Sunday, April 20, 2014


I was having some issue with the HDR not an HDR issue of course but a "operators" issues. Like I told you the HDR relies on your abilities (subconscious) abilities to work properly. Don't let anyone or anything fool you into believing the only reason you can't time travel using the HDR is because you are an "alien" like Steve Gibbs likes to call assume when it doesn't work for you.

Now that we cleared the air up on that issue we need to tackle a bit more what you and I can do to increase our "communications" to our subconscious and bring that communication back to our "Alpha" state of mind not Beta! In all honesty "Beta" mindset is useless when dealing with esoteric beliefs or sciences. I have been struggling a lot trying to figure out how to train my subconscious communication without forcing it using Beta instructions.

I watch Fox News probably twice everyday and of course the main course of news is about how we as a country have failed and how we as a citizen of this country have been lied to and cheated for most of our lives by the very people we elect and it doesn't matter the party or parties. When I sit there to listen to the news it gives no hope and no light and nowhere to go!

I am here to say there is "hope" and there is "life" and there are "directions" in which to choose from. The only stumbling block that keeps us from our successes and desires no matter what it is you maybe seeking is our "Beta" mind we operate in everyday! Our "Beta" existence gives little or no hope to become successful especially when one is thinking about the impossible and that is to "Time Traveling".

One evening this week I sat down looking at my HDR and wondering as I gazed at it what is holding me back from experiencing time traveling like I used to do? What could be holding me back or causing the very thing to happen that I don't want to happen! After pondering a tad it hit me the very thing I try to avoid I carry with myself everyday all my life and every so often I would indeed overcome this but only to succumb to it once again in it's shackles. 

Years ago many years ago in my life when growing up to young adulthood I would get my parents very upset with me because I couldn't always agree with them and all their rules. Like many of young people we think we know it all and the more we think we know the less we really know. During those arguments my parents used to tell me, "You won't amount to a hill of beans", "Your so stupid", "Your worthless"!

Those are the "shackles" in which I am referring to! These are internal shackles (Post Induced Subconscious Programing). I noticed when I was close to succeeding all my life I had to work hard to do it whereas others seem to breeze through it all I just couldn't figure why. When I would arrive to such a point in my life that I did finally reach my goal I would automatically back off and quit!

This didn't happen once or twice it happened all the time! But that brief "gazing" I experienced within myself gave me the answer to my failed successes whether purposely or unconsciously. I questioned myself how did I succeed using the HDR before with little or no problems? I thought some more and realized that during the time I was using the HDR I was using the "Gateway" course from Hemi-Synch. 

During my down times with the HDR I would get bored it was then I would crank up my "Wave 1" from the Gateway course to go to focus 10 level of mind it was more like a deep "Alpha" state. I do have all seven waves of the Gateway course. The last wave would take me to Focus 27 the place where the "souls" would come to a junction a beautiful waiting place like a park from what I am told.

Anyways, I would listen to the wave 1 Cd up to "Expanded Exploration Focus 10" for several weeks; this "Exploration" would allow you to go and to discover all that focus 10 has to offer. I never connected the two working together with the HDR at least not until now. When I would go back to my HDR and use it I was surprised at the results again not connecting the dots from the Hemi-Synch training and the HDR training.

I wanted to finish this report up because it's been nearly 3 years since I wrote this! I was brutally attacked in a state prison, I was a corrections officer. The prisoner's intent was to kill me so he could stay at the prison in our local. By being charged for murder #1 he would have to stay. Luckily I survived and I am not sure if that is at all  lucky I incurred trauma to my body and head and I suffer from PTSD.

Meaning I don't go outdoors anymore and my anxiety levels are off the charts! I take meds to keep me calm down. I am officially retired 3 years ago but it seems like I am in a state prison within myself. I am trying to pick up where I left off here and hopefully offer some real hope in time traveling using the Super HDR which I still have in my closet.

I was trying to use the focus 10 Cd of Hemi-Synch and it works pretty well putting you in that mind state to do an HDR application on yourself. This box that is simple in about all aspects can be time defying in more way then one. I have come along way in my research in the 3 years I had been gone to recover from my injuries, so I studied online the latest greatest real time working devices out there, that might aid in being successful in using the HDR.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I was bouncing back and forth with several possible "aides" geared towards supporting the HDR and SE-5 users and also for those who can't afford such equipment. I never said this before and I should have stated it much earlier when I created this blog and that is even if you can't afford such materials to experiment with you can find certain supplements to aide you on your question for reaching the stars.

