Anyone who owns Dr. Bells Irradiators or Star Orb or has his ION generators and you wishing to sell said items. Contact me at this blog. I will not pay full price for this equipment due to the age. The equipment has been around for 20years. Again contact me if your are interested in selling such items.

Monday, July 27, 2015


Why purchase two expensive Nuclear Receptors only to place them into a secure safe for two years!

I'm not sure what to say about what happened to myself over the last several weeks. I have a Sterling Silver Nuclear Receptor from the late Dr. Fred Bell about 7 years ago. I made mentioned in my past articles the reason I and my wife had not wore our devices for the past three years starting at 2012. Because when we wore the necklaces strange phenomena's had happened to us. The worse being in car wreck and two close calls all in one day! That all in one day issue, consisted of myself and ambulance and another driver parked a few yards behind me.

Two of us drivers were going Northbound on highway 61, we saw the ambulance coming Southbound on the opposite lane. The two of us pulled over to let the ambulance pass by. The ambulance finally got by us and I seen the car a few yards behind me pulling up slowly and deliberately, he kept creeping forward then all of the sudden he barely misses me and he knocked my exterior mirror and folded it in. The car pulled up in front of me letting out his passenger. The passenger came up to my car and he asked if I was ok, I told him yeah, no harm, no file. 

But I do have a question for you, (knowing in the back of my mind he was going to respond, he never saw me). He told me, his driver swears I was not there and all of the sudden I showed up. So we left, I was heading to work at the time. Not more than 5 minutes gone by still in that small city limits, I was going 50 and accelerated to 55 when all the sudden this van come screeching out in front of me and I nailed her (T-boned) right into the drivers door. She told the police I was not there, in fact she stated no one was coming this way before leaving her house behind.

Coincidence is a normal part of life but anything beyond this "word" and its meaning goes from a "Possibility" to an anchored "Probability". Then we need to step back a bit and to understand what we just experienced.Was it real, was it an illusion or was it something out of this world!

Now that was two times that people swear they didn't see me and that I had came out from nowhere. While all the time I had my Nuclear Receptor on myself. That accident was bad, I thought I was ok until the doctor found on my x-rays my shoulder rotation cup was almost completely torn straight through. I went for the operation and it was the worse recovery in annals of history for me, nothing but pain! My wife looked at me while tending my needs, said to me, "Honey, I want those Nuclear Receptors put in our safe, locked up and secured. That was the last time I seen the receptors for almost three years.

Then the magic began to happen, I purchased a diamond ring for my wife at the jewelers the other day for our up and coming anniversary and she noticed silver cleaner liquid and a polishing cloth disposables. She purchased both, we left the store and when we settled in at home, I asked her do you think that silver solution would clean that Nuclear Receptor I messed up by accidentally soaking it too long in Tarnex. She got it out from the safe and I dipped my Nuclear Receptor into the Silver solution and to both of our surprises the Nuclear Receptor came out like brand new!

I rinsed it off and dried it, then I used the polishing rage for final clean, it shined like the sun. So I asked my wife if it was ok I wear it before I decide to sell it outright, she told me go ahead but be careful. I wore it for a couple of weeks now and again surprisingly the necklace calmed me down big time when my internal stress really acts up. I felt centered for the first time in 3 years since my attack. She asked me, are you still going to sell it? I told her no I am going to keep it awhile longer. I know his Nuclear Receptor works like Dr. Fred Bell states, but we were both afraid people wouldn't see us.

What was this super amulet designed to do and where did it come from?

The Nuclear Receptor was suppose to not only be an anti-stress device but also make us "invisible" but not to the fact of being invisible physically, just to the bacteria or virus that surround us and the radiations and ELF's etc. Here is the issue, it does its job so well; it seems we have become invisible to the people around us, from "possibility" to "probability" just from two of the statements from the people I had to deal with. There were several other situations that happened the same way, that is being invisible to the outside world it seemed. I called, Dr. Bell at that time and told him what has been happening to us and he told me that he heard and seen much stranger things when wearing this Pleidians device.

Dr. Fred Bell said the Pleidians made contact with him and personally showed him how to make this device. Dr. Bell asked them if he could make a copy of it and they agreed to do so by allowing him to keep the sacred directions he found at the temple of HATHOR in an old book. So Dr. Bell took the device for about two weeks and mapped it out, then gave it back to them before departing to their home world. This was one on many encounters he had with these extraterrestrials.  Did it really happen? I don't know, I wasn't there. Now if you ask me do the Nuclear Receptors work? I can honestly say "yes" but in ways neither my wife or I understand to this day.

But this is only part of the reason I am writing this article, my wife told me today she was going to purchase Dr. Fred Bell's "Holographic Projector" for my anniversary gift, it too is sterling silver and quite expensive.  This information and necklace was given to Dr. Fred Bell by a Andromendan but Dr. Bell goes no further what it entailed in the conversation. We are to only know that this device when worn, de-spirals the DNA into the 4th dimension. It scouts ahead of you, but it doesn't protect your body like the Receptor.

The final push in getting myself the Nuclear Receptor, then the Holographic Projector.

I will wear the two pairs of necklaces as Dr. Bell designed them for both the Holographic Projector and Nuclear Receptor. I'm a little anxious as what to expect with this combination of crazy medallions. My wife reminds me it's our 14th wedding anniversary and she wanted to get me something unusual but something I been wanting for a long time. A few years back I talked with Steve Barish, he is an energy massage therapist in NewYork, who was Dr. Bells sidekick on Rays of Truth radio talk show. He purchased the projector along with the nuclear receptor and one evening he was praying and within what seem like seconds he was transported back to the old testament of his forefathers and he got to see the "Ark of the Convenant". He told me, that he time traveled on more than one occasion to different eras while wearing the devices.

I just talked with Dr. Bell's youngest daughter who came from London not too long ago. I asked her why there are no testimonies concerning the Holographic Projector which is an Andromendan design. She told me, she hears them from the customers on the phone all the time, when they come back to place additional orders and the customers tell her of the weird things that happened to them since wearing the projector necklace, but they won't take the time to write it down. I understood where she was coming from on that. Somethings could be personal and only met for them.

This may happen to me too in some unknown future wearing it. Megan told me they measured the auric distances that each necklace extends from itself using a pair of diving rods. They used divining rods and had one person without the Nuclear Receptor and started from 60' out and walked the rods until the rods pulled apart in opposite directions. 

When around 2-3 feet in front of the individual the the rods would open and expand. Then the Nuclear Receptor was placed on the subject and the individual with the rods started at the 60' mark and walked in the rods and they burst opened at 40'. The expansion of the rods indicated where the end of the energy field was before and where it ended after wearing such devices.

Do you know the distance of your aura? We call it our personal space and like each of us, we don't like our personal space or our aura to be violated by others unless permission is granted.

She told me they are measuring the distance of the human aura after connecting with the Nuclear Receptor. Coming into 3-4 feet expansion of their normal aura, then to 40' is a great jump while wearing the Nuclear Receptor! The subject removed the Nuclear Receptor and then placed around their necks the Holographic Projector. Starting at 60' the rods began to respond and open wide at 50' which is an additional 10' of the persons aura when using the Nuclear Receptor only. These tools are met for protections of the things we can't physically see such as, viral and bacterias etc. But the Holographic Projector is not like the Nuclear Receptor. This projector is a "Wave" device that works and alters the scalar activities outside the wearer.

