Saturday, October 10, 2015


There are other programs available by far for employing technical strategies for subconscious training. I needed to fill that void when I wasn't doing specific exercises because I am mostly on my computer like a whole lot of people these days. So why not make it work for me without hardly batting an eyelash. I knew out there somewhere there are computer subliminal generators that work in the background of your computer without interrupting what you are doing. It's during this subliminal run time you are allowing flashes of the positive changes you wish to acquire.

There are plenty of those subliminal projector software programs out there being sold from $70 and lower. Yet the hardest part is in finding a subliminal generator is how can I know for sure it really works as advertised? I have found one of many which is called Subliminal Power2 for $67.00 for Microsoft and Mindzoom for OSX Safari. One can create a video and place whatever subliminal thought you want and play it through your own music or their pre-made videos. This includes 400+ pre-made subliminal programs that are under 40 some categories.

Or again you can create your own and use the power2 to project this from computer without you even noticing from your day to day work. I read a cool story about three room mates that used the same computer at different times of the day. Roommate #1 purchased a subliminal program to allow himself to become more responsible and not to procrastinate doing things and to be more polite when around people etc. Roommates #2 and #3 were exactly the opposite in personality. He wanted to let them know he purchased this cool cd that was suppose to change a person for the better and all one had to do is just listen as it played.

Is it possible to be influenced unawares through subliminal integration? Yes! Even the courts almost a decade ago believed in this intrusion and ruled against companies trying to use it for profits.

Knowing his roomy's like he does, he felt it would behoove him not to say anything at all. So he just programmed the Subliminal Power 2 with the exact commands he wanted to train his subconscious with. Everyday as roomy #1 sat in front of his computer there would be split fraction of a second flash of some kind of word but one couldn't read it consciously. 

He spent four to five hours a day doing his internet work while this Subliminal Power 2 was telling his subconscious mind he should change for the better. And better he was getting, about a month into using the program he found himself bump into complete strangers, not with the rudeness he and his roomy's showed as their number one social skill but with a polite gesture and telling the gentleman he was sorry.

Here is the crazy thing, his buddies roomy #2-3 were acting really weird, they were polite to each other and the cussing that was every other word spoken by them was virtually gone! I watched them on the computer and one of them asked me, "Have you notice a split second flashing of something on the computer screen"? Maybe we should get our computer tuned up or something. Of course I told them the computer is ok it was probably internet bumps. Roomy #3 told me, do you know I have been treating women like they were princesses, what has got into me!

What the two guys were experiencing was hypnosis of sorts...

Roomy #2 said, I don't know for sure, every time I finish up my computer work I get some wooziness then it goes away. But when I am around people who I like to party around seem to be pushing me off to the side. They told me I am not the same Joe they use to know. I asked him exactly how did you change? Roomy #2 said, guys would rough house the women who were drunk, touching them grabbing and patting, she became upset and told them no, stop it, but they wouldn't listen. So roomy #2 said, something inside me stood up and yell, let her alone now!

They asked me who are you God! I told them no! God shows mercy I don't! They put her down and we sat down and had a beer to talk it over what just happen. Here is the thing bro, something is happening to all of us and I don't know if its cool or not. I asked him, roomy#2, how long have you used the computer he told me about 4 hours a day/ 7 days a week. I told him I used it for 7 days a week. After both of my roomy's sat down, it was then I began to explain to them the program I had setup to play in the background using the SuperPower 2 Subliminal. Then I showed them list of words we were all experiencing in our subconscious.

They were ecstatic, they said, you mean our subconscious minds have been completely trained without our knowing about it. Yes and No! Yes, because you see the proof and no it still actually showed on the screen the words flashing above your conscious sight as you were absorbing this information even un-bewares. This was just and ordinary gentleman who wanted to change his life and in fact changed two of his roomies at the same time. Showing all them it is no longer a possibility or probability but a scientifically well known fact that deep down inside each other they truly wanted to change their ways but just didn't know how.

There's not too much I will do in the coming days on this blog, my wife and I are quite busy with just both the NEURO and the subliminal CD training.

I will be using the Dr. Flanagan's NEURO-Phone all day long which keeps both hemispheres working together along with the brainstem by using "ultrasonic" delivery though the skin and using the entire body including bone, liquid, gas, blood etc. as multiplex receiver. (Piezoelectric). While I am on the computer I have the subliminal's flashing a tremendous speed in milli-seconds all day long. While the NEURO-Phone keeps my mind mechanically organized to allow the hemispherical synchronization to be maintained. You can do up to 5 different subliminal every 90 days! By then the new Neurons will take effect and new neuro-plasticity will have developed during that time.

Self Hypnosis is close to what we are trying to accomplish here right now. But a lot of us don't have the time to just listen to music or they are just too tired to listen to someone trying to hypnotize them, this is where Subliminal Power2 comes into play. You use your computer and let these subliminal's do there magic on you and your family, which is practically invisible to any onlooker when watching the computer screen. 

It took us all this year to get the right tools to bring things together so my wife and I can tap into the ultimate universal consciousness; this is where the "Secret" resides. Here is a report from Canada Casino's; if subliminal's didn't mean that much or could harm anyone or anything then why the big todo when a machine was subliminally programed to urge the player to play the device and convince them they will be winners, when in reality they spend their monies and usually win nothing! The watchdogs said, that it was an unfair advantage to the players. Read their statement below:

Amazing! Where these so called "Watchdogs" come from and how they figure out these companies using underhanded mind technologies to get your business. Maybe we should hire them to cleanup the White House!

Charges that video slot machines were programmed to flash subliminal signals of jackpot messages to gamblers has led a casino operator to temporarily pull several types of the devices off the floor. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. (OLG), the government agency that operates the province's casinos, temporarily took 87 machines from casino floors on Feb. 22 after the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) filmed the machines and recorded images of them flashing jackpot signals for a fraction of a second while in use. Some officials feared that the messages may have been aimed at convincing gamblers to remain at the machines. The three shuttered video slot machine models, called Sgt. Fritters, most wanted and Billionaires are all manufactured by Las Vegas-based Konami Gamin Inc.

An OLG spokeswoman said today that the machines were carried from the casino floors after the agency was informed of the messages by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), the province's gaming regulator. "There are 87 machines out of 22,000 across Ontario, "She said, "It's a very small number. In no way does it interfere with the integrity of the machines, and nobody has said that it had any effect on the outcome of the games". The spokeswoman said the machines are expected to be returned to the casino floors after Konami produces a software upgrade to eliminate the potential glitch. The Jackpot messages were discovered during a slow motion viewing of a CBC film of machines being operated at Ontario Casinos, said a spokesman for the AGCO.

The news organization showed the film to the regulatory agency early last month, then aired the footage on the television last month, then aired the footage on the television during a news segment on Feb. 26. The slow motion video revealed that the images of five alike symbols-the winning hand-- was flashed for a fifth of a second as gamblers started the machine, the spokesman said. Such messages could signal to a gambler unconscious mind that he or she has won the jackpot no matter what the true outcome of the spin, he said.

It doesn't surprise me that places like the Casino would do anything and everything once you walk through those doors to take your monies right from the wallet to the machines.

The spokesman said the image is invisible to the naked eye. "You can stand there for 20 hours and never see it. "He said, experts say that it's subliminal. The gambler supposedly sees it (Unknowingly) and it induces them to play more and more. We don't advocate subliminal messaging. The AGCO doesn't test for subliminal messaging in gaming devices, the spokesman noted.  After viewing the film, AGCO officials immediately contacted Konami about the matter, he said. A software patch that corrects the "coding error" he expected to be shipped to the casinos within a few days, the AGCO spokesman said. A Konami spokesman denied that the machines send subliminal messages to convince people to use the devices. There is no subliminal messages in the software, he said. Never the less the company is developing a software patch that will be scattered by the symbols before the reel starts, the spokesman added.

It seems there are concerned individuals that truly believe that any type of subliminal that is enacted outside an individuals knowledge and that works against humanity, then for humanity should be against the law. The only reason you were allow to purchase this type of generating equipment to produce subliminal's for home use was because of our amendment rights and anything done in the home stays in the home. Unless it breaks the law in some form or fashion. 