 One such "supplement" that works for me but I still have to be careful how I administer it to myself it's called, "Brilliant Dreams".

Brilliant Dreams is a special herbal content along with Choline and certain "B" vitamins to keep certain parts of your brain active while you sleep. Again take in consideration when using the SE-5 and HDR or any type of instrument or no instruments that supplements have there place on the markets. There is so much out on these markets from aspirins to psychedelic drugs and they practically were all used one time or another by people looking for a special spiritual experience.

A gentlemen I know used to take it a few times a month and swore by Brilliant Dreams, it was only after he had a stunning nightmare that he stopped taking them completely. I tried them and still have two full bottles in my night stand the only issue for me is I forget to take them. 

When I do manage to remember before bedtime I would take two at the very most, taking more than two too late in the evening can practically guarantee you one very sleepless night! Yes, it did create very vivid experiences when I was in REM.

This is no big secret it's been around on the markets for many years it's just you don't see them advertised by your local thrifty's; every so often you might catch a glimpse on a late night commercial showing and telling you the advantages of "Dream Recall" supplements. Since I am writing this blog article today I will take two of them before sleep to see how well it does for me and it's my hope that it will be as good as the first time I ever used them.

The first time I used these supplements I had no idea what was going to happen that evening. My stomach felt kind of ill after ingesting two of them, maybe I should have eaten something along with the supplements. That particular night my dreams was like a "Chantix" lucid dreaming. When smokers use Chantix to quit smoking they go through this extreme nightly withdrawals that causes them to go into a deep REM sleep.

My co-worker once told me he took it and was smoking in his dream and it wasn't until he woke up that he realized it was a dream he actually thought he was wide awake at this certain place; he told me everything was so real more real than the world he lives in. But one doesn't have to quit smoking to experience these weird vivid phenomena's. There are again supplements that activate certain parts of the brain to perform expected results.

We now know that if you are an HDR enthusiast and an SE-5 operator we could get so much more out of our trainings if the brain were properly aligned for the coming task at hand. Granted there are a number of naturalists that would reject any type of artificial stimuli to promote things such as "Lucid Dreaming" or any type of "spiritual" exercises. Again it's all up to the person what he or she thinks!

Another unique product is called, "NOOPEPT" it's an artificial nootropic stimulant that fires up all neurons of the brains functioning causing a "Leap" forward in "intelligence" usable intelligence! You can find a variety of prices listed all over the web from $50 for a thirty day supply to $30 if you buy in bulk. These similar products commonly known as "Piracetum" at one time was the new kid on the block for increasing intelligence.

Remember radionic enthusiasts you need "raw" materials to accomplish the seemingly impossible when it comes to the human-biological system. Not so much when dealing with the "spiritual" side of mankind only just when dealing with the biological side. Supplemental support goes a long ways if taken moderately; just imagine taking a NOOPEPT to increase the "intelligence" functioning of the brain!

Now go one step further and apply this newly found ability(s) with your radionic work already in progress! European countries have been using these for many of years where do you think some of the smartest people and the best schools come from? Do you think that eating their vegetables everyday and taking a one a day tablet will make them smarter! 

They, the Europeans knew better. Years ago it was brought up to congress about "Piracetum" to allow it on the markets and the response was it would cause a disadvantage for the children who could not afford this supplement in the education system. When I read this article back in the early 80's I thought I was going to throw! Lame excuses from lame governments it all fits; keep working class drones and getting rid of anyone who might have something intelligent to offer!

I have yet to try NOOPEPT and probably will like it. I may or may not get smarter but at least my old neurons will know there is still some life left in them! As with any supplement out there be responsible when taking it and consult your doctor (if you still have one) before embarking and embracing on this article. 

Personal responsibility means just that, you are responsible for you actions and inaction's no matter the decision you make. It is for this reason I won't give you no links to such products I have mentioned, that will be entirely up to you to do your own responsible research. So there are many ways to enhance your HDR work along with your SE-5 practices. Research and development require sort of a "Artistic" imagination that's outside the box!

It is "outside the box" thinking where we will discover more uses for our esoteric machines and with our built in computers that lie between each of our ears it is this computer that will make such discoveries but at the same time the knowledge or discoveries made will never see the inside of a classroom in our education system. 

It's up to us, it's up to you to keep alive the "energy" work that is and still being suppressed throughout this country. It's not a conspiracy or some dream someone conjured up it's the law that comes down on the Herbalists and the Homeopathic researchers etc. 

