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Saturday, March 28, 2015


I was thinking somewhat about the title of this article and I re-read it again and then it struck me, the last word "Dimensional Resonator"! Especially the last word in this titled article. What does "Resonator" depict? Well, you could lookup the word and get the meaning but will it fit what Steven Gibbs is talking about?

From practicing with the HDR, this device and your energy bodies must "resonate" appropriately for these tangible phenomena's to happen for you. He used the word "Dimensional" what do you think he is referring to or to what? If you have had previous experiences with the older HDR units you would know the meaning to this particular word "dimensional" how Steve Gibbs uses it.

From my experiences both "Astral" time traveling and "Physical" dimensional altercation it's not all that far fetched. The price of this experimental unit is around $350.00 the last I checked with Steven Gibbs, if you purchase the big square optional magnet to be used with the "T-bar" magnet that comes with the basic unit that is another $114.00 extra. If you complain about the pricing you need to get your monies back, from whoever brained washed you into thinking this is the "Montauk" project!

The Montauk Project it's not and this device is minuscule in comparison with the Montauk project that was ran in Canada several decades ago. We are not talking about the "Philadelphia" expedient that required a ship the size of several football fields! 

What we are trying to explain to the new comers, is this device is a magnetron type of device that uses your auric energies to connect with the machine with the assistance of one large electro T-Bar magnet that's placed on the stomach chakra. The magnet from my personal experience contains the unidentified frequencies that the HDR unit is conjuring up so to speak from the scalar winding under its "rub" plate.

Steven Gibbs talks of a "time" bubble that it forms around the operator during and after an HDR treatment. It is this bubble that attracts these seemingly random vortex's; that if in the right place at the right time will take you smoothly into them. It was smooth alright, but Steven doesn't talk about the fear that grips your entire being and the feeling of actually being lost when you do get caught up in one!

I wish I could get that old unit back I sold many years ago! If you are thinking of getting this device you might want to ask yourself what is the reasoning, is it to change your timeline? If you done it better things would have been different.

That reason is just not good enough in my opinion.  It is the mistakes we have made in our past that become part of who and what we have become. If we lose that identity from out pasts we essentially are taking away from ourselves the experienced lessons we learned through those sometimes complicated trials in our lives. 

But if the HDR is for fun and experimental, then I would agree and not be so hard on yourself if you don't succeed right away, just keep on trying and you will discover that undiscovered country! Maybe first through "Astral" time traveling, this by far is the safest route to go for a new time traveller. You can experience a "Possible" future and not worry if you can't come back or not.

Now "Physical Time Traveling" is a bit tricky but I experienced some kind of it myself. But you have to understand that I was not purposely trying to do any "Time" or "Dimensional" traveling, I got hung up in one of those rogue vortexes that I somehow attracted this rogue shifting because I deduced I used my machine everyday causing some kind of resonating field, thus getting caught up in that phenomena.

Keep in mind that we are messing with auric energy HDR instrument, along with magnetic bars that pulse around 60cps! I haven't verified the cps as of yet but I will try to get an application for my I-Phone 5 and see what is being emitted from the HDR and Magnets when the device is activated. If you have any understanding of "Resonants" then you will understand how the HDR works.

The magnet is used to bring about the "Resonants" so you can resonate with the cycles the HDR is producing from the machine. You know what happens when an opera singer matches their resonants with the empty glass, yes it explodes because of the voice resonating on the same frequency as the glass which keeps it together. The HDR resonant is a bit smoother.

If you hold one tuning fork in each hand and you strike the right tuning fork against the table and hold it again upright you will see the other tuning fork in your left hand in the upright position begin to vibrate with the same resonance as the one in the right hand without the operators involvement. Again this is how I experienced using the HDR.

What happened to me was mostly "Blind" luck. Steve wanted to know if I "Physically" time traveled within the month I was using his device just after the purchase about two weeks into it. I told him it's November and it's cold outside! But I did tell him of my astral time traveling, which to me was super fascinating. 

I could still see the future events and the past events that has already unfolded and be perfectly safe at home physically. Steve was adamant, he told me, "I don't really care about the astral time traveling all I care about is the "Physical" time traveling". I told him plain out I am comfortable with what I am now doing! 

There not much in the way of black and white with Steven Gibbs, he is eccentric to say the least but you got to love his story telling just the same! I wasn't there when Steven Gibbs and his long time associate Carl Novella do "Physical" time travel by using "grid" points, you know the earth's own meridians. We have meridians which was well proven using the now ACU-GRAPH 4. These meridians on the earth are a tad bit bigger! I can't say that either one actually "Physical" time traveling because again I wasn't there to witness such an event!

But I am now aware that the machine does tap into some sort of energy grid points but I am not exactly sure how or why it does. I am not a quantum physicist or a scalar expert, yet I was vacuumed into a dimension that even my co-workers couldn't believe when they witnessed the event when following us back to town, which was about at the time 23 miles away! When I was driving in this other dimension fear struck my heart in such a way, I never wanted to go back through that again! There is just something in our "will" to survive, you know that basic survival mode.

I liked it better just to astral time travel. If it weren't for Steve's SuperHDR I would have never experienced anything whatsoever! The problem with the HDR is not the HDR itself, it's the operator. When dealing with radionics in general. Is one spiritually strong enough to influence such a device? No machine can make one go anywhere! But if you put your creative "will" to work anything now becomes possible. Radionic machines by there very nature siphon the fuel from the aura's.