Our subliminal CD's from Inner-Talk are fantastic! To think I had (3) of them sitting collecting dust in my entertainment center. It worked once for me after about two weeks and I had an OBE but I thought to myself to have to wait for 90 days this would be way too long for me with the other stuff I still had to do daily. I am now up over two weeks of listening to 4 CD's, two relating to Dreams and Lucid Dreams, and one relating to Remote Viewing and the other "Astral Projection". My wife is listening everyday twice each day to the Millionaire Orbit subliminal system and to the "Make me smarter" CD's.

Subliminal training is a "patience" game! It's true the subconscious can create miracles but one has to be aligned both body, soul and spirit to have access to such powers.

Subliminal's are a torture for anyone who can't be still for a minimum of one hour. My wife and I are OK with it but it took time for us to get use to listening to it and it is now paying us off with big dividends that I will tell you about much later on. But only a few will actually live up to its name as far as dependability is concerned. I am using the "Inner-Talk" CD's and owning a few over the years I can say when I did use them they work and work they did! 

This is one area you shouldn't go to cheap with, especially when trying to retrain your subconscious mind. They have programs for the computer to run visual and sound subliminal those are all right for now, what you need is to get a singular CD from Inner-Talk they will have what you need and uses these minimum amount one hour each day for 30 days! If you can listen as many times as you can do so, the subconscious is ripe for learning. It's a child and it has to be treated as such to be worked with. The Conscious mind is the Gate Keeper and protects the old programming within the subconscious mind. Just to clear up some peoples suspicions, I don't affiliate with this company nor tend too! I make no monies.

The key is to get around the Gate Keeper, not through it but around it! Dr. Eldon Taylor found that way back in the 1960's and it's been around for nearly 25 years. I remember buying from them in 2009. Glad I kept those CD's all these years. My goal is to listen to those CD's of 90 days along with my wife's goal as well. But even if you go over those number of days, you will only get better and faster and much smarter then you and I could ever anticipated.

Just with the weird type dreams that I am having, this is the growth process of what I am listening too at the moment trying to Lucid dream. The growth process that is hidden under the ground of the subconscious mind.

Just this morning before arising from a good nights sleep, I was standing in an unknown area and I was thinking within myself in this dream that I could astral project, I could fly if I wanted to, then I used my imagination within my dream mind and everything seemed too weird. I cut my usage of the "Astral Projection" CD down to just twice a day. I use it in the late afternoon and right before retiring for the night. Even I have to be aware that to be successful with subliminal one has to be "Patient" and let the subconscious continue to process this new input. Science is already are aware that it takes time for the subconscious to process from within to without!

It's like a "seed" that you plant, once planted, one has to be patient for the growth to take place. Once the growing process is underway you will see small anomalies take place every now and then. Until the "plant" breaks through the earth, that is your conscious mind for understanding; this process for the most part is unseen in this growth stage. Then we wait patiently for the plant to appear on the surface then the "fruit" of all your labors to be bore! For some this may take thirty to ninety days and for some a shorter period of time. One thing for certain, once that growth begins to take place there is no stopping it! Neither you or an army of individuals can prevent this growth process when enacted!

Which is why you keep hearing, be careful what you ask for, in this case you will get it, not you might get it!  Just for exercise purposes only I went on a "free" all sevens slot machine. They accredited me $95.00 and within two days I earned $5000.00. I could feel when the sevens are going to lock on! Some may disagree and say those are come on's to get you to gamble and you maybe correct. But I know for sure right before the straight pay line sevens appear, my whole body locks on, this is the best way I can explain this type of event right before the payout happens. What I am trying to do is hone into that internal "Intuition" that I might have access to from the "subliminal" training for the past 30 days.

It begs the question what will I be able to do once I am accessing the threshold of the subconscious consciously during the waking moments...

I am not too sure what else to expect, I gave myself those 90 days or ever how long it actually takes, to use out of body actions or separation of consciousness and body. When I can do it I always see the future very clearly. I don't ask for it, it just seems to manifest itself to me. Maybe some unknown helper is trying to train me to refine what naturally happens to me when consciousness separation occurs. My wife uses the NEO everyday twice a day on both the "green" and "orange" modes. The Jury is still out about it's effectiveness at this point in time. We always give ourselves the maximum allotted time for results.

We are playing the Mega-Ball and Hot Lotto using the numbers given to my wife by this stranger she met in a dream. If by chance we win this jackpot this will only give me a little more time to work harder to use the subconscious mind for greater things, bigger than ourselves. The only reason we play this lotto or slot machines is because it's a great tool of randomness when we are learning to trust the subconscious and learning to understand its language to us. We dream in symbols and numerics and a host of other things. We need to become more personal with our hidden language that each of us have! If we ask for something and your subconscious speaks to you, would you be able to understand what is being told to you.

Nothing will be accomplished or answered if we don't understand the language, think of it like the tower of Babel you once learned in Sunday school. Where God confound the languages of all people and scattered them abroad throughout the earth. When they understood each other they were accomplishing things you and I probably today wouldn't have clue about. But it was their desires to be like a God that got them into trouble. With the confusion of languages no one knew what the other was trying to say the building of babel ceased to be finished. So we that is "you and I" need to understand the babble put forth from your higher self so you can work in unison and receive from the universe our choices we pick for our lives.


Friday, October 2, 2015


A quick note: Subliminal Messages Reduce Shoplifting by both Cashiers and Patronage...

In 1979 that nearly 50 department stores in the U.S. and Canada had been using subliminal messages over their music systems which had resulted in a significant reduction in both customer based shoplifting and employee theft.
One East Coast chain amounted savings of $600,000 over a nine-month period.
Another story in the Wall Street Journal in 1980 stated that subliminal messaging a New Orleans supermarket resulted in an all time low within 6 months of use - from $50,000 per six month period to a figure of $13,000! Furthermore cashier shortages dropped from $125 per week to below $10 per week.

The above article is taken from “Time Magazine”, a leading weekly American news magazine. It seems apt to finish on a quote from Carl Jung - the founding father of modern psychology. We will get more into why subliminal's are important for each us, we will continue our advancement using the brand new Flanagan NEURO-Phone which will enhance the physical part of the brain's plasticity. 

I told you all about the NEO-NEURO-Phone created and designed and built he, Patrick Flanagan was 14 years old! This NEURO-Phone wasn't designed for you to listen to frequencies for astral projection or remote viewing or any other subject you might have in mind. This device was designed to allow both halves of your brains and the brainstem to operate coherently together thus making one smarter and making one be able to use their ESP for the first time without any effort! This is known by two names the first, Dr. Flanagan called it the "Dolphins Voice Box" and  the second name that portrayed his instrument in the light of things he called it, "Electronic Telepathy".

And for good reasons, because as you read earlier in my past articles it by-passes the succulose one of your 5th senses located deep inside the ear this generally vibrates and then shifts to allow the brain to know sound is coming forth and since this has been by-passed it immediately goes directly into the skin then the central nervous system and lastly both halves of the brain along with stem core with no conscious or subconscious filtering going on before entering into the brain. This led me to a unusual approach, everyone of us generally has some frequency cd's we use to astral project or become smarter etc. This NEO device not the IDL but the NEO-Phone by Dr. Flanagan, doesn't require cd's with pre-embedded such frequencies to reach these desired states of mind.

A direct pipeline to the most power computer system in the universe...

You can place the Transducers in the middle of your forehead and hook it up to the NEO device and set the device to "Orange" (Fibonacci) sequence program it will transmit this program directly to the physical brain through the skin and directly into the Pineal gland in the fore center of the brain! In fact this device doesn't need any existing program to make you smart, your brain knows what to do with these tones. Thus brings up the question why am I so interested in getting subliminal's to try this NEURO out? Well, when Dr. Flanagan was 14 he created the NEURO-Phone from a story he read in a comic book. In this book it showed aliens coming down from space and placing a helmet with outside spikes and in this book it show a box or some kind of crude computer to reprogram the mind of the man it was being used on.

So initially he designed his device so one could sleep learn, while playing an instruction tape or in today's world the cd's all night long with out harm or file. And it worked; in fact it worked so well his product was confiscated by the NSA and placed above a TOP SECRET order and filed away for twenty more years of the good doctors life for National Security reasons. After he was of age and could afford to hire an attorney, which by the way took three of them at the time, he finally had the document on his patent release so he could sell it to the public. In the early 60's he had lost millions and millions of dollar sales due to this military intervention.

