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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


If you remember, a few articles back I said something happened to me a few evenings ago but I never said what it was...This article is focused to the "now" HDR participants and I want to welcome "Leon" from the UK who is now a proud owner of the Steven Gibbs HDR! Welcome Oneironaut to an elite group of people who are and have experienced "time" traveling for the first time or for the fifteenth thousandth time since owning such a device!

For the first timers you will need patience and perseverance to be able to participate beyond the veil, so to speak. It took me several weeks before it became a "weekly" vacation for me. I say vacation because after a rough week at work for the state and not having enough time for vacation, then I would turn to the HDR for a few minutes a day and find myself most of the night visiting different time era's and getting stares and looks of bewilderment from the people of those time frames.

When I was caught up in the Civil War era, I was descending downwards to the battlefield, I was not sure where or how I was descending. When I was on the ground the cannons where still going off on both sides, from both the North and South armies. everyone who saw me come down from the sky had dropped their weapons to the ground and stared at me. The cannons ceased as the word was spread throughout the battlefield. I was sort of embarrassed wondering what did I look like, that everyone was pointing out and staring at me.

So I looked at what I was wearing and I saw myself in bluejeans, such an endless fashion in any time era, don't you think so! I was wearing an old white t-shirt. I kept walking ahead and I noticed some people dressed like myself who were loading up a cargo type vehicle. I asked them what they were doing, one guy told me keep it down, this is the only place in time we can procure these materials we need in our future timeline. To me it looked like some kind of plastic sheeting that was being rolled up and stored in this transport type vehicle.


I left them alone and walked in a war ravage town seeing disabled war veterans both Northern and Southern alike. There was certainly no VA in this timeline to help these wounded soldiers. Immediately, I got caught up in a whirlwind, once again going straight up and out! I found myself back on a Naval Boat and in front of me was a huge radar screen that looked like it was made of crystal. 

It was scanning different timelines and to my understanding now, this was sending us timeline travelers or time skippers (some like to call it) to different locations for specific purposes. In my case it was sending me to be an observer in each time era. This radar type unit is what transports us to another era of time.

Sounds like a dream one would think to themselves, but I know myself to well, and I know how I dream as well. There were times I wanted to control an outcome of what I was dreaming but could never do it because I couldn't become conscious able to do so. If I could, one would call it, "Lucid" dreaming. I was never gifted and still not gifted as of this very moment of this article in the art of lucid dreaming. Ever since I stopped using the HDR, I never had those time travel experiences again! With the HDR I was using, I practice using the device for 30-40 times each month! I may have experienced only 5-10 travels each month!

It doesn't always happen when using this device. Some HDR users complete maybe half of what I experience in a months time. I would run the HDR in the morning, afternoon and at night, if I felt like it. Placebo was far from happening to me because if it were placebo two things would have to happen the first, after couple of placebos that would have been the end of the experiences, such was not case! Placebos have a time limit and once that's used up, that's it! If it was beyond placebo one maybe tempted to say I was only dreaming all this up!


Can't be so, because since I stopped with the HDR I have never again became conscious with any trips or dreams for that matter as I did when using the HDR in the first place. When the HDR sends your "astral body" with your full waking consciousness to a time travel event it is just as real as real life! You can touch, taste, hear and smell and see! There is nothing suggesting where you are at most of the time or that your dreaming or that this is entertaining another reality! 

One has complete control over their senses when time traveling, which normally I had no conscious control whatsoever! The people who you meet in these eras in the dimensional breaches are very intelligent and not so anxious to tell the "would be" traveler/skipper a lot of things that you may be anxious in knowing. When you come back and you open your eyes, you can remember the finest of details, who you talked with or what you interacted with and where you were at and how it felt, just like in real life situation. 

I have been to the future countless of times and I only knew what year it was on one of the trips, because when I was plopped in one timeline, there right in the middle of a busy town all I kept saying to myself what year is it! It wasn't until I came to a small police station and went inside and only then would my question be finally realized. There was plastic sheeting up behind the front desk area.

It looked like they were doing construction of some sort. One of the police officers came out in the front, he had a black t-shirt and coveralls on and was dusty with sawdust from sawing in the back room. He asked me in an hurried fashion what he could do for me and I asked him point blank what year was it! He looked me dead in the eye and told me, you wasted enough of my time, and he told me to have a good day. This was disappointing to say the least, I walked out of the police station which sat up on a small hillside in the town with a 1/2 acre of grass around the front.


Then a car pulled up front of the police station with two young men and one of them came out with a baseball bat heading to the front door. I walked over to the driver and told him we better get out of here! This doesn't look good! He looked at the direction of his friend and seen him swinging his bat and was being pummeled by the police, we could see him swinging his bat all around. 

So the driver told me get in let's go! I jumped in on the passengers side and ready to get out of dodge; as I was waiting for the peel of rubber on the road like one would imagine when gunning it, we took off airborne! What is this! He told me not too worry and he knew I wasn't from here as his smirk on his face indicated to me.

He pressed a button on the drivers side and a xeon-misdt appeared with lighted control panel but they weren't made of anything you would think of, there was nothing solid it was all a green midst. He said, hey dad I want you to meet this guy I met at the police station I think your going to find him quite interesting. I looked out the window all I could see is clouds that we were going in and out of. Finally we were beginning our descent and we slowed down and dropped drastically. We landed like a coming in of an aircraft but with much less room for landing it was more like a Cessna type landing.