The law is good; basically to keep quacks from hurting innocent people but that is only a small % that do so! The pioneers are also suppressed; our governments will not allow new discoveries that could interfere with the major drug industries. All we can do is use the SE-5 or the machine of your choosing to show the world what can be accomplish and still be safe while walking on glass (the final lay work of our government control) on natural healing's!

I don't heal people with my device even Don Paris said it was not designed to do so it was designed to send and receive "correct information"! It's then up to the individuals bodies and CNS to do all the natural work of healing! I wish all operators would keep this in the forefront of their minds when helping others. 

When my friends call to let me know they were healed I quickly tell them no, my machine did not heal anything it only sends correct information and your bodies CNS (Central Nervous System) responded to the newly acquired information set forth in the broadcasting. In essences thank yourself for healing yourself! If they don't experience "well being" after the broadcasting then it is something deep in their Psyche that is preventing them from obtaining what they seek.

Personally I am not much into "physical" broadcasting of any sort I will give it my best if I do broadcast information. I like just experimenting with the "spiritual" side of the SE-5 along with the "psychological" broadcasts and the "physical tunings" only with my wife and I if needed. Again this is my personal choosing where I desire to go with my practice. I bet if the "spiritual" or "mental" aspects were fully taken care of you wouldn't have as much sickness invading the body as one does today!

There is a full universe of "would of", "could of", "should of" and "might of", this is why it's so important as to be aware of your surroundings both physically, mentally and spiritually. Catching questionable issues within and without of yourselves early on and then tackling the situation head on is your best line of defense. It's the waiting for something to happen that breaks us down, one gets a hopeless feeling to such a degree this is all that person is able to see from day to day.

Quit feeling hopeless and defeated for these are only temporary in nature, be proactive either have someone you know help you or help yourselves by investing either time or money or both to help one another! I give you ways "outside the box" to accomplish this very thing! You can be assured I will find other sources that you wouldn't have even in your remotest ideas could have imagined.



Thursday, November 7, 2013


My vote is in; wether to use the  S1-S4 for quality sleep at least for myself I vote for S3 I used it last night for the second time and when I woke up this morning I was mentally clear and just plain felt great! Of course the side effects were very vivid dreaming throughout the night. But the drawback was I went to sleep late last night I forgot to use the HDR like I wanted to do in conjunction together with EarthPulse.

Tonight I am using the EarthPulse along with the HDR to help me relax and stay within the EarthPulse particular entrainment rhythms. It's been only twice since I started up EarthPulse this year; I purchased it four years ago and since my trauma it was put away for three of those years in storage and once my wife found the unit it has become one of the best purchases so far for me in the last two years. I am not saying that EarthPulse was designed for meditation because it wasn't; it was designed to overcome the EMF's from your electric alarm clocks and cell phones etc.

It was designed to implement a shell of DC shielding using the Schumann's frequency which is the most sought after frequency for guru's and psychics and others who just can't relax whatsoever! However the side effects are worthy enough to be noted here on this blog. In my humble opinion if you are desiring to "Time Travel" using the HDR or similar devices that the market offers; this unit (DC) will give you the cleanest most inexpensive frequency entrainments on the market through cycling!

If it were not true I would be the first to let you know that I got ripped off! Such is not the case with EarthPulse. This week I am doing some research on information about the "new kid" on the block called the "EMF Pump" the thing that bothers me these EMF's are a by product that is going right through you and your brain its the by- product "pollution" end of the generated electricity from computers and other digital products. 

Maybe for short periods of times these EMF's would not be so detrimental but I bet if surrounded with these EMF's for lengthy moments could screw things up a bit with your bio-electrical system in fact it has been already proven through many studies. But I am still considering using it with the HDR since my electro-magnet is pumping out EMF's also. I just not sure at the moment how much Gauss strength is emanating from the HDR when turned "on" I know this unit produces a fair amount of EMF's. 

Here is the description of the above unit that I am interested in procuring:

This is an electric-dynamic generation device designed for paranormal investigating. The EMF pump runs on 120 A/C current which makes it much more powerful than any other pumps on the market and can run for hours. Plug this unit into a 120 volt plug in outlet and it will emit electromagnetic energy into the room the device is placed in. It will produce 400 Milli Gauss strength enough to destroy any computers in the same area.

It is built with a cooling fan and venting in order to allow you to leave this pump on for many hours. It also keeps EMF levels at a range that is less likely to cause any damage to your other equipment and again for "cautions" sake take your sensitive equipment such as your cellphone and recorders or computer IPADs etc. to a safe maximum distance.