There are some good subliminal cd's on the markets, some absolutely and unequivocally say they don't work! I am here in your face to tell you they do! I purchased my first subliminal from "InnerTalk" not only is it subliminal which is slightly below the hearing threshold of sound, yet the language was spoken in "reverse" order because when the words enter the mind it is usually seen as backwards then somehow it gets flipped around. So the Psychologist by stumbling on this technique patented it. I purchase the Astral Projection cd...for about $19.00 and I played it until I fell asleep. He tells the listener one has to practice listening to it for 30 days! Then the magic seems to happen.

With subliminal you don't need "frequencies" you just have to know the communicative language to each side to effectively initiate a positive action...

These cd's do not balance your brain they were not designed for that type of work but it was designed for convincing your subconscious mind to accept positive programming and to bump out negative programming which holds lot's of us back in our lives when we are trying to get ahead. After listening for two weeks I fell asleep one evening and found myself bouncing off the blue haze that circles the Earth! I couldn't break through it I was gently bouncing into it and floating around. That's all I can remember but that was enough to show me what this subliminal programs are capable of doing. Coupling that with playing that same cd through the NEURO-Phone on through the Transducers into the skin and through the central nervous system and directly to the brain halves (both) and to the brain stem!

How much faster do you think it would be using something like the subliminal and injecting it directly to the brain bypassing the ears and engaging the saccules that have been dormant for many thousands of years! It may take less time then the programer of the program would want to say. The subliminal's bypass the conscious filters and the deeply lodged upbringing programs in our subconscious minds thus using the listening ear will take quite the time to reprogram turning fears into doing etc. usually 30 days minimum. Now we team this up with a high tech instrument that injects through the skin into both halves of the brain and its stem core, this same information we are tripling or quadrupling our efforts to succeed. I have two cd's from Inner-Talk, the first called, "Remote Viewing" and the second of course "Astral Projection". The cd's play soft music while the voices of a man, woman and child who speak in a round robin effect which has been proven to work well for all people, continue to speak the "affirmations" just below the hearing threshold to your subconscious mind while keeping your conscious mind busy with the music and differing sound effects.

I think tonight I will listen to that Cd to get myself familiar with it once again! It was fun! Again my problem is I can't stay still all that much since my accident. That is why I am getting the NEURO-Phone to bypass and make much quicker my results so I don't get in the way. Here is the thing, you probably won't hear a word of what you are going to listen too! Are you surprised! Don't be! The NEURO-Phone takes time for the brain to learn this new pathway of listening since your brain has not used this DNA for many of thousands of years. Not to worry, even if you can't hear it in your head the first couple of weeks just know it is programming your brain to work as a whole unit!

What or who else can hear through their organ (skin)? Answer: Dolphin's

Within a few days using the Subliminal program hooked up to your NEURO-Phone from audio-in I think, all this information is going through your skin and into your CNS and directly to your brain halves and stem core. You may find out you will have your first OBE or be able to Remote View the first time in record speed. Subliminal's can't be heard all your listening to is the music and NEURO- can't be heard with your hears only through your skin and directly by your brain. Soon you will begin to lightly hear the music playing inside your head not from the outside. But you still will not be able to hear the subliminal's in any case.

I picked subliminal's because people are more at ease with such a training. Actually this device Dr. Flanagan developed was to mimic the device he saw in other advertisements when he was a kid. It was called, "Sleep Learning". This is the main reason he created this was for one to learn in their sleeps. After 7 weeks of one hour a day of using the NEURO-Phone and practically not hearing anything while using it, he was able to read 14,000 words and minute with a 95% retention! Not sure if I could accomplish such a feat but I will sure try! He said, you can take any audio-book play it through the NEURO-Phone all night while you sleep and he guarantees your IQ will jump sky high! In using the NEURO-Phone for only 3 years for one hour a day/7 days a week his IQ jumped from 180 to over 200+!

He asked the other Doctors if they could give him an exact percentage on his IQ they at the time said they couldn't because the graph was not designed to any higher than 200 and rarely some make it there. Dr. Flanagan's brainwave state of mind while completely awake is in the deep Theta and deep "Delta" brainwave states. At a scientist seminar in Rochester Minnesota they measure his brainwaves on stage while they were giving a lecture on meditation. When completed the Doctor of Psychology asked Dr. Flanagan if he could remain one more time to get measured, he agreed. Again he was reading while completely coherent in the deep theta and deep Delta states of mind.

So frequencies are not the dominating species for brain tapping into one's intelligence!

The audience clapped and he was asked how has this become possible? Dr. Flanagan told them it was the simplest thing anyone could do, just place the transducers on the forehead turn up the NEURO-Phone and sit back and do your thing, that is whatever you want to learn play it through the NEURO-Phone or just place the NEURO settings to Orange (for higher learning and concentration) while reading your study materials that is all that's to it! Oh! He also stated to put some KY Jelly on the metal transducers for better electrical contact. I have an ultrasound massaging wand that uses a Jelly type substance for the same reasons. So subliminal's are the way for a person to go if that is what they feel comfortable doing and hypnosis cd that contains no frequencies just plain music background would be quite the session using the NEURO-Phone.

Pretty much preferences rue the day! If you read Buddah or the Bible do it with the NEURO-Phone it will place those "words" that mean a lot to you directly into your brain's alter states when both halves start to work together! There is no end what you can use such a device for. I like the one about Dr. Flanagan's daughter who was failing her college courses and pretty much was going to give up. Her granddad or should we call them now (Parent 1-2 or Grandad-1) you know being politically correct for being in an alternative lifestyle, wouldn't think of offending any one person out there!  Anyways, he gave his grand daughter the use of the prototype he was working on, she placed the transducers over the front of her head and put on the "Orange" sequence while she studied her required books, then she placed it on "Blue" to allow the information she just acquired to sink in while her brain halves were in meditation for 15 minutes or so.

Within the first week of using the device she got all "A"'s on her exams! She could hardly believe it herself. She said, the answers just came to her like super fast and there was absolutely no second guessing on her part. It was like she new every answer on the test that was created from the book she read using the pro to-type device. I like yourselves out there probably used any cd that promised us to make us smarter or richer and the only thing I ever found to be true I was a little broker for doing so all these years. But I can vouch for Inner-Talk and I am sure a lot of you out there had your favorite subliminal training programs. Use what works for you and run it through this 2015 NEURO-Phone and make it better! You maybe tempted to say what if I quit for a couple of weeks?

If you don't continue to use it, you will most certainly lose it!

Well, your mind is a organ! There is no scientific debating on such a statement as this presented to you! So what happens if you stop exercising that organ of the body? If you said, one would begin to become weaker and one's senses would become dull then you are correct! But like any muscle in the body, the muscles have there own memories! Those memories are still in the DNA and cells, so as soon as you begin to use the NEURO-Phone and or the subliminal's it will not take that long to be on top again, not like the first time when using it. Where do you think you will be once you are able to read 14,000 words per minute? What if you wanted to finish top of your college class only going part-time but testing as if you were in college for the whole semester? Finish your Nursing School for an RN in 3 years instead of 6 years!

It's been done by child prodigies! Dr. Fred Bell and Dr. Patrick Flanagan etc. all have accomplished such feats in engineering and computers when they were just children. Think about the movie the Matrix with NEO as the main character. He had so much information downloaded into his brain that his subconscious could not tell the difference what was computer generated world and what was real world! That is why his super powers that he learned subconsciously being jacked into a computer was overflowing into his present reality. We are not far from there folks! In fact this NEURO-NEOPHONE is just one step closer for us to have our minds hijacked and downloaded with powers you could have only just dreamed about in the past. Even this device from a child prodigy and the devices from Dr. Fred Bell take time in the physical realm to realize the materialized promises you purchased for yourselves and your families.