Before we descended though the lower clouds, he motioned me to come closer and he leaned over and said in a slight whisper, "It is the year is 2030"! just in case you were wondering, he told me! He knew I was a time skipper as he called it! After landing I met with his father and his father welcomed me to the backyard to watch a football game from the back of his yard. 

I sat down on this lawn chair it was sort of a recliner type you would normally be accustomed to, but this one as soon as I leaned back, a bag, a black one, begin to fill with air and their were computer lightings all around the center of this air bag, going on and off every second until my legs were completely lifted and a little elevate above the rest of my body.


When I was watching the football game, I seen the craziest thing, the quarterback received the ball and he began to run with it and within a few yards two of the opposing players went to tackle him and the quarterback jumped up into the air and flip sideways and came down behind them and ran for the touchdown! I never seen anything like it. When I looked to talk with the boys father everything turn black and I was gone once more. It wasn't until Star Ship Troopers movie that came out that showed the exact type of football game I watched from that guys lawn. I pointed out to my wife and said, "Honey, Look! That is what I was trying to explain!

People it's not the machine in its entirety that makes time travel possible, it's what the machine does with your subconscious minds. It enhances that junk DNA as science call it, and somehow activates little known chemical interaction with the Scalar realm with those longitudinal waves that surround us. But I'm open to other theories, no one theory is ever the truth in its entirety. Does the Hyper-Dimensional-Resonator really make time travel possible? I would say the better question would be "Does the HDR put us in an atmosphere for our subconscious minds to breach the time space continuum?

At this point we would all be guessing! Even Steven Gibbs has his own theory. Remember these schematics were given to him, he didn't conceive this time travel marvel. No matter who gave it to him, these schematics were drawn for a device to be built that would meld with the person's subconscious mind. So the subconscious mind powers up the machine and the machine the mind, along with creating a magnet field setting up the stage for time space breaching.

Sometimes the costs are just to high! Not it monies, but in reputation in the eyes of peers.

No matter what the theory, it works! The price is not a main concern,  however the cost would be what you're willing to risk being ridiculed from both sides of science community and armchair researchers who in fact won't purchase the machine because they convinced themselves it doesn't work. So why would the armchair researcher buy it for $350.00, because they said, it just doesn't work because it goes against Newtonian Physics. 


Getting back to Science, yet these government hired scientist would think of nothing to spend a million dollars of taxpayer monies to see how fleas get it on in procreation. The armchair researchers who won't purchase it because it might prove them wrong and their ego's could not handle such a scheme in their fabric of their belief behavioral models they so live in.

One evening after using the HDR for about 20 minutes I disconnected head coils and shut the magnet down and relaxed within seconds everything went black and I was traveling faster than the speed of thought not knowing where I was going to end up again!

When I opened my eyes I saw what looked like a great comet hitting the earth but which earth time is anyone's guess! I just couldn't find someone willing to talk to me, all of them were pointing skyward as the comet or meteor slams just outside the city causing and inverted mushroom cloud.

Not your typical mushroom cloud you would see when a nuclear bomb is detonated. The sound waves of the collision went out like concentric rings mile after mile destroying everything in its path. It looked like a huge smoke ring, until it hit our city. I really thought I was going to die, a passenger bus flew over my head like a tin can from this ring of smoke and power, that is why I laid down and closed my eyes to die. Until that voice spoke to me, "Get Up" and observe what you are seeing and remember it, you are not going to die!


After the smoke ring passed over me, it got immediately dark and then this white ash began falling all around us. I seen children dancing and playing on the streets saying it was snowing! I seen green police SUV's with their lights blazing through the haze of endless debris, trying to keep law and order. I was walking through the neighborhood looking at these small houses. I was looking for my wife in particular. I went into one house, the door the was open, I stepped in and seen and smelled food cooking on the stove and to my right side, a door that led to the garage. I yelled for anyone to respond all I got back was silence.

I went down stairs to see if anyone was sleeping, no one! Then suddenly children came into the house and their parents. They came down stairs and said, "Are you our uncle"? I looked at them and told them, "I'm not" I am looking for someone"! I went upstairs and told the parents I was sorry for coming into their house unannounced I then went outside and the flakes were amassing quickly. 

I look throughout the neighborhood all houses were tiny, even smaller than a summer cottage and each house was made of cement that was smoothed over. I went into another cottage and seen two dead soldiers it was a woman strung over her dead partner apparently they were both shot and killed.

I can hear some people outside yelling, "Run" everyone run"! What I saw next was a pack of wolves chasing humans trying to corral them up into the death zone, a gauntlet so to speak. Two young people said to me what are we going to do? I told them follow me and we all went into another cottage that was open and we went out the back door. There waiting for us was the Alpha Male Wolf. He could have attacked but instead he chased us up a large hill. I finally made it up the hill and seen the Alpha male stop chasing and turning back where he came from.