If you want to know more about this device just go to Dr. Fred Bells website, type his name in the browser. I will give you, if possible week to week updates using the projector for the first time. I don't know what to expect if anything at all. It is a mini communication device that interrupts the etheric environment  causing a reality shift in our physical realm within your universe. My friend has one and earlier in the beginning of our friendship he purchased this device and told me that it worked for him for about 30 days! I guess like any type of particular medallions everyone will experience different things at different place in different times.

News Flash! They are not cheap! I got the Projector for $1500 plus an additional $250.00 for the 24kt. Gold plating and believe me it was worth the additional monies spent. They had a 15% sale going on. They will probably have the sale around the holidays I imagine. So wearing both the Nuclear Receptor and the Holographic Projector will produce two lengths of our aura emanations one at 40' and the other at 50'. 

This is all around the user not just the front. I talked with Megan and asked her what she experienced, she told me where she notices it the most is, when either her or her sister want something but can't afford it or it is unavailable, they would wear the projector for a couple days or weeks and to their now constant surprise people come out of no-where either giving to them or selling it very inexpensively.

Sometimes wearing just one of these Super Amulets that were created by the extraterrestrials are just too much on the central nervous system and sometimes must be taken off a few days.

Megan told me there are times, more than once, that she has to take it off because the energies it produces within her aura became too strong for her. She felt bad and told her father, Dr. Bell, she didn't understand why she has to take it off every now and then. So being a father as he was to her, he took his off for two or three days and then put it back on to make her feel a bit better of her decision. Because Dr. Bell also told me on the phone that every so often if the Nuclear Receptor becomes too strong just take it off a few days it won't hurt anything and you won't lose anything up to that point of wearing it.

I am eyeing up a 40lb. Master Quartz Crystal for $400.00 this is what I would use for the various equipment that I need above; along with 4-6 powerful lasers mounted on their tripods,  I would aim said lasers directly onto the master crystal and the other crystals that are on the center of the Star Fire Orb and on the Irradiator's Mega Orb that contains crystals within in the open structure. 

This was proven to create active protons which go right through you! If one would use a fogger device while running this system you would see the spinning vortex near the ceiling, centered over the Irradiators or the Star Fire Orb. I have no idea if these vortexes can be traveled into or from, I known and seen Megan when she was in her early teens standing in the middle of Dr. Bell's Pleidian setup with crystals and the lasers running at the time, along with the (4) Irradiators with their respective Ion Generators attached to them.

He took a picture of his daughter in the center of his crystal setup standing still along with the Irradiators in each of the 4 corners of the room, the crystals are really big ones which dominated the room. He had the lasers bouncing off each crystal and reflecting on the Irradiators Mega Orbs which holds up the Irradiators. The picture was developed and to everyone's amazement they seen Megan's astral body leave her physical body in waves of motion. It was a defined separation and it was entering into the vortex that was produce by his equipment. It was a decent photo. But I couldn't afford what Dr. Bell was using to produce all this. I hardly talked about Dr. Bells products because quite frankly it doesn't come cheap!

Not all these Super Sciences are obtainable due to financial constraints, they are expensive to obtain, then it takes patiences for the body to accept these new energies to allow them to take over your system to do what the good Doctor says it can do.

If you make $50,000-60,000 a year and you don't have children then I can see those people vesting into this unknown science that was supposedly given to Dr. Bell by Semjasi herself and the Andromendans and a few other extraterrestrials.  Well, at least this time you can from this blog, read about the recorded results of myself wearing the Holographic Projector Necklace without costing you, the reader, a single dime! At the time of this article Megan said to me, that it should arrive in about and week or so. She is a very outstanding young lady and very helpful the best I ever had to deal with in my lifetime. UPDATE: Already have it!

I figured once I get (4) of those Dr. Fred Bell's "Irradiators" from a website I found and hookup all 4 Irradiators to several Ion Generators, it should prove for some stunning results. Megan told me when she was little, her dad, Dr. bell hooked up the Ion Generator to just one of his Irradiators and it knocked both of them a foot away from it. These Irradiators are actually scalar towers and produce and transmit longitudinal waves outward and upward. They are 6 foot tall and I would be maxing out one of my rooms just to house his Quad System of four of them. I should have bought them 4 years ago when I had the chance. Each Mega Orb which holds the Irradiator vertical would be facing Magnetic North. 

I purchased his Rays of truth and Crystal of Life book along with several others, I use to own them both but I lost it during the last two moves. It was a great sic-fi book of his experiences with his equipment and I also bought his most recent book before he passed on, along with a few others for around $99.00. I don't want to see his work fade away, when in fact it has so much to give a person. Next spring I am going to update the necklaces and have them dipped in pure Platinum for $700 each! This is an extremely high frequency metal and is impervious to peeling over a year and protects the jewelry.

Sterling Silver Super Amulets are very energetic and your central nervous system will respond rapidly when it is introduce by wearing them.

My wife also made the same comment to me years earlier when we had our Nuclear Receptors dipped into Platinum. Her heart felt like it was in a race! I like the silver and its energies but the gold tends to deal with more on a spiritual level. Just having the Sterling Silver on us would kill any bacterias on or near the body by the nature of what silver can do to preserve milk and water to keep anything fresh from free radicals. Long voyages on clipper ships centuries ago used to put silver bars into the water to keep bacteria growing on it since there was no fresh water supply in the middle of the Atlantic.

Remember "time" waits for no one"! To keep up with it, one must act expeditiously or you will miss your one and only chance, only to give it up to someone else who took the risk/chance to discover and experienced what you have missed!

Thursday, July 23, 2015


I had a lengthy discussion the other day with a friend of mine, we got to talk about a lot of things. In our in-depth conversation he cordially reminded me what I did to/for him with the SE-5 1000 Probability Analyzer from Don Paris. A few months back he called one day and asked me if I could use the SE-5 on him, nothing much in particular. He wanted to see for himself if these type analytic devices actually work or not. The first time, I re-emphasized to him and let him know my device is not a radionics machine, even though its outward image and rub plate are likened to such a device, but looking into the eternal schematics you can see why.

Once you use the device on yourself or your friends you will find out rather quickly the differences between radionic machine and a Probability Analyzer. Getting back to our conversation, my friend let it up to me what I wanted to broadcast to him. So I intuitively went to the Neurological section and entered into the subfolders to check his physical part of the brain and psychological goings on. I also established broadcasting rates which contained a dozen or so "Affirmation Statements". Once the program was built I took a close look at it when I came down to the "Affirmation" part I was wondering if it would be worth the time spent broadcasting things such as:

. Love your Neighbor
. Empathy to All People
. Self Confidence
. Negativities
. Anger Control etc.