But the priceless tools such as the Nuclear Receptors and the NEURO-Phones are probably the easiest to obtain its promises. Just sit back in your favorite chair or while doing the budget, put your necklaces on and turn on your NEURO device and place the electrodes on your forehead and place the NEURO-Phone unit off to the side and shortly you will forget it is even running in the background while doing your budget while all along it will be creating strong neural pathways allowing full use of your full brain. I tried the Inner-Talk cd last night, I listened to it with headphones and I was activating the NEURO-IDL22 by stating my requests. After the activation and the requests I just sat back and allowed the Subliminal to do its job.

I am looking at a product that you can personalize your own subliminal's flashing on your computer screen for 28,800 repetitions in one eight hour run hidden behind your working programs.

This morning I was having the craziest dreams afterwards, what seems to be happening is, the IDL is connecting psychically to our minds and the subliminal is activating our subconscious's language to the appropriate side of the brain the way it understands, to bring about a said purpose. I can't even imagine using this CD that I purchased almost 9 years ago, once getting the N.Phone, I am curious how it will work when sending those digitized voices ultrasonically through the skin directly to the brain itself. My particular subliminal CD is to allow my subconscious mind to astral travel with no fear of heights or tight places or dark places. It's letting the subconscious know in its own lingo that go ahead and let the conscious mind get involved to enjoy the experiences. This is important because most people who experience their first conscious OBE become either too excited or too damn scared.

Once any of the above emotional injections happen, forget it; the experience is over before it ever gets started. This is because our conscious minds are generally sleeping when this happens every night, when the consciousness gets involved so does your emotions and they must remain neutral at all times. So now we are trying to tell our subconscious to allow the waking part of us to get involved which, only then was the domain of the subconscious. The Author of the CD asks you to listen to it once each day for 30 days, it takes about that long to bring your mind into a habitual act of thinking. There are other subliminal's from Inner-Talk such as "Remote Viewing", "Obtaining a Powerful Memory" etc. all these are well proven but in this generation of "I want it now" it hardly fits into that mindset of the millennia's of todays society.

When they are instructed by the author/creator of the device that you actually have to do something on your part, around 50% of the people don't want to take the time. I reckon about 5% of my monthly readers actually try some of these things I talk so much about, considering I only get around 2500 readers per month this is around .00001%. The best I can do for them is entertain them by my weekly articles. As I am writing this I am listening to the Inner-Talk CD that Subliminal one for teaching my subconscious mind to accept astral traveling and flying high above the mountains or in deep space telling me there is nothing to be feared but to be relished and nourished within my whole being while engaging in such wonders of our enlightened souls.

Repetition with subliminal's is the key ingredient to succeed your goals...

This CD is 50 minutes in length, one is to listen to it everyday, it doesn't matter what time of day, just that you listen to the full length of it daily for 30 days for things to happen. I am playing off my Macbook Pro with my BOSE Headphone which helps cancel all outside distractions. I have a BOSE Radio with 4 disk CD changer but my wife places it on her side of the bedroom thus makes it difficult for me to plug my headphones into the back of it and try to stretched it across both each other. All I can hear besides the ocean waves and the music are little children talking and then a woman talking and lastly a man talking that is giving positive statements about astral projecting. It is recorded backwards as one is listening to it, sort of like back masking that you read about in the early 70's and 80's. Some of us young people in the days use to take reel to reel tapes and play the music backwards; it will have some eerie drama recorded that are different then the words themselves in the actual music playing/singing.

This is an important feature to be sure! The subconscious takes everything you hear on the outside and reverses it! Kind of a negative snapshot of sound and then processes it by the subconscious mind and filters what doesn't match your internal belief system. This doctor of psychology Dr. Eldon Taylor designed this particular back masking to by pass your conscious filtering by keeping your mind busy with the sounds of the music and ocean as the three type individuals are saying backwards the positive states to the subconscious mind for it to be reprogrammed without conscious interference and this sound is located just below the threshold of sound itself. It was Dr. Eldon Taylor who has come up with this ingenious way of communicating directly with your subconscious mind thus change your behavioral models that were not so appealing.

Whole Brain® InnerTalk® Programs, good idea to understand who this Eldon Taylor is...

Whole Brain® InnerTalk® audio and video programs feature pleasant, easy-listening music or nature sounds that are specially mixed with positive background affirmations on the chosen self-help topic. 
InnerTalk® audio programs are extremely easy to use. They are played in the background on any regular stereo cassette or CD player while the user is working, driving, relaxing, reading, playing sports, even sleeping or watching TV. They can also be used with a personal tape or CD player while jogging, bike riding or any other activity. No conscious thought or effort is required to produce dramatic, positive and automatic results. 
InnerTalk® programs may appear to work like magic, but they're based on new scientific discoveries about how we learn and process information - and how this affects our everyday life. Innner-Talk® programs tap into our natural human ability to absorb information even when we're not thinking about it. On the surface, the programs sound like any other easy-listening music or nature programs you may have heard... but there is a powerful difference. Carefully blended in the background are dynamic affirmations such as 'I feel good,' 'I am successful,' etc., that make long-lasting, positive impressions. 
While the conscious mind enjoys the pleasant music or nature sounds, the subconscious mind recognizes and receives the powerful, life-changing affirmations. 
Results can often be noticed in as little as a few days to a few weeks. InnerTalk® technology is so powerful it's patented with the U.S. Government, backed by independent studies at leading universities, and proven effective by the hundreds of thousands of satisfied users around the world.
All programs come with a list of the recorded affirmations. We recommend you review this list once a week or so to monitor your progress.

Neuro-Phone can work by itself using it's built in programs or it can be used in conduction with an mp3 player or recorder turning your favorite music into ultrasonic sound and pumping it directly into your brain.

Getting back to Flanagan's NEURO-Phone,this is probably one of the easiest methods to date to accomplish something from a subconscious level, besides the NEURO-Phone by Dr. Patrick Flanagan. My wife and I are going to purchase this 2015 NEURO-Phone in January 2016. UPDATE: We surprisingly received our new NEURO-Phone! She wants to use it while she studies her Pharm-Tech course to be certified by the state. All she has to do is turn it on the "Orange" mode and place the transducers in the center of her forehead using some conducting gel for each transducer and begin to study using the Fibonacci mode continuously. This mode while she reads balances both halves of her brain using ultrasound being pumped directly through her skin into the skull cavity effecting her both halves of the brain and her brainstem along with pumping 300% more blood into the brain and you will especially find this out soon enough after a few hours of wearing it. All she has to do is just pay attention to what she is reading and the Phone will transport the current information directly into her "Long Term Memory" by passing the "Short Term Memory".

As her whole brain is working in unison at the same time, it will be able to better store and recall the information much quicker! Dr. Flanagan's daughter used it for one week trying to study for a biology test to catch up on 6 months of it. She wasn't good at math or biology or anything other than the liberal arts. After that week, she had the test paper handed to her and was told not to turn it upright until she was given the go ahead. She said, you can imagine the anxiety going through my whole body, yet I felt peaceful at the same time. We were now allowed to turn the test sheets over and she began, the further down the test paper the easier the answer came almost instantaneously! She finished the test covering 6 months worth of reading biology material in about 15 minutes. Brought it up front, the teacher laid over a plastic overlay and began checking her answers. When it was done she got an A+!

An A+ on a subject she had no desire in learning and couldn't create such a desire. Next came her math homework, so with the transducers well placed in the center of her forehead with the mode in "Orange"  and set a two volts with volume in "high", she began to study the math formula's. Test time came and she aced the math test! By this time you could have only imagined how elated Dr. Flanagan's step daughter was feeling. One of her teachers asked her how she picked up on her grades so drastically, she told them I use this small NEURO-Phone device and it increases my brain power, I don't know how it does it but it does! She is now a teacher in Peru teaching the poor and needy. She said, college from then on was easy and fun and she uses her NEURO-Phone all the time never missing a single day. She fills if she misses a day she might miss something extraordinary.

Sometimes these cd's work right away and other times not so! Dr. Taylor suggested at least 30-90 days of one hour listening for a permanent change to take effect, that is overriding 20-30 years of insanely bad programming growing up...