When I turned around, I saw another collision of some sort almost in the same area making it much darker then it was. This alpha male was trying to show me something of the future but what and when and where I just don't know. Maybe when I once more use the HDR it will take me back to that time frame since I know what to look for. When I came out of this, I was totally in shock! I even looked out the window to be sure that this wasn't our timeline. Some people who use the HDR and have these type of experiences get so scared they will never use it again!

This is why it's so hard to get people to speak up about their experiences, in fact most want to forget them in there entirety. When one can't discern which reality are a probability or a possibility, that is when the fear strikes their heart and the only thing left todo is either get rid of the HDR or box it and put it with the rest of the mothballs. There will always be someone that maybe traumatized seeing either the past or some unknown future that awaits each and everyone us!

NOTE: I finally received the 1999 original Gibbs device from a dear friend, when I hooked everything up and turned it on, nothing! The light on the box came on but no power to the electro-magnet. I called my friend and we were totally stumped why this magnet didn't want to work. I talked with Steve Gibbs but he wanted nothing to do with it, he told me it might be another unit from one of his double from a differing timeline, so he couldn't or wouldn't fix it.

Right before I lied down for the night, I was strongly impressed just once more to try it. I reasoned to myself that some call the voice of reasons and thought, I will just put the time coils over my head hook  up the T-Bar Magnet flip all the switches and dial in the place I want to go and use it as a "Radionic" device only knowing the magnet wasn't going to work. So I finally dialed in where I wanted to go and flipped the red switch to the magnet and it played the most beautiful music that I heard of yet! It hummed away like a humming bird on Roids! Had a interesting travel last night.

Friday, April 10, 2015



Something happen to me the other evening which also happened last year while trying to fall asleep. Before I get to that part I had conflicting issues about "astral" time traveling using the HDR or otherwise known as the Hyper-Dimensional-Resonator created almost twenty years ago by Steven L. Gibbs whom a few of us know on a personal basis, which I am one of those people. I read a lot of the debunkers naysaying and using malice to sway the public in general that one can't time travel. They offered no scientific validation and a real scientist (Federal or State) would not even come near to anyone claiming such a feat.

So most people rely on the armchair experts to give them relief that they are still safe in their own little worlds. That time travel thought interesting for story telling, is nothing but human fiction and imagination, trust us say the armchair scholars. Well, for me personally I have kept those little secrets to save face, I wasn't quite brave enough like Carl Novella or Szylvia telling the world it does exist and this HDR opens some sort of dimensional windows that quite practically is impossible in the world of the Naysayers!

You have read countless stories of government projects of time travel and back then our governments were careful how to spend the tax payers monies and keeping it within budget guidelines so they could explain to congress where all that extra monies is being spent on. Today is not case, the government, your government, spend on ridiculous things such as studies why a flea jump so high! Yet when a individual with some imagination dare to step up and tell the world what happened to them such as, using a device like the HDR for dimensional breaches there would be a witch hunt!


"Ridicule" would be the word of the "Hour"! You see I know longer work for high officials and I am retired so I really don't care what I present here and now! I know what happened to me on a monthly basis using the HDR. I agree with some individuals that Steven Gibbs is a bit out there but there are a lot of us who are a bit out there as well! Remember people all day long watch your weird ways of how you walk, talk and how you make decisions or how you are unable too. These are the same people that would jump the bandwagon witch hunt on anyone who don't walk or conform according to societies belief system.

There are some crackpots out there we all know that! But those of us with a little bit of common sense and skepticism are able to approach the likelihood that maybe there is something to this time travel stuff. I couldn't write this blog in all fairness knowing what I experience myself using the HDR. When I purchased it some 15 years ago I had no idea of the operating principles that was suppose to allow a person to open grid point doorways into another time or dimension. All I know is, if I set the date I wanted to visit and did what Steve told me to do there was a possibility something might happen.

Happened it did! It was small at first with patches of memories flooding in after using the device that evening before. Do you know what it is like before purchasing something that seems unorthodox and every ounce of fiber inside you says, "it's not going to work", "don't waste your money", "are you nuts!" but you say to yourselves what if I'm wrong and some else who purchases this crazy HDR is able to accomplish what you can't at the moment? 

With such what seems like a supernatural event, Is blending in natures frequencies, this would open the horizons for those who took that chance to go beyond ridicule, they too got rewarded for their efforts. And for the first time one could be opened to greater possibilities then one could imagined. The next questions begs an answer of how does an idea transpire into our physical realm of possibilities in the first place for something like time travel to happen or dimensional space exploration?


But where does a person begin? Like anything in nature everything starts with a "Seed". Do you see how simple it is for a seed to grow and eventually produce fruits! Nature abhors a "vacuum" it must have beginning cycle and closure cycle to exist. These are what I call, "Cycles" of life! One cycle starts and another ends but each cycle leaves behind itself a foot print; that is, its history and it's our responsibility to learn from critical mistakes made during that cycle by others, using that history.

What we learn from our pasts, is what gives us greater access to undiscovered knowledge right here in the present and in the "Now"! One person touted his imagination first as a seed of construct, then on paper with visualization, then manifesting by building the device and lastly, to see what would happen when adding external power to it either from electricity or electro-magnets!