I shook my head in dis-belief that even the SE-5 1000 wouldn't or couldn't make any iota of difference broadcasting just "words" that were input into a computer file which the SE-5 would broadcast from. I had confidence in the rate numerics which represented due symptoms and other health related items. But these "Affirmations" were sort of new to me. I watched the "Secret" like many of you did when it first came out with Ester Hicks narrating a good part of it. But I couldn't see how any type of machine would be able to understand beyond numbers!

When I first learned the art of psychotronics I had no idea how long to run a program on a person or thing to know they were at their maximum. 

This program after completion the first time, it would give me a new time for the next run and so forth! By the time the program was finished it took over 30 days for a three part broadcast for my friend who lived a few states away from me. About the third week into broadcasting the third part of the program which included the "Affirmation" statements, something bizarre had happened to him! His whole social life had manifested a different person within himself and effected all those outside of him. My friend, like myself, is a private individual and cherishes quiet times alone at home.

But this all was change around almost as he stated, "Miraculously" he seemed like a "human" magnet, he was attracting everyone where he worked and outside of work of people coming to him to start conversations and thus during the conversation asking him for help, some it was decision making and others confirming with him if they are doing the right thing or not. Now here is a guy who was quiet and reserved and in fact nothing pleased him more. Now thrown into a social lions den having to deal with people from all over with their problems was foreign to him.

He could not process what it was exactly that was happening to him. He called me up and asked, "Are you running a program on me now?" I told him sure I am and it's been around 3 weeks and we still have a ways to go. He told me, "Your kidding me!" "Do you know what I have been going through for the past two weeks?" I told him not really. He said, "People are coming from all over wanting to talk with me about their personal issues and just to get to know me." So I asked him how does it make you feel. He wasn't sure what he was feeling or suppose to feel. But it was alien to him to be thrusted into a social pot with absolutely no warning!

Can a Analytic operator overdue their broadcasts, if so what would could happen.

I guess my device should have had a warning plaques on to it saying, "Warning Can Cause Emotional Stirring". After the 4th week into the broadcasting I called him to see if he was still holding on to the last of his sanity. He laughed and said, "I will tell you this much my friend I wasn't sure if the SE-5 was going to do what you claim it does, so when you began to broadcast that first week I didn't feel anything proving the point to myself that it probably wasn't going to effect me all that much. Boy! Was I wrong! I had feelings and emotions come out that I couldn't even control and you know I am quite good of controlling my emotions when I am outside around people."

When he was out, he had people all around him thronging him and asking for advice. By the time he made it home he was emotionally exhausted and sometimes cried for no reason at all! He was getting scared because he thought he was losing it! So he called me again around the 5th week or so and asked if I was still running the program on him. I told him most certainly and that your program I am broadcasting to you has taken over an entire month, which I was unable to get anything done for myself or my wife. It can be programmed with more people and go from one to another file after the broadcast is completed on the first phase and then repeats it.

I guess I got a bit lazy thinking it would never last long and maybe completed in a few hours, boy was I wrong! I really don't know what the SE-5 1000 actually does to a person when sending the correct IDF's (Intrinsic Data Frequencies) but I am now aware of the extreme results of such transmissions. My friend considered himself energy sensitive all his adult life, but he never experienced so surge of energy during the broadcasting time and never experienced true-life situations created by such a broadcast effort. Even now when I think about it on occasions, this device could hurt someone if ran intentionally to harm someone's inner psyche!

I am not an energy sensitive person, it takes a lot for me to experience broadcasts from any psychic or radionic machine until...

When I ran the SE-5 on myself, on my physical brain's energetic patterns I would indeed become extremely sensitive in my dreaming state of mind. Colors are much extreme in nature, along with the realism (Ultimate VR Experience). After such a balance around a week or more those energies begin (like anything in life), to fade and to go back to the original pattern of energy that your brain carries out morning, noon and night. Everything is fluid in life's stream of consciousness, nothing is forever! I learn to accept that fact when using the SE-5.

I go through all the hard work to balance my friends energies, which opened up other dormant energies he didn't even realize he had within himself, only to give way in about a week or two causing again the normalization of his psyche when I had finished his original broadcast.  Again I learned this fact over time since I first used the SE-5. Even my large 3" crystal  reverts back to it's normal patterning that nature has given it after a week or two of balancing. I can clean the quartz crystal with a powerful clearing of Negativity formula but as soon as I touch it throughout the day and re-measure it the following day I can see how the energies have become depleted in just that one day from that single touch!

This is why I don't do broadcasts for people in general, because if they thought like myself at the beginning that the SE-5 will change their physical or psyche attributes permanently they will be disappointed! The SE-5 is an intelligent sentient device because when you put into the mix human sensing and the harmonics it produces, then it's computer program simply takes over to finish the hardest part of the work involved. All you do as an operator is to get as close as accurate you can when measuring and allow the device through your "Stick" felt reactions how it should run that broadcast...

How accurate is accurate when using esoteric equipment...

. how many seconds to run each IDF
. how many seconds to minutes between the individual IDF's
. how many cycles to run to complete the first phase.
. Lastly, with the information found through your "stick" reactions from the above data, the computer will tell you how many days and hours and minutes this program has to run. Like, 2 days 4 hours and 36 minutes! 

I assure you there are no radionic devices out there that will give you the exact timing for an individual broadcast. Once the broadcast is completed, you will have to do another analysis using the same procedure above but you will have noticed the cycle times will have lowered, maybe not significantly but they lower. Instead of me checking my friends individual IDF's or its representation of specific organs etc. I just look at the above information that covers all IDF's in summary and once the cycle times are lowered to 3-4 cycles and the time is around 20 minutes to balance only then I now know all his IDF's are working 100% and 0% where identified.

When the SE-5 only reveals to me 3-4 cycles it is essentially telling me that the individual being worked on is now in "Maintenance" phase. The only thing I need to do if he wants to keep or level off experience (s) I just have to broadcast these tuning IDF's once every week for maintaining his current charge. There is so much that I still haven't completed using the SE-5, I need to get the Life Or-Gone Meter along with a few blank plastic cards to do energy transfers on the plastic cards and then measure the before and after results.

These results are imperative to show the would be customer that actual energy is being transferred to an inanimate object and if this can be proven and measured, it will not only prove to the customer or friends but you will be more inclined to know your work isn't for naught. When broadcasting to others the best we can hope for anecdotally is see the overall results of the individual. It's hard to come up with hard science evidence in this realm where the SE-5 is concerned to begin with. But if we can see the actual before and after measurements of the object you recently broadcast too and their overall mood and posture this should be enough for the average person to say, "Hey something is going on here!".

There are Subtle Energy Devices ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars...

Is it worth the $4500.00 I paid for it? To me and now to my good friend who experienced first hand the results of such broadcasts, yes I think it is worth the money I vested into it. I used the SE-5 to supplement my time travel using a custom made protocol to allow me to go to Area 51 and it worked! I did not measure the results as far as energy goes, I just ran the program 24/7 and there were plenty of times I forgotten I was even running it. It took around 2-1/2 weeks and I found myself at Area 51 a clear walk and drop in the elevator located inside the center of the hangar.

