world and what has happen in our national history and these are our future leaders, now that is scary. 

We don't have much time the way I see it; given to Israel sending in jet aircraft for a mock nuclear busting run that was caught by our CIA and NSA. Obama just sent in a warship to counter any Israeli strike brave enough to do the attack against Iran's Nuclear Facility and the American orders are to shoot down the Israeli attack craft on their bombing run against Iran. I wonder who of our american pilots will falter just a little and become wise and back off or die trying to defeat and un-defeatable military.

The worlds balance rests on the fulcrum point and that point is Israel! Smaller than NewJersey yet the most fearsome country in the world, that arabs altogether couldn't defeat them in two wars, what makes Obama think he can shoot down their bombers when launched! What price are we the American people going to pay and our children for such a daring feat that we have no business with, when such a country is only defending the right to live!

If this happens, when Israel attacks Iran successfully the world Muslim population along with Russian and her allies and the U.S. will begin attacking Israel then we will be on the heels of WWIII. Israel will beat us like a red headed step child we have all become and bring tears to our eyes as our nation goes up in smoke. Israelis are the greatest warriors on this entire planet since fighting is their forte for thousands of years. You may disagree with me but the facts don't and will not change in either case. My wife and I know our time on this world is short but we are ready; if you wake up tomorrow morning and turn on the news that Israel has attacked Iran nuclear facilities you had just had the privilege of seeing and hearing for the first time the beginnings of WW3.

I have the time, I watch the news that hardly gets talked about from the back rooms of small sites were only a few privileged are allowed to enter and to listen what the puppeteers are planning to do next. Obama wants this (one world government) and he is paving the pathway to such an idea and it will succeed temporarily, God help us all when this happens! The surface news such as CNN and NBC, FOX etc. is eye candy for all the everyday worker bees to keep the populous under control because they don't want a national panic on American streets. You only you need to dig deep in other non popular news agencies (non biased) around the world where political correctness is not their pop star, to find out what Fox and others are not telling you about. So much has come to pass reading them daily for over 3 years it is a bit scary to take in. Even my wife will not talk about what she has learned and seen happen since the beginning of this year.

Keep your eyes on Israel don't worry about ISIS or Russia for now. Israel is busy trying to see if their newly discovered oil deposit and natural underground huge "Gas" deposit will be worth processing and if it is; it will be the biggest discovery and contain more oil and underground Gas then Saudi Arabia's or any other place in the known world because it stretches under the Golan Heights. I know at least one country that will be licking their lips "Russia" if anyone needs a new oil supply they do, for their economy and new war machines. But guess what, they don't own it, Israel does! So many things are going to be happening in the next few months keep your eyes open if not for yourselves for your children's sake.

The glimmer of hope fades the closer we get to reality of what's really happening or going to happen!

I can't predict the end of the world, know one can as many have tried in the past and have failed. But I do predict Israel is going to make that bombing run in IRAN it's a guarantee not wishful thinking. It's not a matter of "If" but "When". So everything my wife and I think as important today may not be worth anything tomorrow. The only promise we have today is we are still alive.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I can't shrug this thought out of my mind...we can win that lottery! One man has done it, as I would suspect several others in the private sector as well, have won the lotto using nothing more then their "Theta" state of mind though they may tell you it was a hunch or a gut feeling. How many times have you browsed to find the best lotto software out there and purchased it and used it once or twice or maybe and entire month and still couldn't win enough back to pay for the software you purchased. I told you of a story not long ago in one of my past articles about a man who figured out how to win at the lotteries in Canada and in the U.S.A. and he was quite successful, in fact too successful.

It wasn't with the use of some kind of lottery software or from going to some psychic, only to once again fail at the inevitable. He told it like it was, he used what God gave him that floats on top of the shoulders, "His Brain". He stated specifically what Gerald O'Donnell said time and time again, you must be in a "Theta" mindset or closer to Delta to retrieve those illicit numbers that randomly come out of chaos! This is no big secret to most of us out there, yet it seems the hardest to communicate with such a superior biological computer entity that only comes out in the early morning hours during REM sleep under a much lower working frequency.

This entity hides for our protection from ourselves! That is why it's called the "Sub-Conscious" mind. "Sub"- that is underneath something, not revealing itself to the "user" until he or she is completely asleep and manageable! Imagine for one moment that you could just fantasize having a million dollars in your bank account and now imagine everyone could do the same, what do you think would happen to our monetary system? It would be worthless because there is too much of it floating around and this makes that money worthless like todays American dollar.