We wouldn't have the technology today in any field, if it wasn't for someone's imagination and persistence to lead the way. You say that's easy it's all scientifically proven! Granted your seeing the final product of that imagination. But if you were to look over the shoulder of the person who created alternating current, which was thought impossible at the time and you seen his imagination his working theories now on the board, would you still deem this person incapable of building such a device or would you require further proof? It would have been easier just to say oh well another dreamer!

In any event the device was built and the person whom I am referring to is Nicoli Tesla! Many of todays modern technology, especially in the armed forces were designed and built from this guys imagination that was put on paper! Who exactly was he? He was an immigrant from overseas (Serbia) looking to prove that electricity can be harnessed from the earth's center core! He proved it using the Tesla Tower in Colorado but the big bankers stopped funding him when Tesla said, he could provide every home with free electricity that would never run out! Who was his financiers just read the article below:

Although Tesla and Edison shared a mutual respect for one another, at least at first, Tesla challenged Edison’s claim that current could only flow in one direction (DC, direct current). Tesla claimed that energy was cyclic and could change direction (AC, alternating current), which would increase voltage levels across greater distances than Edison had pioneered.
Since Edison didn't like Tesla's idea of alternating current, which would impose a radical departure from his own system, Edison refused to award Tesla the bonus. Edison said the offer of a bonus had been a joke and that Tesla didn't understand American humor. Betrayed and insulted, Tesla quit working for Thomas Edison.

Seeing an opportunity, George Westinghouse (an American industrialist, inventor, corporate entrepreneur, and a rival of Thomas Edison in his own right) bought Tesla’s 40 U.S. patents for the polyphase alternating current system of generators, motors, and transformers.
In 1888, Tesla went to work for Westinghouse in order to develop the alternating current system. At this time, electricity was still new and feared by the public due to fires and electric shocks. Edison fed that fear by using smear tactics against alternating current, even stooping to the electrocution of animals to scare the community into believing that alternating current was much more dangerous than direct current.

In 1893, Westinghouse outbid Edison in lighting up the Columbian Exposition in Chicago,which allowed Westinghouse and Tesla to show the public the marvels and advantages of electric light and appliances via alternating current. This demonstration of alternating current convinced J.P. Morgan, an American investor who had originally financed Edison, to back Westinghouse and Tesla in their design for the first hydroelectric power plant in Niagara Falls.
Built in 1895, the new hydroelectric power plant transmitted an amazing twenty miles away. Large AC generating stations (using dams on large rivers and power lines) would eventually link across the nation and become the type of power supplied to homes today.

As you can see the financiers of his time not only believed this could create free electricity but they worried about the financial implications involved, that was they were afraid of losing millions of dollars if they couldn't charge every household for their electricity being used. J.P. Morgan wanted every house metered, Tesla refused!

The two financiers above one cut him at the knee-caps and the other was becoming bankrupted and unable to support Tesla's financing for his "Imaginative" ideas that would of made a different world today, had the financiers went the way of Tesla's inventions you would have been living in the StarTrek era.


Don't you get it! Tesla from Serbia being an immigrant came to America with hardly any money and had to dig ditches for a living in New York. This was an extremely gifted individual. How did Tesla understand these secrets of the universe? Did aliens come down and teach him these technologies? Did someone from a easy chair from his living-room suggest to Tesla how to harness free energy! If it was someone from his easy chair or sofa, Tesla would have been ridiculed and marked as a "Dreamer" who would have no future!

Isn't that what is happening to Steven Gibbs or to others who dare to believe in time traveling using equipment such as an HDR for example? Don't people consider him a "dreamer" a wannabe time traveler? How many gifted people do you think were silenced when they discovered something or created something from their imaginations, most likely they were visited and told to shut up for national security sake. I am not talking "conspiracies" located in some kind of ancient filing cabinet. I am talking about big banks and private investors that are able to snuff out any "ideas" that would pick from their money trees. Tesla is a perfect example of what I am talking about here.

So let's get back with this creator and author of the HDR, claiming he has cracked the time travel code by simply creating a magnetic tear in a small fabric of time and space, just enough for one or more people to enter within. This is exactly what Steven Gibbs told me almost 17 years ago and he sticks with his same story all these years, never fading, nor changing his idea of time traveling, experiencing what the HDR has done and continues to do for him or anyone else who would dare to step outside the box of society and dare to believe beyond what he or she was taught to believe, either by peer pressure and ridicule or by physical altercations up to and including physical and mental harm of an individual, who dared to step out from their imaginations and create.

I got the pleasure to talk with one individual who is still quite active teaching about this portable "time resonator" he too experienced societies ridicule.

One night I was listening to a radio show called, Coast to Coast hosted by George Noorey. The host invited two guests the first was Steven Gibbs and the second was Carl Novella.  Is Steven Gibbs or Carl Novella someone respected by science or known throughout the world or has a Federal funded lab somewhere in the Pocono Mountains? The answer is no to all the above! But I can tell you who Carl is, he was a person like many of us who had their own problems and was always looking for answers to solve them.

It didn't matter where that answer would come from, just as long as it did. What he or any of us would expect to do for ourselves is more or less a common trait in us. His story was, he suffered from Diabetes at the time he lived in Miami Florida. Carl search for holistic medicines or tools that could possibly heal his Diabetes. He too, around 1985 was listening to Steven Gibbs on Coast to Coast hosted then by Art Bell! So Carl being interested in what Steven Gibbs claimed, that the device can also heal a person because it was also a radionic instrument as well as a time travel instrument.