The magnets work independently of course along with (3) other lights on the machine. The magnet (T-Bar) magnet and the barium oxide (Large Rectangular) do create about a 30 foot bubble around the operator when the unit is plugged into the outlet of 60cps. But that is only half of the equation to even astral time travel for future events. The other half is you! Belief has nothing to do with this HDR but using your biological energies does! No! You don't need to be psychic or have a special gift but if your like many who have purchase such a device to "time" travel (Physical) only, you maybe in for a disappointment!

There are those who pick this device right up and can astral travel to any place in the universe, I know such a lady! She is from New York. German woman I believe, she traveled all over the world to locate grid points to physically time travel and still no luck. What happened to me was just blind luck! If I wanted to do the same thing, which I don't! I couldn't repeat such a phenomena worthy of entering into a solid physical dimension differ from ours. That German lady came to my house one evening using her HDR astrally and she describe my wife and I to a tee!

She told me you both have a circle of some kind of aliens watching over you! So I had to ask her what they actually looked like and from her description she wasn't trying to explain aliens, what she seen were angels guarding and protecting us! Because in the same breath she said, the beings wouldn't allow me near both of you but there was something else! She said, "There was some kind of demon very huge, very mean, very strong who was trying to get through this group of beings to hurt the both of you"!

She said, I had no desire to tangle with this entity but he really has it out for the both of you"! You see she was in her spiritual body and the HDR allowed her to peak into this other dimension that runs parallel with ours. What she seen around us both good and bad my wife and I always knew deep on our hearts we were always protected! I didn't need to own an HDR to figure this one out! But these are some of the experiences one would experience using the HDR, for that small percent of people who purchase such a unit!

If I were you who are now sitting on the fence about this unit, here is what I would do, the device is relatively cheap compared to my expenditures normally. Purchase it with no mindset and let the HDR give to you what it wants to! This will keep you from being disappointed because you were expecting something else to happen. 

Believe me, don't wish for something so hard, you may get it and you may live to regret it! Even when you go to a future or past it will be a parallel universe whether physically or astrally and whatever changes you make there will hardly affect this timeline at least according to Carl and Steve. This is something you have to prepare for!

Good example: You find tomorrows newspaper and look up the "Lottery" results and you memorize the numbers before you go back to your body. So anxiously you awaken and get ready to purchase your lotto ticket with those exact numbers you seen in the future newspaper! The winning numbers come up your excited, the first one shows, next the second and the third show up and the fourth. Now for the last two numbers in that split second, your ready to become a millionaire then the two number appear and it was one up from the number you played and the other one down!

You see the future is not written in stone, it can be changed in a variety of ways, it only becomes solid when it is the past! That Newspaper in the future may have had a misprint on those particular number(s) but you never stayed long enough to find out one way or the other. This is just a deep end example to say the least. If half the stuff I experienced with the HDR had come to pass I would be in my early grave! Your subconscious likes to also interact with the HDR trips! You could be going to a future month or year or decade or the millennium, your subconscious at this stage is free to create any time traveling past or future!

Notice I said, "Anything"! When you dream sometimes, if not all the time, one usually has no control over their dreaming, if you do that would be called, "Lucid" dreaming! In any event, you just go for the ride! Expect this every now and then when using the HDR. When you astral time travel using this device you are very much aware and wide awake consciously even if your body appears to be asleep!

Be consistent with the device, it took me a few weekends to experience those events. Honestly, I wasn't thrilled with the inter-dimensional physical traveling aspect while driving. It over took me and caught me off guard and that sometimes happens with this unit! I just want to warn those who experiment with this HDR device that crazy things happen as well in your everyday life at least for me it did.

Friday, March 27, 2015


Well, it's been a long and exhausting research just writing these articles about the "SCENAR's". But I check my blog stats and it told me that it was the most popular post of all my past posts! This much is good! 

Which is why I need to make it better and more informative, so you as a seeker of "Home Healing" doesn't have to go through what I had to go through just weeding and hashing and straightening all this information so I could understand what the heck these devices are all about.

My RITM has just arrived two days ago and I used it last evening over my small finger, it's knuckle had arthritis set in when it was kicked repeatably while my hands were interlocked protecting my head. Within about 3 minutes of applying the device I was able to bend that little pinky without excruciating pain! I have full flexibility of both hands now! Amazing, with even this cheap model the PainGenie that it would work so fast.

 My RITM SCENAR it is the 1st generation! One has to understand how to place this device on the body part and learn to brush with it using it on the body, for the body to heal that area. And remember the scenar doesn't heal anything, it just tells the brain "Hey, I have issues over here!"

Whereas with the second generation D.O.V.E. in the above picture uses a mysterious "Cosmodic" mode which brings the body back healed as if one never had the acute issues in the first place! I still think $1895.00 is a lot of money for this little beast. I talked to many online who own these devices, not professionals, but home bodies like myself and others and they are ecstatic about it!

They swear by it, one person told me if I die, they will have to pull it from my cold dead fingers before he would give it up in this lifetime. I would say emphatically they love their device, wouldn't you! The RITM I purchased for $900.00 and another $200 for the accessories I wanted was more than enough for me. I made this a small "bet" because I am not going to purchase a more expensive device in any future if it doesn't work as I have envisioned to!

Makes sense doesn't it! This the PainGenie is my experimental SCENAR device, once it proves to me as it did with my best friend in Kansas, that it can heal the body and it's associated pains etc. then I will be willing to purchase the more expensive models offered. That is the very best that money can buy on my beer bottle budget with my champagne taste!