I was also reading much material with the Tesla Coil in general; it too produces huge fields of EMF's, you can obtain a desktop one for $200 or if you want you can get the Van De Graph five foot tall unit that runs about $800.00. The five foot one produces 200,000 watts of voltage into the air not to mention the "Gauss" strength and creating a "scalar vortex"; I'm not so sure how loud this coil would be if you live in an apartment complex. 

I think Carl Novella took it one step ahead of me by getting the desktop "Science" Tesla Coil that are around $200 and adjusted the spark gap with while rubbing the HDR sensor pad at the same time, when he got his "resonating" peak either low or high he stopped turning the spark gap to tune the Tesla Coil with the HDR. He told me one time it took him into another dimension that nearly killed him and during the flight he was picked up by aliens.

I am not sure what to say about such a story so I will just keep with the facts presented for future scrutiny. Yes it is possible and plausible that the Tesla Coil can create "Scalar" energies on a large magnitude scale even stronger then the HDR can perform when it comes to "scalar" tunneling. Steven Gibbs once told me that he didn't like this idea because it would take one to a negative universe containing unwelcome entities.

Again that is up to the reader to decide such "truths"presented here and by each person who has experienced special things while using the HDR. As you can see there are many of things a researcher can get his or her mitts on to better oneself and to make oneselve more productive in seeking the answer or fulfilling their own expectations. 

Could that quest be: "Is there life beyond ours and if so who are they and where are they and what do they look like". Of course don't leave out the curious just wanting to go backward and forward in time; I admit it is a fascinating thought if one could do such things with the HDR with its working theory Steven Gibbs talks about. 

If you studied backward in time about the radionic boxes built and used by operators such as Ruth Drown and many from the country of England; they had boxes taking pictures of peoples bodies clear across the world using only blood samples! How do you suppose they done that! What got the married couple like George and Margorie De La Warr into trouble in England was for selling their radionic camera to a working class person a fifty year old woman.

This women knew nothing about radionics and it didn't work for her so she sued them in a lengthy court of law and guess what she was poor and the state paid all her legal fees. It was afterwards the couple did win the court case, spending and exhausting many millions of dollars yet they saved the radionic industry in England from being suppressed forever by their government! 

The pivotal point that I am arriving at is, not all radionic devices are for all people including the famous or infamous Steven Gibbs HDR unit. The magnet will of course work for anyone there are no special gifts required for that but it's the dials on the box this is what separates the "Wheat" from the "Chaff". This is where ideas are realized and dreams crushed at a moments notice. Even I know that the "mind" is the "Key" to unlocking such feats of the HDR.

I would like to say to each and everyone of you that the HDR is totally generic and anyone can use it but that would not be a truthful statement maybe a "partial" truth. Who wouldn't want to go back into time and change what today is that's being played out to become initially our new "past"! 

Surely there are things out there I would have loved to change in my own past but do you know if I did I wouldn't have learned through growth and perplexity how to be responsible for my family and friends when critical times arrive.

Like it or not we are human beings and we all grow at our own speeds both in the physical and in the mental and in the spiritual sense. I want to give the HDR operators the benefit of the doubt because of what I also experienced using such a device. Granted if I never experienced anything with the HDR I probably would be that 99% saying don't waste your monies and time it will never work and if I did tell you that right now I would be "lying" to you in a big way!

"Stay true to thyself" this is the key to success! When it comes to the SE-5 1000 that I recently purchased and the HDR purchased a few years back I want to be able to experience what both machines are able to accomplish according to the inventors theories and visions while they were building it. 

I don't want to forget those who are having a difficult time get the "Harmonic" stick reaction on the pad of the HDR. This is probably the most complicated to explain because everyone is different and has differ abilities when it comes to getting your fingers to "stick" on the pad.

When I first did it there was nothing in the "Manual" telling me as an operator how to get a "stick" reaction on the rub plate of the HDR! So I put a bit of talcum powder on my index finger and middle finger then I took my hand and with the two fingers began to rub in a circular motion while with the other hand turning each tuning knob or pot ever so slowly. When my two fingers finally "stuck" I couldn't any longer rub the plate unless I took my hands off it and did it once again.

It was brutal not having anyone to turn to for advice on how to get that "Stick" reaction. During the course of learning which didn't take all that long, if I thought I got a "stick" on the plate I would stop turning the first dial and then I would start turning the second dial or tuning pot while rubbing the plate with my right hand. The question at the time was my  "Stick" a real "stick" or just maybe oily fingers?