No MIB's or Alien blocking me, because I placed within my protocol to broadcast "MIB's", "Aliens", "NSA", "SS" and the rest of the alphabet not to see where I was going or what I was doing once I got there. I wasn't sure if what I broadcast to myself day and night was going to produce anything at all, let alone time traveling to a specific place of interest to me. The date at Area 51 was unknown but the place it was easy. I had seen stenciled crates with Area 51 labeled on them throughout the hangar. 

Where I ended up was deep inside the earth in a underground  hangar. Once the elevator doors re-opened I saw a huge hangar size area and lots of things were under construction with non see through plastic sheets draped over unidentified objects. They were aircraft size along with computer consoles with all their fancy blinking lights and I seen testing benches with all sorts of strange parts. The one that caught my attention was a mold cast maybe made of some kind of aluminum alloy with a hand shape but only having three fingers, if that is what it represents.

What are other ways to enter a high security above top secret area facility without the chance of imminent danger to yourselves...Remote Viewing!

It looked like the index and middle fingers together and the 4th digit and the pinky together alone with the thumb representing the first of the 3 fingers. I just stared not believing where I was and what I was seeing. I don't remember how I left or even how I got there. But whenever and however I came back, it was a trip I will never forget! If your wondering did I ever attempt such another time travel or dimensional travel, no I was going too many directions with my work at the time but as soon as I finish up on my friends father's work I am broadcasting to him at the moment of this article, I will re-run those same IDF's to revisit if possible "Area 51".

Thanks to one of my readers or both, I decided not to sale my SE-5 that I waited to get for 14 years of my married life when life was coming down hard on me. I was going to give this research up since my near death experience but with the help of my good friend who seems to never give up on me and my wife who is with me until I take my last breath, along with a special reader "Jill" I am now using my device more seriously then ever before. Thank you my friends for lifting me up when I was down in my most darkest hour. My only hope is to be there for you too when help is needed.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


I would like to jump track for awhile and talk about "Ozone" water and why it is so important for your track for health. Especially "energy" for work! Like myself, get a snickers bar and some orange juice or pop or lot's and lot's of coffee to keep those sugar energy reserves pumped up. But a close friend of mine recently reminded me of what he just purchased not too long ago. He told me he procured an inexpensive ozone producer to drink oxygenated water. He is already seeing wonderful results just in the week or so since he had it. Skin rash is healing, body more hydrated with pure oxygen etc.

Tell me something, what happens when a aircraft pilot has a hangover what do you think he reaches for before he has to fly his next day mission? Some of you I'm sure have the answer because we were in the arm services and have heard some good stories of Air-Force pilots getting sober quick! If you guessed, "oxygen"  you are correct! What the pilot goes after is their pure oxygen generator inside their aircraft and they take a few snorts of this and hangover is cured!

Why is that? Well, when you get drunk from alcohol of any source you deplete the brains oxygen reserves which is why when one is drunk he or she begins to hear and see things that are disorienting at best. The more they drink the more their brain and body are deprived of this vital oxygen. Ozone water has been the key to hangovers! But that's not all, it sterilizes anything it comes in contact with. It doesn't create hexagonal water but it only oxygenates the water molecules and this takes somewhere between half hour to an hour, I guess depending what type of generator you are running and how much oxygen you want in your system.

Ozonated Water – Supplemental Treatment For Cancer

It has been shown in scientific experiments that there is an inverse relationship between the amount of oxygen in the blood and the ability of cancer to spread. In other words, the more oxygen, the less your cancer is able to spread.
However, the oxygen we breathe, which is O2, is not what the body needs to stop the spread of cancer. What is needed is oxygen singlets (i.e. O1). The best way to get oxygen singlets into the blood is to get ozone (O3) into the blood, which then breaks down into O2 and O1, the critical oxygen singlet.

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to get ozone (i.e. oxygen singlets) into the bloodstream is to ozonate ice cold purified or spring water (NO tap water). The colder the water is, the more ozone the water can hold and the longer it can hold it.

Here is a complete list of the major benefits of ozonated water:
  1. It purifies the blood of some microbes and in several other ways,
  2. It is a superb detoxification method,
  3. It does kill some cancer cells (but it is probably not strong enough to be a treatment),
  4. It can stop the spreading of cancer (the main benefit),
  5. It may provide energy,
  6. It can help the immune system by providing it oxygen singlets.

A home-grade water ozonator will cost about $300. A medical-grade ozonator, which is not necessary for a supplemental treatment, costs $3,000 and up.
There are several other things that are necessary to understand.
First, the container the purified or spring water is in, that the ozone will be bubbled into, ABSOLUTELY MUST BE MADE OF GLASS. Ozone will tear apart a plastic container or plastic tube and you will end up drinking plastic!!
Second, the cancer patient should drink the ozonated water as soon as it is made because the ozone only lasts about 10 minutes.

You should bubble the ozonated water for 7 to 10 minutes before drinking.
To determine how much ozonated water to drink per day, take your weight (in pounds) and then divide that number by two. That is the number of ounces of ozonated water you need to drink per day. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, you need to drink AT LEAST 100 ounces of ozonated purified or spring water per day. If the person can take more than the minimum, that is even better.
Ozonated water should not be take with a meal, it should be taken between 2 hours after a meal and 1/2 hour before a meal. Some ozonated water should be taken about 1/2 hour before each meal.

As has already been mentioned, use ONLY a high quality purified or spring water. NO tap water. However, a good quality distilled water can be used in making the ozonated water. In fact, some people recommend distilled water.
Basically, you should have one full gallon, and the gallon you are currently using, stored in the refrigerator at all times. This way when you run out of the one gallon, a full gallon of cold water is ready to be used.

At any time during the day, the person should take some antioxidants, such as vitamin Calpha lipoic acid or Co-Q10. However, antioxidants should not be taken if you are on Protocel, Cantron or one of the graviola or Paw Paw supplements (such as Amazon Factor).

Lung cancer patients who have congestion should not be near the machine making ozone while it is in operation. The reason is that ozone gas is released during the process and ozone gas is a detoxification agent. If the lung cancer patient has any pollutants in their lungs, the ozone gas may break it apart, causing more congestion.

Here is the recommended vendor of ozonated water (the currently recommended product is: Nature Kleen water ozonator.

There are plenty of ozone machines out there some going for thousands of dollars. But in this case as long as you get the basic oxygen requirements within the water molecules you should see and feel the effects of pure natural energies that are much cleaner then a caffeine bump or a short sugar bump. 

The above is a bit more convent with a timer and you have to make sure you are using a "Stone" bubbler not a plastic one at the end of the oxygen hose.

The above is a example of what I am referring to for "stone" bubbler. You just place the end of your plastic hose on to the stone extension and that's it. 

Most people researching or reading about ozonated water are interested in medical ozone water- ozonating water to the point that it actually contains ozone. However, most web sites on the internet are providing incorrect information on how to prepare this water. Instructions are usually modified to suit the particular ozone generator that a company is trying to sell. Therefore, the information provided is usually wrong. Since we have nothing to sell to you, we are interested in only providing the correct information.

Making Medical Ozone Water requires a longer period of time than usually suggested. A short list of the instructions are as follows:

1/ Use an ozone generator that produces high concentrations of ozone. UV Ozone Generators will allow you to purify water, however the ozone output is so low, that making Medical Ozonated Water is basically impossible. You need to use a high quality Corona Discharge Ozone Generator.