Which would you want in your medicine cabinet:

Just think of it people, using the scenar for basically small aches and pains, it's a great first aid model, then using the TrueRife and the GRS-II to seek and destroy any valid discovered frequency you maybe toting that the SCENAR is incapable of doing. With this device one can expect the fevers to be kicked up within the body (Herxheimer) effect then be gone! 

Soars of all kinds gone! Stomach issues, Organ issues, Migraine Headaches, Tennis Elbow, broken arms and legs heal 3X's faster with the universal and fractional frequencies! The list is long and can go on and on! Why has not anyone ever told you about such a devices like the Scenar and TrueRife's A.Robin Generator? Not until you came here to read about it or found out general basic information about such devices.

Deer Tick disease (LYMES)

Here is a Real Life example:

You go to your doctor because you are suffering with Lyme's Disease. Your aching in all your joints all over your body, you have no energy to speak of, let alone getting ready to go to work so you can put food on the table. The doctor writes you a prescription for your pain. You take the pills all week long. You try to use your SCENAR device but it's like finding a needle in the haystack because you don't no where the localized pain is exactly coming from because you are feeling it all throughout your body!

Everyday you are drugged up and woozy all the time because of the painkillers prescribe to you! Then one day you go online and discover maybe here or some place else, that would be shown to you, people with your "same issues" and what they are using to conquer their pain and deformities. You find that some did their homework and studied about Rife instruments on the high end side. 

With this special device it's highly probable that you can control or may even obliterate this lyme disease effects throughout your body or any other possible pathogen or bacterium that may enter the fray. You, the sufferer, would be happy if you could only place controlled restraints on the pain whereas you use the Rife only when needed.

The thing that makes my head spin is trying to keep a financial budget, not spending more than I take into these studies. That is where my wife comes in! She is the budget master! So I talk it over with her about what I need and and she let's me know when I can get it or if we can actually afford it! 

She leaves all the research up to me. I think most husband's, not all, but most should turn the budget over to their spouse, they seem to have a uncanny ability to find creative ways to keep the budgets in tact, in spite of some of these expensive instruments, she keeps me free to do my homework as not to be bothered by household budgets and bills to be paid etc.

Getting back to this newly acquired PainGenie, I treated my wife's back and this took over one hour! Because the instrument is a contact device, meaning it has to be near or right on the spot(s) that may or may not be causing inflammation. We call this "Asymetry" finding small places to work on in the any area of the body. 

Once a small defined patch is found, your next step is to brush over the area with the instrument's electrode by holding it level and against the skin at all times and brushing over it until the stickiness is gone.

As you are dragging the device from left to right or right to left and up and down, forming a cross in the sticky area defined by the SCENAR, usually the exact "Stickiness" is in the center of the cross. Once the place is determined, you allow the device to transmit a one channel information blast in micro-volts called "DOSING". Once the area is completed all the lights will begin to light up and you will get a triple sounding alarm telling you the DOSE is complete. 

The basic steps to run a SCENAR:

Remove the instrument and do the same brushing over the same areas or around where the "+" marks the spot. One would continue this until the unit goes smoothly over the area without sticking to the skin. Inflammation causes the micro-voltage to drag when in contact with the device on the skin. 

The easier way my friend told me is to use the electronic patches once you know where the spot is and run the "FM" only and turn up the power as much as they can stand at the moment, which wouldn't be all that much in the beginning. As the area (s) become stronger so can your tolerance for higher power.

ACU-Graph overall meridian result after two minute testing

There is a bit more to it and one can purchase the unit as I did to learn the other tidbits of information. I just wanted to give everyone a gist of how to use the machine once you are setup according to the instructions written. You get plenty of information on the DVD that comes with the unit and a instruction manual. I feel I made a good decision getting this device, it was worth it to be able to move  both of my hands in a fist clench for the first time in 3 years!

Right now I am trying to find a suitable "holistic" diagnostic software. I priced those instruments overseas and they are $12000.00 or more for the "Physiospect"! That is why I prefer the ACU-GRAPH Electronic Acupuncture Software plus the "StimPro Plus" electronic wand and a few other accessories for around $2500.00! At this moment I am not sure if my body would respond to the electronic acupuncture for actual healing but the graphs would be valuable, especially the before and after using the TrueRife on myself then re-checking the next day if there were any improvement with the meridians.

What are the Pro's and the Con's of ACU-GRAPH:

Pro's: Easy!
         Great Diagnostic Charting!
         Able to Re-Analyze every 24-48 hours!
         Charts have a wealth of information!                  
         Software shows you exactly what to treat to bring up values.
         Able to locate exact meridian point on body.
         System shows which meridians are off and how to correct it.

Cons: . Possible Pressure Issues: One practitioner applies light pressure using the wand and another one applies medium pressure with the wand. Note: not sure if this would throw off the readings of the charts themselves. Have to contact vendor!

. One always has to wet a small cotton swab at the tip of the gold plated pen type wand. I am not sure how this cotton is stuffed into the end of the pen like wand.

. I was told of two different versions using the diagnostic feature of  this software, the first you can't re-measure for at least 48 hours! Another one told me you can re-measure once every 24 hours! Do you see what I am saying here!

. You have to purchase separately the StimPro Plus electronic acupuncture wand for an additional $500.00 if you want to treat yourselves without needles, which also includes the Auriticular Charts that show the meridian points within the ears.

. The desk set to hold your wand and your cotton swabs and some water to keep everything neat is an additional cost of $100.00.