So Carl purchased the HDR for his diabetes cure from Steven Gibbs. Carl said I used the machine on myself nothing seemed to happen and as the days have passed he stated his diabetes was lessing to a point that he no longer had to take his prescribe medications, he didn't need them anymore. But Carl was not expecting what happened next! He found when he would step outside for short periods of time he wasn't where he was suppose to be! To shorten the broadcast story, I heard he met people in the 1900's all the way to the years 3000-4000 AD.

He went back to Israel in ancient times to see if what was written was true or not. He told the audience I never purchased this HDR for time travel, in fact when I turned on the radio all I was focused on what Steven Gibbs was saying; it can physically heal a person. That was my goal to be healed! But I also was able to time travel not only to different places and times but also to different dimensions that our imaginations can't comprehend. I got to talk with both Steve and Carl on the phone several times around 2001 or so when he would talk with anyone interested in what he was doing.

After the radio interview few weeks after, the police in Miami were stocking him and  he was receiving hate phone messages and was temporarily arrested because a neighbor reported seeing a man with a box like unit that had metal bars attached to it and they said it might be a bomb. So they arrested him and tore apart the HDR realizing it was not a bomb as reported. So they brought in the instrument, at least what was left of it to him in the interrogation room. They were demanding of him what this unit was and why he was carrying it around with him in the public.


Let me explain, I emailed Carl to give me a call that I would like to discuss what this HDR was all about. He did call me and we talked for almost an hour. He explained to me that the HDR was capable of tearing small rifts in time and space and was capable of opening Grid Point doorways that exist on the Earth with longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates. But the thing one has to worry about is being taken by a rogue vortex and placed in a time and you don't have any control with and you maybe stuck there up to a several weeks before the time bubble gives out and returns you back to your timeline.

He said, everyone was harassing him especially at work! He told me he brought in proof to show them from an alternate timeline to show is co-workers they laughed at him so he went to radio shack to show them the single circuit part at the time they told him we don't make this part where did you get it? They told him here is the same thing but you need two different parts to accomplish what you say this one can do. 

So Carl took the part with him and showed more co-workers but they insisted, anyone could fake a item and claim it come from somewhere else. Well, I can attest what that was like; when I mentioned to people about time travel in general I told my close associates that I was able to time travel with the HDR even that had a hard time with it though they humored me. My secret (my Coast to Coast Interview with George Noorey) was kept until one of my co-workers happened to listen to me on Coast to Coast with Steven Gibbs and Patricia Ress. The next day all my co-workers wouldn't let it go!

I wasn't afraid to mention it because it actually happened not just to me but to my wife as well, who was my biggest skeptic but she loved me and that was ok with me! Carl told me he also met his "Double" or "Doppelgänger" when he answered his door in Miami, Carl went to answer it, when he opened the door his eyes about widen twice their size. There "he" was facing well "himself" and his other self had a box under his arm and he handed Carl the box and told him this is Gibbs HDR from another dimensional rift in time and space. I was told to deliver it personally to you. I too had a similar experience where my double came out of the thin air to give me a message but it wasn't too nice.

Once the man gave the unit to Carl he turned around walked down the sidewalk from the front doorway and just simply disappeared in thin air. Carl told me, he shut the door and opened the package and there was a black box an HDR but with 4 knobs on it and a T-Bar magnet accompanied with it. He said he was afraid to use it on himself, then he called Steven Gibbs. Steve Gibbs told him, I wouldn't use it, it was made by my counterpart in another dimension, there is no telling where you would end up. So Carl put it away!


Steve never made an HDR with 4 control knobs, only two! HDR Enterprises created the 4 knob device and selling it for $800.00. Even though HDR Enterprises said Steve created their device, it was advertising falsehoods. I know because to get Steven Gibbs original device, you have to personally call him, he doesn't have a workable web site only an information site. Getting back to my phone conversation with Carl at this point Carl's voice was quivering a bit and told me I don't understand why is it so hard to believe one can time travel? I have done it hundreds of times and a few others who purchased Steve's devices also experienced many type trips. At the time I still didn't own one but would soon own one after the phone conversation that evening.

I consoled with him and told him not to worry, I believed him and for good reasons. Getting back to the delivered HDR from his double, a neighboring friend ask Carl do you have an extra HDR that he could use, Carl said, sure but I warn you it came from my other self from another timeline. Carl told me that the guy didn't take him too seriously at the time. A few weeks later, Carl called the man's house to see how that machine was working but the guy's mother answered the phone. Is P.....home? She told Carl he has been gone the last few weeks, no one knows where he went and when he is coming back. The mother said do you know anything about this? Carl replied, not really, he came to the house borrowed my HDR and that was the last I seen or heard of him.

Seems to me that HDR that was handed to Carl from Carl's alternate future may have sent this guy back to that other timeline and lock him into it! Which is why Steven Gibbs said, I wouldn't use it if I were you. Carl has been to my knowledge using the same HDR for many of years. Steven had made changes for the past 15 or so years (minor) ones due to a few variants such as, he could no longer obtain certain parts for the breadboard and had to come up with another way of completing the schematic. Secondly, he always prays over the instrument while its in the building stage. He added one other change, he has placed a copper plating behind the circuitry to see if it would make it more powerful.