2/ Large bubbles of ozone do not allow proper transfer of the ozone into the water, therefore you must use only small bubbles. To make small bubbles you need a 'bubbler'. Although many companies provide bubbling stones, this is not a good idea. These 'stones' will be slowly destroyed by the ozone, and will impart impurities into the water. Only use ozone resistant bubblers, preferably made from glass.

3/ Ozonate the water in a glass vessel; never use plastic. This ensures that your water remains pure and uncontaminated.

4/ Ozonate the water for a sufficient period of time. Ozonating for 5 minutes as most web sites suggest will do almost nothing. Ozonate each 1/2 quart of water for at least 20 minutes. Therefore if you are ozonating a quart of water you need to ozonate for 40 minutes. One gallon requires 2 hours. These times can be verified by testing the amount of ozone in the water. During this amount of time the water continues to absorb the ozone. Once these times have been reached ozonating for a longer period of time is not required- the water has already absorbed as much ozone as it possibly can.

5/ Use (or drink) the ozonated water within a short period of time after making it. The ozone will degrade back into oxygen, so you need to use the water before this happens. Keeping the water for later is possible by placing it in the refrigerator, however over a period of 24 hours, the water will lose up to 50% of the ozone.

6/ If you have an adjustable ozone generator, ozonate the water at the highest ozone setting possible. It is for this reason that the best ozone generator to use is one that uses cold corona discharge technology. 

UV Ozone Generators can generate only approximately 1-3 ug/ml, cold plasma usually only 30 ug/ml but sometimes 60 ug/ml, where as cold corona ozone generators generate up to and beyond 100 ug/ml. Ozonating water is one of the few cases where 'more is better'. Water will absorb more ozone at the higher ozone concentrations. At the same time however you do not need to be concerned with having too much ozone in the water, as water is incapable of absorbing so much ozone that it would be harmful. 

Therefore ozonate away at the highest ozone output you have for the specified amount of time and you will make the best ozonated water for your particular ozone generator. (If you have not yet purchased an ozone generator our recomendation is to purchase a high quality cold corona ozone generator with a long warranty - they will make the best ozonated water).


Whether used simply to purify water, or whether highly concentrated highly pure ozone is used for healing and detoxification ozonated water is quite simply wonderful. Proper preparation is essential in order to achieve the benefits you seek. Unfortunately most of the information found on the internet regarding ozonated water is simply not true; most instructions regarding ozone levels necessary to create quality ozonated water and the length of time to actually ozonate the water is most often also not true. 

Therefore, in the near future, Oxygen Healing Therapies will be posting a series of articles here to provide you with the information you require in order to ensure that you achieve the goals you have in mind for your ozonated water. The internet is full of contradictory information regarding ozonated water - we aim to provide you with simple, clear, and precise information. Stay Tuned.

Monday, July 13, 2015


Studying this Virtual Reality along with Augmented Reality has led me to some interesting studies along the way. I ran into the top of the line Artificial Intelligence called, "Denise". She is a 3D woman who appears on your computer desktop and she is able to learn whatever you are interested in. She can do anything your computer can do plus more. Guile3D Studios has created her, she can search the web and play multimedia files. She reads and answers emails, schedules and reminds you of appointments or just simply have a conversation talking one to one with her or her.

Her artificial intelligence can learn and adapt, she can speak out loud and run Skype. She also understands your natural language, Denise mimics a real human being, using facial recognition and text to speech, using speech recognition technology. This technology won't work for you unless it scans your facial attributes and once processed it will unlock for you completely. Her artificial intelligent brain can learn and adapt and improve itself and modify its own parameters by itself.

Denise comes from a very natural sintetized female voice. And converts any speech to a female voice. Denise is a very unique software, within time she will improve until the day no one would know she was a AI program on the other line via phone or Internet, because she will learn and be more human. Denise has a realtime graphic engine she looks real and has several differ facial expressions. It seems a bit creepy she follows you with her eyes and remember she will learn what your interests are and suggest new places where it maybe helpful such as time traveling etc.

Having you own personal assistant...

There are a few AI assistants but this is the closest which actually learns what you teach it. You tell Denise to "Remember" and then you could read articles about what your interested in and she can access those files at anytime you need to retrieve them just by asking her to show you about Steven Gibbs for example. She will browse for any information you desire on the web, she will show you the website while she is in the lower right hand corner of the screen and she will read part or all the information you want to know about.

The languages she speaks can be "English", "Spanish", "German", Japanese, etc. She is not a chatting program she works with all Windows but she learns from everything you teach her and show her and she scans the MIT library to increase her intelligence when she comes in contact with you. She will indeed start up the Oculus Rift and learn more about it so she can talk with you more on an intelligent level. As soon as I acquire my Desktop gaming PC around June 2016, of course be it will top of the line and it's not cheap.

I will add this AI assistant for Microsoft Windows to help me along with my research in time traveling and virtual reality information. NOTE: Since I have the playstation 4 already I will purchase the Project Morpheous from Sony while waiting to get Oculus Rifts headset, which will take a bit longer because of the upgraded computer system.

You can also get AI BOTS they are quite interesting, these you can chat with, they don't do the computer stuff like Denise does in the above article and it takes time for Denise to begin to converse with the owner of the program but she does eventually, as she learns things about you and what she learns online of the things you are interested in. It's a neat little program, I keep searching world wide for things that will service humanity and myself of course. 

Information today is limitedness...

Technology is exploding it can no longer be contained in this generation. Yet with all the internet and it's been around 25 years for me using the web, I am still learning and still discovering new or old information that has been withheld from the public years back and since there release on the WWW it's hard to discover the knowledge that has been embedded between millions upon millions or hundred of millions of web pages. It would take several lifetimes to read every page for every interest out there.

Listen, don't limit yourselves for expansion focusing only on the  HDR...we are human beings who need knowledge to survive. Placing everything into one product will indeed limit each one of us while maintaing our quest for the stars. This blog advanced as I advanced over the years, it's not the most popular blog you ever read but it will have truth in it and of course my opinions and if I state my opinions I will let the reader know it is just that an "Opinion". 

There is a particular issue that I am struggling with when it comes to the VR helmet. It's not the price of the VR hardware but the price of a good computer system. I don't know about all of you out there, but it's been years and years since I owned a PC Desktop model. I found out how out of phase I was trying to decide which one to purchase to be able to run the Oculus Rift. Oculus gives the minimum requirement but the video is not quality or should I say not crystal HD like the Demos shown to the public. Then I discovered with my research and some of you already probably know of Alienware's so called, "Alien 51". It weighs around 50-55 pounds!

Area-51Gamming Desktop...

This machine starts out at $2400.00 and I wanted to ensure for myself the highest control and the highest speeds that go along with that control were always available. This device, the one I want built has 3 graphic cards! I upgraded to 32 gigs of RAM, with 4 TB hard drive. It has a I7 core processor 5960X with (8) cores and 20 megabyte cache overlock up to 4 gigahertz with turbo boost, like I stated, it has a GTX 980M X3 graphic cards. I could not do this with the companies Alien-Ware laptop! The desktop is of an usual design built for raw power to handle any future VR programming for the next 4 years or any other type of new applications that will run in 4K and above.