I could come up with more of the "Pros" but I just limited it as you can go to the site to see for yourselves. It's driving me crazy! I can't believe how expensive these diagnostic devices are! So where my budget is concerned I have to keep my costs down so I can afford the instrument for the healing part. The above picture shows a Meridian Wand that not only locates and pinpoints with accuracy where each meridian is located, it also "treats" those particular meridian points up to 30 seconds long and frequency can also be adjusted along with the power! Works very well with ACU-Graph.

My main goal is to purchase, hopefully by Christmas, is the TrueRife. Its GSR-II Scanner I read about is really accurate as a polygraph could possibly be. Identifying abnormal frequencies coming from organ/blood/bone/CNS etc. Then appropriately the diagnostic scanner copies those profound frequencies into a ready made program to run on yourself. This is as close as I can get for a bio-feedback diagnostic device and only paying $600.00 for it as an add-on.

In search of a computerized "Diagnostic" Device:

I guess I am saying that in order to have a diagnostic software or device your going to have to sell your loved ones in order to afford such diagnostic equipment. I am just kidding! Purchasing from overseas such devices, one would be charged tariff taxes and import and export expenses and one doesn't even know what those costs are going to be! Some companies avoid these as well by shipping out of other countries that require no import and export taxes.

Italy is one of those countries that Russia sends there equipment to another contact that breaks up the hardware and software in small packages, such as the "Physiospect" hardware the box unit and the software, this helps to avoid the import and export taxes by marking off certain blocks on the shipment to be received in the U.S. by bypassing customs inspections. A little bird told me from Russia I was talking with a few days ago.

When I get the TrueRife as part of the first level of my health, I would have the GRS-II diagnostic device, plus the basic frequency generator which can be up and running for $4500.00. This is bare minimum if you are desiring a "Scanner" based unit. The scanner alone is only $600.00 I believe. The above picture is the TrueRife setup. The GSR-II scanner would rest on top of the frequency generator.

Next you can double up with the "Diagnostic" tests using the ACU-Graph for $2500.00 like we discussed in the above. I am looking at spending around a few dollars anyways, around next January after Christmas 2016. 

I will still scout around for comparable "Diagnostic" software and this will have a profound impact on my cost approach. I was looking at the "Physiospect" made in Russia it has headphones that produce infrared lighting, once it reaches the brain it travels through all the meridians diagnosing the health of each organ/bone/blood. Right now it's a bit cost prohibited for me but Russian company wants to cut me deals!

I'm fortunate that I can run all known frequency both whole numbers and fractional frequencies that other rife equipment can't find due to there minimum bandwidth of around 20,000Hz. The "Altier" Robin Frequency Generator known as the "Predator", TrueRife's flag product, produces 800,000,000 Hz of bandwidth, and able to run those pesky fractions of a frequency around any whole number, which most operators are stuck using only the "Whole" number because of limited bandwidth. Lot's of owners say this generator kicks like a mule as the radiation goes right through you!

Why most Rife machines only run whole numbers:

Most Rife machines on the markets can run only the whole number frequencies and your paying almost the same amount as I am and your not getting frequencies around the Whole Number like I would. Note: The pathogens love to hide at or around, above or below the whole number frequencies. The fractions have entirely different harmonics and the "Predator" is capable of "broadcasting and receiving" those fractions and able to identify possible pathogen in the body.

Side benefit for my wife and I, these frequencies that are broadcasted into a double bubble glass tube, that are tailor made for TrueRife, are filled with four unique nobel gases. This double bubble will Ozonate the entire room! With my allergies that will be a plus for me! 

There is a youtube video that showed a gentlemen that had stage 4 cancer and in this video you can see white areas all through and around the blood cells. Then using a high powered microscope recording live, you can see the "Fungus" eating the blood cells rendering them powerless. You will see the picture below.

The practitioner as far as I can tell was like you and me! He is just like myself or any other person operating TrueRife equipment. The practitioner discovered when a person has cancer and comes to him for treating using Rife frequencies, he would find "Fungus" in every case! So he ran the BX Cancer program in TrueRife along with a "Anti-Fungal" program for 6 days! The pictures were taken with a Dark Field Microscope.

Before the 6-day treatment was over you can see "Fungus" eating the blood cells!

After the 6 day Rife Treatment! He was cleared of all stage 4 cancer!

After the six days, the gentlemen was given another blood test and it was normal and there were no existing cancer targets, everything went back to normal. The gentleman went back to his doctor and had a blood test done to ensure he actually got rid of the stage 4 cancer that was slowly killing him. The doctor came up with the same picture and printed information that is blood cells were normalized while he was scratching his head in bewilderment.

I am not sure if this can be re-produced with another "Type 4" terminal cancer patient. This happened this way and who knows what the gentleman was personally doing at home. Did he go on a special diet, an holistic diet? Was he mentally strong enough to influence his own healing while being treated with Rife? This situation just begs for research and much defined testing; in other words anyone who runs TrueRife's cancer program and Anti-Fungul together should come up with identical results bar none! 

Being young doesn't guarantee your "health" neither being old:

Here is my take, I am not a doctor nor wish to be, but I am of that age where just about anything could happen. Especially testing positive for cancer! Wouldn't you want a machine that has been anecdotally proven to cure possible cancer in case you or a loved one was diagnosed! If you were given 6 months to live would you just use chemotherapy and just wait to die? What if you heard about this TrueRife and what others have experienced using it, would you be willing to go that extra mile to try it on yourself? What would anyone have to lose at this point besides their lives.