I will give you a hint I can analyze let's say a potato and come up with 32% in life force energies and let's further say George did the same analysis on his machine with the same exact potato but he came up with 42% life force energies so who is right and who is wrong! They are both right! Everyone senses energy at different harmonics some maybe higher while others lower perhaps. The point is both found their respective harmonics in different areas of the same potato because the potato exists on the entire scale no matter the level of %!

The key is to practice and since there is no right or wrong concerning the "Stick" you will be more accurate as time goes on with the practicing of your device. This question still plaques the HDR operator can a person go back or forward in time if they do get a "stick" reaction to that exact month and year? I would want to say "yes" but in reality "no" you will not. Because this $500 (after buying the larger magnet he sells) machine is only made up of a few Radio Shack parts two 50k tuning pots hmm!

Shshsh! Don't let anyone know; I still have fun playing around with it when I make the time! Every person plays out his or her's own fantasies to certain degrees whether it be time travel or being the boxing champion of the world! We all wear masks when in the public eye so to speak whereas I wear mine at the bottom of my signature page. We wear one kind of mask at work and another at home and one we go out to socialize the trick is to be able to differentiate betwixt the three all at the same time in this reality.

We covered lot's of ground in this article but I at least owe to the HDR community at large some information that may or may not be useful in their ever daunting quest to reach that far end of the rainbow to find a treasure unobtainable with any other way.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I was thinking for sometime about the HDR and I come to a conclusion why it doesn't work for me as strongly as it once did it is because of the trauma I endured and still enduring since about 3 years ago. You see the HDR requires you to be able to relax once you go through the initial protocols and that is to lie down and let the energies kick in. If a person is not getting enough sleep to begin with how in the world is he or she going to experience the HDR and its full benefits?

90% of most Americans don't have a good healthy sleep pattern because of working more than one job at unduly hours and sometimes seven days a week. Let us use the same people they come home finally able to go to bed but they want to use their HDR to time travel, they go through the protocol sessions then disconnect their units and guess what they go to sleep and simply don't remember anything that happened!

Because of their lack of sleep their own brainwaves forced them into a complete "Delta" state of mind (Unconscious) level where no memories are ever retained by our conscious intellect. Remember if you can't astral time travel you won't physically time travel. You can argue this rule if you want some people just have to figure it out by their self's. 

I believe I found the answer in the most peculiar way! My wife was cleaning out the closet this week going through my research equipment wondering if I wanted to sell some of my collection on EBAY; she asked me do you want this sold I asked her what is it she showed it to me and I was in awe I have not seen this particular unit in over 3 years!

I told her heck no! I want to use it I asked her where was it all this time she told me I put it away when you got into your accident almost 3 years ago. The unit I am referring to is the EarthPulse Direct Current unit that uses a core magnet smaller than the HDR's but it puts out "Pulsating" signals of a variety of entrainment. I hookup the unit right before I went to bed last night I placed the unit on S1 mode. 

During the last nights sleeping with the core magnet under my pillow the unit was cycling through "Delta" up to low "Theta" and back down to "Delta" for 8 hours on the S1 mode. Of course it doesn't stop there; by earlier morning hours I was transported to a town that I had dreamed about several nights ago, yes the same exact town the only difference is I ended up talking with different people now.

Everything was life like and surreal! I purposely looked at a street sign to find out where I was I just didn't know the name of my town I was in. This realism is what one needs when using the HDR it is said that the HDR produces magnetic field around the user at 60 cycles per second this is a very unhealthy Hz radiation. For short time periods of eight minutes it would be OK any longer and your RNA and DNA would begin to break down.

What the "EarthPulse" does is keep the persons CNS (Central Nervous System) locked into the cyclic rhythm S1-S4 the machine was programmed to use. Because of my trauma I can't sleep like a normal person could; I have to have sleeping pills to do so. But last night after 8 hours exposure from the magnet under my pillow allowing direct current to pulsate outwards to my CNS it allowed me to spend significant time in "theta" and "delta" rhythms.

I essentially blacked out into deep "delta" all night long for up to 3 years since my accident; up and to last night no conscious memories of much dreaming to recall. But last night the EarthPulse would bring my CNS down into "delta" and cycle  back up to "theta" for several cycles all night long making my dream quality skyrocket. 