The system uses a 1500 watt power supply. It is triangular in shape not like a standard PC bus of long ago. It doesn't take up much space and comes with an Ultra HD 24 inch Video screen. It was designed for intense gaming and gaming development for other companies, you can go into the system and clock up the speeds in every area and program it to that set speed for just that set application/gaming. Personally it is very expensive. Dell promotes this device but it is not built by DELL it is actually built from the ground up by a company called, "AlienWare". 

I never seen anything like this before! Of course I was never into gaming for many years but Oculus technology re-awakened that excitement not only in gaming but in movies that will be produced in the VR environment by Hollywood which means, you are in the movie and can walk around with the characters. Some movies you will be first person or you have to make the actors decision for them and the ending will be different for everyone due to the options chosen by the second person player within the show. They also hooked me with their space exploratory VR experiences etc.

Even in the midst of hype of VR remember the cost...

I decided to wait for about 6 more months before purchasing the Oculus because by then the company should have ironed out all the bugs, like all new products on the market when first entering the market place there would probably be glitches and patch work needed to done. By then I will have the cash to purchase this top of the line mega-system. Will it be worth it? I think so! This computer and its raw power system should keep up with the technologies of the Oculus Rift over the next 3-4 years or any other rift technologies that may arise from the past ashes of failure back in the 90's.

Personally I hope the Oculus or another company who touts open platforms (that can play all applications) will be wireless! It won't be difficult for them because everything nowadays is wireless bluetooth. The application and games will be that much more advanced while waiting to get my machine. These VR applications  are requiring some kind of "Raw Innate Power System" to run those programs effectively and efficiently allowing the player to understand where there at is the real world, until you take the helmet off. 

Here's the thing, the computer companies everywhere, had no idea that there would be any type of virtual reality applications coming to the markets two years ago because of the past failures from the last several years. I talked with DELL and they said, "We never seen this one coming"! So this puts the desktops of raw power and the would be buyer in uncharted territory. No computer company as of yet are building a high spec Desktop just to compliment the VR gaming and movie industries.

Custom design of the most powerful computer in the world!

I figure better to be safe than sorry down the road by adding the raw power of the graphics board along 8 cpu cores. Granted you can run a cheaper system as long as you stick to the minimum requirements. I-7 processor is a must though. Everything else is custom such as, how much ram, how big of hard drive, how many graphic cards (You don't need 3 at the same time if you choose not too). Again we are not certain at this stage of the game if we elect for less graphic cards and less core CPU's that the program will run smoothly and efficiently. Going to the link I provided you below, you can build your own system to benefit you. Again who knows how much or how far one should go when the VR applications become more advanced down the road.;146~7VFFV1;3~32G4X8;6~GT980T;8~512S4T;8079~332-0883+A7701971;1002~OHB13M;1014~LSIA36M;821~PP12UP;640~PDVD13+DBR1PC;29~PRSN4;33~AD4

Here's the thing, Project Morpheous is solely limited only to the Playstation 4 machine. Where as the Oculus Rift supports "all window" applications can be ran with the unit! The drawback how much computing power does one need to run them and be as good video quality as the DEMOS. These DEMOS were ran for the E3 Gaming get together in CA to show onlookers what they accomplished. What they didn't say was "Oh! by the way you need lot's of computing power to run Oculus the way we do"! That is why the Oculus and project Morpheous are cheap around $300-350 the real cost comes from upgrading your desktop system. The laptops are not efficient or strong enough to handle the Oculus.

The benefit of the 20 century computing with all that power, there will be nothing you can't run on it with total efficiency and with supreme graphics, breath taking graphics. Personally I never had such a machine and I always try to buy the best of technology and it wasn't until now that the best became better. I am sure they will when it's affordable, to deliver a holographic drive system but until then we will just have to wait that much longer. If the VR is going to be as predicted by market wise the new technological boom, there will be advances every year with VR technologies.

But there are possibilities it might just go nowhere! In that case I will know either way within the first 6 months of its release in 2016. Oculus is counting on Hollywood and other content builders to make extreme movies which will make the 2D movie watching child's play, like kindergarden play. Did you always wish you were in the show they were acting in and wanting to help them make the needed decisions to survive?  Now you can!

Having the most powerful system doesn't come without a price...

My computer that I have to save for will be $7100.00 packed full of the latest and greatest of technologies allowed for sale on the markets! Yes, it's and investment! When the VR within the next 6 months of 2016 prove viable and we will certainly know, then I will invest into a major system to bring the very best the Virtual worlds have to offer. Being retired there is not much I do nowadays, I will be purchasing the VR games/movies ahead of time before owning the oculus and build a small library of holographic titles that go with the RIFT, if the Rift belly's up that loss will be minimal compared to purchasing a power machine now and finding out later the VR technologies were a failure.

Oculus Rift Minimum Requirements: You may get jitters inside your viewing area using the minimum below.

GPU: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater Graphics Cards (suggest: 3 each)
CPU: Intel i5-4590 CPU equivalent or greater (suggest: 8 Cores)
RAM: 8GB or greater. (suggest 32 to 64 MGB of RAM)
HD: (suggest 4 Terabytes for massive application storage)
(suggest: Liquid Filled tubing to keep the unit from over heating)

I checked other computer companies personally and added the above suggestion I want with mine with state sales tax all of them end up the same amount of monies around $6500-$7500.00. Any 8 core device is going to be extremely expensive. You can order 6 core if the price is just too high. But I always for years wanted an 8 core processors but there was no applications I could run with it until now.

Why does the Oculus Rift need so much power? 

Well, you're driving two HD screens at very high frame rates per second and to make your VR experience smooth, Oculus recommends an absolute minimum of 60+ frames per second, ideally 90fps and 120fps if at all possible and most laptops and Desktops don't have those clocking speeds unless you up your entire system and by clocking the Alienware to maximum output without suffering any kind of visual distortions, this is the device you probably or eventually want to have. This is all about reducing blur and giving you the most realistic environment. 

Today's graphics cards have a few problems rendering a single HD display at 60fps, but when you are rendering two different images at that rate, things start to get a lot more difficult and demanding. While the final specs of the Rift aren't yet confirmed, Oculus is said to be aiming at 1080x1200 resolution per eye, giving a total of 2160x1200 of display to power. You may want to re-think of not reducing the 3 GTX 980 Video cards down to one or two only!

Asking a current GPU, even a high-end one, to do this is a massive task (suggested 8 powerful Cores) if your not prepared you will have system failures and overheating. Sure, there are things you can do to up the frame rate, but they all reduce the quality of the experience. And when experience is everything, as it is in VR, this is ultimately undesirable.

You see Oculus and others would encourage the VR players for more power to bring a more wonderful experience.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I have used my HDR the other night, after an 15 minute session and remember you can go as high as 20 minutes before the magnet gets really hot! I lied down and eventually fell asleep. My dreams were so vivid, meaning it was so real I couldn't tell the difference at the time. Then I would skip two or three days and my dreams would be black and white and not so memorable. But as soon as I apply the HDR electro-magnet and shortly afterwards my dreams are colorful and memorable.