The hope would be enough for me! Since most people with stage 4 cancer usually die there is nothing a notable doctor can do anything about; other than put chemo poison into your system thus killing you in a much faster and efficient way, then you anticipated going with the cancer itself! People are looking for "Hope" who have no "Hope"! Possibly for miracles, because mainstream medical technologies are somewhat limited by the FDA. 

The medical establishment need and want those Federal dollars to keep coming in for constant research for Aids and Cancer etc. There is no money in "healing" the populous as a whole, but there is unlimited funding for research into untreatable cancers etc. The Federal Government gives billions in grant monies to these foundations to continue research. It's been 30 years since I heard about them and they are no closer to curing aids as they are curing Herpes Complex 1.

Money is the driving force in any direction man takes! There is no incentive to find cures with these huge tax exempt research facilities. I am not saying that the RIFE is a cure all, most likely not! But buying the best equipment based on Dr. Rife who was a certified pathologist and knowing he cured cancer using his antiquated instruments of his day, what more could we accomplish with more evolved equipment of our time! 

You maybe young and not too worried about cancer, we were all there in our lifetimes. This equipment wasn't available to the public when I was growing up and the technology wasn't superb like it is in this generation. People today are dying of flesh eating diseases and other maladies we thought we wiped out years ago! We need to be prepared.

What do you think is the number #1 Killer with people:

We have another disease running out of control it's called, "Stress"! It is the number one killer and following behind it is cancer. If one could cure the "Stress" on their own, it wouldn't be the number one killer now would it? How does one keep stress out of their lives? The answer is "we" can't, at least not on our own! 

With frequency pollution all around us, our bodies become part of the frequency loop thus causing the "unknown" stressors in our body, which in turn could create sicknesses of all kinds that doctors label with generic meanings such as "PTSD" and other related issues. You could act like you have Bi-Polar but you don't, it's just another possible symptom that the PTSD created! The bad EmF's break our electrical physiology down so much the immune system becomes weakened thus causing "stress" related illnesses.

So by lumping "Unknown" stresses that are in the body we can't come up with any cure taking a pill! But there is "Hope" the RIFE machine (and mind you not all Rife machines fit the task or are equal), yet investing into a professional instrument costing you thousands of dollars and having the correct researched frequencies we can overcome those "Unknown" stressors within our bodies. If you don't invest in one, you may never know what it can do for you or your family members.

Why some Rife operators experience sickness when treating themselves:

We may experience "Herxheimer" effect that is caused by the dead pathogens from the Rife treatment, which flows into the blood stream thus kicking up the "Antibodies" from your immune system. Sometimes the cure is worse than the original bite! This doesn't always happen if you approach your treatments a little at a time, it's when you go hog wild staying in front of those irradiated frequencies for hours a day, this can cause huge "Herxheimer" effects.

What about all these old diseases that originated in South America and now crossing our borders daily or sexually transmitted diseases such as "Herpes". With the young generation of today, it is running rampart throughout the teenage and young adult world! Our governments of the world encourages sex amongst associates in many different forms. 

When I am out and about I see lot's of females with herpes cold sores on the corner of their mouths or on top of the lip. For some reason I hardly see guys with these outward signs. I talked with one woman about her fever blister and she said it comes out on her once and sometimes twice in a month and takes about a week to heal completely only to start the cycle all over again.

I am no angel to be sure when I was a teenager, but back then we never heard of such disease and if we did, there were few who had such outward signs, because most practiced safe sexual encounters back then, but today it's ok to have sex at any age with no discretion amongst our young generation! HollyWood endorses this in their movies that our young generation absorbs when watching T.V. through their growing up years and also from their Peers!

We are not out to change the world only ourselves:

How do we stay ahead of the eight ball? By investing in our own Health that is being "ProActive" not "PostReactive". We can't change the world we now live in and amongst but we can change our own health! Like putting up a protective bubble all around us! You might be using your own "healing" modality and that's fine, if it works don't fix it! But if your like myself not having any specific healing devices, then we have to be creative and invest outside ourselves if we want to live a longer and fulfilled life!

Uncle Sam is not in the business of you obtaining a long life. In fact it would be cheaper for Uncle Sam if you kicked the bucket and because of so many incurable disease the cost of medical keeps skyrocketing costing our government hundreds of millions of dollars to take care of these people.

The answer would be for one todo some research finding out what's out there and what the person wants to accomplish health wise in their lives and if you can afford it to actually purchasing the equipment responsible for it's healing attributes. These are huge steps to take! Damn, I can't come out of Walmart without spending at least for us one hundred dollars in goods and this is just for the two of us. 

Mostly groceries and some junk food! Everything is expensive in this "Depression" economy. But one can still get bank loans or credit cards to help finance their health options. I see most of Obama Care deductibles are anywhere from $4000-$10,000 deductible before your Obama Care insurance will pay anything on the bill. By the way good luck to have them pay at all once your deductible is met, there are lot's of states going belly up financially.

Do you see where I am going with this? It seems if a person would invest the same amount of monies into a professional instrument which anecdotally has proven to be superior in health treatments in ones own body, you would be saving many thousands of dollars in unnecessary treatments costing many thousands out of your pocket! I have a good health insurance but many of you don't! 

Obama-Care or Affordable Health Care Act Enrollees don't forget about that expensive deductible:

Most likely if you would have to pay the deductible you would go on a payment plan wouldn't you, especially when your probable deductibles are in the many of thousands of dollars if something health wise is wrong with you!  Well, I don't know about all of you, I want to pay myself first and foremost by saving for what I am needing and it's not costing me interest.