My personal belief is, if it isn't broke don't fix it. Thus, this is why I wanted Steve's older HDR of some 17-20 years ago because the original in my opinion was much more powerful. If you try to purchase an HDR for cheaper from someone else; it might be a good idea to ask the person if the circuit boards have ever been tampered with, while he or she owned it. I find quite a few HDR owners tearing their boxes apart and adding in somethings and taking somethings out! This in my opinion just ruined the device.

Carl lived in Miami Florida at the time, and Florida as you may be aware have vortexes everywhere! Being so close to the Devils Triangle. When using the HDR in Florida you really have to prepare yourself because like what happened to Carl, you will on minute be in your home area and the next you are transported to some strange lands with peoples!


After using the HDR for about 15 minutes prior to going to sleep I was immediately transported to an open interstate, I was driving with my wife. My wife told me she was hungry and I noticed a mom and pop type store, so we pulled in to the parking area. I got out and walked into the store, as I approached the counter there seemed to be no one around the immediate area. Then I caught a glimpse of a group of people, they looked like they were dressed in Amish type clothing. One of the elderly looking guys saw me and excused himself to check me out for some food. He told me the cost was $5.00.

All I had was a $10.00 bill so I gave it to him. He rang up his cash register and gave me what I thought was a $5 bill back except this $5 bill was half of what you expect a $5 bill too look like and the other half was different colors. I gazed a bit at and shrugged it off. I thanked him and went to the car, you have to understand everything up to this point was as real, if not more real then our waking life. I got to the car and my wife was gone! I yelled out for her but she was no where to be found. I began to panic and yell some more, then at a short distance from where I was standing a blonde woman was crying and asking where is her daughter!

This whole realistic scene had strong symbolic meaning, back when I had this vision, we didn't have the Monopoly play money we have today! What it was showing me the current money of my time and a future monies of another time. It eventually came to pass! I could hardly believe what I saw when the new monies came from the government presses. The five dollar bill on one end American and the other end Colored paper. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Anyone interested in the HDR go to people talk of their experiences with the Steven Gibbs HDR. I was interviewed with Steven Gibbs on Coast to Coast AM with George Norey as the host of the show. This was about 7 years ago and you can still access that recording on his site, to get interviewed on Coast to Coast it's really difficult to get invited, I was lucky I guess. I talked about where the Hyper-Dimensional-Resonator had taken me in November 2007-2010. When I purchased this novelty "Time" machine from Steven Gibbs, I really didn't expect much to happen.

I never was going to be sure where I would end up after an HDR session. I opened the box which contained the 2007 HDR with the numerical dials and another box which contained two magnets the first called, Electro-T-bar magnet which is the main magnet that is used to produce a time field of about 3-6 feet around the user. The second magnet cost me an extra $140.00 called the "Barium Oxide" magnet. (rectangular) in shape, the North Side of the magnet was placed over the stomach chakra and the end of the T-Bar Magnet butted up against the larger flat one, increase the magnetic fields. 

When you open your package you will notice a phone cord that will be your  "Time Coil", you remember those ancient phones we use to have, that were connected by a stretchy spiral looking coil. This is suppose to be placed over your head and centered over the third eye chakra and the other end connected to the HDR. The device also has a "specimen"chamber that has copper wiring wound all around it from top to bottom. This is where you would put your "Witness", it is the "Link" between you and the time you want to enter into. In fact, when I operated the HDR and placed the witness or key small item into the "well" I would hardly ever be transported to that specific date, I would miss it about a few hundred years plus or minus. 

I haven't talk along time about the HDR because of my latest past experiences with other issues. But I now decided to awaken that old HDR and clean the dust off of it and then I sold it. "Say What"! Because I decided I wanted the earlier model (First Generation) model the 1999-2007 and earlier of Gibbs HDR's, not the newer version like the one on the left side picture above. It is the one on the right side is the one I want to get! 

But something happened, I sold my older version about 12 years ago and Steve sent me another version with the numeric tuning knobs, he installed a small crystal pyramid between the rectifiers that is; in the center of the circle they made on the board. This machine kicked butt, this was a 2007 model! Then the worse thing happened, I got interested in radionics and the HDR pretty much sat in the closet.

I invested several thousand dollars in machines over the years up to and including the SE-5 1000. So I sold that HDR unit not realizing what I actually had! Then I re-purchase from Steven Gibbs another model 2014 with no numeric tuning dials, just chrome dials only and that unit never worked for me. 

I heard he added a copper tin foil in the back of the rectifiers (2015) model, to give it a stronger attraction to the scalar energies that it produces when the power is turned on heating up that caduceus coil under the rub plate. Now that I am ready to experiment and time travel once more, I knew I couldn't use the current one I had because I didn't feel comfortable with it using it with no numbers on the dial.

I sold my 2012 unit yesterday to a gentleman in the U.K. it is in good working order and he got a great deal in the meantime. So you speak of retracing ones steps, I was really down because where am I going to get a 16 year old model HDR that has never been opened or tampered with? Then I got a call from my good friend in Kansas and we were talking about the HDR. 