I am going to use the HDR tonight by itself without the SE-5 for 8 minutes then I will use the S1 mode not the S3 I used last night. The S1 will start me in low "alpha" range and steps down into the "theta" and low "delta" and "REM" then steps you up to "Alert" mode low "Beta" upon awakening.

If memory serves this S1 mode doesn't give one a quality sleep like S3 did for me last night but this frequency is to induce astral projection after the HDR protocols this will allow me to be semi-conscious through the entire night. I bought this unit and talked about this in my old SuperHDR blog about 4 years ago. I generally placed the magnet under my mattress of my old bed but since I got the temper-pedic and because it's a foot thick I decided to place the magnet under my pillow.

It also has "recover" mode this increase the core magnet smaller than a hockey puck to radiate 300 Gauss of energies for repairing damage tissues or nerves etc. I never used this mode yet but it's my hope to do so in the very near future. I have two more modes I haven't tried the first being the "Entrain Up" mode and the "Entrained Down" mode just by its name pretty much tells you what they are doing for you.

So you can see why I feel this could be an attribute to the HDR users especially to them where "sleep" is like fine gold that's hard to get! If your not getting enough "restorative" sleep in "Delta" and enough REM sleep in "Theta" on a  nightly basis your body will less likely to respond with the HDR which depends on the users ability to go into a deep mind state after using the HDR. 

Of course it's not so cheap it cost me around $600.00; but I essentially got it for free when I recommended 6 people to purchase one and he paid me $600 in commissions back then it paid for my unit.

Just keep in mind the following:

Sleep (Delta, REM Cycles)= HDR users to be able to experience out of body time travel.



Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hello Everyone!

Well it's getting that time of the year for HDR users and Wicca's alike to plan their trips to the netherworlds of time and space! You know that "Halloween" trick or treats! I wonder somehow if the purchasers of devices like the HDR are tricks rather then treats!

I am a firm believer in "scalar" energies and what can be done with it. The only questions I have is what the developers of these HDR's and other radionic machines are claiming about their devices "that there machines are capable in altering scalar energies".  So far I have been fortunate not to have been taken by ads on the internet that tout outlandish claims.

But in the same tongue and cheek fashion I have no tolerance of debunkers claiming to be experts and always putting products down without proper break in or the very minimum purchasing it before making an opinion. That is one itch I am dying to scratch at times when on boards that talk about the HDR how bad it is and that you are just being taken.

There is much I agree with them on the logical side of the house there would be no dispute from me but before I could write these blog articles you would think I own the HDR or SE-5 1000 Gold and then you may think that I might have something of value to offer in any information good or bad so you can make an informed choice.

A one sided argument is a house only half built there is much more needed in specifics to make it fully functional so are with one sided bullhead arguments as far as anyone of us are concerned about. I yet to find any website fair and balanced without total bias from the article writer who actually owns what he is writing about.

I own one each of the following equipment first and foremost and just purchased in March 2013 the SE-5 1000 Gold from Don Paris my second machine I had owned much longer than the above is the HDR by Steven Gibbs and the third runner up the "Hieronymus Medical Analyzer" built by William Jensen in Washington state.

Lastly, the one I am selling currently on E-bay called the "The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator". This is so unique that the only place I can refer you to read more about it is to go to Jacks website:

This puppy cost me at that time $5000.00 now he has it on sale for $4000 I think. I am selling my VRCR unit for $2500.00 with all the neat trimmings I bought it for one reason prior to my accident that disabled me I was to test it for protection and some radionic work.

A interesting thing happened to me; one night a friend Szilvia astral projected from N.Y. to my home state at the time; she would try to communicate with me to wake me up in the astral to travel with her keep in mind she knew nothing about my VRCR. Here is the story:

That particular night I set my VRCR on "green" 3.6 that is the modulation frequency for the Schulman frequency that was measured around 7.8 Hz. My wife woke me up and told me the slight humming sound was keeping her awake so I adjusted while still half asleep the modulation dial which took it off the Schulman frequency and placed it on an unknown frequency while still in the "green" mode.

Jack later told me that it was a dangerous thing to do with it because those particular frequencies were not tested or known of any side effects. Anyway, I adjusted the modulation tuner and the humming noise ceased and kept it on the color of "Green" the VRCR crystals were highly activated about 200 volts worth emanating!

Later around 3:00 am in the morning Szilvia was astral traveling to try to wake me up and go on a trip she tried to enter my bedroom from the doorway to to let me know she was there but she ran into something she was not prepared for in a million years! She asked me on Skype what was that machine called that was producing a huge vortex of white light all around you and your wife!