I am going to use my cash reserve balance for the TrueRife instrument. Knowing I can pay off the 1/2 borrowed in 3-4 months time! Thank you for reading this article and I hope it was brought to light the reasoning behind investing into your health and the health of your families.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Did you know that COSMODIC is capable of bringing up and cleansing you from ‘negative energy’ that we can potentially pick up from negative people in our surrounding?
We are using the term ‘negative energy’ very loosely, because energy cannot be negative or positive. Energy is just energy; it is neutral by nature. However, the way energy is organized or used makes a difference – and when we say ‘negative energy’, we usually mean that it is organized or used in a potentially harmful way.
We are all bombarded by negative energetic influences many times a day. If your defenses are strong, this will not affect you, but as soon as your system becomes a little weaker, this negativity slips through and may linger in your system for a long time, slowly but surely destroying your health and happiness. Some of us even feel when it happens – yet it is so difficult to get rid of it!
Really, how do you shake off things that hit your on deep emotional and even spiritual levels?
Well, apparently COSMODIC can help with this, and quite efficiently. And the most amazing thing is, you can actually SEE it happening.
Just watch this small fragment from HealthBoss University LIVE 6-13 “COSMODIC for Younger YOU” event. We call it the Emotional Detox Protocol (also referred to as the COSMODIC Facial Detox, when performed on the face). This is accomplished in the Cosmodic "MYO" Slider Mode using the X2 Slider.

Even though you can perform this protocol on any part of the body, it's routinely done on the face, in which case it is called the "COSMODIC Facial Detox Protocol". The reason being, we mostly “store” emotions in the facial muscles – and it is easier to unlock and release negative emotions and negative energy working on the face. Just don’t forget the following little tips that will ensure your success with the protocol (very simple overall):
- do not put any lotions or creams on the skin before you start working;
– set your energy level on comfortable;
– if you are using a Slider, work in SCENAR-COSMODIC MYO Auto Mode (M1 for the DOVE scenar);
– you have to press very firmly.
What is Cosmodic 

It is a technology that by using electronic bio-feedback, gives back to the brain information, that has been lost, damaged or had compromised. It is used for recovery and rehabilitation of the body and is not primarily concerned with fixing conditions but more with finding causes and impairments and correcting those from DNA outwards. It gives the brain back information with which it is able to restore lost function to within normal physiological limits. Providing that correct nutrients for regeneration of tissue are present in the body and with gentle exercise it then becomes just a matter of time before the body will be able to recover.

►It is small, hand held, totally non invasive and fully automatic. It is clean, easy to use and does not give rise to healing crises.

►When there has been illness, trauma or there is genetic impairment, generally the body will attempt to fix itself. Once having done all it can and if there are still issues that have not been addressed (for one reason or another) the brain will accommodate the damaged program and will change its information to reflect this, treating it as normal. Thus a compromised level of health can then be continually recreated through the individual's normal metabolism.

What Cosmodic ® does: is to give back the corrected information to the brain, thereby enabling the brain to send correct information to the body in order that it may regrow as it should in its perfect and intended form.

Cosmodic ® is a technology of active restoration. As a modality, it is whole and complete.

However, it makes sense that if the brain patterning is going to be corrected and regeneration is going to occur, the correct raw material  and  appropriate nutrients should also be present in order to make the perfect tissue.

► However if the issue seems to be of a chronic nature and has seemingly continued over the years without remission, it could be as a result of a lack of some mineral or nutrient within. If this is so, then we can actually screen ourselves, in order to see what is exactly going on.

►  From this we can deduce whether it is necessary to make any dietary changes or to add any supplements. T
his would help to rebalance our nutritional intake for Cosmodic ® to be used to its full advantage and work more effectively.

►  For this we can use any combination of other healing modalities that we carry and they are Acu-Graph Testing System and also the StimPlus and the RITM PainGenie and later on the "True Rife" along with "Ex735Ag X2 Slider".

  With Cosmodic ® the number of sessions: will vary from individual to individual. Never does the same condition work in the same way. Each body is different and will therefore respond and react differently.

►  Having established that, it is also important to know that when one works with any healing modality, the first thing that a body will try to do is, to detox. Therefore it is good to introduce a regular supply of pure water to the body before beginning the course and to continue throughout.

►  The best results are always when one treats in a regular and disciplined fashion. This means at regular intervals according to body reactions and also until the body shows us that it requires a rest.

How Cosmodic works

The properties and ability of skin have been known for hundreds of years, acknowledged and used by many practitioners over time, it is a fact that the skin is able to sense information regarding internal organs and systems able to react to irritation and stimulation of various reflexes, thereby sending messages to the regulating systems of the body. These are all very familiar to many Acupuncturists and Doctors. 

We can influence imbalances, disorders and malfunctions by acting on these areas of the skin. (ie Acupuncture, massage).

 With Cosmodic ® we work on the spine primarily. It is also possible to work on the local area of complaint. Our work commences after having taken full case notes and ascertaining a main area of concern. 
The spine gives us a faster route of access to the brain and central nervous system. As previously mentioned. 

The Cosmodic ® device gives back to this system energetic frequencies that it once had and now has lost through either damage, trauma, lack of nutrients or damage by pollutants. 

Once the brain and central nervous system has resonated with the corrected frequencies a change will be made in the body and recovery will become possible. It is possible however, to work anywhere on the body as with Cosmodic ®, the Technology will find the imbalance as it is using the skin as a communicator and the brain as facilitator.