And he told me I will loan out my device to you, because he hasn't used it for a few years I asked him, when did you buy it and he told me around 1999. It's Gibbs original device along with one Electro-T-Bar magnet around 1999 model. For me the old is new when it comes to radionics. The new people reading this must really be scratching their heads right about now! A Time Machine! Say what! I was one of you saying the exact thing when I first heard Steven Gibbs on Coast to Coast late night radio talk show back in 2002.

I had to purchase that HDR that George Norey was talking about, if not for the "Time Travel", then just for the "Novelty" sake! That is when it caught me off guard! Sure fire and in a hurry! I didn't realize I would experience what few out there has already done, who have used their HDR's in the past. There are of course with lot's of skeptics and they make their voices quite clear about it on time travel forums. You see the true beauty of this blog; if anyone can't be civil I just "delete" the message before allowing it; for the simple reason I don't want others to feel like they are being picked out and on because of there beliefs in time traveling. 

I have seen too many people being destroyed online for even considering such a thing with a cheap device, but hey $350.00 to some of us isn't exactly cheap either. Steven Gibbs kept the price down for over 20 years because he wanted everyone to experience what he has countless of times, along with HDRkid and Sylvia from New York. Sylvia just purchased an HDR around 3 years ago I believe and we use to talk on the phone about how to use this device and before I knew it she was off astral time jumping like it was the easiest thing ever done with a small machine.

She physically travels to Hungary by plane :) and elsewhere to find the realtime "Vortexes". Steve Gibbs and HdrKid both use these special anomaly door ways when they appear to physically jump into whatever time era is presented to them. When a person uses this HDR, they build some kind of resonating features in their cells of their bodies and it then attracts these realtime vortexes that are naturally located at grid points all around the earth. The HDR is not perfect, it misses more exact time jumps then it creates for the user.

Since I had that 2007 model of the HDR, Iv'e traveled everywhere but where I dialed into! What does one really expect, since it is not the "Philadelphia" experiment, nor the great Montauk project in Canada. It will most assuredly after awhile of using the device allow you to astral time jump to any past, present or future timeline. This I did all the time and it was the life! My body was asleep after using the HDR for 15 minutes and then wham! I was transported into another time and dimension. I could feel my hands and they were completely solid and stomp my feet on the ground where I arrived and it felt real with pain as well.

I use to have a long diary of my experiences until one of my co-workers copied it from the web and told everyone how crazy I was etc. now you can imagine why I would be very discreet with this kind of information. This guy was out to destroy me and for whatever reason, only God knew. Well, later on he got fired! Life was once good again but my reputation was still badly bruised. 

During the "Witch" hunt for us time travelers, I had deleted two HDR blogs because of him. So this one will stay as long as I desire it to, since I am now retired. No worries about what people think. Funny, the skeptics voice their expert opinions from there comfortable arm chair position in their living rooms and degrade the HDR, you can ask anyone of them and they will tell you they don't own one nor did they ever try one and nor do they want to buy one. Pretty gutsy giving a opinionated theory why it couldn't possibly work and they don't even own the device to prove it wrong in the first place or maybe they are too scared to try it on for themselves.

What does this tell you! There were some "users" of the HDR that didn't experience much because of giving up too early in the program. Even I realized this electromagnet slowly charge one's body cells in the millivolt range and makes us sort of a bio-conductor which attracts these "time" portals or for a better term, rips in the fabric of time and space right at your own back door. 

I say this because a friend of mine and will name him "Joe" for his own privacy sake, Joe told me he bought something like the HDR years back around 1970's but the electromagnet wasn't a T-bar shape it had sort of a bicycle bar handle shape. He hooked up the unit and ran an application on himself for about 15 minutes. He was by the way just an interstate tractor trailer truck driver.

He told me, he then took off the time coils and shut down the electromagnet. He looked at his wall clock to see what time it was, it was then he noticed the big hand and sweep hand were spinning forward in time. He told me I never seen anything like this in my life! He got up and felt a bit dizzy at first, it was then he seen smoke coming from outside under his door. It was green in color and it billowed under the door throughout the house. 

He thought his house caught fire on the outside. He quickly opened the door to go out and found he was standing in a desert in the mid-west somewhere. He told me do you realize you are the very first person I ever told this too! As you now can see why I have kept this secret for so many years. After experiencing such a traumatic event on more than several occasions he realized there is more to life then he had ever been taught about in school or from his family and friends.

Joe turned around quickly and saw his door still open, there was no house to speak of just an open door in the middle of the airspace.  He then jumped back through the only doorway into his house and quickly closed the door behind him.  The smoke, green color, continued engulfing the entire flooring of his house. 

He slowly re-opened the door and stepped out, but this time on cobblestone road. He seen a person lighting the street lamps because it was dark out, the man was using a huge wick of some sort and the street lamps had kerosene in them!  A glitter caught his eye and he walked towards it and picked up a sterling silver dime! Then he went back into the unrecognized building he came out of and shut his door. The smoke eventually cleared, as fast as it started it ended.

Joe lied down and went to sleep after all this excitement that just happened. He awakened about 4 hours later and thought to himself, you know I was just dreaming all this it really didn't happen! He shaved and then went to the kitchen and made some coffee. He turned toward his dining room table and there on the place matt was a sterling silver dime he recovered from that so-called imaginary cobble street he thought before. As he looked at it the memories flooded in like crazy! 