Manifestation Abilities (instant) are well camouflaged power that few possess at birth...

What if one could look at his or her enemies and wish them away in a heat of anger and what if that person who was wished away was your wife or your son or your daughters! Surely sorrow would be worldwide and few if anybody would be left to weep! Do you see where I am going with this! To whom whatever God you may believe in; had the good sense of only allowing a handful at birth to have access to such a devastating power! What about those who are honest and forthright and want to provide for their families, what can they do for themselves? They could learn such a gift that a small percentage of people had experienced while taking responsibility that comes with the territory using such a powerful mind state such as "Theta".

This is why I am bringing this up because as many of you; as with my wife and I, have dream of hitting that big lotto one day and some have the idea they would love to change a small part of the world by helping others, while yet others only want to splurge it on themselves and families, which is perfectly fine, it's there money! What started me thinking deeply about the lottery was, my wife was in a dream and before this guy was leaving the big room full of people, she asked him what are those numbers! The man seemed in a hurry and looked back at her with hesitancy and said, xxxxxx then he left the room.

After that my wife awakened and made some coffee, soon I got up and she began to tell me about this strange dream she had. I asked her is this for the coming up lotteries she said, "I don't know" because I can't remember why it was so important for me to get these numbers from him." So my wife made up some tickets containing those particular digits and so far she won #3 numbers our of six. No big deal! But what if those numbers given her from her deep intuition comes to pass along with her self-intuited numbers or that gut feeling!

Sometimes the answers are so close we can't see it for the many psychological obstacles we face on a daily basis.

I asked her, what were you listening too before you went to bed last night and she told me it wasn't at night, I was listening in the morning while you were still sleeping, I was using the Millionaire Orbit Subliminal series from Dr. Eldon Taylor. Oh! I remember that CD we purchased it several years ago. She told me, "Honey, something is changing inside me and I can't for the life of me figure out what it is!" It just seems that Lotto is stuck in my head and I need to start acting on these dream hunches like so many people before us who also won such a lottery by using numbers given to them in their subconscious dreaming events or from their gut feelings that were so strong they couldn't avoid it.

Which again brings us to the same place as before, how in the world can I reach such a deep state of being and still remember when I get there, or what it was I even asked for! I tried hypnosis, self-hypnosis and nothing seems to work but drawing me into a deep sleep. That's kind of funny, how a person striving to win the lotto become their worlds worst enemy. I don't think there was anybody I ever known in my lifetime that taught such things beyond conscious thinking when I was in school! Yet those wannabe millionaires keep chasing a dream that is not tangible in this physical realm and only resides hidden in the womb of their deepest seated desires that is, in the subconscious mind, when they are allowed to access it but they have to earn that right.

I tried using binaural frequencies, monaural, and other type frequencies to reach my subconscious mind and on occasions we have succeeded only enough to fall into a deep sleep thus forgetting why we needed to go there in the first place. Yet my wife listens to a 30 minute session that opens her subconscious mind to the possibilities of becoming successful and doesn't question it from day to day! The CD is not a program to win at the lottery, it was designed to allow oneself to accept life's rewards not to reject them like we so often do nowadays. I looked over the script being used and I told my wife, I don't see anything on here that talks about any type of gambling per se. 

Each side of your brain requires different approach with a different languages...One doesn't try to communicate with English to a Chinese person who only speaks Chinese. Nothing would be understood or meaningful.

But I did observe what the scripts were relating too! It allowed the conscious mind to receive an "OK" statement to become wealthy and to inherit your rightful place to the left side of the brain these were "permissive" statements to the logical mindset! Then as usual my wife would say I want to win the lottery but maybe I am just not that lucky or it could be a bad thing etc. I asked my wife, do you know where those statements are coming from? She told me, "No I don't". I told her these are coming from your already self-programmed subconscious mind to fail and to except failure with grace.

Even though you consciously want to have that money from somewhere and somehow obtain it, the subconscious said, "No you can't, you are programmed not to succeed and your consciousness enforces these deep seated programmings, remember your parents told you in a heat of the moment, "You will never amount to anything in your life"! Then your conscious mind agrees and gives up the notion of trying to accomplish anything that might make you thousands of dollars and the conscious mind keeps an overseer upon your subconscious thinking, just incase you go against your pre-programmed instructions it the (conscious) mind will remind you of who you are by the  pre-programed of the sub mind no matter the positive desire you might want in your life. The sub is protected and will continue the destructive behavior until appropriately changed comes along.