Last night for the first time in about 8 years I listened to Dr. Eldon Taylor's Inner-Talk CD on astral projection. It was 50 minutes long which was perfect using the IDL-22. I activated the IDL-22 then I played the CD.This morning in my dream for the first time in the past two years, in my dream I began to jump up into the air about twenty or fifty feet or so. I was telling those around me look what I can do! But they seemed oblivious to what they were seeing when I was floating upwards. Then I went outside the mall and it seemed we were on a high mountain top and could see the Pacific Ocean way down below. All of the sudden the whole beach sucked backwards into a brilliant tidal wave (Tsunami) type. I told everyone hold on to something, the water rose quickly up to our elevation and I could see wooden law chairs being carried off by the raging waters, yet I was perfectly fine!

I have to say unequivocally this CD effects the the both halves of the brain. They don't play hidden messages, you can hear them talk back and forth. The only thing is you can't consciously understand what they are saying because it is being introduced backwards or back masking. The left brain are given "permissive" statements for example: It's ok to astral project, it's acceptable to fly all around etc. while at the same time your right side of the brain are given direct commands such as, go ahead and fly to the sky, leave your body willfully, you'll succeed etc. This is called "Subconscious Cerebration". This is seeing the world upside down and hearing in reverse order. Both these techniques are the subconscious and conscious day to day mind communications. Once you start your Inner-talk and have the ability to change your "Inner-talk" there is no way the conscious/subconscious mind can stop it!

All these things I talk about, I had the above CD's for many years before starting this blog. Some of it got lost during our once every 3 years moving and thrown out for other reasons. Since wearing both of my necklaces (receptor/projector) what I have notice that everything I lost, loaned out and never got back or accidentally thrown away I got it all back! With minimal cost to me! This projector has accomplished this in a undercover kind a way. It seems to be digging deep in my subconscious arena to see if my desires were fulfilled and if not, it puts me on a path of receiving it even before I known it was missing. I have a hard time with astral projection and I believe its my fear of heights that prevents from acting on traveling in the sky and beyond. I remember once I convinced myself every evening that it was ok to go high and just that one night I was able to fly high without fear or regrets.

Studying State work for state testing can be all done in your home on your own time with using the most sophisticated equipment to enhance ones intelligence to be available to allow our brains to become smarter, sharper, and much more keen...

We purchased addition CD's from Inner-Talk, my wife is studying to be a Pharm-Tech on her own instead of going to a thousand dollar school. She wants to do well and learn from her books. She purchased the "Genius" package subliminal from Dr. Taylor which has 4 CD's that are interrelated with one another, just different wordings for things like getting rid of anxiety of testing and convincing oneself you are worth it etc. But again these are not your run of the mill subliminal teachings, these techniques are scientifically well proven and have been used for over 20 years+. I have replace a few, I acquired the "Dream Petitioning" subliminal and Millionaire Orbit along with Remote Viewing and Astral projection. If these work equally well for myself I have others I want to purchase about $480 worth of extra teachings!

I can't wait to use the NEURO-Phone and having it pump this subliminal information directly through the skin by passing the ears and it's natural filters going directly to the brain!  I got five months to use these cd's I now have and have coming shortly in the mail. Once I get past that 17 days or 30 day period the brain will be very cooperative allowing what is being taught without putting up conscious or subconscious resistance. You can listen for however many hours you like! You can't overdue anything with these cd's. In fact the more you use them and let go during the day the more results you will experience.

You can use headphones but they are not needed unless you don't want to wake anyone up or annoy anyone while listening to your cd's. You can play them openly all day long while watching T.V. or reading a book, their only requirements from previous use around the world is a minimum of one hour everyday is a must! After I use the IDL-22 to get it activated I just put on the headphones (it doesn't matter what kind headphones you want to use) and I listen with an open mind, what choice do I have, I can't understand what they are saying in the low level threshold to begin with. I then let it do its thing using the subliminal approach reaching the subconscious area needed to be reformed for one's particular circumstances needing the desired change.

New technology is useful if it supports your overall plans of succeeding...

The NEURO-Phone will greatly surpass this technology but yet it will greatly enhance the subliminal approach. The NEURO-P was designed for "sleep learning" in 1958. You can run the NEURO-P all night long with no information other than one of the pre-built in programs that just play fib sounds all night long through your skin and bone. The Skeleton is used as a ground antenna it collects the ultrasound produced by the NEURO-P and then the brain broadcasts that same signal back out of your entire body up to 80 foot diameter effecting everything and everyone around the users. Once you understand Dr. Eldon Taylor's Inner-Talk and Dr. Flanagan's scientifically proven theories on the NP it will then become much simpler for you to train without so many questions running through your minds.

My wife is anxious to receive her Inner-Talk cd's that will increase her retention while she studies hoping her mind will retain 95% or more from her studies. It certainly will not get into her way, this music will be played in the background as she studies the whole time. After her studying time before sleeping, she will then lie down and play her last cd until she falls asleep all while her subconscious mind was being trained to allow her to use both halves of her physical brain to be creative. When we were being taught and maturing with age there were no such things like, "Class" its time to exercise the "right" brain today and tomorrow we will exercise the "left side" of the brain". Here were the choices given, do as I say and if you weren't good in math or sciences you were always behind the class who were and those who were lucky to be gifted using either side of the hemisphere of their brain, the other would certainly lack with no way of training it to be up to par!

But there was nothing in school or at home to bring that lacking part up to par! At least until now! It took science and psychology a very long time to understand the physical brain and thought! Science is just now realizing the brain doesn't hold within itself "Consciousness" itself it resides outside ourselves which some call "Universal Consciousness"! Our brains are the fine tuners or the colanders of that consciousness, our brains pays particular attention to certain conscious thoughts (Focused Awareness) . But how does this help us who aren't so smart or for them who are smart but can't seem to find the right way of directing this gift to work for their benefit. That is why we have people such as Dr. Flanagan and Dr. Fred Bell and so many other prodigies out there who can make a difference in every bodies lives.

It doesn't take much these days to purchase child prodigies, just flash some cash to their parents a good amount and they will pack their kids close for them and help them out the door! Sad but true!

Unfortunately, the darker powers of industry and government alike want that advantage also, so they either hire them for places such as CIA, NSA, FEDs or private industries who would profit from such prodigies. Yet there are some, just a few and two of them you already know decided that mankind should profit from their genius not just government and industries. But it took their genius to find ways of making money so they could stop working for the big bad wolf and support their own inventions to give to the world at large. I am certainly not one of those geniuses but at least I can bring to light what is out there for you and I to take advantage of. Maybe using the N.Phone I will become smart along with my wife!

I was told I had a very high IQ and I am still trying to find it after all these years. My school also labeled me as a child prodigy that lasted and ended on my first day of school! All my aunts and uncles were Valedictorian's both in High School and College and my cousins have photographic memories! I just told my parents years ago I just came from the low end of the gene pool but the thing was I was happy with myself! When I applied myself I would always succeed and get what I wanted. Maybe not as easy as my relatives and other family members but initially I was still happy. I do this blog because it makes me happy and for no particular reason! Someday I will stop writing this altogether and print all the articles ever written and place them into a big container of the history of my life's work. Maybe using the N.P along with the Inner-talk subliminal's will help me accomplish what I was unable or unwilling to do in the past.

Change is difficult! Even if it is for the good! When you mention the word "change" or "changes" especially in your workplace some actually panic and begin complaining about what they now have to learn. I am certainly wasn't immune to it because I was one of them who done the same thing. I think it's because "change" exposes or could potentially expose our "weaknesses" in front of other peers or it may expose your hidden weakness to just yourself that you so long tried to keep buried all these years and you are not ready to face such a turnaround. But "change" is a must when wanting to be intelligent or quick witted or want an higher education.

It's always good to record your victories and defeats on paper to look back on...

The "Change" begins here and now! take the first step and open yourself up and you may find out that "Change" that you ran away from so long was the very thing you needed so badly in your life! I just wanted to insert this message for all my entries on this blog, I am not affiliated nor get paid directly from any of these companies I talk about or even refer. I do this because I want to! I know it's hard to believe that anyone these days would do something for others without getting paid! But in a grander sense I do get paid, you are here and reading  something that I have to offer as far as knowledge goes, that's our payment! Of course using the tools we recommend every so often pay us back with more knowledge and abilities we couldn't of accomplished by ourselves.