So this machine definitely in my case, causes terrific changes to the my subconscious mind and the results speak for themselves to me. I just wanted to make sure expectations wasn't influencing my dreaming when using the HDR. Because after two days of non usage my dreams have went back to black and white with no thrills to mention. This is why I am excited for the VR technology to take off next year. If you have a good imagination you can use these other techno-tools to better enhance your time traveling with the HDR. These conditions are worth mentioning before physical time traveling.

. 100% Hydration: Most of Americans are dehydrated everyday! The body must be hydrated when attempting to vortex travel. Without it could cause weak static communication between each of your trillion cells. The body must re-organize on the other side or put together the right way!

Why the fuss and muss over these steps for time traveling?

. Chakra Development: One can't time travel astrally or physically if the chakra's are not working 100%. I gave a "Imagination" exercise to develop your chakras. I know it works, it work for both my wife and myself. These 7 major chakras are the generators that give your energy body life!

. VR Stimulation of the Subconscious: Such as a VR or Virtual Reality programming. It will open up all new ideas when using the HDR. You place the helmet over your head and it immediately transports you to a said location maybe 1935. Remember prior to going there you already done your HDR protocols.

Just the above (3) would be enough for via-transport! I wish the HDR would worked differently by a flip of a switch and there you are in the year 3030! But I guess the designers of this machine felt there had to be safety valves installed to protect the user just in case the user would fall to issues due to the above (2) reasonings. The third is just an extra bonus mind you. When you use the HDR everyday for about 30-60 days, when you go outside pay attention to your peripheral viewing.

How can I attract vortexes for physical time traveling?

It is using your peripheral vision is where you will see flashes of light at the corner of your eyes. That is a vortex that just passed by you! I had it happen to myself on a few occasions. All I could do is "Darn it!" better luck next time. This same occurrence happened to HDRkid he too was sitting at a bus stop in Miami and when he got on the bus there was a flash of white light outside his window! He knew he missed the vortex by a minute or so. He told me he was using the HDR everyday for months. The vortexes know this because you put out an energy signal and in this world "like attracts like" you've become a broadcasting biological being.

You become a time energy beacon of sorts, it brings the vortex to you instead of you finding it. Granted there are stationary vortexes around the country but there are moving ones as well and they are in a much greater in number but hard to hit exactly. This is where your practice using the HDR comes into play and being hydrated with Hexagonal water. When one is over 26 years old the body is unable to produce this Hexagonal water, that is why the the skin starts sagging as the first stage of this loss.

The cells are unable to communicate with the body, what happens if you are transported physically being de-hydrated? Be safe instead of sorry later on. We don't know enough about vortex traveling what is safe and what is not safe. "Chance favors a Prepared Mind". I did a lot of astral time traveling after my chakra's were developed in about two months of practice. To me it is just as real as being in the physical when going to those chosen dates or random jumps like it happened to me all the time. I think I could have done some past changes on that timeline because it was real and physical to me and being real and physical I could manipulate that time period.

Just because it hadn't been done doesn't mean it can't be done!

I think the reason no one has attempted to alter the astral time line visitation is because they had it in their minds that it couldn't be done! Anything is possible with the right tools and the right mindset and of course with a little bit of luck, that couldn't hurt. I wish there were devices out there that could charge the energy chakra's but unfortunately you must approach them individually with a non-physical approach.

There are many ways of doing this and if you search the web you will find many different exercise approaches and you can decided what makes you feel comfortable in doing. I just find it easier to imagine bringing up white light from my feet to my "root" chakra for about 7X's. Then I will continue bringing that light up to the next chakra and so forth all the way to the crown chakra but only doing these 3X's each! That is starting from the feet and pulling the white light all the way to the crown chakra. As I exhaled, I am holding that light in place.

Then I would start over again from the feet to the crown chakra until 3X's were completed. Remember as you exhale, hold that light into the chakra with your imagination. (the non-physical) approach. Then your done! This make take 10-15 minutes to do, some of you may experience falling into a trance state doing this and that's ok, this is where you want to be after the chakra workout. But as you continue the exercises daily you will be able to overcome slipping into Delta mind state and be able to finish your exercise.

Cover biological and energetic areas for all are effected by traveling through a vortex.

Should you do the above suggested program before or after the HDR? That would be up to you! Whatever makes you feel more comfortable. The only reason I was able to travel into that dimensional rift in realtime with my car and with my wife and with two other officers at the time, because I have practice with the HDR once or sometimes 2X a day for over two months and I would practice the chakra stimulation prior to the HDR protocol 7 days a week.

That would be a total commitment of about 45 minutes a day out of 24 hours available to us! So I really put very little effort into this and got a whole lot out of it. The seed I planted grew and matured and produced a fruit that I had no idea I would ever experience in my lifetime and that was "Time Travel". I am trying to show you all the pitfalls I managed to not fall into and over the years I looked back to see why I was successful using the HDR. I want to share that with you. I don't charge anything to anyone here and I do email individuals back who have questions.

What I do on my free time, which lately I have plenty of...since I retired from the hump and grind world. You will not find information so compacted anywhere else on the web except here. Most blogs are trying to sell you something and that too is OK, I use my content though not in a professional atmosphere, sad to say I only speak from my heart about the things I care about and want to share with those who are interested in these types of sciences. Obviously I don't buy everything I talk about or I would be in the poor house, but there are things I do purchase and speak the truth about or my personal opinion if it is a good product or not.

Sometimes all it takes is a "seed" planted such as an Idea

Funny, this blog a few years ago was meant only for my personal not so personal data of websites I visited, so I wouldn't forget about them in the future. One reader came aboard then two, then three. I wasn't sure what to make of it and why they kept coming back to read this but as the years passed I begin to go from jotting down where I have been; to actually writing about the things I was doing with the new tech toys I would discover from time to time. But overall it was the HDR that kept the ideas coming to fruition. Because people are interested in time travel, some for the novelty, others to want to change their bad pasts.

I have no promises to give to those people who seek the HDR to change their pasts or futures. I didn't build this, of course neither did Obama and his subservients of the universe, it was a farmer called, Steven Gibbs! Only he can tell you if you can travel to change your timeline. When I talked to him, he hints that these newer devices have that ability for one to do so, but he wouldn't come right out to admit it on the record. I admitted and strongly believe one can travel dimensionally with their car using the HDR because I had done it!

I have not time traveled physically anywhere else. After that one time it spooked me enough to keep my timeline right where it is today and that includes my past bad or questionable decisions. I had no longing to correct those mistakes in my life if I did I would have never met my beautiful wife of 14 years of marriage and her wonderful family. Those mistakes of my past served as a platform to build from into my future. Would I like to go into the future or past sure I would! But not to change anything but to learn from their mistakes in their timelines and also their achievements to bring home with me that treasure of knowledge.

Why does some of these articles dance around the HDR blog?