My wife told me, now can I have that in English please! OK, you won't win nothing because you already are programmed to be self-defeated! But she asked me, "How can I change this"? Well I'm no expert in this field and I tried a lot of different things in the past 14 years of our marriage but what I keep coming to at full circle with, when approaching your subconscious mind that it must be with a child like attitude and spoken in such a way the communication is meaningful to both sides. Because in every sense of the word your subconscious is a child learning every millisecond of every second of the day! It wants to be programmed, it wants to learn new things.

May the force be with you! Force is not necessary in some cases. Subtleness is very powerful in and of itself...

The very nature of the subconscious mind is to absorb and to manifest to the person who can control her or better yet, who can work with her in her own language. But this has to be a gentle approach, not a balls to the walls or kicking the tires and lighting the fires conscious attack from all sides. That approach has been taken more than once by lot's of people and this only leads to more frustration and let downs. My wife is studying to be a Pharmaceutical Technician. I told her go ahead an prove this theory out, use that Genius Subliminal while studying everyday and just see what happens.

She asked me what about the "Millionaire Orbit"?  I told her go ahead and listen to that after you listened to the millionaire orbit. It's been a week of listening, so I asked her, tell me what you learned from chapters one and two of your Pharm-Tech book. After the first five or so minutes my jaws seem to hang open, I couldn't believe what she was sputtering out with dates and peoples and places and things concerning our early fathers of medicines. I asked her, what chapters are you on, she told me I just finished up chapter 1 and mid part of chapter 2. Something is working for her, I couldn't keep up in the book what she was talking to me about.

I asked her how difficult was it to learn this, she said, it was fairly easy. I just listen to my music subliminal cd's and just read and it just sticks that easy in my mind. Switching to another conversational track, so far playing the Hot Lotto using that guys numbers, she gets two to three numbers correct at anyone time. Who knows maybe she will hit that big lotto as she comes to learn  subliminally to using the right side of her brain and having it program these simple directives such as, "I am a winner", I am always a winner etc. these are "Directive" statements. While it tells the left side of the brain it's OK to be a winner and it's OK to have good things etc. these are known as "Permissive" statements, acceptable statements for your logical side of the brain or left-side. This way the logical can't fight your spatial learning.

One must understand the language and it must be meaningful to our subconscious minds...

To understand "Vasayan" from the speaking people of the Philippines one must learn the language to have a meaningful conversation. Same goes true with the subconscious mind and the conscious mind, each one has its own language and mechanism on how it works. You can't talk to the subconscious like you can with your conscious minds. The Subconscious is like a submarine lurking in murky waters below, watching over your floating boat above (Conscious) thinking mind. If the boat tends to drift to certain directions the subconscious will change the riptide to keep the small boat on its course even if it is a dangerous course.

No matter how much the captain steers the ship with no small rudder the undertow (subconscious) is much too powerful and eventually it the ship will go with the currents. Even if there is danger ahead waiting in your path, you are going where the undertow is taking you, even if it is going to take you into a brick wall! So in the above scenario what choices does the captain have to change his course of his life if he has no steering mechanism or power? 

He could put up bigger sails to capture the strong winds and have a better horsepower engine that would do the trick along with rudder control. But when dealing with the conscious and subconscious minds, bigger is not better. In this case "subtle" is much stronger because it doesn't take much to program the subconscious once you learn its language.

Can it only take a few weeks to clear up decades of negative inputs?

Once the subconscious language is understood then meaningful communication such as "subliminal's" is understood and it only takes a few sessions around 30-90 days of new programming for the brain to create a new Neural pathways to continue your objectives with ease this will be your new ("rudder"). Now let's get back to that lottery and how to obtain the numbers. Inner-Talk has a CD called, "Awakened Dreaming" and "Dream Petitioning". Once your subconscious has been trained your wakened mind will then become more specific and ask for tomorrow's lotto numbers and obtain these with ease! Because you don't need to be dreaming to obtain it since the new Neural pathways have already been established (the Wind in the Sails)!