Just visited a Casino for the first time in 9 years and since using the NEO-Phone and our Millionaire Orbit Subliminal from Inner-Talk, we won between the both of us (2) Triple Sizzler 777 Jackpots and (4) Solid Red 777's. Invested $20 left ultimately with $460.00! I should have quit a half hour earlier, I was up to $600.00. How did we do it? Was there some kind of magic? Absolutely not! I can only account for the subliminal training and using the NEURO-Phone that made us successful. Believe me luck I generally do not have when it comes to casinos as a matter of fact I went there just for having a good time, getting my wife out of the house and was willing to come home empty pockets, yet both our brains were functioning in unison and each of us new when each other's jackpot would appear and it did! So I definitely rule out 98% of the luck, I will keep 2% in their at best.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Remember I told you all that since wearing the Nuclear Receptor and Holographic Projector from Dr. Fred Bell, things were dimensionally shifting in our lives. It was and is very subtle and hardly noticeable in fact on a normal day to day wearing. When it's finished I can only see the results without seeing the initial efforts these two devices around my neck are producing. I purchased the IDL-22 from James Rink only because I owned the IDL-12 years ago and it worked very well in the "Manifestation" process.

I was using this NEO cube for about 21 hours + for several long term manifestations I want to achieve. Now something is happening since using the NEO cube, I had a "reader" email sent to me about a gentleman I knew many years back. He sold the "DSP-Neurophone". This device is an upgrade from the original device he created in 1958, the year of my birth. The Military and patent officer in Washington shut the future production of this instrument down because it worked on "Low Frequency" carrier waves and emitted some radiation and took compared to todays model quite the power and the patent office seen no way of this working like the builder and designer said it would!

Then Patrick Flanagan re-designed the Neuro-Phone and had it patented by the U.S. once he proved to them by allowing a deaf employee in the office listen to it. Afterwards the Patent Office re-opened the closed case and re-issued the new patent and back dated it when he was first denied. Then the CIA placed a Top Secret classification notice on his device, not allowing his product in the early 70's to be sold on the market or even talk about it to the public. 

It took Mr. Flanagan and three lawyers over 20 years to get that security lifted so he could sell his device on the market. His last update was with the model that has the star design on the front cover of this model, it has been discontinued because it has been replaced with a much streamlined model and the only way you can get the old DSP NEURO-Phone is going on E-Bay or by placing an add on some forums. Maybe someone has a device they haven't used for years they will sell to you.

How much power is enough inside and outside our bodies...

Another interesting fact, Dr. Flanagan was using his "Ultrasonic" NEO-Phone and used a Ultrasonic detector (handheld) for measuring the intensity of the ultrasound coming from his device and it showed immense ultrasound frequencies emitting from not only his body but from the DSP model he was testing, you can see this on youtube! That's right from his body outward to about 30 foot diameter. How can this be? Because as the device pumps the ultrasonic frequency from the base of the forehead into the skull, your brain will echo this, in fact your entire body will be overtaken with the ultrasonic waves and now your body has been turned into a "Live Broadcasting Biological Entity" pulsating outwards this ultrasound waves that the detector can register in realtime.

It took 33 years for science to catch up with Flanagan's working theory that became "reality" in 1958. About two years ago, I was looking for the DSP model and those who wanted to sell theirs  wanted the same price what they have purchased theirs devices at. I told them certainly no deal way too expensive for a used model! For several years this device was taken off the market by Flanagan  due to production problems and disagreements in Germany. At the same time, Dr. Flanagan was covertly creating a new streamline device smaller than an I-Phone 6! He calls it the "NEO-Neuro-Phone". The old DSP cost was around $800.00 as also with the one with the star symbol on its frontside and this smaller compaq unit is $440.00 only!

The technology got better and the sizes became smaller and more efficient. During the testing of this new device it became apparent that the "user" of this device who had the transducers on their forehead were emitting strong ultrasonic waves that the people in the same room could feel the effects right along with the single operator of the device! In other words, if I use it when lying down, my wife will be effected with the same amount of ultrasonic waves as long as she occupies the same area within 1-30 feet and especially if I touch her arm. Your body has now become a "Live Broadcasting Biological Entity. (LBBE).

In this technological generation most high-tech devices come in small packages!

The NEO-Neuro-Phone comes in 3 modes of operation, the three modes are "Orange, Blue and Green". It has an amplifier for the broadcasting of the "ultrasound frequency" and a simple "volume" control (Gain) along with an "Audio-In and Out" and four types of "Voltage" gains. So you can play your favorite CD or hook it up to your I-Phone and play music or meditation through the device. Be advised, you can't use any CD with frequency already embedded in them! Because the device blocks out frequency due to the unique way it transmits. So instead of hearing the sounds, they will be transmitted through the transducers into the hollow cavity of the skull and brain already creating that whole brain phenomena!

Then your whole body will become "LBBE" which effects the locality within the 1-30 foot radius of the operator. You may be tempted to shrug this technology off, I bet if you do, you will be making the biggest mistakes in your lives! In the twentieth century we are still using headphones and transmitting sound through our ear canals and it requires some if not all concentration efforts for the music or meditation to become effective and to bring down our brainwaves to the desirable state of mind to accept any knew programming from the outside. Most of everything you hear is processed through the "Short Term" memory cells or Neurons first and if the person works hard enough it will be converted to the "Long Term" memory for later recall.

For example: If you use a meditation CD and they tell the listener they would have to listen to it for 30 days to get any effects they proclaim, but by using the NEO-NEURO-Phone, you would bypass the human hearing of using the ear canal and you would transmit those messages directly to the brains "Long Term" cells and throughout the body in less than a few seconds. Possibly cutting down almost two or three weeks time then doing it the old fashion way using meditation CD's. That's not all, this device was design on purpose to bring together both halves of the brain and to be able to communicate with the Corpus Callosum that is the stem of the brain. Once this Whole Brain Thinking takes over you're already in the the correct state of mind to allow new programming to be accepted by the subconscious mind!

Most everyone has one time or another reached this blessed state of mind but I assure you by accident...

We all know when the both halves of our brain are working along with the brainstem we are put in an enlightenment or euphoric mental state of mind, it's usually when one listens long enough to binaural beats. Why was this knowledge suppressed for so long? Because our U.S. government said it would possibly be a breach to our Nations Security, so they in turn captured the Patent (stolen it) and placed it in an CIA Jacket marked "Top Secret" in some dust closet in a metal file cabinet! Imagine as soon as a company or and gifted individual discovers or creates something that is on the extreme edges of the scientific mainstream it automatically becomes the governments property. Remember what Obama said, "You didn't build that" We" (Uncle Same) did!

You know the saying, "You didn't build that!" a famous quote from the President. But Patrick Flanagan fought back many years ago and they weren't expecting this to be reversed. Dr. Flanagan used the system to his advantage and was able to circumvent the CIA's hold on the patent. You can look up tons of information online about Dr. Flanagan. Now changing the tracks a little, getting back to my necklaces and wearing them everyday, subtle guidance was inside me stirring and taking me from site to site and bringing to me the badly needed missing parts of my research, some of it knowledge and some of it devices.

You would think the NEO IDL-22 and the necklaces would be enough at this point in time and for some people that would be more than enough. But that is not how these Holographic Projectors operate when wearing such a device. It digs deep down inside your 4th dimensional home inside us all and creates a holographic representation of that world, which can only be experienced when we are asleep and the projector brings it up into our consciousness awareness for internal processing and manifests it into "Reality" all the missing parts needed for complete manifestations to happen. In this case I was missing an important piece of my puzzle, I was missing the ability to establish a mind state separated from our normal five senses.

You can count the seeds in an "apple" but how many "apples" can you count in the seeds!

I was led to the NEURO-Phone because it would accelerate my IDL-22 results along with many other type benefits I didn't even consider while trying to design a small and compaq communication device platform using Dr. Fred Bells equipment for communication beyond the "terrestrial" platforms. We use today the radio telescopes or SETI for sending out and receiving alien signals. Both the holographic projector and nuclear receptor device would essentially make me into a "Live Broadcasting Biological Entity" along with ultrasonic waves to bypass our physical senses in this reality, this is "Electronic Telepathy". And only God knows where else the Projector is going to lead me down the road. But for now this is my next step!