There maybe articles in this HDR blog that are outside the realm of the HDR. Well, you heard of "Be true to Yourselves". That is why I talk about things, the VR is exciting to myself  because it serves to build acceptance of new technologies that were only fantasies years ago. Of course "health" is my second concern since I am not young anymore. So you will see "health" related and "tech" related products that may up front serve no purpose of time traveling but does serve the purpose of "Life" to help some of us get past 50 years old without dying of a heart attack or stroke. 

The HDR will do none of us any good if we are dead! So I find those technologies that would be a great benefit to allow us to live a little bit longer and see where it can aid the HDR's further use and if not, that product will serve for a healthier "you" to be with your loved ones a bit longer. This bit of information was to the HDR hardcore users out there!

I have slowed down a bit on so called, "super technologies" which were all experimental and anecdotal at their very best. It can be a costly hobby. I have done this hobby with the patience of my wife for many years and looking at what I have is only a handful of them I still use today! I spent thousands of dollars not hundreds on unproven technologies including the HDR. So I decided to invest into the Virtual Reality world soon coming. This they have proven in all their E3 shows in CA.

Be the first in your neighborhood to purchase a technology that was dreamed about for over 30 years!

It's time to take a breather and enjoy life a bit more! Believe it or not there are VR applications being built for every type of interest out there! Because there is a hopeful billion dollar market yet to tap with the new VR technologies. Even if you never get one of these you can read about here when I get my first VR helmet in 2016 of the first quarter. Like everything else, they start out a little bulky and eventually will slim down to about the size of a flexible microscopic piece of silicon to do the same work as the bigger one.

But we will grow right along with the companies until that time comes around, hopefully soon before I give up my stay here. Being I am in to time traveling with the HDR, I am excited that the companies are developing time travel VR games that make it so real and life like you won't want to come back anytime too soon. The video below this blog is one such demo game but there is another in the works and I got to see that video it was truly awesome! There was nothing a person would believe once there that they were ever here that is how life like that video was.

Everything was beaming with life from the Jurassic era and you are positioned to start out right near the Rex's eggs! She is not a happy camper when she discovers you are taking residence in her nest area. It was a few minutes of video of what they were working on and they plan on finishing it sometime in 2016 by the time the VR headsets come out. 

I hope they come up with more movie interactions with sic-fi thrillers and you get, from first person view  inside the movie a chance to make the person decisions which could cost them their lives if it is the wrong decision. Thus the crazy part in all this, you are in the movie itself experiencing the very thing you would have normally been watching sitting on your sofa.

All the third party suppliers for VR are focusing in creating VR movies, some first person mode, others you are an observer within the movie itself.

One such VR exclusive is being produced from a popular thriller called, "Paranormal". You will be the star actor or actress in this thriller Sci-Fi coming to VR in your local area! LoL. If this is the last time you come to this blog keep the bookmark and in the first quarter of 2016 I will tell you right here what it is like to be inside an application or game! There are going to be a whole list of horror Sci-Fi's you will be able to make the decision for them and the ending will depend ultimately on your decisions throughout the game.

The military is already using VR for PTSD patients, it puts them back into the situation that caused the disorder and now they have to re-live the event that almost ended their lives. In any case, I don't envy them to re-live an ugly situation over and over again. But you see many companies are jumping a board and ready to place on their sites not only helmets like the Rift but also tons of 3rd party accessories that will be in big demand in the coming months!

It's still my gut instinct this virtual reality will be here to stay! I know I can adapt this unit to working closely with the HDR. I just would need a basic program that would place myself into a VR hypnosis state. It would be more than hypnosis because once immersed you are already hypnotized in the application you are using. Imagine for a moment you finished up a 8 minute HDR protocol and you do recall that Steven Gibbs stated after using the HDR then lie back and let the energies kick in.

When dealing with half Radionics and half electro-magnetics one has to appeal to both not just one or the other or it won't work!

Unfortunately many of us out there miss the part that Steve was suggesting before you purchased your HDR including myself a few years back. I didn't have this kind of support on the web like from this blog I try to convey to only a few people who think outside the box. Now how do we relax enough for the astral time travel to catch up with us? There are many arcane methods to dig up and to use. But I believe the VR tool with the correct application will be the answer to the stated question above. 

After using the HDR, then applying the helmet and mask over your head and start the Immersion program it won't take but a few seconds to get to that sweet mind state Steven Gibbs talks about. The reason tells you to relax is because you are using a Radionic device, not something like a tesla coil that creates zero point energies to transport oneself into another dimensional phase shift. This method Steve Gibbs mentions is the exact arcane approach when using standard meditation to manipulate scalar energies. Some people are naturally gifted for using meditation and can accomplish it quite easily enough.

Will I ever give up the HDR, not on your life! It is an important piece of the puzzle that everything connects too. The HDR is the central HUB for time traveling. Everything else connects to that HUB, anything connected to this HUB will only make the HDR that much easier to be successful and maybe more accurate using the VR equipment with its particular applications that reflect what it is you are trying to accomplish, in this case time traveling. 

Cells need charging with Hexagonal water, the subconscious needs trained to accept and the program requires a special instrument to combine all three requirements.

All the above in this entire article covers the basic needed requirements for the HDR to work and for you to be able to time travel via astrally or physically. Those would be, "Hydration", "Meditation", "HDR". You can't ignore the biological if it will enter the vortex for realtime traveling and you can't ignore the subconscious mind it has to agree that all this can be done and that it is safe to do so. Lastly, you have to have a machine capable of combining two of the three listed in the basic needs and the HDR fulfills that requirement as the third and final need.

If you are having a hard time with the "stick" reactions on the HDR just turned the dial while making a time travel statement and turn it enough to where you instinctively feel it should be. The HDR is not accurate enough with those two dials. Maybe 9-10 dials would have sufficed or more. If your not traveling it is not the "Stick" reaction doing it! You have to fulfill your basic needs and use the HDR religiously speaking. Seems like a lot to do at first but once you start taking Hexagonal water and finding advance tools such as VR etc. for meditative state of mind and of course using the HDR repeatedly you will succeed.

Machines are limited when it comes to our middle and lower income classes because a lot of us including myself are unable to procure such a device that at a bump of a switch it would send you through time itself. We are only talking of a $350.00 investment on the HDR and a $500 investment for Hexagonal Water Creator along with VR around $400.00. In all regards, this is a cheap approach to time traveling physically. Our governments spend the tax payers monies for greater devices in the billions of dollars range. Who do you think will have the greater success?

If you want it bad enough you will find a way to fulfill your dreams. It may take for some awhile longer than others.

Quite a few of us can afford several hundred dollars if they are committed to time travel. I would venture to say that out of 100 interested people in the time traveling area only 2-3% will actually invest in themselves to further complete their dreams of altering their futures or pasts. Those are low percentages but they are very close to a much lower %! If you want it bad enough you will pay the minimum that it will take for you to succeed. If you loose interest because of the minimal investment, it is actually a positive you have created and made room for someone who is interested can move up and forward.

Our future holds an open doorway for each one of us but you still have to walk through it to accept what you created and enjoy if you can the first fruits of all your labor! Time Traveling is not a "right" it is a harvest/result of your hard dedicated work when trying to achieve such a thing.