I told her you mean my VRCR! Yes, she told me it would not allow me to enter your room from either outside or from the inside. The other fascinating thing that happen that exact moment she also said I saw around you in particular a group of "beings" holding hands in a circle around both you and your wife.

She told me she tried to communicate with them but to no avail she couldn't get through. Something happened that she least expected and she saw what frightened her to paralysis state of being. I asked her tell me! What happened! She said to me do you believe in the Devil?

I told her I do believe in good and evil why? She said I saw him he was pounding on your bedroom door trying to enter into the room where you and your wife were sleeping and he was huge and very ugly and smelly. He was anything but weak! Every time he would try to breakdown the "white barrier" this instrument was putting out it would propel him back on his butt.

She stated, I was petrified I never knew such a thing ever existed! I ask then what happened; she emphasized that golden white light surrounded you both and whoever or whatever those 12 white beings were they were definitely there to protect the both of you that night!

The whole story was overwhelming to have someone consciously projected to be able to see what was happening behind the iron curtain of the spiritual realm. Note: She was and is using the HDR the same exact one I have to accomplish these out of body experiences. But since my horrible accident that I am still trying to recover from I had no choice then to put this up for sale on EBAY I can't handle the energies it produces like I did before.

Hey maybe it will be your cup of tea! I know for sure this is not a piece of junk that you see out there this is the real deal my friends! Jack who designed it is the real deal. After I sell that unit that will leave me down to two hat size pyramids from Dr. Fred Bell and one Hieronymus device and one HDR and one SE-5 1000. 

Do you think I am qualified to talk about such things as these? I am thinking of selling one of my Fred Bell pyramids I only need just the one for broadcasting only experiments. That's about it for today stay safe people have fun for the Crow is watching you!


ScareCrow of Romney Marsh!

Monday, October 28, 2013


I was rummaging through the Internet to see any sites talk about the HDR from Gibbs and the only one that has for the past 10 years other than myself is Carl Novella alias Hdrkid. I was reading one of his posts about him asking for people's help to come up with new ideas of testing the HDR on other things.

 I find this a bit condescending the HDR was never designed or implemented for radionic testing it was specifically designed only for time traveling mostly astral time traveling. I too am interested in experimentation which is why I got the SE-5 1000 to supplement my test with the HDR.

If you want to super drain yourselves of 90% of your life force then the HDR might be what you really need to use or if your smart and wise enough you will discover there are equipment out there that you can test almost on anything including time travel for the fraction of what my SE-5 cost and protection is in place so one doesn't lose their life force energies. I didn't purchase the SE-5 solely for the HDR or vise versa I purchased the SE-5 to help my wife and I with other issues/experiments that the HDR couldn't possibly accomplish in my lifetime.

There are particular codes used in radionic devices that protect the operator from becoming weak and eventually listless in their actions not even knowing why it's all happening and there is no such promise with the HDR for that protection it wasn't designed to do so. There were never any precautions built into the device of the HDR to protect a person from energy losses. 

The dials as Steve likes to call it "tuning pots" are not calibrated they are not accurate whatsoever! Which is why I and Carl and Szlvia have a hard time nailing where we want to go on in our astral time traveling trips. If the tuning pots are that inaccurate how much more if one is trying to use the HDR for radionic uses or physical time travel? The HDR is a fun machine but don't bet your lives on it, you may be that 90% who will not achieve anything why?

Because it's a low grade black box radionic device the schematics are ancient in design and if you don't possess some psychic abilities unfortunately you are not going anywhere my friends. I am not writing this to be a kill joy by no means I am just stating histories past with HDR customers from all over this planet including myself. I know radionics I have been doing it for over 15 years with great success in some areas and medium success in others.

I just want you all to know the "truth" of what you are getting yourselves into. If your like me and buy it for just the novelty of owning one, go for it! Hey it may work for you and you won't know unless you try. This is why this blog exists to take some of the mystery out of the use of the HDR and bring a bit more practicality into it. Right now it is what I would call a "Dream Machine" for astral traveling not physical time traveling.

Ask Carl or his alias Hdrkid ask him if he physically time traveled he will deny it! I am not sure what he is afraid of but whatever it was it spooked him bad enough not to talk about physical time travel he experienced when I talked with him over 12 years ago on the phone when he lived in Miami he sent me a picture of himself going through a vortex with his car it was awesome. He is a nice gentleman and maybe he will share some of his physical time travel experiences with you. In fact he does, I think it's called Carlos X time travels you can buy it online.