It was said, by Dr. Flanagan after around 14-20 hours of use with the NEO-NEURO-Phone, you will begin to hear orchestra's of music sounds and Angelic sounds or symphonies if using it while going to sleep, this is not coming from the Neurophone, Dr. Flanagan stated. He said, he doesn't know where those phantom sounds or sounds of human voices are coming from. All this happens when you listen quietly, you will also begin to hear heavenly choirs, people talking etc. It's this bloggers opinion that right before falling asleep these are usually the astral sounds one hears on the border of sleep and awake state of mind. Dr. Flanagan sleeps with the Neuro-Phone with the transducers on his leg, by placing the transducers on the thigh and with velcro straps, his brain becomes extremely aware even in his sleep.

Dreams are more than mere mini-movies, they are a symbolism of our subconscious language who is trying to communicate with us, but it's our job to decode the given information!

When Dr. Flanagan was eight years old he had a reoccurring dream that he was an adult flying an airplane and the plane ditched on a deserted island. A UFO came down and two aliens (Species Unknown) came up to him and measured his intelligence by placing a helmet on his head, to test his knowledge and they told him if you can't meet the requirements IQ wise, we will kill you and the people on earth. He had this dream recurring many times. When he was 14 he was reading 5 books a day to make himself smarter because of these events taking place! They revisited him and checked his advancement and were pleased with the results. It was then they shared this unique device plan with Dr. Flanagan to build.

When Dr. Flanagan used the Neuro-Phone for about 3 years, he had his IQ tested and it tested way over 200! He asked them can you specify? They told him we can't, our tools have never measured above 200+ for an Intelligence Quotient and besides we measured your brainwaves using the EEG device and your brain was hovering in "Theta" and deep "Delta" waves while you are awake! 
Dr. Flanagan said he accredits this from using his ultrasonic device for one hour everyday for 3 years. He said, you can wear these transducers 24/7 if you want! He said, of course you would want to run the Orange or otherwise known as the Fibonacci ultrasonic waves while sleeping at night. One can also use the "Blue" for 15 minutes and then the device shuts down, this would help you sleep.

These individual inventors are stepping down and making room for younger geniuses to take over and to have the same love for people as Dr. Flanagan, Dr. Fred Bell and many others had when they invented and left their legacy for succeeding generations...

I have thoroughly dug into Dr. Flanagan's invention (s) and I compare him equally with Dr. Fred Bell! This 71 year old gentleman has given much to the last 50 years of our technical growth to better ourselves. But here is the thing people, unless you are specifically looking under the right headings on the net consisting for "self help" programs and holistic type programs, you will never run across most of these names in our daily news drama's etc. Because they are not on the mainstream news or science for that matter. Even if, what they have discovered or invented makes no difference, it is not main street media worthy to tell anyone about it.

Where are our child prodigies today! Who is hiding them! Big Corporations are hiding them and government is hiding them or other covert agencies in existence.  For these children are pure future profits! Mankind is not worthy to have them!

The science behind the NEURO-Phone is deep and many scientific papers were published in the 50's, 60's, 70's on up to the 80's on Dr. Flanagan and his amazing device. Where do you hear this kind of information on the news or in the local stores anywhere; telling us that one can hear through their own "skin" and that the device can bypass the 8th cranial nerve and going directly to the brain and brain stem without working through the bones inside ears that vibrate to give us intelligible sounds and meanings. Where else did you hear, a device that would be considered "Electronic Telepathy"?

Why do we say Electronic Telepathy? Because if sound doesn't go through the regular sensory sensations then it's usually because there is no sound to process. Not in the case of the NEURO-Phone, it allows this by-pass to happen by first getting rid of the frequency of sound itself, it's as if the bones in the ears aren't receiving any sounds as far as it is concerned, thus doesn't put up the normal filters before the sound reaches the brain! What happens if these filters are missing? Then we could conclude that the mechanics are no longer physical but anti-physical or "Scalar" in nature.

It is essentially a "Scalar" Producing and Interfering Device the only one in existence. You say what! What about that "Echo" Phone? Glad you brought it up, the Echo Phone is not setup like Dr. Flanagan's phone. Remember Dr. Flanagan holds a tight patent on this NEURO device and many other of his inventions. And he had provided the accurate truth to the patent office in the USA or it couldn't be patented. So what do you think this company that sells the Echo Phone create? 

Don't mistake the "Echo-Phone" as the NEO-NUERO-Phone... 

Most assuredly the "Echo" phone is not the original NEURO-Phone that has scientific America's backing and has been published worldwide for it's abilities from the design to create "Electronic Telepathy" the first and last to ever reach the markets. Who knows what they created, but I do know those who purchased it were very disappointed having absolutely no results! They began on forums to blame Flanagan that is instrument was junk! I interjected back then and told them, this is not Dr. Flanagan's NEURO-Phone!

My other argument is, if it worked exactly like Dr. Flanagan's then it would have been "Patent Breach" and several large lawsuits would have been enacted. So suffice to say the "ECHO-Phone" is not a "NEURO-Phone! I've talk over the years to people using the "ECHO-Phone", emailing me with their questions on why it wasn't working the way it was advertised. I told them outright you were  ripped off! There were huge complaints net wide in the 1980's when people thought they could save a buck by purchasing this ECHO-Phone because the older model NEURO-Phone from Flanagan cost around $800.00 at the time.

Cheap is not always better! Unless the inventors give up their patent rights and allow other companies to copy his invention to the letter you won't find better in the markets! I don't see this happening too soon. Dr. Flanagan streamlined is older series DPS models for a new digital processing power for only $400.00! The newest model is about the 5th generation in the last 40 years. Being 71 years old just this year, it's anyone's guess what may or may not happen in his near future since he actually died twice already, this maybe the last model ever created! If your kicking the tires about this priceless instrument don't wait too much longer.

In order to succeed at one's tasks, one must have an inventory checklist of what you have and what you still have need of....You don't need all this, this is what I own at the present...

My setup thus far:

One Each: Holographic Projector
One Each: Nuclear Receptor
One Each: IDL-22
One Each: NEO-NEURO-Phone
One Each: HDR-Gibbs Time Machine
One Each: SE-5 1000 Probability Analyzer 
Six Each: Inner-Talk Subliminal Training Titles CD's.

That is it for the entire year! I am using the NEURO-Phone daily during my NEO IDL-22 sessions, while also wearing the Holographic Projector and Nuclear Receptor necklaces. The last  device the SE-5 1000 is currently being used to help a friends father who had broken his leg and so far is working marvelously for him! The Gibbs Time Machine, I am trying to figure out if I use the bigger magnets with the power on where and how far should I distance the NEO-Phone device. I don't want to de-magnetize the small handheld unit.

From a Radionic Operators Stand Point; the above would be plenty enough power to work with! Next comes the consistency and the dedication to use the devices everyday without fail. The next important step is "Documentation" since the above is not scientifically aforementioned in the Science Journals except for the Flanagan NEURO-Phone, the documentation would consist of "Experiences" only from myself and my wife and whomever would even dare to do some of which I am doing and have done so far. In the above there is nothing impressive that is for sure!

This is just what one ole country boy was able to do the last several years. Would I do it again? Probably, it's in my blood! One has to have a passion for such things to keep them alive in their own hearts. I wish I could say right now this is it! But that would extremely selfish of me because if something new and improved hits the markets I feel it's my responsibility to let those unaware to know at least it exists. If I try it and experience benefits, it would be equally offensive to keep such a thing a secret from the world!

Both Neuro-Phone and Transducers are an important part of separate operations but all still working as a single unit...

So in all intent and purposes the newest addition to my research with the NUERO-Phone would be an ongoing usage. Just place the transducers over the third eye region, one across from each other and place the unit out of the way while I am either meditating using the IDL-22 or when studying in which case, I have to consider which mode would suffice out of the three modes it has. In the meantime Dr. Flanagan told me that after about 7 weeks, which to some people seems like an eternity will produce amazing results.
For example, BowFlex use to tout lose 10 pounds in 30 minutes a day workout in 4 weeks!

If you happen to run across them today on the web, now they tout lose 10-25 pounds in 6 months which is more reasonable goal then in 4 weeks! Folks, that is six months and the payment for their home exercise equipment is around $1500.00. WOW! But people still buy it and try like hell to get those results. Dr. Flanagan is giving the purchaser of the device positive proof results in just 7 weeks for only $400.00! But not limited only 7 weeks! He told us that in three months you too may be able to read 14,000 words per minute!