So I asked him what did you do next! He told me never again would he use that crazy machine. He told me when he was truck driving going to California he met one of his buddy truckers at a coffee diner and they got to talking about time travel. His buddy explained to him how he went into some future time and experienced some wild and crazy things and bringing back a newspaper, he showed Joe the newspaper! So Joe being a daredevil all his life told his buddy let's do this!

His buddy gave him the address of this professor trying to fund his research by selling these portable devices. So Joe when he arrived home he called the guy and ordered this machine for $950.00! Back in the 70's that was lots of monies. His first time using it he said, it didn't seem like anything was happening so he just put everything away. It was a Saturday afternoon on June 21st and it was his down time from international driving across the nation. After using this device for about 15 minutes, he took everything off and decided to go down town and he bought a newspaper, for you younger generation, this use to be our internet of world news information!

Joe told me, he looked at the date and it was dated Wed. 26th. So he went to the clerk and asked him what date it was and the clerk told him Wed. June the 26th. He walked home and looked around the neighborhood and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He finally got home and laid the newspaper on the table and poured what was left of his coffee to drink, he looked at his calendar where he marked off coming home from the road trip and it read the 21June and his watch showed the same date 21 June.  He then told me there was a "wave" like feeling swooping over him and the paper he brought home was not on the table, it had completely vanished, after that "magnetic wave" hit him.

Then Joe asked me, "Why are you so interested in time travel"?  I told him ever since I purchased the HDR from Steven Gibbs. Then I told him about Steven Gibbs but Joe said he never heard of him. Joe explained, he had 4 dials instead of two like on the Gibbs HDR that I told him about and of course the electromagnet was a different design. He was the only one in my local area that actually experienced time travel or dimensional traveling using devices like the HDR. He carried that knowledge with him for over a decade with no one to talk to about this phenomena. 

A lot of HDR users are very quiet these days and those who are brave enough to face the hungry lions of rebuke only last if they are lucky about one year or so and down comes their site. People don't like change especially coming from their peers. On a personal basis, why do you think it's impossible to time travel especially using a small box with magnets like the HDR, think about it for one minute! What do you believe must be present to do such a thing?

There are no rules for the natural world we live in for "time" traveling in the past or future timelines, only what we discover through pure scientific research or blind luck! There is no book stating this has to happen and that has to happen before time travel can exist. Because there are unknown physical laws yet to discover on this existing planet called "Earth". Just because it wasn't yet discovered about portable time travel units years ago doesn't necessarily mean you can't do so. The device theoretically uses scalar energy is a longitudinal wave and defies time and space as we know it!

The only rules for science is what science makes up as they go! If science says this is what we need for time travel, how do they even know they never tried it at least in public awareness they confess it can't be done! They never did it in the first place! Again even science itself takes an armchair approach to answer unanswerable questions of the nature of time and space and of course they too will have many failed experiments along the way. Steve Gibbs told me I could physically time travel with his unit. No one from the science community told me it was impossible to do, no one from any academia said it couldn't be done. So naturally I did it without question and without prejudice and succeeded.

Even I didn't believe Steven Gibbs back then, at least not all he was telling me. One has to be somewhat cautious and conservative for greater possibilities but also not taken to foolish bedtime stories.  There were no scientist telling me at the time in my home that dimensional travel couldn't be done! That I couldn't possibly leave my body and be catapulted into the next dimension of time and space, yet in all due respect to our science teams out there and to our glorified armchair quarterbacks who themselves never experienced such an advent they will probably never experience it for themselves because they were told they couldn't, so they didn't, but I did it!

The brief places I visited was the "Civil War" era and the year 3000 and beyond. I was also transported back in the "Viet Nam" era and was standing in the null watching the 1960 cars filling the streets and above me was a North Vietnamese helicopter flying over my head just above the tree tops it had a white upper part and the belly of the helicopter was green color they seemed adamant in looking for something or somebody. The reason I remember so well, is because I was there witnessing it and they were looking specifically for me! I was also catapulted in "deep space" going as fast as the "Speed of Light" right out of our galaxy! 

The sensation of speed can not be described in the human knowledge vocabulary we have right now, there is nothing to compare it too! I was also plummeted to 1860's and the only reason I know this is because there was an old rifle on the ground it looked like a Daniel Boon musket type rifle and on its side plate had the date 1860! I had to make myself exposed there in order to see that weapon. There were people hunting me down in the swamplands, apparently the time shift scared them and their imaginations have done pretty much the rest. In every time jump I experienced someone or something alerts the other side of me arriving.

I have also experienced after using the HDR, watching my wife get up and out of bed right out of her body and take off somewhere, while her physical body was still very much asleep! This happened to her quite a bit because I ran the unit in the same room while she slept. She basically had just the out of body experiences, she did tell me once she was transported to some kind of landscape that didn't have Earth qualities to them, yet it was beautiful just the same. Since I sold that older unit of mine, the very first unit I purchased from Steve all the above went as quickly as it had been experienced by both me and my bride. There were no more time travels.

Steven Gibbs cell phone is(785) 231-8891
new phone is 785-219-1995