In fact I have both of these CD's and I am currently listening to them every night. I had my first lucid dream using "Awakened Dreaming"! Not every night though, it will still take time for me to get use to giving up in the dream with any of my subconscious fears I had for years getting in the way, once out of the way I can  become conscious and let go, once you are trained with this subliminal you will need to teach yourself how to change your dreamscape to your advantage. For instance, you can create a Lotto machine that looks just like the one your state uses. Let's say the 3#'s needed for pick 3 come out of the machine and you play those specific numbers and if you can win 80% of the time you can earn many hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

What is it worth it to you by investing $15-29.00 for a single cd that you listen to for one hour minimum daily in order to win at the pick 3 lotto game. Some may not know what a pick 3 lotto game is so here is a brief explanation:What you are trying for is to make a box hit on a 3 digit lotto using the numbers from 0-9. By guessing all 3 numbers in any order (box) and if those digits come up at the draw, with a $1 investment you will be paid $80.00 for your box win! Suppose you were so sure in that theta stage those particular three digits were going to be winners in a straight form and $1.00 bet it pays $500 cash for a straight win such as, you saw in your dream the numbers 123 coming up in that order and you bet them in that order and win! 

Once you are awakened in your dream state, then apply this only to the Daily numbers or Pick 3 by asking what tomorrows numbers will be for next drawing because it seems to be easier to win when one comes out of his or her subconscious state of mind bringing back smaller amounts of numbers in these early stages of learning.

Of course you will always try for the bigger one. My good friend a few years back was able to do this on his own by dropping down into "Theta" state inside his car at some park and fuel and then come out of it and play the 3 digit lotto and 80% were winners by weeks end! He was even giving the numbers away to customers who would play them! He was using Remote Viewing techniques to acquire these winning numbers, which came from being in Theta state. There are quite a few ways of reaching the subconscious and subliminal are only one of such ways.

But he told me it took a lot of his mental energies going in and out of "Theta" everyday. This is where "Subliminal" training maybe the answer to obtain those same numbers with little or no effort on your part. At the beginning you will be at the fate of your own discipline, this discipline would require you to sacrifice one or more hours each day to obtain the unobtainable otherwise! Also to be able to Remote View or see into the future, not just lotto numbers but for anything you need to know in advance.

I must warn all of you when dealing with any type of subliminal it will by-pass the conscious mind and directly invade the realm of your subconscious thoughts. There are "things" in our subconscious thoughts we unconsciously buried due to past traumas in our lives for one reason or another. The reason they are buried there in the first place is because you couldn't psychologically cope with it, so the subconscious protects you by burying the dead and keeping them dead thus creating a protective model to make you feel safe! Once breaching your "subconscious" barrier you will eventually have those hidden pockets of "resistance" come up, causing ill feelings and sickness in the worse case scenario. There will be times you won't be able to listen to your subliminal because it may irritate you this is the resistance doing that!

Deep down inside the womb of our subconscious minds is also buried hurt that is hidden from our conscious thinking from day to day. One must be prepared in any event to confront this situation.

You may not identify with those weird and hurtful feelings or where they are coming from but I assure you, you will not escape its veracity until it comes to the surface and you consciously release it from your life. Easier said then done! When you eat healthy and clean your body, most people go through what they call the "Herx-heimer" effect. The body goes into detox mode and you begin to feel sick all over etc. The mind is no different than the body, it too will begin to detox over time when exercising it and flushing out negative thoughts by replacing them with positive directives. Along with the negative thoughts will go the toxic chemicals created by the body to counter the negative times in your past and this too you would have to own up too.

I assure you it would only be temporary, you just have to remain strong and persistent, striving to reach whatever goal you need to reach with each CD. Remember 30-90 days to change 30-40 years of bad habits and negative inputs, this surely is a small price for anyone to pay to become a millionaire or just well off and physically/psychologically feeling better about yourselves. If you dare go to "Inner-Talk" and you find there are just too many cd's to choose from and your not sure which ones you really need, try the "Awakened" Dreaming CD. It's 50 minutes long and has comfortable music to listen too.

You will find that in only a few days you will be wakening up in your dream like I did, you'll be amazed like a kid in a candy store. Taking in all what your subconscious minds have created for your enjoyment, then soon it will become old news and that is when you can enter into the realm of future events to discover what may happen in your waking world in the near future via Lottery or world or local events! You will be looked up to as wise and prudent from your neighbors, family and friends.