He said, in his third year of using the device it raised his IQ to over 200! In three years when an EEG was performed on him it showed both halves of his brain were both coherent and his brainwaves were operating in deep theta and delta while he was up and talking to the technician. During one month they invited one of the cave monks from India but I am not sure exactly if he was from there,  they also placed him on an EEG machine and his brainwaves were recorded and they matched Dr. Flanagan's readings. In fact there were no difference! Why would this be important? Because this monk had practice deep trance meditations for over 30 years and stayed in that cave!


I just received my NEURO-Phone today! It is everything that Dr. Pat Flanagan says it is! I placed the NEURO-Phone in the "Green" mode and turned up the "volume" and the "voltage" and then place the transducers in the center of my forehead. Then I began to play the Subliminal cd through the computer jacked into my NEURO-Phone. The thing that caught me by surprise was I was hearing the full music and thought it was coming from outside the computer and as I put the laptop closer to my ears nothing was coming out!

Yet I was still hearing the music, so I cupped my hands over my ears and could hear the entire cd inside my head! Not using Headphones! Since I am new to all this ultrasound training having this happen to me right away is amazing enough. Dr. Flanagan said to listen to it for as many hours as you can, as it will bring coherency to both sides of the brain (Whole Brain) thinking and it will naturally become louder in time!

It's very light weight and clips to your belt line. There are some do's and don'ts, so you don't burn out your transducers. They cost $75 a pair! Starting today and most of the night I will be plugging my subliminal cd into the NEURO-Phone as I am listening to it right now in "Green" Mode (Learning from external CD's). But going to sleep I will set it in "Orange" Mode with low "Voltage" and high "Volume". If you run 20 volts high into the transducers using either the "orange" or the "blue" modes they will burn out or cause you a surprise shock.

NEO-Phone has 3 modes of operation:"Orange", "Blue", "Green"...

In the "blue" mode it brings down your brainwaves to "Theta and "Delta" range. It only runs for 15 minutes before it will shut down; it was designed this way to operate. You can always restart it if you want to, if you need more time. It's weird to hear music coming from inside my head. The last is the "Orange" Mode; you would use if you want to just study your written material on your own by studying a book. This too is ran in low Voltage and high Volume.  It's suppose to teach the brain directly bypassing the 8th cranial nerve and the eardrums, thus by-passing the natural conscious filters before getting into the subconscious mind.

Update 22 Sept. 2015:

It's been about one week since using the NEO-Phone, when things are quiet in the house I can hear the music/subliminal inside my head. Just last evening my wife and I were talking and I had the transducers on "green" mode because I was listening to a digital book being read. As soon as I touched my wife's arm talking with her she could feel and hear the music in inside her head that I was hearing as we made that hand to arm contact, that in and of itself is pretty amazing. This we didn't know could happen in this way.

Yesterday I took my wife to the casino for a surprise so she could play the one arm bandits. We found the nickel machine and within a few minutes I got 3 sizzler sevens appear! I got $200.00 worth of nickels. Then my wife on the left side of me was tapping on her slot machine when all the sudden she got the 3 each Sizzler 777's and she won around $200.00! We stayed at these machines for about one half hour and moved on to the quarter machines. I never like the 25 cent machines because you can lose way bigger than the nickel machines and besides the nickel machines can have you playing it for at least 6-7 hours and still have some money leftover.

Anyways, she sat down next to me on my left and my gut instinct told me my three sizzler sevens were going to show, so I increased my 25 cents to 50 cents and after the third row I got all three sizzler sevens across the screen (Jackpot) I won 600 quarters. She did rather well to; she again hit the jackpots on the three sevens. After we left to go home we knew we vested $20 for each of us and we brought home total $450.00 in prize money. This is the fun part, we were talking and wondering if using the subliminal for money prosperity that she was using had anything to do with her winnings and listening to my gut instincts learned from my dream subliminal's had anything to do with my winnings along with using the NEURO-Phone.

Is it always a good idea to use the technologies for gambling?

In any case, we were successful! It could have been dumb luck but was it? I got this gut urge to travel 54 miles one way to play at the casino and not really knowing what machines I was going to get to play and exactly what monies I was going to use. Was it luck that I won triple seven jackpot in the nickel machine and turnaround and use the quarters machine and double my winnings with not only the jackpot but with the three solid red 7's that pay substantially at least 3x's. Personally I think it is too soon to tell which exercise, had what to do with what, at the moment. But we are not scratching out the idea that the above theory would be the correct one.

But I did promise my wife after about two more weeks of listening to the subliminal cd's, I will take her to Treasure Island Casino and stay for two evenings, staying at the Casino Hotel for two nights. Something tells me it's going to be a very big win night for two nights for us! I was told and by what, I have no earthly idea at the moment, for us to use a $1000 bankroll split up between the both of us. If we loose we loose, if we win, we win!  I am trying to teach her not to be so emotional with her monies, gambling is to lose and house gets the edge. But I told her with our mental training with subliminal prosperity and intuition cd's, it should reduce the edge the house has over us.

We will know when to get out and lick our wounds and know after certain winnings when to quit. This alone will save you thousands when gambling! One can't allow their individual emotions to get in the way when using the slot machines with all the music and tones playing everywhere and hearing people winning all over. It reminds me of playing stocks all the noise are on the intra-day charts up to the daily charts, this noise is buying and selling franticly Distractions are a "no, no"! This is what mind training is all about to cut through all the distractions. Allowing your subconscious to figure things out on its own. The NEURO-Phone is said to decalcify the Pineal gland enough for it to come back to life with its vibrations fully function able.

What would you be capable of, using such a device, would there be nothing you can't do!

While writing this I am wearing the headband transducers playing a 43 minute subliminal recording off my I-Phone. Every so often I hear the orchestrated music floating in my head being injected through the bone of the forehead using ultrasonic waves. Our entire body becomes a ultrasonic transmitter/receiver that produces up to 80 some feet outwards when measure using a Ultrasound detector. Now further imagine a moment you have done two to three months of this training and you decided to go to your lotto or casino thus allowing your inner urges to guide you intuitively from all your training. Your subconscious will show you the good machines and how much you should risk in capital. Remember your whole brain will be working together as one single unit.

Right here your body will continue transmitting those ultrasonic waves or eddy currents out and about 80 feet from ground zero (you). If your cat or dog or any animal that are sensitive to ultrasonic transmissions they will howl or run because it hurts their ears when up to close. Now go to sea world near the dolphins and crank your device up to 20 volts with high volume and you will be making those dolphins very interested in you. Have enough training and they will communicate directly to you, they will be drawn to you because you can assimilate their language, so they will try to communicate. 

It's funny we own an ultrasonic handheld wand that produces one million hertz's for deep tissue massage and it works wonders, never dreamed the same technology was going to massage and enhance our physical/psychological brains. To keep the confusion down a bit, this device (NEURO-Phone) was created with accelerated learning in mind. The Hertz's and particular cycle time will be responsible for the direct linkage to the human brain, allowing any studied information to be transferred directly to the "Long Term" memory as suppose first to the "Short Term" memory neurons.

The whole Idea behind the NEURO-Phone is to by-pass the "Short Term" memory and to transfer new knowledge to the "Long Term" memory neurons...

When one studies their materials, all information is related and directed to the "Short Term" memory and this is processed by the listener and hopefully is filed in the "Long Term" memory neurons and easily retrieved during "test" times. Patrick Flanagan when he was 12-14 years old really loved the idea of a computer that would dump information directly into the brain! It seems that dream is finally realized. As far as metaphysical experiences at this particular point none of us know for sure how each individual will react to such stimuli. Dr. Flanagan only knows for sure, he hasn't related to us about such things as of yet.

If you purchase this device it would be safe to purchase it for doing better in school and in colleges. It "does" bring the brain halves both together electrically, which should help and individual, file incoming new information correctly. The information they are or have obtained while reading is going directly in to their Long Term Memory. But as far as "telepathy" or any type of psychically related happenings is anyone's guess at this time. It is urged that this should be used as many hours as possible and for about three years to raise one's IQ to the highest it's ever been.