Carlos X is Carl Novella he and Steven Gibbs were on coast to coast together one evening but Carl kept getting cutoff whereas he was no longer invited on the show by George Norey he stated once Carl disappears off the station once more he wouldn't be allowed to be interviewed. The reason I know because Steve gave me Carl's number over a decade ago when Carl was living in Florida.

I just wanted to clear the air I know who he is and what he is he is a good man with a lot of baggage he must carry with him no matter where he decides to go. This is what happens when law enforcement get involved in Miami where I use to live myself and once that is on the police record it remains there for life. They confiscated his HDR thinking it was an incendiary device of some sort.

Those of you who own a HDR and think you can radionically control it then try to do my experiment that I had prove to the whole world how powerful my device is; use a nectarine then balance one and not the other and let them set side by side to see if you can preserve the one while the other decays! You would think if a device can perform such feats as this what else would you think it would be capable of!

Oh! make sure you place it on uploading it is pretty easy to do nowadays. If the HDR doesn't work for the nectarine experiment and that would be my first guess then I would re-think physical time travel using the HDR as a pure fact but more fantasy in nature. Because if your HDR can't perform a mere fruit experiment being a radionic instrument I have my doubts it could do anything worthwhile. 

Carl talks about using a Tesla Coil with the HDR, may I suggest using a EMF Pump instead; it will pump up the EMF's around the HDR giving it a bit more horsepower in theory. In fact Carl and Steve use EMF detectors to locate their vortexes on the outside. 

I think Carl uses that $200 Trifield Meter from online; it measure EMF's, Electrical, Magnetic etc. So purchasing a $50 EMF Pump that most ghost hunters use to beef up their communication at vortexes with spirits coming in and out. This may prove noteworthy and a little less expensive.

You see there are things here discussed where you won't find anywhere else. I re-analyzed my HDR using the SE-5 and it's as clean as a whistle can be from the inferences, psychic intentions etc. 

That crystal you are using whether it be a sliver Steve sends to you or a nice 2x1 double terminated quartz crystal. Make sure you clear it and see physical proof of clearing using just meditation and assuming it's cleared of negative energies while laying in the sun is no proof at all.

With the SE-5 it sometimes takes almost 3-5 hours of balancing the "negative information" the crystal has collected when using it with the HDR or any other radionic device. Like any storage area or quantum storage there is only so many energy packets it can hold before it becomes neutralized and produces very little if any white light energies. 

Once that crystal and HDR are clean then you setup your EMF Pump about two feet away from you and make sure you keep it about two feet away as it could possibly ruin your HDR and magnetize the circuit thus burning it out; this pump will increase EMF's all around you while attempting brainwave alterations.

I know it's hard not only to get the HDR to work but the stigma that it carries from the world opinion as well. If you were to tell anyone what you were doing they would think you were on level 4 of the nut-o-gram meter. Radionic work to me is fascinating which is why I purchased the HDR; at that time of purchase I didn't even no what radionics was let alone being able to perform such feats that seemed like magic!

I give my HDR kudos for guiding me to the much higher forms of radionics which led me to the SE-5 ultimately. I want to attempt a Magnet clearance of negative energies I might be biting off more that I can chew here. 

The T-bar magnet along with the bigger flat magnetic I use with the HDR would and does collect and produce all kinds of energies which is why I want to see if it's possible and is within a reasonable time slot to do such a clearance. With a great radionic device and certain accessories there is no telling what you could accomplish with such equipment using time and patience.

Don't let anyone fool you into going back into your "past" or "future"to change anything and I have known many people bought the HDR just for this reasoning alone. It will not happen ever! The best you can experience is a parallel time line and any changes made in that parallel time line won't affect your present time line. 

If you believe there is some supernatural intelligence that runs the universe which I would tend to agree with you whole heartily then stop and think for a moment if such an intelligence does exists and it upholds the universes with such power do you think it will allow you or myself to do something to screw with this intelligent design I think not! 

Please if you purchase the HDR don't get it for that reasoning of trying to change your past because it's a placebo falsehood at best. I don't want to be a killjoy with your imaginations I just want you not to be disappointed when it doesn't happen and at least with this information I present to you here you will have some idea why it hasn't. 

I'm not saying you won't experience a dimensional shift I have done so! But it will not be because you desire or seek it out. These phenomenas happen when they decide not when you and I decide. So prepare after using the HDR it does help one attract dimensional rifts to go through, I am just glad I got to come back after that last one I encountered.