►The individual's situation, and how long the complaint has been there, will determine how long recovery will take. Other determining factors can be also which other therapies have been tried and what changes occurred, which medications have been used, the level of fitness of the other systems in the body and most importantly, the quality of nutritional intake.

►  All in all, working in this way can speed up and ensure good quality results in the process of Cosmodic ® recovery and the body in time will recover efficiently. Most often treatment can be expected to be useful twice weekly at the start and always kept within comfortable levels, controlled by the patient. Sessions can take anything from 15 minutes up to an hour, it all depends on the response from the body at that time. 

This is the city in (Russia) where the first and most up to date SCENAR's are designed and built, then shipped all over the known world. LET Medical resides here! Who designed the EX735Ag x2 Slider

Who or What determines the raising of a "Standard"

“LET Medical” Research Lab presents EX735Ag (Slider x2), which raises the standards of efficiency for professional devices to a much higher level: this is the first time we give the body exactly what it “asks” for — we have implemented a “sliding” technology where the acting impulse is “sliding“ in and between SCENAR and COSMODIC ranges, in a fully automatic mode or being managed in the needed sectors. “Sliding” technology not just provides correct approach to treatment, but makes it a high-precision one. And enlarges treatment capabilities a lot.

The above is a professional version with "AI" capabilities. In a hands of just a Novice practitioner, it would be an instrument with no rivals! Place it on the area of pain or near it then let it run an it will tell you when the appropriate Dose or Doses have been completed! 

  • Automatically selects the technology for action in 4 ranges for the acting impulse to “slide” within and between, which helps you to achieve optimal effect of treatment
  • Allows working simultaneously with 2 remote electrode probes or with a remote electrode probe and the device
  • Sound and vibrosignal parameters can be set individually for different manipulations
  • Rotates the screen to the position comfortable for those who finds it more convenient to work with the left hand.
  • The device can be restored to factory settings
  • Automatic calibration of the electrodes is accessible through the menu

The device is represented in two versions — basic and professional

Basic version — has most necessary and optimal settings for personal use:
4 action modes — 2 mono-modes SCENAR and COSMODIC, automatic “sliding” mode within and between SCENAR and COSMODIC ranges, automatic “sliding” mode within and between SCENAR and COSMODIC ranges with massage function;
Working simultaneously with 2 remote electrode probes, or with 1 remote electrode probe and the device. Parameters (energy level and action mode) for both probes or the probe and the device are set identical.
Professional version with advanced settings — is essential for professional SCENAR and COSMODIC therapists in clinical practice:
16 action modes, divided into three groups of impulses SCENAR, COSMODIC, SCENAR-COSMODIC, are represented with mono-modes, “sliding” modes, and modes with massage functions;
Additional digital displays on the screen;
Working simultaneously with 2 remote electrode probes, or with 1 remote electrode probe and the device. Parameters (energy level and action mode) for both probes or the probe and the device can be set identical or different for each remote probe or the remote probe and the device.

  • Touch switch-on and manual switch-on;
  • setting the preferred technology of treatment (SCENAR or COSMODIC) automatically;
  • setting technology of treatment (SCENAR or COSMODIC) manually;
  • determining areas for action;
  • regulating action energy automatically and manually;
  • 4 action modes in basic version and 16 action modes in professional version with advanced settings;
  • “dynamic adaptation” mode allowing you to manage stimulation during prolonged action automatically;
  • timer of action upon the area, timer of the total procedure, timer of the resource of the device;
  • switch-off timer;
  • graphic OLED display;
  • menu language: Russian, English;
  • LED, sound and vibro indication;
  • individual settings of sound and vibrosignal for a particular manipulation;
  • detachable silver electrodes;
  • connecting up to 2 remote electrodes;
  • automatic tuning in to remote electrodes;
  • automatic switch-over to action on mucous membranes when using rectal and vaginal electrodes;

OLED display

Graphic OLED display shows main action modes, action energy, activity of the area being acted upon, dosage, time of action upon the certain area and full time of action during session, menu and battery status.
Left-hand rotation of the screen — for those who finds it more convenient to work with the left hand.

LED indication

Additional LED indication allows you to watch the activation of “dynamic adaptation” block, proper contact of the electrodes with skin and connection of remote electrod

The electrodes are detachable and made in a form of three bars, which are flat on the under side and rounded at the front end of the device. The rounded part is convenient for treatment of small or hard-to-reach areas (for example, on the face). The flat part is mainly used for treatment of large areas. 

The electrodes are made of silver according to the special technology, which allows maintaining the natural structure of silver. This provides additional healing effect and more accurate signal of action. Silver is known for its bactericidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and styptic effects. Silver is a natural bactericidal metal effective against 650 kinds of bacteria which do not acquire resistance to it, like to most antibiotics.

You can order wide silver electrodes. They provide better contact with skin and more comfortable sensation. This produces beneficial effect on recovery reaction due to decrease of the body auto-defense response to tingles caused by the electric signal, in people with high sensitivity.

In addition, you can order electrodes made of special alloy of gold. Gold electrodes have the same shape as silver ones and can be easily installed in the device by the user. 

These are the modes of operation for EX735Ag x2 Slider:

Scenar-Cosmodic-Slider 5
Scenar-Cosmodic Slider Auto
Comodic-Slider Myo
Scenar Slider Myo
Scenar Myo

All have had a good effect and changed immediate symptoms really fast.
Scenar Myo appeared to go really deeply on an acute pain and the patient was really impressed with the pain relief in this setting.

I think this device is great in regular silver electrodes but very much better with the wider width - this really does make a difference – my feeling is that with the wider width the signal is focused far more specifically to the right place and concentrates better on what is being done. And the side buffers are more efficient. The feeling on the skin in this way is extremely gentle and the person gets a better feel good factor.

Comparison of the previous EX735Ag Slider and EX735Ag Slider x2

As regarding comparison to last Slider – Slider x2 is for me, the better one to use. I now no longer prefer the previous Slider as a choice. I now feel more at one with Slider 2. It is incredibly accurate in its finding what is needed. Almost everyone can feel where it is working regardless of where it is being placed. Even those who never knew before very much, now are getting sensations all over the body!! It picks up just what we want to work with and is very efficient and changing mood and feelings of acute pain. In many the moment Slider 2 is placed on their skin, they begin to dream, in almost a state of meditational consciousness!

Cosmodic Slider takes longer to observe results as this is the nature of the setting I believe, but I can see how much more accurate they are, as Scenar-Slider is quite clear to see changes really fast. So for general treating and diagnostic I am using Scenar-Cosmodic Slider auto or Scenar-Cosmodic, Slider 5 or 10. All depends on sensitivity of the client.
For local working to acute injury Scenar-Slider Auto immediately followed by Scenar-Slider MYO.

The sliders feel to me, much more specific for purpose than that of just plain Cosmodic or SCENAR. They feel to me more accurate and deeper although more gentle.

Overall I am finding:

Better to take diagnostic in Scenar-Cosmodic Slider Auto – for accuracy and overall information. Then to choose between Slider in either SCENAR or Cosmodic depending on how recent the injury or how localized it is.

If I have worked in the chosen Slider, for example, for a local pain to an area and there is soft tissue or skeletal damage also, then I finish in a MYO setting. Always a Slider but it will be, for example, Cosmodic depending on if it is an older or chronic symptom. If it is acute, soft tissue or skeletal then I will choose Scenar-Slider Myo.

If there is a new patient and the condition is undefined and they do not have much of a specific symptom that is worse than another, only then will I use Scenar-Cosmodic Slider 10 or Auto for working as well as taking readings. That way the body gets the best of a general overall treating and then the next session a specific symptom will have become uppermost and I can then take it from there more specifically. It’s the easy way forward and if I'm tired and don't have to think much!! 

So in short: 

Chronic old problems, been there a long time and systemic – genetical impairment – Cosmodic Slider, Acute injury, soft tissue, skeletal - local fracture, acute infection, high temperature, sore throat, common cold, flu, sickness – vomiting - insect bite etc. – SCENAR Slider

For diagnostic and taking readings, lazy working (not having to use intuition at all but automatic) or general preventative work, small symptoms in general and nothing specific - Scenar–Cosmodic-Slider Auto.

This is truly amazing...

Having the option to use two levels of scenar and then some, is just great! In all cases a body has specific ways of regenerating new tissue and often it requires a little of this and a little of that. Being able to use a pure scenar mode is great for local/acute issues but to have a scenar level 2 mode that covers more eventualities and has enabled the operator to apply pure scenar mode to an area and at the same time giving just that little bit of something extra that is needed to move the body on towards further recovery within that session. Now I know how better to use this.

The above pictures shows a badly burned arm. A waitress who spilled pot of hot water on her entire hand/arms she suffered. To the right of this picture is what the arm looked like in only 6 weeks of using the EX735Ag SCENAR/Cosmodic Slider, along with a "Cold Laser" system her neighbor lend to her. She used both SCENAR and Cold Laser on the wound one after another. 

It was like a miracle what followed next! I have researched into the "Alternative" health circles for years and I only heard of "SCENAR" maybe once! The further I dug into this hidden information due to wading through so many holistic instruments, the more difficult it became finding the truth of just what is this device.

I had the privilege of communicating with a Russian Doctor who of course now lives in Canada. Her name is Dr. Irene Kossovskaia she is known as the first lady of "SCENAR" it was she that brought to light the most powerful instrument in my opinion known to mankind some twenty years ago. The above picture was a stay at home mom who spilled boiling water all over her arm. She was scheduled for six skin grafts and she was guaranteed to lose her mobility.

The above shows the only thing that is left to do is to treat the "color" of her skin. Dr. Irina has started about twenty years ago to form a network of what she calls, "Home Healers" Network. Information is shared and exchanged with the SCENAR operators that means housewives and their spouses and singles etc. all are learning the unique device that is only the size of a blackberry phone. Believe me the price reflects the expectation from the instrument.

Their least expensive device is around $1900+ and the most expensive for their crowning jewel in the crown is EX735Ag SCENAR/MODIFIC X2 Slider device $8600.00. They have huge amount of youtube videos and the miracles these devices do are unknown to the medical community but I can see why! This is not a pie in the sky or some sort of radionic device that needs your energy body power.This is a real working frequency device that connects the brain to the pain.

This device was created about twenty years ago in Russia's space program. The idea at the time was to create a device that could keep the cosmonauts healthy for long periods in space. Those were the first generation SCENARS, today we have the second generations that are capable of diagnosing and Dosing the needed "microvolts" to effect the liquid around the cells themselves during "Regeneration" process.

Go to and read the sight forward and backwards and if possible upside down, you don't want to miss anything of what these devices are really capable of. The expensive devices sends a predicted model of what the body is going do next, thus keeps one step ahead of the mind, nerve, connection. It's the only model that can do so at this time.

The FDA approved all their SCENARS as a "Pain" control device and it can be used in a small hometown business. Without the FDA doing their witch hunt for you. More to come!